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Off My Mind: The Original X-Men Traveling to the Present

How will see the present day Marvel Universe change the characters of the original X-Men? kevlar

Marvel NOW! is almost upon us and one of the titles forthcoming is ALL-NEW X-MEN. The idea is the original X-Men will somehow travel forward into the present day Marvel 616-Universe. It's been stated that this will be the team early in their careers. Time travel can always be a tricky business but there will be a lot to see here when the past meets the present.

Time travel isn't a new concept to the X-Men. We've seen it many times throughout the different series. One of the biggest stories was 'Days of Future Past.' This will be a new take on the idea as it is now the past coming to the present rather than the present going into the future.

There has been many changes since the team wore their original outfits. Not only will we be seeing the younger characters arrive (and Jean Grey returning from the dead in a sense), the young X-Men will be in for many shocks and you would think they'd want to run back to their time period as fast as possible. Each original member will learn quite a bit about what they are to become in their future.

== TEASER ==

Jean Grey

The young, innocent and hopeful X-Man will have to come to terms that she has died…more than once. If they are going to remain in the present for some time, we have to assume they'll be able to uncover everything their future selves have done. Jean gained the power of the Phoenix Force and destroyed entire star systems and ended billions of lives. Later she indirectly caused Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor's marriage to crumble. She and Scott end up getting married only to have him psychically cheat on her with Emma Frost, a former X-Men villain who became co-leader of the team. Aside from cheating, there's also what Cyclops did in AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #11.

When Jean arrives, she will see that she was held in high regard. People still looked up to her and the good she did accomplish. Wolverine was also deeply in love with her and named the new X-Men school after her. She has quite a bit to live up to.


Warren Worthington III pretty much had it all. He had some hard times dealing with the fact that he had actual wings growing out of his back. He quickly came to terms with it and continued to thrive on the team and in the business world. All of that was taken away when his wings were torn off and he was reborn as Death for Apocalypse. For a time his skin was blue and he only had razor sharp feathers. He managed to overcome that and eventually found love with Psylocke. Now that he has lost his memory and essence of who he was, his past self could easily get pretty depressed thinking about all the hardships he's going to go through.

Will he be able to prevent these things from happening if he returns to his own time period?


If we're talking about the hairless Hank McCoy traveling to the present, he should be in for a shock as well when he gets a look at his future self. Not only has he grown blue fur, but he's also gone through a couple changes. He went from his regular furry look to becoming more cat-like. And then there was that ridiculous costume he wore in ASTONISHING X-MEN. That's gotta be embarrassing as well. (I never understood how he kept that on).

Hank can be happy that he's respected as one of the most brilliant guys around the Marvel Universe. But he hasn't exactly had the best of luck in the romance department. Although he is still sort of with Abigail Brand. Hopefully he won't find out what he had to do on that mission with the Secret Avengers (in SECRET AVENGERS #16).


Bobby was always the trickster of the group. This class clown grew up to accountant. He also goes through some changes. There was the time he lost control of his power and had to wear a big old belt to prevent his powers from freezing everything over. Emma Frost took over his body and he discovered he could use his powers on a more molecular level. If parts of his body were shattered, he could repair it. Lately he's been seen making separate Icemen in the middle of battles.

There's also his budding relationship with Kitty Pryde. There's been some debate (at least on the Comic Vine Podcast) that there might be an age difference between the two. Perhaps it's not really much of one.


Cyclops went from being the greatest X-Man to pretty much their worst enemy. This is the guy that first came up with the idea for a covert X-Force squad and recruited X-23, despite Wolverine's wishes. He basically walked out on Maddie and their infant son when Jean returned from the dead. He later cheated on Jean with Emma during Emma's telepathic sessions. He encouraged Idie to kill during REGENESIS.

His recent actions in AVENGERS VS. X-MEN could be blamed on the Phoenix Force being a part of him. He turned on the last remaining member of the Phoenix Five in order to claim all the power for himself. He topped this off with doing an unthinkable act. Whether or not he's forgiven for being influenced by the Phoenix Force remains to be seen. (Maybe young Cyclops will take the place of present-day Cyclops).

