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Off My Mind: The Future of the Green Lantern Corps

GREEN LANTERN #20 was a massive issue and revealed the future of the Lanterns from Earth.

GREEN LANTERN #20 was a perfect ending to Geoff Johns' nine-year run. It tied up the current story, went all out on the action, set things up for the next creative team and even went so far as to reveal the long-term future of most of the characters. (You can read the review HERE).

The revelation of the future was an interesting choice. In some ways, it almost locks in the characters' futures. Of course there's always a way around it. One could even question the individual in the story that revealed the fate of the Earth Lanterns. But it should provide some hope to readers, at least for now.

We won't spoil all the events from the issue but we will look at the fates of the Green Lanterns from Earth. Make sure you read GREEN LANTERN #20 to see how the story ends and the fates of other characters.

Hal Jordan

Hal finally finds happiness. In the future he gets married and has a kid and grandkids. Who does he marry? In the panel above, it's not completely clear. But a later panel reveals that he did marry Carol Ferris. They lived a life of "happiness together. Free of fear and full of love."

We also see that when Hal and Carol have their kid, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are still around (of course).

Guy Gardner

What becomes of Guy?

In a fitting ending, we see him living out his days in a bar. Cozying up to the females. He's made plenty of enemies over the years but that won't stop him in celebrating life.

It's not clear what Corps he belongs to since a ring isn't seen on his finger and he doesn't choose or need to use it to defeat an immediate threat. He is referred to as a Green Lantern so perhaps that is what he is best known for.

John Stewart

There was a rumor John was going to die. Even if that were to someday happen, like many in comics, he'll get better. We see an older John, possibly married, and a great leader on Earth. He becomes a state senator and is seems to live a life of peace and happiness.

Kyle Rayner

Does he keep the White Power Ring? Apparently so.

Kyle becomes a healer for the universe. He uses his power to save millions. We don't know if he lives his final days out in space on an alien world of if he traveled around. It does look like he lives out his life in happiness fulfilling his purpose of helping others.

Simon Baz

Simon gets to remain being a Green Lantern. It's interesting to find out he does train the first Earth female Lantern, Jessica Cruz. It's not clear when or how she becomes a Lantern. It's said she becomes one "in the wake of the Justice League's death." In Hal's future, we saw Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. The Justice League's death doesn't necessarily mean the death of the actual members but member the demise of the team. Or perhaps on a mission, it was believed the entire team perished. Why she would be selected when the other Earth Lanterns are still alive could mean another 'dies' and then returns. There could also be some other circumstances that called for her to become one.

Simon was said to be a "miracle worker" and pushed others to their best and was able to tap into more of the unknown potential of the Power Ring.

What about Sinestro?

In the story, Sinestro leaves for parts unknown. While we did spoil the fate of the other Lanterns, there are some things you should read for yourself. The image above may reveal a clue.

The stories of everyone appears to be contained in a Book of Oa. Does that mean it's absolute? Did Geoff Johns lock in the future of these characters? As mentioned, anything can happen. And just because we see the characters in their older days, they can still go through enormous hardships and struggles. They could die and return years later. Or the "narrator" and keeper of the book could have twisted the truth to make each story more appealing.

We'll just have to wait and see as all their stories unfold.

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Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Interesting stuff, Always enjoyed Johns run he made me like the Green Lantern.

Posted by longbowhunter

I doubt we'll ever see any of this come to pass seeing as how most comic book characters either don't age or age in reverse in some cases. I really liked the Guy scene. Any hardcore DC fanatic had to get a kick outta the " one punch" line and seeing Bofunga. Over all a fantastic issue. Sinestro stole the show.

Posted by Beserkerfury

Rise!!!! Nekron

Posted by The Stegman

Batman saying something NICE to Hal?? It is the end!

Edited by UltimateSMfan

i absolutely loved that lil bit about every characters ultimate fate, like only 5-6 DC years have passed there's enough room for a thousand more stories....this issue was honestly the best thing iv read,ever! the future is subject to change but i really like that ending,it helped add a feeling of finality and at the same time made us excited for whats to come.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I really like the idea of Kyle becoming space Jesus

Posted by halovsmarvel

John's wife is named Yrra.....Fatality!

