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Off My Mind: Spider-Man - OMD, BND And Now O.M.I.T.

What's next for Spider-Man?

Spider-Man has had some rough times lately. Something that still bothers readers was the decision and outcome over One More Day and Brand New Day. It's hard to believe that the first issue of Brand New Day was in Amazing Spider-Man #546 back in January 2008. As a result of Aunt May getting shot and being near death, Mary Jane made a deal with Mephisto that changed (almost) everything. Aunt May was saved and Spider-Man's secret identity was back to being a secret. The catch was the marriage of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson was erased from existence. 
The main argument was that a married Spider-Man was too hard to follow. Or perhaps the kids can't relate to an old married dude swinging around in spandex (even though Ultimate Spider-Man was supposed to be the solution to that problem). Spider-Man was one of the first comics that I really got into and devoured. I often get people asking me what I think of Brand New Day. The answer is I understand why it was done. I am still enjoying Spider-Man's adventures but I'm not crazy about how we got where we are today. 
There has been some really good stories since Brand New Day. There still are some questions that haven't been resolved. We've seen the answer to what happened to the memories of those that knew who Spider-Man was. We had an explanation as to how Harry Osborn returned from the dead (even if it doesn't make sense that it would somehow result from the deal with Mephisto). We've been told that Spider-Man's history hasn't been completely erased and have seen flashbacks to the arguments that everything happened as before except Peter and Mary Jane didn't get married. We still haven't seen everything.
With O.M.I.T., we've been wondering what the letters stand for. The common assumption is it stands for One Moment In Time. Because Joe Quesada and Paolo Rivera are involved, it's natural to assume that Spider-Man is involved. We're supposed to get a big announcement Saturday at C2E2. Yesterday it appeared that the secret leaked out.
== TEASER ==
According to Bleeding Cool, O.M.I.T. does indeed stand for One Moment In Time. The following image has been discovered:

Going back to the question of what I think of all of this. Keep in mind, I've been reading Spider-Man since 1984 and grew up watching the old cartoons. I do love Spider-Man. I think I'm just beyond getting upset over things that are beyond my control. Spider-Man is still Spider-Man. All that was changed was his marriage. A bigger change was made with The Other storyline and people seemed to like that. When Brand New Day happened, people were saying they were going to stop reading Spider-Man. There's no way I would do that unless Spider-Man was completely changed and turned into an alien from another dimension or something. The stories are still entertaining. Spider-Man is still the same character (for the most part). The comic is still fun. It sucks that the marriage was erased but that happened over two years ago. Comics are supposed to be fun and a decision made by editorial isn't going to ruin my life or enjoyment.
With this reveal of O.M.I.T., I'm interested but I'm not on the edge of my seat waiting to see what will happen. I don't know if it will change anything or just give us a look at what happened. Perhaps it will appease those that are really upset over Brand New Day. Paolo Rivera has been doing some amazing work (no pun intended) on Spider-Man and I'm looking forward to seeing where this will go.
What are your thoughts on this reveal? Do you think it will answer the questions you have? Are you still upset over the break-up of the marriage? Are you still reading Spider-Man's current adventures?
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Posted by Chane

Does this mean I have to start getting spider trades again? I dread to think how many there has been since Back in Black...

Posted by mrrpm01

This will most likely be the only "revamp,reboot or mulligan" that I won't have a problem with.  I agree with you that spiderman/peter hasn't really evolved since the most pivitol event in his life was taken away.  Yes I am still reading and will continue to read spidey but I hope this fills in gaps and dosen't end in the classic Dallas "it was all a dream" ending.  If OMIT sets his life back on track I think it's great and perfect timing, you have heroic age, Osborn gets what he deserves in Siege and Steve evolves as well as BuckyCap (I love calling him that) so it only makes since that Spidey/Peter does as well.  I only call him that because it would be sad to have big changes to the hero and not the person behind the mask.