Adjusting to the Future

It's been said that this team will remain in the present for a while. We will find out specifically at what point in the past they will journey to their future. We don't know how they can actually travel into their future since time travel in the Marvel Universe generally doesn't allow that. By them discovering what will happen, that changes what they know. Unless their memory gets wiped before they travel back, we're going to see some reality altering changes similar to HOUSE OF M.

This doesn't even include all the other crazy events in the Marvel Universe that has happened such as CIVIL WAR, SECRET INVASION, SECOND COMING, the deaths of friends and family, etc.

ALL-NEW X-MEN is definitely going to be an upcoming title to check out.

Tony Guerrero is the Editor-in-Chief of Comic Vine. You can follow him on Twitter @GManFromHeck. If his past self visited the present, he'd probably be pretty excited to see the job he'll get to have.

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Posted by DATNIGGA

@Ferro Vida: I try to defend cyclops but at the end of the day people really see what they wanna see.. If they wanna see him as villain there gonna do so he had alot of haters before AvX but its just gotten worse lol in all seriousness i would say hes the best leader mutant kind has ever had

Posted by Mercy_

@ApatheticAvenger said:

@Ferro Vida said:

@ApatheticAvenger: Pleased to make your acquaintance. I'm the guy who usually defends Cyclops in these things. :P

Then you share something in common with me and my compatriot


Posted by Ferro Vida

Oh sure, now all the Cyke fans come out of the woodworks :P

Posted by MikeStark

I love how this focuses on the original X-men, too bad the movies don't do the same. Great article though, G-Man!

Posted by the creator

If this is Ice Man from early in his career then why does he have a look that comes from later in his career. His early appearance was more snow like.

Posted by irvine1345

blah, i think this is just another way of bringing jean back without say they 'resurrected' her back into marvel. stick with it, if your going to kill off a character, dont think of some off way of bringing them back. if dead, let them be dead. OR, if dead, dont make too much of a deal about it so that bringing them back wont be as upsetting as this

Posted by Timandm

This is going to be MONUMENTALLY STUPID... Years from now Marvel writers will look back and think, "What the hell were we thinking!?"

THE WHOLE, ' We've come from the past, but we obviously have to go back and have no memory of being here, and our DNA will show no signs of aging (and yes, DNA does show that as one ages), and we won't take back any knowledge of our future and use it to avoid certain mistakes.... THIS IS JUST GOING TO BE SO CONFUSING, AND BAD!!!

Five super heroes, the X-Men, come from the past (the same earth, this is not a cross dimensional thing) and yet, the five that are already here, have NO memory of ever having come to the future... Now, we know they HAVE to go back at some point in time because their future selves are still alive and well and have a history; they have lives that they have lived...

And then, there's the fact that they were nowhere NEAR as powerful back then as they are now. They're going to be a team of wimps. When Henry McCoy still looked human, he could lift a maximum of 5 tons, which is almost nothing compared to now. Iceman used to wear BOOTS for crack's sake! and Angel.. well, he could... "fly." So, in today's Marvel Universe, a man flying with wings really isn't that big of a deal. Back when the X-Men first came out, not every Tom, Dick, and Harry could strap on boot jets or anti-gravity discs...

Is there no one at Marvel with the power to stop this?

Have the lunatics taken over the asylum?

Posted by Mercy_

@Ferro Vida said:

Oh sure, now all the Cyke fans come out of the woodworks :P

I've been here the whole time, sir :P

@ApatheticAvenger said:

I'm gonna get it for not mentioning you too aren't I?

You bet your ass you are :D It's just gonna be when you least expect it.

Posted by God_Spawn

@Ferro Vida said:

Oh sure, now all the Cyke fans come out of the woodworks :P

>=O You've known me as a Cyke fan for awhile.

Posted by Ferro Vida

@god_spawn: yeah, but you're cute when you are angry :p

Posted by Melab

What they do when they find themselves in the same room as Magneto is what I want to see first.

