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Off THEIR Minds: Should Batman be Allowed to Have Another Robin?

Chances are it's going to happen but should it be allowed?

Batman and Robin. The Dynamic Duo. The Caped Crusaders. You can easily have Batman without Robin. The two just go together so well.

We've seen after Jason Todd [originally] died that Batman needed a Robin. Having a Robin is what keeps him in check. Over the years we've seen the notion of Robin grow into something bigger. The role of Robin wasn't just to be a comedic sidekick but was now seen as a partner for Batman.

With the recent events and the dangers the role has caused in the past, the question is, should Batman be allowed to haver a Robin? We could debate this but we decided to ask creators this question at Emerald City Comicon. Check out what Joshua Hale Fialkov, Kyle Higgins, Brian Buccellato, James Robinson, Peter Nguyen, James Tynion IV, Matt Fraction, Josh Williamson, Jim McCann and Sam Humphries think about this topic.

Batman should have a Robin but are the risks too great? Is it a matter of child endangerment? Does Batman have the right to encourage kids to take on a dangerous role?

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Posted by bob808

yes but only in a year or two

Edited by Nightw BR

I've said this a couple of times on this topic. In a weird way Tim is still Robin. He may be establishing himself as Red Robin, but in my mind he is still Robin. Also I love Nightwing and he's one of my faves, but originally in the older comics he made a decision I disagreed with by making Damian Robin. I have to take Tim's side on that. Reason I say that is because of the name Red Robin it's a name that Tim took over in the mindset he still wanted to be Robin. I don't think he'll go back to Robin, but the name he has taken is definitely inspired from when he was Robin.

I love the Batman, Robin dynamic or the dynamic duo and unfortunately using those words were unplanned and just changed my mind a little, I still think of Tim as Robin, but should there be another? Yes before I thought of the word dynamic I didn't care if there was another Robin, but as hard as it is to deny Batman & Robin are a special relationship dynamic and they go together. Its like pizza and cheese, not very many people have it without cheese. That's like the relationship of Batman & Robin. He needs another one. I couldn't argue with this, even though in a way I tried when those words came out I knew it was meant to be.

Posted by darthfoo

I think Harper Row might be the next Robin.

Posted by shackle

"Robins in Refrigerators"

Posted by Technicolorville

@judasnixon: IKR he should have done it like the "Power Puff Girls" saving the day before bedtime.

Posted by ThanosIsMad

The only real takeaway from that is that Spoiler needs a comeback.

Posted by JakeN7

Whoa. James Tynion IV has lost a ton of weight! Like 100+ pounds. Good for him

Also, I didn't think my love for Matt Fraction could go any higher, but this video proved me wrong. Dude's hilarious and seems really nice and sociable (he also happens to be writing my favorite Marvel book right now: HAWKGUY!)

Now I feel really bad for skipping out on ECCC this year. I live in Seattle, but have never been to a convention (except the Pokemon Regional Tournament that was held in the same convention center that ECCC took place.) I was planning on going, but I was low on funds. When I finally did have the cash, it was sold out. Oh well. Maybe next year.

In regards to the topic at hand, yes Batman should have another Robin. Not for a while though, and I'm still not sure about the possibility of Harper Row filling in the role. I would like Damian back later down the road, and maybe Tim could go back to the role that he could never quite let go of until Damian does return.

Posted by hart7668

@hyperman: Yeah, Superman and Lois Lane was so iconic that The New 52 threw it right out the window :p lol.

Personally, I don't think Batman should have ever had a Robin, but I also don't like the character that much either though, so my 2 cents is completely biased xD

Posted by Frozen_Eternal

Can someone please tell me the issue that Damian dies in?

Posted by curtman2k20

OH HELL NO....look how many kids he's already messed up, including his own son, because he never got over the murder of his parents, he becomes a bitter old man not trusting anyone but himself...IMO Jason Todd should just Kill Batman before he ruins another kid...just IMO

Posted by NightFang

Yes, and he's name is Tim Drake!

Posted by mightypug78

@Frozen_Eternal: batman inc. 8. good luck finding an ish. already selling for 20 bucks online.

