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Off My Mind: Supergirl Made Out With Her Horse?

It might have been the 60s but it's still pretty strange.

I thought I knew pretty much all there was to know about the Super Pets seen in the pages of Superman comics back in the Silver Age. Krypto was Superman's dog and Beppo was a test animal of Jor-El's who ended up on Earth. Streaky gained his powers from an radioactive experimental antidote to Kryptonite Supergirl was working on.

I always assumed Comet the Super-Horse was another animal refuge from Krypton that belonged to Supergirl before she made her escape. I just never bothered to look into Comet's history before now.It turns out that Comet is not from Krypton.

He first appeared in Action Comics #292 in 1962. Supergirl had been hit by Kryptonite rays and was falling to Earth. Out of nowhere came a white horse with superpowers that saved her life. It was in the next issue that we discover his true story.

== TEASER ==

Comet originally was a centaur named Biron who was in love with Circe. When he saved her life, she agreed to repay him. His wish was to become human. When she made an attempt, she gave him the wrong potion (it was actually switched by an evil-doer). Instead of a man, he was turned completely into a horse. There was no antidote but she was able to bestow super-strength, telepathy and immortality to Biron.

What about Supergirl making out with Comet?

Superman received a summon for help from Prince Endor of Zerox (who had helped Superman out in the past). Basically the prince needed a flying horse so Supergirl and Comet made the trip. Zerox was a sorcerer planet (of course) so as thanks, Prince Endor granted Comet a wish. Because magic had changed since he was first turned into a horse, he could reverse the spell...a little.

Comet would not have super-powers and would turn into a human on Earth when a comet passed through the solar system. Upon returning to Earth, a comet happened to enter the solar system. He gave himself the name "Bronco Bill" and soon met Supergirl in this form. And this is when she made out...with her horse.

"Bronco Bill" would make other appearances and apparently even had a brief romance with Lois Lane. Comet was in love with Supergirl but didn't want to tell her that he was also "Bronco Bill." Why did Comet not tell her? Because it would be weird, gross and illegal in most states.

As I put finishing touches to this article, my seven-year-old daughter walked in and I explained what was going on in the images. She had quite a perplexed look on her face and simply said, "That's weird."

This is one of the reasons why reading Silver Age comics can be a fun and interesting pastime. You never really know what to expect. It was a different take on one of the super-pets. It was good that they didn't all come from Krypton and somehow all land on Earth. Maybe Supergirl didn't really make out with her horse. She did but she didn't. The fact that Comet would trick Supergirl many times with this...shame on you Comet. Let's hope for Kara's sake she never comes across a white horse in the current continuity.

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Posted by Comiclove5

I feel a bit light-headed

Posted by DHunter329

Silver Age DC Comics is some about 32 flavors of crazy. What the hell were they drinking, ingesting, smoking and/or shooting up back then?

Posted by ruckus24

What a great article. I laughed myself... horse.

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

and you know there were some horny teenage girls losing thir minds over this.

Oh well, its STILL not as bad as twilight. and its still technically NOT bestiality cuz ole comet didnt actually put the lime in the coconut so we can just forget about this. SERIOUSLY  everyone just forget about it and NEVER EVER bring it up again, my psyche is screwed up enough as it is

Posted by InnerVenom123 beat you to it.

Posted by EganTheVile1

There's a Catherine the Great joke that I won't make!

Posted by GTG12

Posted by DarkShadows

lol. What?
This really made me laugh and choke on my own spit.

Posted by LastSonBackUp

I find this quite funny. Lol.

Posted by joshmightbe

no one will ever convince me that DC writers of the Silver age weren't on some kind of drugs

Posted by kennybaese

Well, to be fair, he wasn't originally a horse. 

But yeah, kind of weird. 
Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

That horse gets around!

Posted by Decept-O

If no one has said this yet, well, was "Bronco Bill".....errr.....proportionate to a horse?  I will leave it at that.


Crude jokes aside, more gems like this would be great to read, G-Man!  Hope you can dig up some more goodies. 

Posted by Super_Gui_1

Saw this one on Cracked.

Posted by G-Man
@Super_Gui_1: I actually saw this when I read the comic last week. Keep in mind it's been around since the 60s. Even Comet's page here mentions this. I was just unaware of it. I'm sure other people have commented on it before.
Staff Online
Posted by EganTheVile1

She rode the horse, and the horse rode her right back!

Sorry I really did not want to make that joke but it was just too easy...
Posted by Maki_P

I already knew about this story, and yes it's weird. The whole Silver Age was, there's an old Flash story where Barry talks to his costume, and the Costume Answers! It's just crazy

Posted by spystreak
@AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge said:
                This article almost sounds like inter-species/zoo animal sex (where a person does 'it' with an animal - dog, horse, you name it. True story.....)

Posted by kimi74
@antiterra said:
" Must... resist... bareback riding... jokes... "
Posted by .Mistress Redhead.
@kimi74 said:
" @antiterra said:
" Must... resist... bareback riding... jokes... "
ha ha
Posted by Scorvos

I now await the new Super Pony Twins action comic featuring the adventures of the super-powered    illegitimate children of Comet and Super girl.  

Posted by Polyjester

Don't know if this has been said, but I'm almost certain I saw something like this on Superdickery.

Posted by dvorak

This is why I love CV editorials. Amazing.

The Silver Age had so much great, totally random and twisted things happen, but they are mostly forgotten.
Posted by Primmaster64

Ahh...the Silver Age

Posted by PowerHerc

Shades of Katherine the Great?
Posted by The Poet

I think this would be illegal in several states

Posted by TTfreak

That's messed up. Xp lol
Posted by phoenix219

I don't get the big deal. Its not like it had a horse body, and its not like it was originally a horse, it was an intelligenet centaur. How is this any different then something like, kissing a frog to turn it into a human, or any other stories where a character transmutates forms like that? Nothing weird or beastiality-like with this. Moving along...

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That's hot.

Uh, I mean EWW, that's so gross and...and not-at-all hot...

...I'll be in the bathroom.