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Off My Mind: Where Are All The Jobs In Comic Worlds?

It seems like there's only a few jobs available.

A few months ago I asked whether superheroes should get paid for what they do. The reality of it is, there doesn't seem to be many actual jobs available in the comic book universes. We know that the news industry is still thriving with The Daily Planet and The Daily Bugle. It's not often we see other actual professions in comics. 
If a superhero isn't lucky enough to be affiliated with teams like the Avengers or Justice Society of America, where room and board is provided, they're going to have to figure out how to make ends meet. The question is, what jobs could they have? 
 == TEASER == 
An obvious choice would be law enforcement. Dick Grayson gave this a try back when   Blüdhaven was around. This made sense. Most heroes already have crime fighting abilities. This way they have access to other resources that could assist in their task of fighting crime. 
We know teaching is a possible occupation. The Thing was recently engage to a elementary school teacher. Think of what Reed Richards or Michael Holt could offer the youth of today. From my years of teaching, I found besides grading tests, preparing lessons plans took the most time. With the brains in the comic universes, they could easily teach lessons with minimal prep.
What about construction? I believe Thor worked in construction in his  Sigurd Jarlson guise. With their strength and invulnerability, they could handle the dangerous tasks and maybe even be more efficient.  
Obviously there are other actual professions out there. We just don't see them often in comics. It seems the only job readily available is working for a newspaper. What are your thoughts on this matter. If heroes had to start getting "day jobs," what professions would be perfect for which characters? 
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Posted by ComicMan24

Speedsters would be perferct for couriers and I think there is something like this in the Marvel Universe.

Posted by CaptainUseless

The Thing should work in construction.
And Deadpool should do Stand up comedy.

Posted by SUPER-MAN 23

Wolverine could be a chef and cut up onions, carrots etc with his claws.  

Posted by SupremoMaximo

I just got back from a trip to New York.  Everyone works for tips there.  After saving a life, heroes should just throw down a hat and have people throw money in it.. 

Posted by Nick-SV(ril)

Just a couple off my mind right now,
Alan Scott/John Stewart = Architects
Wally West/Aquaman = Triathlon coaches  
Hawkman/Hawkgirl = Bird trainers
Cpt. Boomerang = Aerodynamics Physics 
Black Canary (I guess with the rest of the Birds as co-team) = Lingerie Shop 
Starman = Typical (crazy) professor  
Stargirl = Starman's assistant
Wildcat = Box club (obvious)
Tommy Bronson = Trainer in dad's club.
Icicle = well, Ice Cream store 

Posted by punkelias
@ComicMan24 said:
" Speedsters would be perferct for couriers and I think there is something like this in the Marvel Universe. "
Or pizza delivery.
Posted by Joeybagad0nutz

Daily Bugle is gone G-man. It is now the DB.
Edited by Captain13

Being a Cop usually makes the most sense for someone who wants a secret identity.
They could also be reality show celebs if they don't have one, like Superboy and the New Warriors did.
I also like these jobs for heroes, because they still contribute to society during their day job:
1. Lawyer (Daredevil, She-Hulk)
2. Doctor (Donald Blake, Doctor Mid-Nite)
3. Architect/Engineer (John Stewart, Kid Chino)
4. Reporter (Clark Kent, Linda Park-West)
5. Pilot (Cyclops, Hal Jordan)
6. Teacher (Spider-man, Blue Marvel)

The scientist profession is getting over used IMO.

Edited by longbowhunter

Jack Knight was a junk collector and antique dealer. 
Black Canary and Green Arrow are former florists.

Posted by Captain13

My room-mate is an Econ major, and he wonders about why there are no Economists/Bankers in action movies and comics.

Posted by Superkitty

If I were a bad guy, I'd set up a phony job interview with a hero and ask "what's your weakness?" MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Posted by G-Man
@JoeRiccadonna: Do you really think it's gonna stay "DB" forever?
Posted by Joeybagad0nutz
I hope not. But I am kind of enjoying JJ rise to Mayors' Office.
Posted by HaHaManHV

I remember the good ol' days of Wally West: Mechanic. Good times 
Let's see, most of the Avengers don't have day jobs, the X-Men don't, Fantastic 4 don't, JLA don't, JSA don't. I think it's kind of a shame for a lot of these because the alter ego is lost for so many characters. I mean, you never see say, Wildcat shopping for groceries in his alter ego. It'd be a nice change of pace if more superheroes had jobs or talked about them at least

Posted by Hunter114

@ComicMan24 said:

"Speedsters would be perferct for couriers and I think there is something like this in the Marvel Universe. "

I don't know if Hermes has appeared in a DC comic, but he had a cameo in Justice League Unlimited.

