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Off THEIR Minds: What Comic Character Should be in a Movie?

We ask comic book creators who they think deserves to be adapted onto the big screen.

Is there anything better than seeing your favorite comic book character adapted in live action on the big screen? There's always the hope that it will be done properly but sometimes just getting the film treatment is enough. Even though we don't really have any comic book or superhero movies (besides Tintin) coming to a theater near us for the rest of this year, we have recently seen new trailers for Ghost Rider and The Amazing Spider-Man. You also can barely go a day without new spy footage from The Avengers or The Dark Knight Rises popping up online. Hollywood is still attracted to comic book movies but there are still many characters left to be adapted.

We've all had conversations online, with our friends or at our local comic shop about which characters we'd like to see on the big screen. But what about the professionals? Who do comic book writers and artists want to see in theaters? We put the question to them to find out who they want to see. Some responses might be... predictable but you might be surprised by others.

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I think before giving an answer, some thought should be given. It's easy to say "I'd like to see ____ in a movie" but not all characters will work. Also those that might work need to be really thought out. Green Lantern could have been better than it was. It should have been better.

If I was asked the question, which character that hasn't been in a movie already would I want to see? How about Madman? It could be done and be a pretty easy sell. It wouldn't have to be heavy on the special effects unless they wanted to branch out into The Atomics (which could be saved for a sequel). Some day it will happen. There are many characters and villains ripe for being adapted.

What are your thoughts? Who would you want to see and what do you think about the creators' answers?

Posted by The Stegman

Wonder Woman 
the Question

Posted by RainEffect
That would be an incredibly interesting character to include in a movie. Not necessarily have the movie based around her, but just having a deaf girl with photographic reflexes would be wicked on-screen.
Posted by grkpektis

Ka-zar he is an ok character but I really want to see the savage land in a movie
silver surfer

Edited by Mega_spidey01

1. deadpool 
2. blackpanther
3. moon knight
4. silver surfer   
5. taskmaster 
7. mr. terrific 
8. i know it might never happen dick grayson a.k.a nightwing 
9. deathstroke 
10. doomsday 
12. carnage in spiderman movies  
13. new avengers 
14. dark avengers 
that's the my list 

Posted by rum1929

A movie with Moon Knight, the Shroud and Werewolf by Night. Interesting backgrounds on each characters, cool gadgets and powers mixed with a supernatural element.
Posted by Trodorne
  • Darkwing Duck
  • Flash
  • Alpha Flight
  • Atomic Robo
  • Terry Moores Echo
  • Nightwing
  • Invincible
  • Chew
  • The Boys
Posted by The Lobster

The Question
John Constantine (Done the right way, none of that Keanu Reeves BS)
Taskmaster (I think he can hold his own movie)

Posted by NightFang
  1. Martin Manhunter 
  2. Wonder Woman
  3. Aquaman
  4. Flash
  5. Captain Marvel (DC)
  6. Zatanna
  7. Lobo
  8. Etrigan
  9. The Question 
  10. Swamp Thing
  11. Doc Savage
  12. Invincible
Posted by EdwardWindsor

i have two words for you ...... CAPTAIN BRITAIN!

Posted by oldgum

1.Aspen Metthews 
3.Lady Death (Avatar) 
6.Death of the Endless 
8.The Darkness 

Posted by 244

Herbie Popnecker - obese boy who gets different superpowers from each lollipop. His catch phrase is "you want I bop you with this here lollipop?".

Posted by Loki9876

iron fist
doctor strange
hank pym
a good green lantern

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Black Panther, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, A new and better Blade, and Hawkeye

Posted by 672253


Birds of Prey


The Question

Teen Titans

Posted by Illuminatus
'Nuff said. 
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My DREAM is to have Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver finally be introduced into cinema, preferably to have something to do with Magneto and his fatherhood (or lack thereof) and have the Avengers Movie in 2012 be successful enough to have the movie makers consider a Young Avengers Movie. Already you have three fantastic potential storylines to use or take inspiration from for the movie: 

  1. 1) Iron Lad and Kang the Conqueror (with the temporal distortions)
  2. 2) Hulkling's mixed ancestory (both the Skrulls and Kree)
  3. 3) And Wiccan and Speed's unusual ancestory (being Scarlet Witches' reincarnated sons and Magneto's grandsons)
  4. (But including the girls too, because hawkeye and Stature are two of my favourites!)
Posted by Judge_Dredd
Posted by Grim

Teen Titans (or Young Justice Proper. either would work PERFECTLY after Flash and Wonder Woman get a movie.)
Elongated Man
Booster Gold and Blue Beetle (ted Kord)

Posted by Mega_spidey01

if the sentry appears in a marvel movie he should be played by bradley cooper he was food in the movie limitless

Posted by tonis

There IS one movie that could eclipse all others if presented in the right light.


