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Off My Mind: Where Do Superheroes Go On Vacation?

With all that they've seen, what place could be luxurious enough?

I brought up the question before whether or not superheroes get holidays off. Some feel they deserve it. My question today is, where could superheroes go on vacation? 

Superheroes have access to places normal people don't. With all the crazy places they've been to, what location would qualify as a great vacation spot? The Savage Land could be a cool place but even with superpowers, who wants to have to worry about fighting off dinosaurs or savage natives? The Blue Area of the moon could be interesting, but I'm not sure what sort of accommodations or room service they'd have up there. What about Paradise Island? With a name like that, you'd think it'd be perfect, right? The only two problems with Paradise Island is you have to be female to go there and there's the fact that it's getting destroyed in Wonder Woman #600.
 == TEASER == 
Maybe going to a normal vacation spot would be better. It might not be as exciting as some of the different planets or dimensions they've traveled to but there might be less hassles. Just because they have superpowers doesn't mean they have to vacation at exotic places. 
If they did choose a normal location, they would have to make sure they weren't recognized. While most heroes do wear masks and have secret identities, their perfectly chiseled bodies might stand out. The last thing they'd want to do on vacation is be bothered by fans.
The real question is can they let go of their work in order to relax, unwind and recharge. Letting go of work can be a hard thing to do. Everyone needs a vacation once in a while. Where would be the best place for superheroes?
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Posted by Joey Ravn

Uh, Herogasm?


for Marvel superheroes - Savage Land  
for DC superheroes - Mogo
Posted by Spider Django Heraclitus J

Hopefully not a herogasm situation
Posted by Roninidas

I think a Vacation for them is a day where they can go out in their non-Superhero Persona and just have one normal day.

Posted by ComicMan24
@Roninidas said:
"I think a Vacation for them is a day where they can go out in their non-Superhero Persona and just have one normal day. "

I agree with that.
Posted by dondasch

I hear that New Latveria has been upgrading their guest accomodations (evil laugh)

Posted by Comiclove5

They most likely go to regular vacation spots and off planet places. And or utopian alternate demisions.
Posted by Roninidas

I want to go on record now... here and now... and state that the picture of Doctor Strange above, is wrong on so many levels.  That picture is actually the reason why they stripped him of the title Sorcerer Supreme. 

Posted by Icemizer

Kooey Kooey Kooey is nice and there is this little corner of Paradise Island that you can get to if you know the right people.


For the Marvel heroes I hear Arcade is opening a tropical Paradise for any hero that want to visit.

Posted by SupremoMaximo

It doesn't matter where they go on vacation.. Something is going to happen and they'll have to save the day.  It happened in GiJoe too.  Some new D Bag bad guy just so happens to show up while our guys are on vacay.

Edited by Jake Fury

LMAO.....Who's floating in the middle with her top open? is that Sersi?
Posted by G-Man
@Jake Fury: Pretty sure, yeah.
Posted by Joey Ravn
@Spider Django Heraclitus J said:
" Hopefully not a herogasm situation "
In that first picture you know it's gonna happen, it's just a matter of time... :P
Posted by Jake Fury
Thought so. Guess the Eternals aren't big on modesty... 
Mockingbird looks like she's been working out too.....
Posted by dondasch
@Roninidas:  Agreed LOL
Posted by Crom-Cruach

Batman goes to paradise Island with WW lol! Amazons a galore...

Posted by BKole

Ha. Totally beat me with the herogasm comment. Shame.

Posted by Krakoa

Reed Richards could probably rig something up not unlike Star Trek's holodeck, for a virtual getaway.

Edited by karrob
@Jake Fury said:

" LMAO.....Who's floating in the middle with her top open? is that Sersi? "

Yep! What i dont understand is why is Cap, US Agent, Hawkeye and Mockingbird have there masks on. Like everyone doesnt know who they are. 
Edited by ComicMan24
It's for us to distinguish them. For example without the mask Mockingbird is just another blond woman. And there are a lot of them in Marvel.
Posted by Joe Venom

The X-men use to just play baseball in their backyard or throw an awesome pool party! ahh remember that, remember when X-men were fun

Posted by Decept-O
@dondasch said:
"I hear that New Latveria has been upgrading their guest accomodations (evil laugh) "

Posted by doordoor123

They go into my imagination.

