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Off My Mind: Smallville's Final Season - What Should Happen?

It's confirmed that the tenth will be its last season.

It should be no surprise that the CW announced that next Fall's tenth season of Smallville will be the last for the show. The question is, what should happen and when in this last season? In other words, when will we actually see Superman?

If you watched the finale to the ninth season a couple weeks ago, you know there was a sort of nod or hint towards Superman's future.
The whole premise of the show was to focus on Clark before he became Superman. You'll probably agree that he should have become Superman seasons ago. My biggest gripe about the show is all his friends and now co-workers at the Daily Planet know Clark and recognize his face without the glasses he'll eventually wear. Also, Lex was his best friend for several seasons. The day Clark starts wearing glasses and Superman makes more public appearance than his "Blur" persona, how could people not recognize that Superman is Clark? This could work if they went the John Byrne route and had Superman constantly move his face at super speed so it always came out as blurry in photos and on camera. Again the question is, will we actually see Superman in the final season?
 == TEASER ==
We always figured the show would end with Clark becoming Superman. As the show went on, Clark started using his powers more and more and in bigger ways. Eventually we got a pseudo-version of the Justice League and just saw the Justice Society. Yet Clark still hasn't suited up himself. The show's creators were always firm on their "no tights, no flight" policy. When they left the show, that's when we started seeing other characters in tights. Should Clark follow this trend before the season ends? It might change the focus of the show but most of us have tired of Clark's dance around the matter. Would the show still work if Clark decided to suit up finally? I think we can only stand seeing him wear a blue t-shirt with a red jacket for so long. His black/matrix look isn't much better.
It makes sense that the final scene of the final season should have Clark suiting up for the first time. After nine seasons, I almost want to say forget that. Let's see Clark as Superman now. Yes it will change the dynamic of the show. What do they really have to lose? It's the last season. Time to take some risks and give the fans what they want.
That brings about another question, do the viewers want to see the costume? Notice I used the word "viewers" there. We have to assume that a majority of the viewers don't actually read the comics. That's just how it goes with television and movie viewers, they out-number us comic book readers. Despite the show being about Clark Kent and his superpowers, would they actually buy him wearing red and blue tights? I want to say yes. The Justice Society/Absolute Justice episode was big on ratings. I say let's throw out the original plan of "no tights, no flight" and finally see Superman on the small screen once again and before the season ends.
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Posted by Mosedogg

As much as I want to see the costume, It will be wierd and I don't know if my expectations will overshadow the moment when the show decides to let us see him all Suped up.
I feel they need to address Lex in some capacity and there needs to be a reason why the Legion said that there was no historical record of Chloe Sullivan from Clarks younger days. 
I want to see more of Checkmate and pepper in some more of the DCU.  Wonder Woman?

Posted by NXH

Never followed Smallville. Kinda too late now lol. 
So many reowned TV show finishing this year. Lost next week and 24 next week or week after that. 
And I am not that impressed with most of the new programes coming up. Mind you, Super 8 sounds interesting.

Posted by CombatCraigFM

I've never been into Superman but for some reason I got the urge to give this show a shot on Netflix. Haven't started it yet but my hopes are still somewhat high.

Posted by DH69

plz dont say FINAL season im afraid you'll jinx it =(

Posted by 123422

Obviously we want to see Superman in the last season, at least him putting on the familiar red & blue at the end of the finale or something will be awesome

Posted by doordoor123

My problem with this show is Clark Kent. He "is" superman. Theres no difference and there should be. Clark Kent should be this clumsy dufus. But hes not. Hes superman. 
And YES i think everyone knows who Superman is that watches the show. He should be in his costume. I really wish he would have the costume for at least one season. It would pull in a lot more viewers. 
Any live action show with DC heroes would pull in good ratings. Or at least as much as smallville.

Posted by The_MVPs

I dont know if they'll ever actually show Clark as the traditional Superman (even though his current look is pretty much the Black and Silver costume with a trenchcoat acting as his cape). Been watching Smallville since day 1 and I'm actually kind of sad its entering its final season. I still say whoever Tom Welling's movie agent is should be shot for not talking him into picking up the Superman mantle. "Oh yeah Tom, go ahead and pass on Superman but lets get you signed on for Cheaper by the Dozen 1 & 2. That Steve Martin turns everything into gold."

