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Off My Mind: Will Spider-Man Join the Fantastic Four?

With the 'death' of a member of the FF, will Spider-Man step in?

A few years ago, the idea of Spider-Man actually joining the Fantastic Four was something you'd only see in imaginary or What If? stories. Sure, Spider-Man was a member along with Wolverine, Hulk and Ghost Rider in Fantastic Four #'s 348 and 349 but those don't really count. 
Big changes are on the horizon for the Fantastic Four. By now you should have heard that in issue 587, someone will perish and issue 588 will be the final issue. If this is the final issue, why bring up Spider-Man joining the team? Marvel has also teased FF #1 coming in March. 
Spider-Man used to be a loner and there are other characters that have been a part of the team so why would he step in now? Since Brand New Day, Spider-Man has evolved and had developed a closer relationship with the team. After his identity became a secret once again, the Fantastic Four were among the first he decided he could trust with it. It would be weird seeing Spider-Man as an official part of team but I also never thought I'd see him become a full-time member of the Avengers either. Besides the image above (from last summer), there are other reasons why he would become part of the team. 
 == TEASER == 
It was actually in Amazing Spider-Man #1 that a teenage Spider-Man wanted to join the team. He managed to enter the Baxter Building and pretty much demanded that they make him part of the team. When he discovered that they didn't get paid to be on the team, he left. After this encounter, Spider-Man developed a friendship/rivalry with the Human Torch. Despite playing practical jokes on each other over the years, it was clear that they both valued their relationship. 
There has been a lot of speculation over which team member will perish. I've given my opinion before. The Thing is now part of the New Avengers and is on the Fear Itself promo (the next big EVENT beginning in April). There hasn't been a lot done with the Human Torch so his death is unlikely. The Invisible Woman should be safe since we've just seen the Death of the Invisible Woman during Mark Millar's run. Jonathan Hickman has spent a lot of time focusing on Mister Fantastic which would give the most emotional impact among readers who have become invested in recent issues. 
If Reed is the one to die (yes, he seemingly died before way back in issue #381), the team will need some brains. We've seen in BIG TIME that Peter Parker is living up to his potential of being a scientist and could try to fill Reed's boots. Peter Parker might not be Reed Richards-smart but he's showing more of what he's capable of and is already close to the team.  
There's also the solicit information for Amazing Spider-Man #657 that states Spider-Man will visit the FF for a "very private wake--just for family." 
Spider-Man may have his hands full with his new job, new girlfriend plus the fact that he's already on the New Avengers but if the Thing can be on the Fantastic Four and the New Avengers, why can't Spidey? 
Whoever happens to die on the Fantastic Four, we know the chances of them remaining dead forever is very slim. I could see Spider-Man joining the team for a brief period and I would be fine with that. Let's see the continuation of his relationship with the team that is more of a family. Spider-Man wanted to join the team back in 1963 so it's about time that finally happens.
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Posted by Eyz

It's not like it will be his first time joining the team anyway :P
Didn't he fill in as temporary member (on shorter time than Shulkie) once or twice? Maybe in the 70s or the 80s?
Anyway, with that teaser straight from Marvel dot com..I guess he will be part of that new FF team.
(perhaps even the Thing won't be there, since he's almost a full time Avengers, and another character will fill in another spot on this reboot)

Posted by G-Man
Yeah, he sort of was on the team in 348 & 349 (in 1991). 

Posted by comicbikerscott

yeah maybe
Posted by kungnima

Spider-man and his fantastic friends.

Posted by PowerHerc

I certainly hope not.
Posted by TheSheepHerder

Let's wait and see.

Posted by cattlebattle

spider-man doesn't need those geeks
Posted by xerox_kitty

I demand the return of the paper bag mask! :D

Posted by InnerVenom123
@xerox-kitty said:
" I demand the return of the paper bag mask! :D       "


Posted by mistersarcastic

Let's hope not. And if does I hope it's a short temp. position.

Posted by Theodore
@xerox-kitty said:
" I demand the return of the paper bag mask! :D       "
Posted by Jimmy_Mc

I hope not

Posted by Eyz
@G-Man: Yeah, I knew him and Wolvie, the Rider and Hulk made that funny take on the FF. (which Peter even made allusions to every once in a while)..
But wasn't he a fill-in membre once or twice in the past alongside the Human Torch?
Posted by dondasch

Yay.  More Marvel rewrites, history edits, etc.  Meanwhile, books like Savage Dragon from Erik Larsen keep on going...

Edited by Eyz
Posted by queenfrost_

I want Lyja!

Posted by ComicMan24

I guess he will join the team for a while.

Posted by DEGRAAF

I would rather them bring Pym on to the team the Spiderman, but considering the relation ship they have with Spidey and the relationship they have with Pym, seems like they would bring Spidey in much sooner. I dont like the idea of Spidey becoming a member. I dont think i would mind it as much it they did change their team name to the Fantastic Force
Posted by Ice Zero

Let us not forget the Amazing Bag-Man! 

Posted by G-Man
Posted by DH69

i still say johnny is the one thats gonna get killed, NOBODY IS EXPECTING IT!

Posted by xerox_kitty

This is what I wanna see...! :D

The Amazing Spider-Bag!
Posted by Gambit1024

If Spider-Man joins the FF (which would be cool), he'd have to drop The Avengers. Yeah, Thing can carry those two teams, but Spider-Man is on BOTH Avengers teams, so one of them would have to be gone.
Posted by Noray

My money's on Johnny biting it, with Reed in second running.

