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Off My Mind: Which X-Men Character Will Die In Second Coming?

It's another event so of course someone has to die.

With the next X-Event, "Second Coming" now underway, it's time to think about who's going to die. Why should we think that someone's going to die? For one thing, it's an event. It seems you can't have one these days without someone dying. The other current event at Marvel, Siege, will also feature someone dying. Back in January, Marvel told us, "One Will Die" and yesterday Marvel sent us the image you see to the right.   
Marvel is saying that either Colossus, Magik (?), Iceman, Angel, Emma, Nightcrawler or Cable will die. Could we actually see the death of an X-Man? Death and the X-Men go hand in hand. Also I've mentioned that we tend to have death pop up whenever there's an event. Even though there's some characters in this picture that I don't want to see die, I can't say that I'm all that concerned. Someone dies, yawn, and then they come back.   
For the fun of it, let's think about who could end up dead here. Someone will be making a sacrifice for all of mutantkind.  
Starting on the left we have Colossus. Colossus has already done the death thing. He sacrificed himself in getting rid of the Legacy Virus. I would hope they wouldn't go down that road again. Plus with Kitty back, it would be too...ironic. 
I assume the next person is Magik. She's died already too. If an "X-Man" is going to die, I doubt they'd go with her. She's a member of the New Mutants. I know, they're all considered X-Men but if there's going to be a major X-death, I would think it'd be more of a major member of the X-Men. Let's move on. 
 == TEASER ==
Iceman? So far he'd be more likely but I don't think it'll be him. Before Manifest Destiny came out in 2008, Marvel said some big things were planned for the character. Unless I've missed them, nothing has really happened with Bobby. People like Iceman but he hasn't done much lately. For some reason writers haven't found a use for his character. That could make him a likely target but again, I don't feel it would happen. Iceman just doesn't feel like a character that would be used to make a big sacrifice. But then, maybe that's what Marvel is hoping we'd think. 
Angel is in the middle. He has been getting more action as a member of X-Force. Since this death is happening in X-Force (by the looks of this ad), maybe Warren will truly become an angel. With the return of his Archangel powers, it doesn't seem likely. I think Warren still has a bit to his story that could be told. Plus, it doesn't look like he'd fit under that white sheet. 
Could it be Emma Frost? She is dating Cyclops. The girlfriends of Cyclops haven't done so well. Scott feels he has to take on all the problems the X-Men and mutants face. Dealing with the death of Emma is something that could push him over the edge. Then again, he's faced the death of a loved one so many times, would this really be a big enough story plot for his character? It wouldn't be anything new. Another reason to think Emma is safe is she is featured in the art for the new Astonishing X-Men series announced in February. Marvel was quoted as saying it was "firmly set in Marvel continuity." The art could be to throw us off but I don't think that'd be the case. 
Maybe it will be Nightcrawler's time to die? Because of his furry and cuddly nature, people would be shocked to see him die. He almost feels the safest character here which kind of leads me to believe that perhaps Marvel will try to go this route. My only doubts over Kurt dying is we have to see how things will play out when he finds out about X-Force. He was shocked to see what a certain character with claws did in Second Coming #1. He would obviously want to have words with Cyclops. Wanting to serve mutants and be on the X-Men while knowing what Scott has been allowing could make an interesting story. Then again, how much of Kurt being outraged would we actually want to see. He's already quit before to become a priest when he couldn't accept the life of an X-Man. I'm really on the fence with Kurt being the one to die. 
Finally there's Cable. He seems the likely choice. His whole life has been about sacrifice. He's been fighting for mutants pretty much since he was a baby. He's already given up years protecting and raising Hope. If anyone is willing to give up their life for her or mutants, Cable would be the first in line. Going along with my thoughts on Nightcrawler, maybe Cable is too likely of a choice. Marvel would have to know that Cable would be our number one candidate in the mutant that will lose their life. Would Marvel actually be planning on surprising us and having Cable survive? 
With all of that, my likely suspects are either Nightcrawler or Cable. It really depends on what Marvel has up their sleeve. One would be shocking and the other would be expected. Who do you think will be the next X-Men to die? How long do you think they will stay dead? Is there even anything to worry about?     

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Posted by Hamz

It'll be Kurt / Nightcrawler. Calling it now.

Posted by warlock360
@Hamz said:
" It'll be Kurt / Nightcrawler. Calling it now. "
damnit now that you say it it sounds logical since it was a buddy of Wolverines....
Posted by jlat89
@Voidheart said:
" @Hamz said:
" It'll be Kurt / Nightcrawler. Calling it now. "
damnit now that you say it it sounds logical since it was a buddy of Wolverines.... "
to me it seems the most logical
but I am a fan of him which is lame
Posted by warlock360

i like him aswell

Posted by Benzo

I don't think the girl next to colossus is me it looks like magma, and I'm betting either angel or nightcrawler will die during second coming...