Posted by Friskynesss

It feels both cheesy and endearing to know that everyone has a happy ending.

I believe that the best stories are the ones that have endings. Comics obviously can't follow this all the time but this one issue could slide. 9 years is a long time and it deserves such an ending. Following it up will be a difficult task but I have faith. All will be Well.

Posted by Kid_Nacho

I absolutely loved this issue. I'd like to think that the Book of Oa represented how Geoff Johns would like the future to be for the characters, however given the context in which they were presented, it is highly likely the narrator altered the truth in order to give the young lantern he was reading it to a happy ending.

It's strongly hinted that the narrator is Sinestro himself, which added to the emotional impact for me, especially when we see what he did at the end of the book. One of the finest single issues I've ever read, and I'll be sure to pick up the Wrath of the First Lantern TPB if and when it's released.

Posted by xtremekidx

I think this future lasts for a couple of years....until the GL universe is rebooted and in the new universe...the rules and fates change yet again...

Edited by Fantasgasmic

The "wrapping up" of all the lanterns was the part of the issue I enjoyed least. It's too much of wrapping everything up in a bow. It really felt like one of the First Lantern's obvious "best possible universes"

Edited by blkson

I didn't pick this up. Only because I didn't have enough monies. Interesting stuff nevertheless.

Hal Jordan gets up there in age, marries, and haves a child.
Guy Gardner lookin' like the leader of a space biker coalition, that watches space NASCAR
John Stewart and Yrra lookin' like the Obamas
Kyle Rayner?




OH he jus' Space Jesus!

Edited by Dernman

Nothing is locked the future is fluid. I see they did that one punch joke again.

Overall it was a good issue.

Posted by ULTRAstarkiller


Edited by Shadowmyst
Posted by GothamRed

I'm glad Hal and Carol have a concrete ending, those back and forth relationships kind of annoy me. It's why I never got into the batman/catwoman one in the main universe.

Edited by CommanderShiro

Loved this issue. Sinestro was great in it

Edited by doordoor123

We never actually saw it in the book (BY THE WAY). Sinestro told us of the future because it wasn't in the book. And how much can we really trust Sinestro? Anything is really possible when Sinestro is telling it. All we really know for sure is that somehow Sinestro is leading the Green Lantern Corps.

Posted by doordoor123

I really like the idea of Kyle becoming space Jesus

What defines him as "space Jesus?" Space "savior" maybe. Jesus isn't my savior.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
Edited by Trodorne

Plus also it looks like he brought back Glommy back to life.

Posted by Mucklefluga
Posted by Scarlet_Spider_Forever

Kyle Rayner for life man :')

Edited by Atomiic

Its funny how Hal is the main character of the series but everyone is talking about Kyle's ending haha.

Long Live Space Jesus!

Edited by kid Apollo

GUY GARDNER what a role model! punching people in bars from one side of the galaxy to the other!

Posted by MisterDecay

I'm choosing to leave Green Lantern now. The storyline is concluded in my opinion, and though there could be a wealth of new ideas to keep the various titles going in the future, they will never have any sort of solid ending like they did here.

Edited by Oscars94

Love seeing how Earth's Lanterns live their lives.

Edited by Mezmero

Not revealing Sinestro's fate was the right decision. All my respect goes to that dude for making this one of my favorite books in the New 52. Not really as interested in these books after GL 20 since the buddy dynamic of Hal and Sinestro probably won't be coming back. I guess Kyle could be cool since it seems like it's going to be like old school Silver Surfer comics where he's just flying around helping those in need with his god like power.

Posted by StMichalofWilson

Interesting. Very interesting. I like how Johns ended the series in his own way. But like every comic book continuity, there will be a twist and the future is not written in stone.

Posted by Bubblegum_Justice

My favorite part was Bolphunga. I loved him in the movie

Edited by EnigmaLantern
Posted by Extremis

The future endings I took as more of Johns' happy goodbye to the characters he's spent the better part of a decade on. Of course other writers don't have to follow it as its only one possible future in the infinite multiverse. Also, it's not like these characters ever age anyway. We love them too much to end their adventures :)

Posted by ahmedhamedahmed

Batman saying something NICE to Hal?? It is the end!