Posted by Teerack

@DATNIGGA: Are you even reading my post? Because I'm clearly not talking about the Jean standing in the middle with her original outfit on.

Posted by JamDamage

I'm excited for this. As much as I thought it was a stupid idea at first, I realized it was Bendis writing it, and I think Bendis really writes teenagers well. Look at how good he did with Spider-man, Iceman, and Johnny Storm. It was great. This should be good too. I'm sure it'll start off a little slow. Mostly dialogue, but it'll get strong after time.

Posted by turoksonofstone

Interesting concept. Nice to see an Idea that has been done 10,000 times before.

Posted by Blood1991

Has anyone seen these?

Looks like we are starting with some Scott vs Scott action.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Hardly original an idea really for what is being proposed here unfortunately. Sure, it looks great but its not something we haven't seen before. Still, I'm loving the art.

Posted by Blood1991

@RedheadedAtrocitus said:

Hardly original an idea really for what is being proposed here unfortunately. Sure, it looks great but its not something we haven't seen before. Still, I'm loving the art.

I wanna know whats with his optic blast on the first cover? Is he going to have more control over it now?

Posted by oviouslyjeangrey

There should not be two of each characters thats ridiculous, but what ever aslong as jean back I dont give a crap lol. (excuse my french)

Posted by TheGardener

This is the book that I am most looking forward to in Marvel. Can't wait for it :)

Posted by turoksonofstone

@RedheadedAtrocitus said:

Hardly original an idea really for what is being proposed here unfortunately. Sure, it looks great but its not something we haven't seen before. Still, I'm loving the art.

Where have we seen it done?

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

@turoksonofstone: I see a bit of Days of Future Past sprinkled with Days of Future Present, perhaps a bit of Decimation, House of M and a few other things there. Of course that's just X-Men stories. I mean for DC we kinda saw it with One Million, the Kingdom and other stories. At the heart of it I suppose you say it all comes down to some kinda time travel, which is a concept as cliche nowadays as a freshly baked cookie is chewy.

Posted by Namor1987

Is the 1st picture from Marvel Now?

Posted by Nathaniel_Christopher

My problem with this is that unless this original X team stays around for good, they themselves aren't going to be permanently effected by this. (Unless they get some spin-off in their own universe) They're going to go back to their proper place in the timeline and have their memories wiped in some way. The changes that will come about will be in the confrontations they have with the characters who exist in the present. The most obvious and interesting interaction in my mind, will be (Surprisingly to some) between Past Jean and Current Scott.

Some may be thinking it'd be Scott vs Scott, however I don't think so. Because those men really only share a name, and unfortunately for him Past Scott is extremely innocent. Not to say he hasn't experienced tragedy, but he's at that point in his life where there's really only black and white. Current Scott see's everything in shades of grey. When they meet I imagine they'll argue, fight, and that Past Scott will call Current Scott a monster, and Current Scott will do a little angsting and think about how much he's changed. Plain and simple.

With Jean, I think it'll be something completely different. He'll have to put some of his own issues aside and really sit down and talk with her, the young woman he loved and later married. He'll be forced to confront his own issues with her and what happened between them, while also explaining to her everything that's happened. I feel that Past Scott is going to be very judgmental of Current Scott, to the point that he won't really listen to anything the Current version of him says. Past Jean will listen and help him through some of his issues, leading to the character confronting and dealing with said issues. He may not completely get over all of them, but I do think he'll come out of this stronger and more balanced as a character, leading to a new incarnation of said character.

Posted by slimlim

@Blood1991: its probably just stylized. i doubt they'll change how his power works. but then again... you never know. looks kinda like how havok's power is in the FIRST CLASS MOVIE.

Posted by fesak

Considering the way time travel works in the Marvel universe the All-New team has to come from an alternate reality since it's not possible for them to travel forward in time in their own reality.

Paradox problem solved.

Posted by ComicMan24

@fesak:IIRC Spider-Man managed to do that in an issue of ASM through the use of a "door" that another scientist in Horizon Labs created.

