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Off My Mind: Should There Be a Sequel to WATCHMEN?

There have been rumors and lots of protest. Should there be another trip to the Watchmen Universe through a sequel or prequels?

WATCHMEN is the book all comic fans should have read. Long seen as a true classic, even many non-comic book readers have checked it out way before a movie adaptation was attempted. Since it's debut in 1986, the series has received praise and acclaim as one of the best stories written. The collected book has seen numerous printed editions and has been used in several college and university courses. WATCHMEN has been elevated to a near-untouchable level. It stands on its own and that's all that we need.

Yet since before the twelve-issue series went on sale, there has been talk of prequels involving other characters and exploring the time before the story took place. The idea of revisiting the Watchmen Universe soon became an idea that many felt should never be allowed to happen. There has been a bit of recent rumblings and rumors that DC Comics has plans in the work, under a secret title, to revisit the world of the Watchmen.

Before any official confirmations or denials could be issued, people are arguing over whether this should happen. Should the beloved WATCHMEN characters be used once again or is the story too much of a classic now and should remain as it is?

== TEASER ==

As the story goes, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons originally had the idea to do a twelve-issue series on the Minutemen if WATCHMEN was a success. DC apparently also talked about the possibility of other writers doing prequels with Rorschach and the Comedian. Obviously these projects never happened and soon an ugly mess developed between Moore and DC. Rumors would pop up every now and then but it appeared that nothing would ever come of them.


In early 2010, there was a report that the possibility of the Watchmen Universe being revisited was now more possible than ever. With DC's creation of the Countdown multiverse, one world almost was set aside for the Watchmen Universe. That also meant the door could be open for insane crossovers with DC characters and Watchmen ones.

Things heated up once again as Bleeding Cool's Rich Johnston mentioned he was given information about the project being in the works. He posted that a fake working title was being used (Panic Room) for a set of prequels and as well as an image of the Comedian drawn by J.G. Jones and Nite Owl by Andy Kubert. There was also mention of the possibility of Amanda Conner doing a Silk Spectre project. Johnston was then apparently asked to remove the artwork by DC's legal department.

Whether there's any truth to those bits or not isn't really the point right now. The fact that the art had to be removed would lead you to believe that there could be some truth in the rumor or it could just be for other legal reasons and in trying to control the rumors flying around. The real question is, should there be any prequels or sequels?

Hardcore Watchmen fans will scream, "NO!" but there are plenty that would be willing to give more Watchmen content a chance. If DC still owns the rights, they are fully entitled to do whatever they want to with the characters and universe.

Let's think about it, with WATCHMEN held in such high regard, would anyone attempt to do a subpar tie-in? DC has access to many of the industry's top talent. If there were any plans on prequels or sequels, you would think (or hope or assume) they would put as much care and thought into it as possible.

Revisiting the Watchmen Universe is something that you could only really try once. If a poor attempt was made, readers wouldn't be too forgiving or willing to give a third visit a chance. It simply means too much to too many people.

For those that are strongly opposed regardless of who DC could get to work on any related projects, the biggest statement they could make is to simply not purchase and support it. They can just look the other way. They can act as if it doesn't exist and never happened.

Does it make sense to see more Watchmen project? Sure. The characters and world of Watchmen is ripe with potential. Besides the Minutemen set in the 1940s, there could easily be prequels on other characters. What was the Comedian's full story and exploits? When did Hollis Mason pass the Nite Owl torch over to Dan Dreiberg? There are also the exploits of Doctor Manhattan, Ozymandias or the original Silk Spectre.

What about a sequel? The idea is bound to make many cringe in fear and disgust. Prequels could possibly be acceptable but is there any room to visit the characters after the original series ended?

Because we're talking about comic books, we all know anything is possible. What happened to Nite Owl and Silk Spectre? (Although perhaps Sally changes her name since she felt Silk Spectre was too 'girly'). Rorschach's journals were left behind, could we see someone follow in his footsteps? Did Dr. Manhattan ever return to Earth? He did say, "Nothing ever ends." In comic books, that is often the case. WATCHMEN took place in 1985. What is that world like now, in the 21st Century?