Posted by JamDamage

It's like Johns ended the whole Green Lantern mythology for us here. Not happy with seeing the future of where these charaters go considering I don't think half of this shit is going to happen. Hal and Carol getting married. That's about it. That'll happen, but as for the rest. Nope, I don't think so. Some sort of event will change these outcomes. Sinestro will come back again too. Maybe as Paralax, maybe not. I wouldn't want to be the writer of G.L. after this tho. It's like the stories have been pre-written for them. Kind of shitty on Johns part in a way. Doesn't matter tho. I don't think these events will happen anyway. Great story tho. If G.L. ended today, and there are no more G.L. stories ever written, this would have been a good way to end it.

Posted by Onemoreposter

@jonny_anonymous said:

I really like the idea of Kyle becoming space Jesus

lol, me too

Edited by ZZoMBiE13
Posted by BlueLantern1995

John's wife is named Yrra.....Fatality!

Yeah I typed in Yrra and Fatality's name pops up... that sounds pretty sound.

Edited by weenman1

This sh*t actually made me cry. Thank god Larfleeze took part in one of the most heroic events in the final chapter!

Posted by kriminal

i hate kyle was hoping he died. i want a simon baz ongoing more than kyle or larfleeze, even john stewart but i dont dislike him

Edited by paralaxsteve

I found the end very fitting, it doesn't necessarily lock in their futures because what's the chances the stories ever reaching that far into the future and as you said Gman even if they did or do die they can and may have returned at some point. Who knows what paths have led them to these conclusions but I for one am reassured that the heroes have a happy ending themselves and that's something we rarely get to see. Geoff Johns did a great job in rounding up his nine years on GL.

Posted by SandMan_

Kyle became Space Jesus. I always thought that was Superman.

Posted by Captain13

It's like Johns ended the whole Green Lantern mythology for us here. Not happy with seeing the future of where these charaters go considering I don't think half of this shit is going to happen.


Edited by Captain13

These are all dumb and will be ignored. Way to try to pigeonhole other writers to force the outcome you want Johns. Geoff continues to show how clueless he is by turning John and Fatality into the Obamas. John is too much of an activist to become a bureaucrat. If he held office, he'd have been an ambassador anyway. =P Also, he will certainly surpass Jordan.

Posted by StrangeMan

This was no surprise, given the immature nature of Johns seeing him present the way that he wants these characters turn out to be is nothing shocking, I mean, he did start out his run by saying "screw you" to the past GL mythos, now he's basically doing that with the future. It's most certain that writers will just want to ignore these outcomes, but given Johns' position as Creative Chief of DC and how childish he is he'll probably do what he can to get his way.

Edited by mattwing87

With the way all the GL issues 20 ended felt like a trilogy conclusion so I have decided to cancel all my GL issues. I do have faith in the new writers but I just feel it's better to stop while it is still great. I do plan to get the trades of the new writers issues someday but for now I'll just revel in the awesomeness of GJ's run!

Posted by colonyofcells

I prefer the new direction of using the earthlings in other color corps. Guy Gardner as a red lantern should be ok. I remember Guy used to be a yellow lantern. The other earthlings can shine more if they are not Green Lanterns to avoid comparison with Hal Jordan. Kyle being a white lantern is ok altho I think he can also do well as maybe a blue lantern.

Posted by Baird9965

I loved this issue, my favourite comic of the year. But one question, didn't Sayd die? I have a terrible memory to tell you how, but I do recall her dying.

Posted by DarklyDreamingDeadpool

does this means hal finally returns to the justice league?

Edited by colonyofcells

I hope the old iconic oldies Guardians return soon. In the mean time, the leader of the Green Lantern corps should be Gnort. For Justice League, maybe try both Hal and Carol as Justice League members.

Posted by dontbelievethehyperion

This issue was the perfect jumping off point. Great ending to what has to be the preeminent GL run.

Also loved the "one punch" references. I hope that next time DC reboots they bring back the classic JLI team.

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