Some superheroes have worked for the military (Cap, Punisher, Hal Jordan, John Stewart etc) or are/were shield agents
Kyle Raynor was an artist (at least in DCAU) 
Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark run their own companies 
Barry Allen was a forensic scientist 
Matt Murdock and Jennifer Walters are/were lawyers 
Martian Manhunter was a detective at some point 
Thor and Doctor Strange were both doctors 
Some are/were teachers 
Some superheroes used to be professional atheletes 
Some are students of some sort  
I think there are a lot of jobs being at least mentioned in the comics, they are just usually jobs that relate to their abilities or idetites as superheroes or are something glamorous, something like waitress or chef would be a little out of place.

Posted by Markio

Being a reporter is great cause you can leave at a moments notice without looking suspicious.  I guess any job that can be done remotely (or submitted remotely anyway) would make the most sense.  Can't tell the boss "I was away from my desk so long and often because of chronic, explosive diarrhea."

Techno-kinetics - I guess webmaster could be one.
Speedsters - Field Supervisors would be another one as "travel time" varies between destinations.
Anyone - Lottery winners! (my personal favorite)

Posted by Phantim555

Hmm well I'm more DC so here's my list: 
Bruce Wayne/ Oliver Queen: Billionaire/ ex-billionaire 
Clark Kent: Reporter 
Barry Allen: Forensic scientist 
John Jones: Just about anything but in Smallville he was a cop 
Dinah Lance: Florist/ once reporter 
Barbara Gorden: Computer analyst possibly 
Hal Jordan: Pilot like always 
Kara Kent: Reporter like her cousin 
 Thats just a few for now

Posted by HannahRoth

Raven could totally be a therapist since she has a knack for taking away peoples pain.
Posted by Danial79

I had thought of this just the other day, wondering how the heroes actual get paid...

Posted by Joey Ravn
@Phantim555 said:
Kara Kent: Reporter like her cousin
Her secret identity is Linda Lang, though.
Posted by Nova`Prime`

Lets not forget Ares worked construction even while he was on the Dark Avengers. I think with the adoption of the "action-packed" comic book you are seeing less and less of the alter ego of most heroes. I remember there were issues of Avengers back in the day when you would have two or three pages of life as an "ordinary" person. There are plenty of jobs out there for heroes, I think some of the more obvious are security consultants, physical trainers, and teacher. But what about being a writer... the only hero I know who was a professional writer was Carol Danvers and she nearly had a TV deal on her book about the Guardians of the Galaxy. I mean being a super hero is the perfect type of job for that, because you can tell stories that actually happened, and sell them as a work of fiction. I mean how many people on Earth know about the Kree/Skrull War, so why not have some intrepid hero take advantage of that, could be a millionaire over night with all the knowledge superheroes have.

Posted by Batcrow

i want batman as my science teacher...:P

Posted by JuniorMints

Some pretty good stuff so far, Im loving all the comments and some of the heroes day jobs!  
Yes, scientist seems overused. Except for Peter Parker. 

Posted by comicscott

any job is good
Posted by Agent9149

we all know how villains get paid

Posted by gambitpryde1993

 I think that Flash and Quicksilver could be track stars, Kitty Pryde could work for apple, Wolverine and Batman could do UFC, Beast could be a professor, Gambit could work for a dating site;), Rogue could be a waitress at a bar in Louisiana;) etc.

Posted by Nova`Prime`
@Batcrow said:
" i want batman as my science teacher...:P "
The only problem with that is the fact just because you are smart doesn't mean you can teach. I think a better field for Bruce would be Engineering.. after all he designed all his own batgadgets.
Posted by couzinit99

lmao i could see the Human Torch working in a kitchen hahahaha

Posted by goldenkey

If I was a super strong guy Id just throw shit in space for Nasa and say.  Gimmee my Munay"  you know how much Nasa would save on rocket fuel that way.  Billions.
Posted by pinchpaker29

Emma Frost and Psylocke could be my secretaries...