Posted by spidershamrock

I really hope not

Posted by doordoor123

doesnt that cover of spider-man spoil who dies? Im assuming that is the human torch making the 4 in the air... but its red... does the human torch die?

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

the return of the Amazing Bag-Man!

Posted by G-Man
@doordoor123: The others have used a flare gun in the past and the cover could be symbolic... 

Posted by ILuvMsMarvel

Spidey is too much of an Earth-bound hero, I don't think he's up to doing all the cosmic/other dimension stuff. I know, he has in the past, but it's not really his thing.

Posted by The Hobgoblin

It's definitely gonna happen; that new Spidey in his FF costume cover should definitely be a dead give away. Plus Dan Slott has tried to stay quiet and mysterious on the whole matter so as to not spoil anything Hickman has planned.
Posted by Psychotime

The Amazing Bag-Man should return.

Posted by Gearo

He's already joined them once, but that was in an alternate reality. They became the Fantastic Five for a little bit, but caused the Susan Storm to feel neglected and she ended up captured and leaving by choice with Namor.

Posted by TheAmazingPeterParker

It would be interesting, but Spider-Man would probably feel a lot of grief by attracting his enemies to his friends so I don't know if they will follow through with this.

Posted by SUPER-MAN 23

At least this time, Spiderman knows that the F4 don't pay

Posted by CellphoneGirl

That'll be so cool :D

Posted by Grim

I wish they wouldnt, but they probably will. Never mind that there are about a million heroes created or re-invented in the Civil War/Initiative stories. MArvel just cant help but use the same clump of characters in everything they do. Spiderman has like 6 of his own comics and 2 other teams to worry about. they should really leave him be. 
 ....I wonder how long it will take them to bring whoever dies back....

Posted by Mr. Mercury

Hope not.

Posted by 5ive

Posted by thecheckeredman
@G-Man: I loved those issues!  Mostly due to Art Adams A-MAZING artwork!  I sold off most of my collection a few years back but made sure to hang on to these two floppies!  What a fun read!
Posted by jkenley28
@Ice Zero said:

" Let us not forget the Amazing Bag-Man! 

Posted by spiderguylll
@cattlebattle said:
" spider-man doesn't need those geeks "
lol nuff said
Posted by Sharliecash

i don't think he should because he has been in avengers and was a friend of the FF and he doesn't fulfill the same kind of powers as any of the FF (he kind of has unique powers) but if he'd replace someone it would be the human torch because of being the cocky joker and mobility through air (it's not flying but he can travel through air)

Posted by SQReview
@Ice Zero: I remember playing as the Amazing Bag Man in some of the PS One games. So much fun being a paper-sacked man of justice!
Posted by FLCL1


Posted by Pizawle

I adore that ASM cover.
If FF is really going to be Fantastic Force, then Spidey coming on would be awesome.

Edited by ArtisticNeedham

Peter has had lots of run ins and team ups with the Fantastic Four, ever since the beginning.  He tried to join them and has worked with them countless times.  He is practically an unofficial member.  Franklin even loves him.  But isn't he already on the Avengers, New Avengers, and his own solo missions, plus his new job too.

Just like Reed, Peter would constantly wip up some invention that would take down the Vulture, or Rhino, or Doc Ock, just like how Reed would suddenly wip up some invention to take down the Srkulls, or the Super Skrull, or whatever bad guy they were fighting.  It was sort of an easy way to quickly defeat the bad guy, but it worked.  He is considered a big brain, just being Spider-Man got in the way of him becoming the next Reed Richards.  So he could take over for Reed.
He is also a young fun loving joker, he could take over for Johnny, although thats like buying a puppy when your puppy dies.  Why would you bring in a replacement when your brother dies?  But he could be there to lend his support to his friends in their time of need.
He is super strong, spider-strength, so he could fill in for Ben.  I am not sure if he could replace Sue though, he doesn't have her mental powers, maybe he could be the personality that she was.  To the team, was she sort of like the glue that held them together?  Or something along those lines?  he could be that.
Posted by queenfrost_

I think a whole new FF would be cool! Who said the FF roster is limited to just the Storms/Richards/Grimm family! Look at the Avengers and X-Men, changing rosters all the time. :P

Posted by SuperXAsh

I dunno... the F4 are a very open and publicly-known superhero team. Their identities are known to the public, something Spidey obviously doesn't want people to know about (what with making a deal with SATAN to correct that mistake and all). The Avengers can be more secretive with their identities, I just don't know how well that would GEL with how the Fantastic Four operates.

Posted by Jekylhyde14

Yeah, there's a strong vein of stories that tease the idea of Spider-Man joining the FF (from Amazing Spider-Man #1, to some great What If? stories, to Amazing Spider-Girl). The trend also suggests that the Fantastic Four would only become a better team if Spider-Man joined. If anyone could do the concept justice in-continuity it's Jonathan Hickman. However, it would be overkill to have Spider-Man on two major Marvel teams. I would hope he'd drop the Avengers if he did join the FF, but I'm thinking that's unlikely since Bendis probably has future plans for Spidey in the Avengers. We already have one Wolverine so I'm thinking Marvel will avoid making Spider-Man a second by not making him a member of the Fantastic Four. We'll see...

Posted by Kid_Zombie
@DEGRAAF:  wow really like the idea of Pym joining the team.
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