Posted by trinity_stormbreaker
Silver Surfer and Deadpool have already been in live action movies, but I have heard Ryan Reynolds is going to do a solo Deadpool movie soon. I'd also love Carnage to be the badguy for the Venom movie, if they go ahead with it :) 
Other than that I'm still holding out for a Dick Grayson movie! Hopefully something to portray his evolution from circus kid to Robin to Nightwing, just to reintroduce him to the world after Chris Nolan's Batman Begins/Dark Knight/Dark Knight Rises movies, and to get his character going. It kind of sucks that any other media other than the comics never get Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon passed being Robin and Batgirl :)
Posted by Enzeru
@Illuminatus said:
'Nuff said. 
I love you, mate.
Posted by thechessclub

Cowboy/Ninja/Viking from Image

Posted by thebluedragon07

The Question
Green Arrow
Assassins Creed (I know its a video game, but you have to admit it would be one epic game, but just set in the past, no animus stuff)
The Flash
A new Spawn movie

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@Enzeru said:

@Illuminatus said:

'Nuff said. 
I love you, mate.
Make that a Three way, errr I mean Sentry movie ftw!
Also Deadpool! but they are working on that...and Ms Marvel, seriously why has noone else said that?
Edited by The_Tree

It's cool seeing what the creators have to say, that being said, I'd love to see DC's Captain Marvel, the Doom Patrol, Green Arrow, Transmetropolitan,Teen Titans, Booster Gold, and Flash. On the Marvel side I'd love to see Nova, Black Panther, Avengers Academy, and the Fantastic Four get proper movies. And with Image I'd love a proper Spawn movie, along with Savage Dragon, and Invincible.

Posted by Arkham J
Posted by Chaos Burn

deadpool movie please :)

Posted by Nerx

100 bullets and most of the titles done by Vertigo ( I am looking at preacher)

Posted by MatKrenz


Posted by NXH

Deadpool (without Ryan Renyolds)
Spawn (A new and better movie)
Hunter Killer
Jason Todd (as The Red Hood) 
Black Mask
Wolverine and Spider-Man in The Avengers 2 lol

Posted by lucafon18

Deadpool no.1

Posted by Michiel76

the invaders - heroes set in WW2 - worked great for captain america didn't it?
maybe current x-force?

Posted by ohrenclez

@Arkham J said:

How about a Secret Six movie....i think that'd be awsome

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

The Flash 
Wonder Woman 
Teen Titans 
Young Avangers 
Captain Britain 
The Boys 
Ms Marvel 

Posted by lord_canti

probaly not the populer vote but i would like a green arrow film. althow captain marvel would be good too

Posted by Norusdog

with Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Superman...that covers some of my favorites 
and Green Lantern, if only it wasn't crap. 
So honestly not sure? Maybe a GOOD GLantern movie? 
OH! lol..and since a couple comics have been published now....Commander Shepard, a Mass Effect movie would be awesome if done right. 
otherwise not sure...I used to like Mantra..and Prototype..but Prototype is too close to Iron Man... 
Mantra may be interesting...but the whole man's soul in womans body thing would probably just be treated overly comical and sexist

Posted by Nuff_Said_Comics

 or the Flash, he would be rockin'.

Edited by Or35ti

There are three things DC could do to get on the level Marvel is now with their movies. 
1) Reboot Green Lantern (not now, but soon) 
2) Make a Flash movie, I can honestly picture what a huge hit this would be with the right actors and directors 
3) Make a Shazam! movie! I mean come there is no audience this movie does not appeal to. Just think of all the potential it has, even attracting the heavy magic fans. Just don't make it a kids movie (PG-13 at least please) 
Never heard of Madman before but he sounds interesting

Posted by CapFanboy

Captain Britain 
Captain Marvel  
Captain Mar-vell 
Booster Gold 

Posted by Or35ti

Just read up on Madman and I think that would make a great animated movie (if Pixar made it then even better). It sounds a little too goofy for live-action tho

Posted by tentacle_man

definitly the newgods should be in a movie. yesterday i saw the return of superman and realised that every supermanmovie plays on earth. i wanna see the man of steel in space. in the last movie, where did he came back from, where did he go at the end? 

Posted by LordRequiem

Avengers, the Mighty Avengers incarnation 'cus everyone loves powerhouses vs. Ultron. 
Annihilation storyline, maybe.
A better spawn movie.
The whole thing that started Civil War i.e. Speedball dealing with grief and becoming Penance and the Stamford disaster, that could work, possibly.

Posted by Silkcuts
@thebluedragon07: I think Deathstroke would make a great movie indeed.  Classic Question, not new.
@Nerx said:
100 bullets and most of the titles done by Vertigo ( I am looking at preacher)

Not sure Vertigo adapts wells.  Preacher would make a better HBO series for length reasons.
Posted by azza04

The Eternals!!

Posted by Telcalipoca

secret six would be an awesome movie.instead of heroes we get a film about villains killing others then trying to kill each other like every arc in the secret six.

Posted by jubilee042

ms marvel,dazzler,polaris,scarlet witch,quicksilver and selene

Posted by KainScion

Heroes for Hire would be awesome!!!!!!! with cage, iron fist, moon knight, misty, coleen. I'd like a Shang-Chi movie too. But seriously, HURRY UP WITH DEADPOOL so u can make DEADPOOL & CABLE!!!

Posted by Coldcrush
Teen Titans, Doom Patrol or Suicide Squad
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