Posted by FoxxFireArt

How can they keep going on about how we shouldn't expect that they will be married again. When it's their own covers and advertising that keeps pushing Mary Jane in a wedding dress.
How can they claim that married super heroes can't be related to? Does that mean we should expect the Richards' marriage to be dissolved and the kids written out of existence? Why ever get emotionally attached to the characters if all they will ever been throughout time is static and never change in their life? With the way they write Spider-man. It's all about something dramatic happening, then something causes everything to go back just how it was with no consequences or long lasting implications.
That's not a book. It's not a story. That's a SITCOM. Far as I see it. Spider-man just isn't really worth buying anymore, because the editors will never let it move forward.

Posted by joshmightbe

honestly i just want him to get his powers from the othe back i never really cared one way or the other about mary jane
Posted by NXH

I haven't paid much of attention to the spider-man comics since OMD and BND happened. Apart from new ways to die, which was fun. 
But Im really that excited about this upcoming story. =/

Posted by vincethekid

Please, let's tell the truth here.  There hasn't been a good Spider-man story in a long long time. Spider-man stories have been crap.  Plain and simple. You know it, I know it, and everybody knows it.  Don't fluff the piece! Don't suck up to Marvel and kiss their ass. This is what got WIZARD into trouble. They got to buddy-buddy with the industry and became everybody's friend. Be objective dude.  That's good writing and that's why we come to the site for reviews, critiques, etc. You lose credibility when you do it and fans can see right through it.   
You know some of us will pick up books base on your recommendations.  
Just be a responsible journalist and just be cool. 


Posted by Golden Cod

That's a pretty sweet spider-tux!

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

omit? omitting a retcon?

Posted by G-Man
@vincethekid: Not sure if this is aimed directly at me or the industry in general. I don't fluff stuff. I always give my honest opinion. I'm not promoting OMIT, I even said I'm not overly excited for it. All I'm saying is I still like Spider-Man, I'm bummed the marriage was erased but Spider-Man is still Spider-Man. There have been some good stories since Brand New Day and some not so good. If I was kissing up, I wouldn't bring up how a lot of people stopped reading after Brand New Day.
Posted by The_Martian

I'm excited for this!

Posted by Theodore

I'm interested...

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Why is he in the black costume though? Kind of weird.

Posted by Aerik

Still interested. Still reading. But I was very fond of the way it was before Brand New Day. Things were changing and it was a lot of fun to read.

Posted by brewski420

amazing spiderman is still a awesome comic and great read. i know as fans we have our opinions about how comic series should be run, and thats cool. but the stories in these comics are really out of our hands. so theres really no reason to complain how comic series are run. i mean if you don't like how a series is run just don't buy it. its pretty simple. but i think we should just leave these comic stories to the professionals and just sit back and enjoy the read. i mean i would love to see gwen stacy return but its just not in the stars. lol
Posted by shockwave632

Am I the only one that finds that image just a little creepy?!

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Prologue:  I never liked DC's Infinite Crisis on Earth storylines because of the way they can just manipulate a character however they want with little or no reason whatsoever and always marketed as the Biggest DC Event of the Decade... but really just a cheap short cut written story.


"He's not so popular, so let's kill him off, or even better let's just say he never existed to begin with."   
"His superpowers are kind of generic, let's re-tell his story and origins and give him different powers." 
"She's cuter with red hair, let's give her a red-head mom and tell the readers why her hair's red now."
So okay those examples are over-exaggerated, but that's basically the main gist; starting over and tyring to clean up their confusing mess by taking the easy way out of just re-telling the story.    
One thing I loved about Marvel was that they didn't have to do these storylines (they have their Ulimate universe line for that instead).  Most of Marvel's original established characters and all their stories and origins are still true to how they were told... back when it was told!  Supporting characters may vary but the heroes are true as they were.  It was beautiful, simple, and clean!  Not confusing and convoluted like a lot of DC's heroes.   
Hey Krypto... I miss being the same person as Clark Kent. I hope DC's new Infinite Crisis on Jupiter will retcon us back the way it was.
Just good 'ol Superman alone had like 4-5 different origin storylines that wiped away the previous one's story (especially all the Superboy stuff for one example), and worse thing is... there'll probably still be more of these retconned stories coming his way (poor guy, and Action Comics was my very 1st comic).  And that's just Superman, I'm not gonna even mention Supergirl... geez!
But Marvel didn't have that clutter... 
...until came Brand New Day. 
It felt like Marvel's version of Spider-man going through Infinite Crisis on Earth with Mephisto being DC's version of Montior, or Anti-Monitor, or Hallway Monitor, ah whatever. 
I see why they did it, but still hated how they did it.
Posted by spiderguylll