Posted by arnoldoaad

Kyle higgins comments are probably the most interesting ones cause it sounds like we wont have a new robin soon

also YEAh, Bring back spoiler

Posted by DEGRAAF

I know it wouldn't happen but i would like to see Connor Hawke (as a John Doe run away) become Batman's sidekick. Connor could already have the muscle memory from training with the likes of Lady Shiva and Richard Dragon but not remember any of his actual training or life (Almost doing a Bourne Identity type arc come to think of it)

Posted by WonderHunter

Hell no.

Posted by Z3RO180


Posted by Icon

Hell no. Kids shouldn't be put in harms way. Bats is crazy.

Posted by HexThis

I disagree with Matt Fraction, kids don't buy comics at all. It's a totally different market these days because they don't cost a nickel and they aren't at the corner store where you go to buy cigarettes for your parents like kids used to in the fricken 40's, they're only at novelty or comic book shops and some book stores.

Kids exposure to superheroes is through movies and cartoons until they're the age of like 13 or 14 (generally speaking). I saw Batman the Animated Series, the Adventures of Batman and Superman, Spiderman, X-men, X-men: Evolution before ever having picked up a single comic.

So cartoons need Robin.

No wonder this guy got along so well with Joe Quesada, they're both choc full of hacky business savvy that isn't really substantiated by anything at all.

Posted by spidershamrock

i want Damian back as Robin, even if it means another pointless death

Posted by hyperman

@hart7668: But Lois is still there, and after every reboot they come together again. It took some years after Crisis on infinite earths to have Lois and Clark engaged and then married, so the same thing is going to happen now. by the way, I don't care if you like the character or not. Dc always will find a way to bring back Robin!

Posted by hart7668
@hyperman: You're probably right.... ah well. I'm sure there would be another Robin, but maybe not until after another reboot of the DC universe. It seems that New 52 is trying to do stuff they never were willing to do until now. Or maybe that's why the universe exists: to do stuff to the icons that would have been considered sacrilegious otherwise.
Posted by hyperman

@hart7668: Damian as Robin and as Bruce's son was a kind of an experiment, that's why they killed him. At the end, it's all about money, after what they did with Barbara, putting her back as Batgirl, I wouldn't be at all surprised if they come up with something new and weird for the character.

Posted by TeamUnitedNerds

Considering that Damian is probably going to come back really soon, we don't even need to discuss it

Posted by dcfox

No more Robins. Sidekicks are outdated. Granted I never read Batman & Robin, but I always thought the idea of one of the world's greatest superhero runs around with a 10 year old fighting crime.

Posted by JairamGanpat

@Z3RO180 said:


You didn't know that?

Posted by lorex

In fairness to Bruce he did not initially train Damian for anything. He saw what path Damian was headed down under Talia's influence and decided to guide him to a more productive end. Given who his parents are Damian he was never going to have a normal life. Also I am not sure how serious I should take this death since there is this handy plot device called a Lazarus Pit that can bring people back from the dead. I doubt Damian will be gone forever.

Posted by comicace3

If he gets another robin I swear......

Posted by scouts1998
Posted by blackkitty

I am not against Robin at all, but, I am against Damian. I hated this character with a passion when he was introduced. now it's possible he's grown more likable, but what I remember was his trying to kill Jason Todd so he can be Robin, instead of punishing him, Batman gave him what he wanted. Then Damian went to the Teen Titans and felt he was robin so he deserves to be in charge of the team... that didn't work out so well and not real sure what Batman thought was going to happen there.

If Damian got better, great. Sadly, I don't know because I stopped reading the book at that point. If there's a new Robin, I may give it a shot again...

Posted by Red_Robin97

This is a hard one. Yes, he's messed up everyone that has been under his wing in some way, but then again, the Batman and Robin story needs to go on. If Batman doesn't find a new Robin, it'll be disappointing. Whoever said yes to Spoiler, I fucking love you. Stephanie needs to come back in some way, along with Cassandra. I really don't like Barbara as Batgirl again.

Posted by HushoftheWind

Batman has 3 Robins already. Have him team up with them and that'll be Batman and Robin dynamic from here on out.

Posted by FanofUltraman

I definitely wouldn't mind seeing Huntress becoming Batman's new protoge, or DC bringing back Earth-3 Talon. :D

Posted by powerhouse1122


Posted by TheHeat

Batman should just retire. He can't keep anyone alive. Worst. person. ever!