Posted by G-Man
@Crom-Cruach said:
" Batman goes to paradise Island with WW lol! Amazons a galore... "
Paradise Island has seen better days.

Posted by Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!

Captain America's the weakest on that team!


why is Tony wearing his armor and wearing bermuda shorts  ?
Posted by MrDirector786

Apokolips is definitely the best place to go for vacation.

Posted by symphonix

That X-Men shot sure brings back some memories.  What I want to know is why is Rogue wearing gloves with her bathing suit, seems kind of pointless to me.

Posted by A-Strondinaire
@Joe Venom:
I miss those times...when life wasn't revolving around a little girl who no one really knows but decide to put all their chips on her anyway.
Posted by dondasch
@Joe Venom:   Is that Jubilee flex posing with Colossus ? LOL
Posted by Gennadius

I wouldn't go on vacation if my life would be an adventure everyday.
Posted by Crazy Pan
@Gennadius:  You say that NOW but if you were expected to work every day for the rest of your life saving people, a lot of whom are ingrates, and NOT get paid for it, you'd want a few days off to yourself too! lol :)
Posted by TheMess1428

"Peter Parker" went to Portland, Oregon with Mary Jane and had "Ben Reilly" take his place. And Superman pretty much went to New Krypton for vacation but it didn't work out too well.

Posted by Crackdown
@Comiclove5 said:
"  Utopian alternate dimensions. "
There you go
Posted by Bruce Vain

lol I think Garth Ennis's Herogasm answered your question.
Posted by ImJustLikeParker

Captain America is wearing an American flag speedo. And Dr. Strange has some kind of creature playing with his.... Just sayin'.
Posted by Thor's hammmer

they could go to olympus or a know before it got destroyed
Posted by sora_thekey
@Krakoa said:
" Reed Richards could probably rig something up not unlike Star Trek's holodeck, for a virtual getaway. "
That would the ideal Vacation Spot!
Edited by Graphicly

I hear Bruce Wayne went through a lot recently to take his vacay through the time stream. 
Also didn't Selina Kyle take a "working vacation" (whatever that means) to Rome a few years back?

Posted by goldenkey

Wow there are some old illustrations here from the 90's. The tug of war one was Marvel illustrated or something like that. 
Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge
" for Marvel superheroes - Savage Land   for DC superheroes - Mogo "
Good thought. I would have figured somewhere else.
Posted by Thunderscream

Uh, Dr. Strange, aside from that "mystical" sling-shot you're wearing, does it not bother you that a fireball is feeling up your thigh? 
On that note, why the heck did male heroes dawn the g-string in the 90's as a frock of leisure? 

Posted by scorpius72

where is this avengers on vacation pic from? i love it.  
i dont think they go anywhere together i think like anyone else they go to where they love the most. Logan is always cruising the canadian rockies or japan.    
Posted by tonis

anywhere there's no crime or villians to fight seems like the right plan for relaxation. 
Guess that pretty much leaves space as the only place for peace and quiet.

Posted by NightFang

All work and no fun can make people crazy and that's the last thing we need a superhero to do!

Posted by AmazingSpiderMike

In Wild C.A.Ts #9, didn't Spartan and Voodoo go on vacation on a cruise ship where "Cyclops and Jean Grey" on the same ship while on their honeymoon?

Posted by Xenozoic Shaman

Vacation time is just another opportunity for the bad guys to kidnap you and replace you with an infiltration unit while you're out of the picture.

Posted by PhoenixEssence

That depends you know ? the X-men can go everywhere as long as they stick to their big big X-family and then have hot sex with eachother on their vacation ....( Tell me about Prof X in a speedo ,....he sure has a fit body huh ?) 
Reed Richards ?  a day off is when I hope he will think about something more ......... simple , no great formulas " ground - breaking " discover ......that would be lovely If he buys Sue roses without exploring the structure of stems .... 
Mr Wayne really needs to consider the a day off with all his wards : playing , talking , settling down all the misunderstandings ....cuddling ....LOL 
and you have a very sexy Stephen Strange there ! If every Sorcerer Supreme are that sexy huh ?  
Posted by Hellos

Whats that rope made of?
Posted by DH69

lol there needs to be more marvel vacation issues...or atleast swimsuit issues

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