Spider-Man + Mary Jane = BOOYAH 
AND he's joining the X-Men...BOOYAH TIMES 2 
AND a new cartoon...BOOYAH TIMES 3
Posted by Pez85

Wasn't the whole point of OMD/BND to seperate Peter and MJ in order to save Aunt May's life? The last time we saw Spidey in the black threads was during Back in Black, where Aunt May's life was hanging in the balance. So, assuming that they start dating again, does this mean that May could (finally) be reuniting with Ben in that big spiderweb in the sky?
I don't have a problem with OMIT showing "how the marriage failed", but to have them start dating again? Either Marvel is saying "Haha, fooled you again!" or they're trying to tell us something about true love. 

Posted by danhimself

Yes.  One More Day was terribly executed.  But, the result was the best thing to happen to Spider-man in years.  The stories coming out each week in Amazing Spider-man are 100 times better than the shark jumping stories of The Other and Civil War.  Some of you have complained that it was out of character for Peter to make a deal with Mephisto, well how about becoming the next in line to receive spider powers from the mystical Spider Totem or after 40 years of having the most well kept secret identity in comics and revealing his identity on to everyone on earth?  Those were out of character.   Spider-man is back to being Spider-man.  I could care less that he's not married anymore.  That doesn't affect me at all and the stories have only gotten better as a result.

Posted by Slinger

My biggest problem with Spidey post OMD is the schedule and inconsistency. The only way they can fix that is in production. The reason I liked JMS's Spider-Man so much was because we always got the feeling that all of the little stories tied into something bigger that might happen down the line, or you would read an issue and a light would go off in your head and you'd pull out an older issue and go, "Oh yeah!" I don't get that feeling anymore, what's worse, it feels like they have a lot of great potential story lines that get dropped because they need Spider-Man to be involved in some stupid "event".

Posted by Crymsun

I just don't understand the point in reading this book anymore.  I mean.. why read something that has no forward momentum?   And if there is, will they just get rid of it in another 15 years?
Posted by GT-Man

spiderman spdierman does what ever a spider can swings a web oh yes because hes the SPIDERMAN
Posted by The Jeff

@G-Man: your love of Spider-Man and his presence on this site is what keeps me coming back. thanks.
Anyway, this sounds pretty cool. I religiously buy the books and any big event is welcomed on my part.

Posted by leokearon

One More Day was a bad idea created when the Spidey writers backed Spidey into an emo corner and couldn't get him out. Brand New Day was no different to any of the stories before Civil War except MJ is no longer a regular and Spidey is becoming less heroic.
Posted by InnerVenom123

Sweet! I've been waiting for this for a while! :D 
As for the marriage, I honestly didn't care. At all. xD I was like " Um . . . cool, next issue please!" :P

Posted by sora_thekey
@danhimself said:
"Yes.  One More Day was terribly executed.  But, the result was the best thing to happen to Spider-man in years.  The stories coming out each week in Amazing Spider-man are 100 times better than the shark jumping stories of The Other and Civil War.  Some of you have complained that it was out of character for Peter to make a deal with Mephisto, well how about becoming the next in line to receive spider powers from the mystical Spider Totem or after 40 years of having the most well kept secret identity in comics and revealing his identity on to everyone on earth?  Those were out of character.   Spider-man is back to being Spider-man.  I could care less that he's not married anymore.  That doesn't affect me at all and the stories have only gotten better as a result. "
Yeah but couldn't those stories be told even while he was married? 
I admit I am enjoying the stories now!  
I have a lot of fun with them but the fact that Mephisto re-wrote history makes me... IDK 
I don't think the fact that MJ and Peter are not married anymore bothers me... I think what bothers me is that it had to be Mephisto who they made the deal with!