Posted by G-Man
Posted by The Jeff

I wish I would've watched more of this show when it originally aired.

Posted by DH69
Posted by Green ankh

I ama fan of the Comics first. Then a fan of Smallville. I say no to the suit. For one it looks great in the comics but it really isn't so cool on film.  
I think Smallville has been taking riskes for a few years now. And if you watch it and put aside your feelings of the comics thay have really be fresh and paid tribute to the subject matter.  
for me i'd like the very last shot of the series to be Clark pulling open his shirt and we see the S.
Posted by AirDave817

I thought the show was supposed to end with him suiting up. I'm stickin with this - I'd like to see Smallville end with Welling becoming Superman, then move to the big screen for the next Superman movie. Angst free

Edited by E.I.S.A.M.

I wanted this show to end years ago. I'd still actually get a warm fuzzy feeling in my black heart if the show was cancelled mid season, preventing the obvious finale, allowing all those who still push this show with a slave like mentality to feel my rage and discomfort. But I think I'd actually watch this show if they just had him in the tights. Superboy wore tights. And let's face it, this show stopped being Smallville a looooooooonnngggg time ago. So there's no real excuse anymore. 
This version of Superman is so muddled, long, and filled with terrible writing and acting that  it would never work as a movie. A ten year long series continued in a movie? No. Terrible idea. 

Posted by PrinceIMC

I want him to put on the suit, start flying and be called Superman early in the season. Perry White becomes the editor and as the season goes on Lois and Clark get back together, his team comes out of the shadows and calls themselves the Justice League and by the end of the season Lex comes back.

Posted by mimschkin

Lol, yesterday I saw season 9 trailed as 'coming soon'. UK is REALLY behind. I'm glad it'll be ending. 10 seasons is more than enough for any show.

Posted by CletusTheFoetus

After all this time I would be really pleased to see him don his costume. I think in the early episodes they should have made him into a purposefully maladroit man-child to some degree, or at least wear glasses . However, that's all superficial and I think if your going to end it, end it good. 
In the 10th season I want Lex back. I'm not sure of the Michael Rosenbaum situation but as a viewer I'd love to see him return. 
While the show is a walking cliché it remains a show i've watched, loved and hated from inception and it will be missed.

Posted by KRYPTON

Haven't this been said before? Because the 8th season was supposed to be the last season, but we got a 9th. 

Posted by the_fallen11
@Gambler: I don't agree with that, I feel like Tom plays a very good Clark Kent, I don't think he would play a good Superman. I felt the opposite about  Brandon Routh I thought he was really good as Superman, not so much as Clark Kent.
Posted by The_MVPs
@the_fallen11 said:
" @Gambler: I don't agree with that, I feel like Tom plays a very good Clark Kent, I don't think he would play a good Superman. I felt the opposite about  Brandon Routh I thought he was really good as Superman, not so much as Clark Kent. "
Agree to disagree. I think Welling could have been to Superman what Harrison Ford was to Han Solo. Roth however was straight garbage, but thats just my feeling on the subject.
Posted by the_fallen11
@Gambler:  Fair enough.
Posted by talyn00

forget the suit lets get him flying first. then he can end the show with the suit. but they might push the suit out completely and end it with him learning to fly.

Posted by EdwardWindsor

the show needs to get him flying asap really sicne he cant end the series being wearing the costume having never flown, he will haev to put the costume on at some point now he has it so the flight thing is the only stumbling block holding clark from no longer being the blur and it needs to get done already