We could draw some comparisons to other things that have resulted in sequels that many didn't care for. One example would be the Star Wars movies. Many feel that the prequels should never have been made and George Lucas should not be allowed to make any tweaks or updates to the films. Because they are his and he holds the rights, he can do whatever he pleases. Again, people can choose not to watch or support them if they feel offended by them.

Frank Miller's THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS is another comic seen as a classic (although not on quite the same level as WATCHMEN). It was released when I first started reading comics and, like many, I was blown away by what it was and represented. When THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN came out, I was hesitant to read it. I started and will admit, I still haven't finished reading it. It didn't feel right to me so I decided to set it aside and perhaps some day I will complete it.

It's all about choices. We may love something so much that we feel we have the right to voice our opinions. And we do have that right. We can say all we want. What it comes down to is whoever owns the rights can what they want. We can only hope they will do it properly with the care and respect we would want and demand. If not, we move on and act as if it doesn't exist. Getting in a tirade over something won't accomplish anything.

For now, we can just wait and see. There hasn't been any official word. If DC does plan on more Watchmen, I will be there to check it out and make my decision based on the actual material. Making a decision before or even worrying about it before anything happens isn't worth the time. There are plenty of other existing comics we can be reading and talking about instead.

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Posted by Meteorite

I haven't actually read Watchmen (yet- I ordered the hardcover from my library the other day), but the idea of a sequel takes away from the ambiguous ending. A prequel would be decent, but only if executed really well.

Posted by Lovingdamnation

"should they do it?" They did it 35 minutes ago.

Posted by jumpstart55

@Maki_P said:

Only if Alan Moore were to write it

If not then, hell no.

Edited by Misterwizz

There should be no prequel, or sequel. Something's are best left alone.

Posted by ninjasquirrel0

The only way I feel like they could make this work is if it's a sequel, have it set in 2010 or something but in the Watchmen-verse with a whole new generation of heroes, or if it's a prequel, make it a more character-centric miniseries. I would have to disagree that the characters are 'ripe with potential'. By the end of Watchmen, all the different characters are sort of finished being super heroes, and everything that happens before that is pretty well fleshed out. The only characters I can think of that aren't fully explored through either flashbacks or the supplementary material are some of the original Minutemen. I think a modern-day sequel would be the best way to handle this though. Then again, pretty much anything can be good so long as it's written well.

Posted by juannmartn


Posted by G1Prowl

I don't like the idea of DC dipping into the Watchmen universe, but will probably end up buying some of the stories, if not when they come out then in trade. Having said that, you raised a good point about how "great" the sequel to the Dark Knight Returns was. If you haven't finished reading it, save those brain cells for something better.

Posted by dewboy01

If Alan Moore has any idea for Watcmen 2, it should be better, or just forget about it.

Posted by Psykhophear

I really don't mind a sequel but the question is, how are they going to bring back Rorschach? Are they going to bring back Walter Kovacs back to life or get a new guy to replace him?

Perhaps a prequel that focuses on the Minutemen timeline? It'd be great to see the Comedian, Silk Spectre I, Silhouette, etc in action.

Posted by RichyRich

I think I speak for everyone that there should be a sequel or prequel. And who shoud do it? I think we all know that answer. Jeph Loeb and Rob Liefeld (relax, I was being sarcastic)

Posted by Comicjew


Edited by Caligula

No. not a sequel.

But I wouldn't mind a prequel, about the original Watchmen. and only if Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons did it.

Posted by Aarny2

Sounds like a terrible idea.

Posted by drfeelgood91

for the love of God, please do not even think about touching this series!!! this is the golden calf of comic books, please dont ruin it D.C. PLEASE!!!!

Posted by PowerHerc


It should be left to stand alone on it's own.

Posted by SUPER-MAN 23

Is a sequel even possible? The ending to the first kind of left it on a high note, just leaving it alone might be fine, but if they start adding more heroes (Batman, etc) it might turn out to be something awesome. Just depends.