Posted by RedHurricane24

I would love to have Ollie Queen as my archery teacher, and Michael Holt as my math tutor. Maybe he can guide my way out of my math classes lol.

Posted by GraveSp

Well the Secret Six are bounty hunters/mercenaries.  Thats a real job.

Posted by Joe Venom
@JoeRiccadonna:  There both gone there is only the "Front Line" now

Wonderman was a movie star.
Wasp was a fashion designer.
I remember Johnny Storm being a fireman for a while in one of the fantastic 4 books, I thought that was kinda cool.  
People like Taskmaster who can make money by training people.
Danny Ranny he opened a Kung Fu class..........but then again knowing him his class are most likely free. 
Let's not forget Spiderman who started out as a wrestler.....................then he found out that "with great power comes blah blah" so decided he shouldn't use his powers that way.
I say all the countries of the Marvel and DC worlds should get together and start up a Super Olympics for heroes and Villains (no Aliens) of their respected countries every 2 years or so.
Posted by phildini

Why don't superheroes just set up Paypal pages and take donations? 

Posted by dvorak

I'm up for any job where I can light cigars with a burning $100.00 bill.

Posted by Gambit1024

In Marvel Knights 4, the FF all had to get jobs. 
Invisible Woman was an English teacher 
Thing was a construction worker 
Human Torch was a firefighter 
Don't remember what Reed did o_0

Posted by Acrylicbased

Captain America used to be a police officer he also worked for Marvel as a comic book artist I don't think he ever quit that job it just got phased out of the comics.

Posted by NightFang

If heroes had jobs they would get fried for leaving early to fight crime.  

Posted by OliverGuido

Kyle Rayner should be a Comic Book Artist 
Batman a Philanthropist 
Superman should be a Scout Master 
J'onn should be a galactic embassador ... or plumber 
Sinestro should run a tanning salon 
And Jim Gordon should retire!

Posted by DragonOFmarvel

Storm should be a weather person
Posted by imaginaryman

well a lot of heroes actually have jobs in DC
we have black canary who runs a Flower shop, huntress is an english teacher, Steel has a metal works company, Dick Grayson owns hailey's circus, Hal Jordan used to be pilot, john stewart is an architect, Kyle rayner is a manga artist, Guy gardner ran a bar. The old Question used to be a private eye, Donna Troy is a photographer(paparazzi kind), we also have checkmate who are government agents, black lighting was secretary of education for a while right, im guessing there should be a lot of jobs out there they just dont seem to get noticed

Posted by G-Man
@Acrylicbased: Don't think it was mentioned yet but Steve Rogers was also a comic book artist. He even drew for a Captain America comic in the comic.
Posted by Mahtu

Black Canary should be a singer like Dazzler.  hehe jk.
but lets see.... 
Supes and Batman could be models for Hanes considering their underwear always shows anyway. 
Hal Jordan could be a jewelry salesman?

Posted by leokearon

G-Man you forgot CEO of giant corporations (Iron Man and Batman) and scientist as ultra common jobs in comics
Posted by Green ankh

Dazzler- pop star 
Posted by Blackestnight

Reed is too smart for public school, they wouldn't hire him.

Posted by The_Martian

Thing - Construction Worker
Human Torch - Fireman, Rockstar
Invisible Woman - Elementary Teacher
Mr. Fantastic - Scientist
Spider-Man - High School Teacher, News Paper Photographer, Blogger, Taxi Driver, Mayor Photographer

Posted by shawn87

i remember in Mighty Avengers #1 Ares was working construction until he was recruited on the team. 
and we all know how Peter Parker tries to hold down a job 
but yea it's true we dont hear much about heroes trying to have jobs

Posted by Mediant

Just about everyone can work retail :D

Posted by cbishop

They pretty much have to be self-supported millionarires, to keep the stories moving.  When they're holding down day jobs, sleep always becomes an issue.  Or being late/ leaving early, because they had to take off somewhere in costume.  I think if people with super powers really existed, they'd find jobs suited to their super abilities, and those abilities wouldn't be a secret.  Like the Human Torch using his powers to weld, or as a fire fighter, since he can walk into a burning building and survive/control the flames.  The Invisible Woman would almost certainly be a spy or ultra special SWAT, able to walk into sensitive situations without being seen.  There's lots of ways to use super powers in practical jobs, but most of them are hampered by the concept of a secret identity.

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