Posted by Omega-Man

Really Batman should be Solo for a while and perhaps team up with Batgirl more. Or even Red Robin or even Nightwing. Personally I like my own three thoughts and maybe he should have Babs around more she hardly ever teams up with Bruce. As for a new Robin? no, I don't want Bruce to have one you can't replace your own child like that. That is just so cold hearted and Bruce Obviously loved his son, and any father would never replace his child.

The only way I can see it going through is if some character wears the costume and well Bruce takes it upon himself to train them up even saying no ALOT to the person wearing the Robin costume. Bruce himself wouldn't and shouldn't go around looking for a Robin and he should protest any new Robin since his own son passed away.

Posted by dreamfall31

I'd like to see the New 52 Batman go the route of the Arkham game series and get an older Robin!

Posted by DarklyDreamingDeadpool

i think batman shouldn't get another robin. i liked damian very much, he was my favorite robin of all time, but after losing another robin and especially his son, he can't endanger another life with the burden of a robin.

Posted by V_Scarlotte_Rose

But if there's no Robin, who's going to help Batman puncture holes in giant lemons?

Posted by badaboop

Should Batman be allowed? What exactly is that asking? That's like asking if the creators have the permission to do so. Who are we, the lowly fans who buy these stories and have no say in the creative decisions that go into them, to give an opinion on what can and cannot be allowed?

Posted by SUNMAN

He shouldn't have had another robin after Jason. But he will and there will always be a robin for obvious reasons. It's comics, so you let it slide, but if you are applying real world morals and rational to this scenario the whole Batfamily are crazy for letting kids fight crime let alone all the other things they do

Posted by TheLog

@HoodlumNoHavoc said:

Fraction creeping on Sam just made my day! lol

By far the best part.

Posted by LaserLambert

@hyperman said:

Of course he should, it's like Superman and Lois lane, sherlock holmes and dr watson, Cleopatra and marc Anthony, Adam and Eve, Bonnie and Clyde and so forth, It's iconic!!! And I want so badly Dick Grayson to be back as Robin!

It'll never happen, but there is so badly a need for them to go back to square-one, or robin-one if you will, Do people in the DC universe see Batman with all these former Robins and Bruce Wayne with all these former 'wards' and just blow it off? it's getting a little too ridiculous for me.

Posted by Cavemold

Brian gave best answer

Posted by SpitfireINK

No More Robins.

Always seemed out of character for Bruce and entirely Irresponsible to endanger the life of a child - outdated premise.

Needless to say - DSHS would have a field day with Bruce Wayne & no amount of money would save him.

Posted by McKnight87

Batman should definitely have a Robin, but they should be at least 16 and therefore old enough to understand that it's not just a game and there is certainly the possibility of death. Yes, Jason died, but then he came back, so it doesn't really count. Given that Damian was his son, he should take a good 6-8 months and not have a Robin. I agree with Fraction in that they should have a girl. This is the chance to bring Stephanie Brown back in as Robin and then as Spoiler or another Batgirl if Barbara's cool with it. I know we're still on about the whole death thing, but to be fair, Batman does give them plenty of training before he lets them out of the cave to fight crime. I mean, Dick and Damian both kind of snuck out and didn't listen. Hey, kids will be kids and that, again, is why we need a set minimum age of like 15 or 16.

Posted by MaxSchreck

Batman shouldn`t get another Robin . He already has three great partners , Dick , Barbara and Tim . Why should he risk being repsonsible for the death of another child/teenager ? Damian was probably more skilled than Tim and Dick were during their time as Robin and he even had Nightwing with him before the Heretic killed him . His death clearly showed that Batman can`t guarantee Robins safety . He risks that Robin will encounter a foe that he can`t handle on his own when they are sepperated .

Posted by nechiporukoleg

Damien вернется, 100 процентов.

Posted by conradoaccorsi

@MaxSchreck: This.

Posted by AquaJustice

I want too say wait a least six months before he take's up someone as Robin. This is one of the hardest death that Batman has ever had too deal with in a while since's Jason Todd die. Batman has too deal with this not just a Batman but as Bruce Wayne. This is his son that died and has face the consequent's that come with it. I can't wait too see what they do with him and see how he deal's with as father failing his son.

Posted by Jean199999

Maybe he should be alone for a while (a few years hopefully) before they bring in another Robin.