Edited by mattydeNero

Remember how Clark left home for the Fortress in the original film from Dick Donner?  He was gone for years and changed a lot.  Now, I'm not saying that they should do that, BUT with how Season 9 ended, they could do something along those lines. 
Now, I don't who all caught the last episode.  With Clark basically sacrificing himself to save Earth from Zod, his falling off that skyscraper with a Blue Krypto-knife in his gut, seems like he's going to need some recovery time.  And with Lois getting a super-liplock before all of this happened, you got to think she's waiting to see Clark for the first time since.  
Well, I'm thinking a good bit of time is going to pass between seasons 9 and 10.  My one wish is that we'll get back LEX for the last like, three or four episodes.  Even LANA, too.  And as far as Clark dawning the blue, red and yellow...let's get him flying first.  I swear, if they don't do ANY flying with Clark and the series finale is him wearing the super-suit and then taking off, I will feel that it sold us all short.
Posted by DEGRAAF

they have come out and said Chloe will be leaving smallville in season 10. She will only be in a number of episodes and probably not even half of them
Posted by EnSabahNurX
@Green ankh:  I completely agree, the superman costume does not translate well EVER lol, unless they do a variation of his costume like they did everyone else. But any way you cut it you should wait o the last episode to should any aspect of his costume.
Posted by EnSabahNurX
@CletusTheFoetus:  Michael isn't coming back, they tried to get him back for a least ten episodes, not even in a row but he turned them down, unless a miracle happens and he comes back for the last two episodes, that would be awesome
Posted by DEGRAAF

yea he should come back for the last episode or two
Posted by The WeatherMan

APOKOLIPS!!!! Lol just maybe... But seriously, flying, something that looks more like a real costume, and people to start calling him Superman.
Posted by CletusTheFoetus
@EnSabahNurX: Yeah I figured. Sucks but hopefully now there's an end in sight Rosenbaum will say OK. 
Posted by 00 Raiser
@Green ankh: Definitely agree with you there. But you know Smallville has been pulling a lot of ideas from the comics and putting a totally different spin on it. Perhaps they plan on doing the same for the suit. I actually liked the black outfit with the S on his chest. How they did the Justice League was fun to. For once Green Arrow in my opinion was actually cool and you got to love Chloe. She makes the series fun.
Posted by joshmightbe
@EnSabahNurX: what else has he got to do can you name anything hes done other than some voice work since he left smallville
Posted by suuperman

My opinion is that season 10 should focus on Clark Kent establishing his secret identity. I want him to change the way he acts in front of people, start wearing glasses, and yes for the show to give us a way to understand how people will not recognize him as superman. (With a story as big as Darkseid there should be many vehicles for world wide mind alteration) 
I think the second thing they need to do is work up till flying, he should deffiently be flying early this season. im sure they can come up with a moment or two that would call for this monumental change. He should deffiently be flying before he ever puts on the suit.
I also feel like the suit should be shown early in the season, but maybe not worn until a dramatic moment. maybe in the middle of the season. I do not like the idea of leaving it till the final frame of the show. thats retarded to me, we should see Superman in action before seasons end, not just his appearance. 
another words if its darkseid who is the main villain this season i want to see Superman Vs Darkseid, not the Blur vs Darkseid.
I love this show tho, watched it on its scheduled night every year for 9 years now (yep no dvring for me) i am going to miss it, i hope it ends with all the things that would make me proud.

Posted by VickyVons

man this show totally blew passed me, i remember when it first came out, now it's over and i haven't seen not one ep. well i don't have cable so i'll get the dvd's... maybe

Edited by lostlantern13

I had talked about this (and other season 10 ideas) in a blog/forum post of mine (shameless self-promotion), but I believe we'll see this costume next (note: not an official picture, but photoshopped). 


 I just don't think you can have him in a full suit until the end. Especially when the other heroes his age haven't gone to a spandex suit either. Anyways, it's more important he fly now than he dress in his suit.

Posted by sora_thekey

I always saw Smallville as the "realistic" Superman show... 
What I mean by that is that Clark Kent in this show is already Superman, but he became Superman in the manner a real-life Supes would be like... because if you think about it, there is little to no possibility of an alien who came to earth and grew up as a human to suddenly say; "I'm going to wear Red, White and Yellow and have people look at me"... because if that were to happen then the alien would be at ridicule...
I don't mind Smallville because I consider it the Ultimate Universe of DC... the retelling...
So if they want to put the tight on him or not I won't care...