Posted by fesak

@ComicMan24 said:

@fesak:IIRC Spider-Man managed to do that in an issue of ASM through the use of a "door" that another scientist in Horizon Labs created.

How did they know it's the same reality? Per definition all time-traveling creates divergent realities.

Posted by ComicMan24

@fesak:Based on what they showed, it seemed like it was the same reality. Plus he didn't really travel that far into the future, just a day ahead.

Posted by Shika1Dude

@fesak: agreed, only explanation that doesnt make me puke my guts out

Posted by Imperius_Rex

Yeeeah someone does not like cyke.

Posted by chrisw86

All aboard the TARDIS..

Posted by comicfan123

I predict that Bobby (Iceman) is the only one of them who probably won't end up getting locked up in a mental institution when he sees his future.


Edited by emmett24

you know whats probably going to happen is their gonna see there lives, freak out, and then there going to change themselves. therefore changing the future

Posted by Miss_Garrick

"Later she indirectly caused Cyclops andMadelyne Pryor's marriage to crumble."


Jean had nothing to do with that! It was all Cyclops being an *expletive* son of a *Double expletive*!!

Posted by wmwadeii

I still believe they will be going with alternate reality versions, the whole mind wipe tings seems cheesy. I also don't see this series going too long either. Maybe a year. I think of it as another X-men Forever attempt. I started reading XMF but eventually lost interest in it.

Posted by LordOfAllHumans

@lorex said:

G-Man I see you are drinking the Cyclops hater flavored kool-aid here. Everyone is painting Cyclops at the bad guy reciently. Yes he has had his judgement impared by the Phoenix Force but how come Jean always seems to get a pass for what she did as the Dark Phoenix but It seems like Cyclops is going to be held accountable for trying to fix the worlds problems when he had the power to do so. Also he did not force X-23 to do anything he asked her to join X-Force. I think restarting X-Force was the right decision at the time given the threats to Mutants that are out there, one only has to see the forces arrayed against the X-Men in Second Coming to know he made the right decision. As for encouraging Idie to kill that is pure bull. In Schism #3 he said and I quote "Do what you think you have to". While that is not exactly telling her not to kill anyone, he do not encourage her to kill. To be honest this scene was the victim of poor writing on Jason Aaron's part, of course the whole Schism storyline was poorly concieved and inplemented so its not surprising that the writing was not great as well.

When did Jean get a pass? Even after it was retconned that it was not Jean's body she still caught hell because of Dark Phoenix, a survivor of D'bari came to kill her, everybody craps their pants when she uses "too much" power, the reason they even tried to stop the Phoenix is because Jean became Dark Phoenix.

Posted by Jontaru

Posted by One_Eye

@ApatheticAvenger said:

@antemiusenteri said:


for cyclops i think you forgot the part where he learns he abandoned his wife and unborn child and created a team of killers.........cheated on his wife with the woman in "white lingerie"

You mean he created the black ops squad that saved mutant lives by assassinating villainous threats to their race? The one that's essentially the mutant version of Navy Seal Team 6? This is a NEGATIVE aspect of his history? :P

Obviously the leaving of his wife and child is a black mark on Scott's past, but it's kind of relevant to point out that said wife later turned out to be an unstable clone of Jean Grey created by the evil genius that has tormented Cyclops since his childhood, and that the conception of their child was all part of a twisted plot. I don't know, I just feel like it's worth mentioning, especially since the revelation was kind of a big deal.

Then of course there's Cyclops' "affair" with Emma, the psychic one that involved no physical contact (as opposed the affair that Jean was off trying to have with Wolverine, which he had to turn down). Yes, no complexity to any of this. x]

@Teerack said:

@DATNIGGA: The woman in red is Rachel. You can tell by her face, hair, bust, and the fact Jean is still dead.

the man i was talking about is to the right of Emma Frost.

It's not Rachel, Bendis actually confirmed that. Her and the guy behind Emma are just random civilians I think.

@Ferro Vida said:

@ApatheticAvenger said:

Jean: Realizes that she's dead, has a school named after her that's run by some creepy Canadian hobbit who keeps staring at her, and finds her future husband in the arms of a beautiful and powerful blonde.