"Why is he in the black costume though? Kind of weird. "
When Peter and MJ got married... Peter was wearing the black suit.... back in the day! 
I thought that Bleeding Cool promo was fan made or something....
Posted by Aspenite

I think that Spider-Man is still one of the best books out there and I totally enjoy the series. I really want to know what will happen to Peter, so I´m definitely excited.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

One more Day was horrible and I think that this One moment in Time might just be their redemption and if it is their redemption than I am excited    
Edited by cmaprice

The problem with One More Day was that it made no sense. It was out of character and the retcon messed up, or should have messed up, far too much continuity beyond even the Spidey titles. 
I mean, when god** comes down and tells you to let your already ancient aunt die because it's what has to happen, would you then make a deal with the devil (who is known to screw people over majorly -- and Spidey knows Ghost Rider who got into his mess via trying to save a loved one) to sell your marriage to the one person you love more than that aunt and therefore screw up the continuity of life around you (something he had been pretty steamed about when Scarlet Witch did it)  just so the aunt will die again in a couple years of old age, if something else doesn't get her first? It's illogical. And MJ wouldn't have gone along with it. She's far too sane and strong a character.
Also, from a story standpoint, it erased the unmasking in Civil War. The best/bravest thing they've done with Spidey since the death of Gwen Stacy was to have him reveal his identity. It was such a bold decision. Then of course they have to bring things back to the status quo. Marvel loves to make daring choices with their characters, so long as they return within a year or two. It's absurd. And it's one reason I don't buy issues. If a particular arc is good on its own merit, I'll pick up the trade.

Posted by AmazingSpiderMike

This is a pretty interesting storyline. very intriguing. Even though I don't see how it is feasible that Peter and MJ would trade their marriage for Aunt May's life because let's face it she old and lead a good life. Just kill the bitch already!!!  

Edited by dan1509

I loved the other and its been bareley mentioned since! Come on Marvel, can we actually have something happen that lasts? Can we have death that actually lasts? Like Barney said in the simpsons, "Don't cry for me....I'm already dead," with Marvel, "Don't cry for me, I'll be back in bout a year or so ;)" gurrrr rant over :D
PS I fink mephisto must get paid on commission for his "deals" Johnny Blaze = score, Peter Parker? KER-CHING!

Posted by noname2062

I understand the decision of the editors to make Peter Parker single again, and i think its made for a better story overall. The stories post OMD have been entertaining and I hope O.M.I.T. is the same..

Posted by Violet-Eyed Dragon

omd stank.  but bnd isnt too bad.  i just feel bad that reed and sue are the only couples who stay together (maybe t-challah and ororo too)

Edited by Dro

I personally don't think OMD was that out of character for Peter. The guy was raised by his aunt and uncle after his parents died. Then his uncle died by his mistake. In OMD, his aunt was about to die because of him. And once again, Peter was responsible (first off, he revealed his identity, and secondly, he dodged the bullet, correct?). I think the only experience that could be more painful to him would be losing Mary Jane. He got a chance to erase his mistake, but wouldn't have taken it had he not been pushed by Mary Jane. She probably figured that a life was more important than just a marriage, and made the sacrifice.
I like all the anger that Peter now has about certain things, such as revealing his identity. It's appropriate, especially after what happened (I think he dimly remembers something happened, or at least remembers having experienced it, if not what occurred). It adds a dimension to him that you don't often see.
Overall, I've enjoyed the comics since BND. None of the stories have been really bad, per se, and some have been quite good. And I have to say, even if you completely hated OMD, don't let it get in the way of finding the good stories that have come out recently.
EDIT: oh, and that "spoiler" image just looks...fake to me. I mean, I'm no expert, but my sense is that it looks photoshopped. Also, I'm pretty sure I've seen that image before (minus the OMIT part).

Posted by Gylan Thomas
Dude, who's that scar faced dude Pete's talkin' to?
I don't remember that scene and I've been readin' for a while.
Posted by Gylan Thomas

I think the most annoying change for me was the return of the web shooters.
Never made sense to me why he couldn't shoot his own webs. Didn't like the way it was introduced. Thought it would've made more sense to make it part of what JMS was doin' at the time.