Posted by PrinceIMC
@lostlantern13: I actually really like that picture. That could be how they do it for the show, he'd look natural standing next to Green Arrow and maybe some other JLAers. Get that Kyle kid in a real Flash costume and they gotta come up with a hero version of J'onn for long term appearances.
Posted by lostlantern13
Yeah, it definitely makes more sense in the show's world of costumes than a blue spandex suit....which would look really out of place. I'm hoping some of those JLAers have more frequent appearances, that would be pretty sweet.
Posted by Schabbe

I would like to see superman in tights in the last season, you know what else i'd like? How aabout a scene of lois where you see her write "I spent the night with Superman". it would be awesome if the could work that in there.

Posted by MetatronDaDon

GREAT SHOW, still hoping 4 a bruce wayne cameo

Posted by The Gray Fox

They should just have the last season lead directly into the original Crisis on Infinite Earths with The Anti-Monitor destroying the Smallvilleverse and with Clark ending up lost in the big white void that was left over following the first Crisis so that he can later be found by that one version of The Legion of Super-Heroes who, following the events of Legion of Three Worlds, went back into the void to seek out lost survivors from other realities that were destroyed during the first Crisis and then have that Clark make a reappearance in the comics.

Posted by rudvanis1386

 Being a hardcore viewer of Smallville I recently went back and started watching from the beginning again and whether anyone else wants to admit it, there was already a shift in the show and its aim as soon as it went mainly to Metropolis.  I feel the producers, etc should have issued a statement something about the transition of the show the next "piece" of the saga.  Calling it Smallville still would have been fine to represent the fact that he isn't the Superman we all know and love yet but if you go back and see the high school piece of this show, the focus and structure of the show is different, as it should be.  I see it in three pieces.  The high school piece of the story, the coming of age and maturity piece, and now the last season, the becoming superman piece.  I agree they have a lot to explain to get the "glasses" worked out but I'm sure they will.  I would be/am rdy to see him in his costume even if he finds it embarrassing or not quite him yet and being pushed there this season.  I think the show has done a decent job overall and there is nothing wrong with the costumes before him.  This is its own piece of the mythos and should be treated as so.  Also as a small explanation of dorky Clark, that might be something the writers explore this season is developing that piece of his dual identity.  I saw it explained that season 8 was human power stage, season 9 was kryptonian blur stage, and season 10 will be the incorporation of both, just a thought.  As a closing thought, I'm sure he wouldn't be u for it, but seeing Tom Welling as Chris Nolan's Superman would be awesome, along with ED's Lois of course.  :)  Thanks for a great ride to the writers!

Posted by Top Flight Security

I enjoyed Smallville when it first started. I haven't watched for a couple of seasons now with the exception of an episode or 2. It is time for the show to end on a high note with some type of costume that resembles the comics since other heroes have come in in tights or with outfits that were close to the comics and get to flying. In other news, Allison Mack is leaving the show. She will appear in a few episodes to clear up her character and gracefully make her exit.

Posted by grimreaper1980

probably not till the end of the final show like you said, i still say that i want to see villains from apocalyps and allies from new genesis show up, and eventually lead to a battle between darkseid and clark or orion. and they should be more action packed battles like when clark fought and killed the phantom zone escapee titan a few seasons back. i would even like to see lobo before the show ends. but, i seriously doubt any of that will happen, the final season will probably just be about the return of lex, old. they need some other villains already.

Posted by devmister

 if  they can get Bruce Wayne (Got my fingers crossed) &  Diana Prince, also him in uniform by the end of series finale I would die happy fan
Posted by grimreaper1980
@lostlantern13: that one looks kinda cool, batter than the back outfit or tights
Posted by spiderguylll

Superman needs to appear in the very last moments of the show...I'm tired of them toying with my feeling. Ex. Superman only appears in dreams, visons of the future or in metafours and even then....he's a blur

Posted by Cherry Bomb

I want the 'Legion'  back. :(

Posted by Primmaster64

Yes I want to see the costume.

Posted by The Cyan Lantern

Does anybody else wonder who attacked Ollie if it wasn't the Kryptonians???

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