Edited by timrothsays

See the watch on the dead body's right hand? Nighcrawler uses one of those to change his appearance. Now this is too OBVIOUS
Posted by MagnetoWasRight

I don't know what I'll do if I lose Kurt.

Edited by FoxxFireArt

Cable really does seem to be the most likely choice. Though it wouldn't be too hard to confirm. Just look to Cable's current run of his self titled comic. Looking on Comic Vine. It seems his series is running into June. 

I completely agree with Colossus. Little to no chance. They have pulled the heartstrings on the relationship with Kitty enough. Anymore would be beyond sadistic. 
I seriously doubt it would be Emma. I believe I read once somewhere that Fraction said something along the lines of Emma having a big year (speaking of this year). Kind of hard to do that when one is dead. They year is just beginning. Not to mention, as an Emma fan I would be really ticked.
It's not as if any death really matters. They character will be brought back eventually. 

@timrothsays said:
"  See the watch on the dead body's right hand? Nighcrawler uses one of those to change his appearance. Now this is too OBVIOUS "
Why would he be wearing a watch to transform him during some sort of medical procedure? I'm more interested that the body is rather slim. The arms aren't very well developed.
Posted by Toastalchemist

Someone should tell Marvel and DC that killing characters does not equal character development. 

Posted by AngelFrost

NopeNope. Not Emma. ¬_¬ it can't be.

Posted by tensor

magik or angel but i am leaning more to angel he just not cutting it so easy kill

Posted by Golden Cod
@Toastalchemist said:
" Someone should tell Marvel and DC that killing characters does not equal character development.  "
It's like Women in Refrigerators without the gender bias :D
That is, if the dead person doesn't turn out to be Emma or Magik.   I doubt it's either of them though.
Posted by Scoobypuff

even if it is cable who dies,that won't be the end of him, i'm telling you here and now they'll have him back soon. he'll probably time travel back cuz there's nothing to say that cable didn't come back here first then go back again to the 90's. so we could have a much younger cable appear who has never met the x men and after years and years he'll go to the 90's where the x men first meet him.

Posted by KRYPTON

I think it will be Emma Frost

Posted by Bobby X

Hmmm. I really don't want anyone in that pic to die. Well that sucks. 
Iceman is so underutilyzed nowadays, it's a shame too because he used to be one of my fav x-men. I can see him dying just because it would be the first thing he has done in FOREVER that had any significance.  
Cable dying is so trite and predicatable. It could happen but it would be lame imo.
Colossus, no way. Too awesome of a character and already had a huge sacrificial death for the good of mutants. 
Archanangel, no way. Too soon after getting the new transformation powers. 
Nightcrawler...well I would hate that but it's a def possibility. He would def be the type of character to make the sacrifice.

Is that Magik??   
Iceman or Nightcrawler are my picks for now.

Posted by Chibi-Iroh

The Body under that sheet looks female so I am banking on Emma dying.

Edited by Zghost

I am going to go with Kurt since its a fan favorite and the writer mentioned that a fan favorite will die.  Which stinks cause hes always been one of my favorites, but if anyone was to sacrifice themselves for all of mutantkind who better than Nightcrawler the epitome of do not judge a book by its cover. 
Side note what if it aint iceman but elixir? 

Posted by CellphoneGirl

Ummm that isn't Magik lol, it's Magma 

Posted by WilliamWright

 It has to be Emma that way Scotty can Start Dating Hope....(Come on a red head that Use's the PF how can Scotty not date her?)  if i was writing it thats what i would do and then you can have Cable and Scott be at odds again .

Posted by buns134

Cable will die for Hope like a sacrifice or Emma with the curse of cyclops's girlfriends  
NOT EMMA!!!!!!!!
Edited by The Island

Hope its Emma Frost. Her time is up already.
Not many fanboys will miss her. Only the comic perverts will.

Posted by defaultdefaultdefault
doesnt seem to be Cable or Emma
added to what timrothsays posted above...  
 this happens in sync with and after the above Cannonball scene

going with Kurt as well. his reaction to X-Force in Second Coming #1 was foreshadowing maybe.
Posted by the_fallen11

I think it will be Kurt

Posted by pixelized

Thanks to Pixie and Illyana, Kurt is one of the more expendable characters.