Posted by Dro
@Gylan Thomas: That's the One Above All. The scene is from One More Day, I'm pretty sure. If not, it's from Back in Black.
Posted by Gylan Thomas
I must have read it but can't remember it. Who's the scar faced guy supposed to be?
Posted by Dro
@Gylan Thomas: The scar faced guy is The One Above All. AKA God.
Posted by Gylan Thomas
I get it now. He's my least favourite comic character :P
I'll have to work out what issue that came in. Feel like I've missed a bit now.
Edited by Dro
@Gylan Thomas: Got it. It's in Sensational Spider-Man #40 or 41. Pretty sure it's #40.
Posted by cmaprice
@Gylan Thomas said:

" @cmaprice:  Dude, who's that scar faced dude Pete's talkin' to? I don't remember that scene and I've been readin' for a while. "

He's the One-Above-All.
He's the equivalent of an all-knowing god in the MU. He's been depicted as a homeless man, Stan Lee, and Jack Kirby. It's been debated that he represents the comic creators.
Posted by Argentino_18

One of the only things I really hate about comics is Brand New Day, all the concept is stupid, before this Peter was more mature and more experimented and he was the logical progression of his younger self, now he seems like he lost years of experience and maturity and seems like an idiot, Brand new day was a huge mistake...

Posted by Meteorite

I actually am glad for Brand New Day, it meant Spidey could go back to his roots as a superhero. It also got rid of all that The Other crap, which basically meant giving Spidey a stupid power upgrade and adding in magic to his origin (kind of).

Posted by xerox_kitty

I get the feeling this is leading up to another big wedding day.  The thing is, I don't think people will have the patience to watch them date, proppose, get engaged, and build up to another white wedding. 
Personally, I would rather have the marriage re-instated and have them renew their vows on an anniversary.  That would be a nicer touch without the sillyness of reliving their dating-days.    
Posted by gui22
@spiderguylll said:
" Spider-Man + Mary Jane = BOOYAH AND he's joining the X-Men...BOOYAH TIMES 2 AND a new cartoon...BOOYAH TIMES 3 "
And I agree with you Booyah times 4!
Posted by IronSpidy-Rooney

I was very disappointed with the way OMD ended and BND didn't really get going until New Ways to Die and has been good ever since. My view on this is that this will have something to do with whatever MJ whispered to Mephisto. She could still remember the events that had taken place and could try to tell Peter. I think about this because the picture is making a reference to their marriage and possibly back in black or maybe Venom because of the new look Norman Osborn gave him. 
     Also what about the Year Of The Spider pictures we got at the start of January.The pictures that come to mind are the one with Peter, the one with MJ in a wedding dress and the main one being the one with Madam Webb Arana  the black suit spider-man and the Iron Spidy suit Spider-man. 
The first thing to say here is the Black suit could mean one of two things Venom or a reference to back in black. The Iron Spidy  could be a reference to Civil War or it could be Patrick aka the last surviving M.V.P clone calling himself Scarlet spider. 
What I think will happen is that though BND changed events in the present it may not have changed all events in the past and Madam Webb may notice this so she recruits Arana,Venom and Patrick because of their slight connection to Spiders to help her uncover what is going on this could involve time travel and something could happen to cause the Before BND and present BND to fold into each other with crazy results and if MJ remembers she could be the key to Madam Webb's plan. With the whole time thing going on we might even see Ben Reilly return which may have been hinted with himself being brought up in ASM before the Gauntlet and with the release of the clone saga in trade and the clone saga story not to long ago. 
    Even though this may/may not happen but both pictures are connectedthe one thing I can't get my head around is the bloody knife cutting into the cake . What I hope however is that this will acknowledge events before OMD by having someone remember or MJ will try to get peter to remember or have Maddem Webb investigate This One Moment In Time.        

Posted by Primmaster64

I have a very bad feeling about this...

Posted by Aspenite