Angel: Realizes old him is dead and that new him likes to fly around naked. Also, metal wings.

Beast: Realizes that he is blue and furry, became an Avenger, and is dating a paranoid green-haired alien chick.

Iceman: Realizes that he has changed the LEAST out of everyone. Gets along fine with himself.

Cyclops: Realizes that he has changed the MOST out of everyone. Has buried two wives, had a son who was sent into the future, met his long lost brothers and father, realized that Xavier is a manipulative jerk, become the leader of the mutant race, got to engage in carnal activities with a sexy woman in white lingerie, created a mutant nation, gained the loyalty of Magneto, is looked at like a villain for sacrificing his humanity to save his race, and must redeem himself after he was possessed by the Dark Phoenix and killed his surrogate father.

I think it's fairly straightforward as to who will be the most intriguing out of the bunch. :P

My God... Someone who doesn't have a blind hatred of Cyclops? This IS rare. :P Also, agreed for the most part.

You must not have heard of me. I'm the Apathetic Avenger, the top editor of Cyclops' page, pleased to meet you.

Don't forget that most people find it easier to not consider the nuances of Scott's decisions, especially in regards to both Maddie and Jean. If nothing else, Scott has the most to take AND give from this visit from the past with Warren and Jean being close behind. What kind of words would Hank say to his past self? Oh, that in a constant state of flip-flopping self-hate he created a serum meant to cure him of his mutation but instead enhanced it? That he thought of taking a sample of a mutant cure and administer it to himself? That he constantly berates his former best friend for what he views as secretive and murderous acts,however, he now serves someone who does the same thing? And what of Bobby? Emma took control of his body and used his abilities better than he could at the time? That he and Mystique had an anti-relationship? Or that he's now dating Kitty Pryde so all the gay jokes about him can stop. Big friggin whoop.

Cyclops all the way.

Posted by One_Eye

@Ferro Vida said:

Oh sure, now all the Cyke fans come out of the woodworks :P

-Raises hand-

Posted by Wowlock

This can end in either a huge train-wreck of plotholes and more Paradoxes....or it will be '' And they forgot it ever happened ! '' which will be a waste of time.

Because if they go through with this story and cause original X-men to learn about the future....well the WHOLE Marvel will change with them since Mutants were part of some major stuff. If not ...they why would you use this idea in the first place ?

The only other wayout I can see is that this ''Past X-men'' is actually from another Dimension of 616's early years and they stumble upon the portal to see their ''future dimension''... But Time travel ? No thanks, that mess things up real fast.

Posted by StarKiller809

I absolutely love the original X-Men. I like Jean, Cyclops, Beast, Angel, and Iceman. They are my favorite X-Men and I want to get this series but the concept just sounds really dumb. Why would they travel to the present and if they did, wouldn't that make all the stories that they stayed where they were no longer exist? This makes no sense to me and I don't think that I will pick this up. 

Posted by fesak

They're not time-traveling to the present, they're traveling to what they will percieve as the future, but actually is an alternate reality

Posted by guardiandevil

This title looks to have the most promise out of all the Marvel Now! titles...lets just hope Bendis doesn't ruin it

Posted by royers13

Ok, the only purpose of this is to have a more close up look on how the characters have changed. Remember, there are multiple time lines. even if the young x-men remember everything from their time travel it wont affect anything in this world. I do want to see what reactions are to what people have become. I can definitely see conflict between current and young Scott on Ideals, Bobby is going to think his future self is awesome, Hank is going to be a little freaked out by his blue self, Warren will be fearful of his future self and Jean will likely be very distraught based on all the things the is likely to cause and to top it off Cyclops cheating on her.

Posted by AlfieBoheme

@mettlekm: Actually, I'd be for it if it meant One Day More never happened. Anything to wipe that from my memory.

Posted by dangallant984

@fesak said:

They're not time-traveling to the present, they're traveling to what they will percieve as the future, but actually is an alternate reality

for them.