Posted by Azmuth

I think it is going to be emma like from the line 'what do you think this is doing to scott

Edited by CellphoneGirl

I'm more convinced it's Nightcrawler, but since Cable says  "her", it might either refer to him just talking about being with Hope, or a girl that dies, which is probably Magma.

Posted by defaultdefaultdefault
he's talking about Hope. i posted the full scene in the other thread.
and that too, good point.
Posted by CellphoneGirl
@CATMANEXE: Oh, i need to check that out then :] and now i fully think it's Nightcrawler.
Posted by Power NeXus

If they kill Nightcrawler, I'm going to be f***ing pissed.
Edited by Lokheit

The corpse's skin doesn't look blue (I'm crossing fingers, I hope he isn't nightcrawler), and Sam's comment about how hard it should be for Scott, could mean that this is his son, but doesn't look like cable too because he doesn't seem to have a steel arm, and the dialogue is about Scott as a leader that looses a member of his squad.  
Also there is the fact that Sam has blood on his face, so he was present, and Sam wasn't with the same team that Nighcrawler, Angel, Magik and Colossus. So unless it is after a new formation for the next mission, and if we have to choose one of the image, it leaves us with one of the following: A female new mutant (the image color is modified, so it is not clearly if she is blonde or not), Emma Frost, Iceman and Cable.  EDIT: I saw the image where wolverine told the camera how he saw his friend die, so it is suppossed to take place when both Cannonball and Wolverine are present, but if Sam was the leader of the team, I doubt it's Nightcrawler because Kurt has a higher rank than Sam to be assigned leadership (Only Scott, Storm and Emma has preference before him). Oh, Emma also is higher than Sam in rank, so... a new mutant? an x-men that has a closefriendship with Sam?
The figure is slim as others said before, so it could be female or Bobby, but not Cable IMO (it looks like it is a girl cuz it seems like a woman breast under the sheet). It is stated that one will die and one will sacrifice, so maybe we are seeing two deads... 

Edited by Illyana Rasputin

PLEASE don't be Magik, for God's sake!

Posted by Dane

I think she probably came back too recently to die now.

Posted by CellphoneGirl

It would be kind of pointless for Illyana to now.

Posted by Treason

It better not be Angel, he and Gambit are needed for a future Apocalypes story arc that has yet to appear
Posted by Green ankh

Bye Cable.
Posted by goldenkey
@Chibi-Iroh said:
"The Body under that sheet looks female so I am banking on Emma dying. "

you see titties??
Posted by Kid_Zombie

Cable will get that axe thats who i think

Posted by Nateabusa

Most likely Kurt but if it's not him probably Cable.

Posted by the_fallen11

Let us please note that Warren has a healing factor, I doubt a physical wound is going to kill him

Posted by Decept-O

Please for the love of all mutanity, let it be Cable.  Please, please, please. 
Posted by Penance333

 If it's Kurt, I'm going to shank something...I'm guessing it's Cable.

Posted by Pretrik

Of course Kurt.

Posted by Harlekin

I want Iceman dead.

Posted by pixelized
@the_fallen11 said:
" Let us please note that Warren has a healing factor, I doubt a physical wound is going to kill him "
Let's update our notes and add that Warren lost his healing factor when he became Archangel again.
Posted by ReverseNegative

Probably Nightcrawler. Cable is a little too well known in the Marvel Universe to be killed off. Even if Cable did die, marvel would bring him back somehow.

Posted by eldestrisk

I'm thinking it's Emma, so that kinda has me on a sad/mad mood right now. Think about it, she has just the whole reasons to be the one to sacrifice, it kinda makes sense. And besides that Jean Grey is coming back, I think that's a reason to kill Emma off, come on... we now Marvel wants Cyclops changing relationship, we saw how in the past months Cyclops and Emma had been having problems. It's going to be Emma, and that just sucks. =(

Posted by DarkSyde79

I think Cable's character has run its course. Plus with the return of Nate Gray, I think they'll focus more on his character since he's a lil' fresher and not tied down with all the baggage of time travelling and bad blood with 616 Apocalypse. 

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

im going with cable
Posted by Yung ANcient One

Cable is the most likely but i hope not... even tho that wont help 

  Colossus, like u said he already died... to do it again would be silly... but funny for being ironic
 Magik (?), common. really.
 Iceman, id like it to be him it be a surprise
 Angel,  he be good too real surprise 
Nightcrawler, would be another good surprise IMO
Emma, is my 2nd choice of a possibility. 
so yea i think its Cable or Emma
Iceman,Angel, and/or Kurt would be a nice surprise, i mean nice as in unexpected.
but for some reason i dont think its any of them.

Posted by grimm
@xxCellPhoneGirlxx: It kinda looks like Husk or Magma. 
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