Edited by Hazlenaut

tough decision, will we able to judge it fairly? there was no anticipation and everything was summed up. It has do something really big to wow us and even then we would probably think it is pretentious. We going to be brutal on when we review it. We no starting to grow weary on the violence and sex. I think that is why we look at my little pony is magic and adventure time as fresh air.

Dark Knight Returns was game changer to comics as well, but the sequel was terrible. Frank Millers all star batman made us want to go back to the campy crusader. here is review from linkara

Allen Moore has not lost his touch all these years as you can see from his bio

he deserve a shot.

Posted by The_Peter_Cosmic

Just reading the headline to this article made my intestines hurt.

Posted by Mr. Dead Pool
Posted by Fantasgasmic

Short answer: NO!

Long answer: For the love of god, NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Emperormeister734

I'd actually like to see a sequel, if they can't do a sequel in the film then to the pages I know in my heart that Rorshach isn't dead. THIS STORY ISN'T OVER

Posted by redhood21

@Lovingdamnation said:

"should they do it?" They did it 35 minutes ago.

awsome lol. I think a direct sequel would be blah a minutemen prequel would be safe. Seeing the present day in the watchmen universe would be interesting. Hows the hero sentiment? Are there still heroes running around? Was Rorschach's journal ever published? On the other hand it would prob piss off more people than saying WOW is for tards.

Posted by Mjdemon

im not as hardcore as many of you so yes. I havent really read a ton of it but i did watch the movie and fans of the books told me that everything was basically taking out the book they didnt change a whole ton. With Rorschach's journal in the end i think they do have a way of making a sequel. Maybe Alan Moore set it up that way so a sequel can be made in the future. Im not begging for a happy ending but just they way it ended didnt seem right at all.

Posted by BecauseISaidSo

Great article, I loved G-man saying if you don't want to read it and play it off as it doesn't exist then follow that example. Sequal I could not see with how perfert the story ended and as a prequel maybe as short stories about the original team by dividing the story with each character. Example: one story would talk about the original Silk Spectre.

Posted by ulrich200
Posted by SithLantern93

Maybe a prequel featuring Minutemen?

Posted by Lion_Heart22

Heh, people are way to effin' immature about this sort of thing. Honestly, I have no problem with them revisiting the universe, so long as they don't alter the original novel, sure, I'd read about Nite Owl I's first adventures, or even a risky sequel.

If it is good, then great, if it is not, then it doesn't stain the original novel's shine. Making a movie about it didn't made the novel less. The original, of course, is always going to be better though, of course.

However, if it ever did get done, it should be because of an honest attempt to expand on the universe, and not just to milk a cash cow.

Now, bring me your hate.

Posted by benhoot

Uhhh, what's up with the Rorschach Body suit on the Title link page? its scaring me

Posted by Dro

I don't need to read anything else to answer the question: no.

Posted by mightybob3000

I can't wait for the Watchmex!

Posted by FullmetalAnimator

Absolutely not. They really ought to just leave it alone.

Posted by BatWatch

@benhoot said:

Uhhh, what's up with the Rorschach Body suit on the Title link page? its scaring me


Posted by dondasch

This is one of the worst ideas ever. Everyone saw what happened when Frank Miller decided to do a sequel to The Dark Knight Returns. It was an unmitigated disaster, and it would only be magnified should something like this occur to Watchmen, whether in prequel or sequel form.

I love Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, and even if it's them doing this, and not anyone of the above writers/artists mentioned, I still wouldn't go for it because the magic that was Watchment occurred at a specific period of time, and I don't believe it can be recaptured.

Posted by odysseyuwrf

Even if Moore was involved, I doubt that it would be a good idea. Look at what Frank Miller did to TDKR when he put out TDKSB and All-Star Batman and Robin. The original story will never be the same again. It stands alone, and should not be messed with. Now over time Miller has shown he is no Alan Moore, but still the pressure to get this right is unimaginable. The movie did well as it stuck to the book fairly well. New material is a dangerous proposition.

The art will be an issue too. Watchmen has such a distinct look from Dave Gibbons, that I can't imagine anyone else doing it. Can you imagine a Rob Liefield Watchmen? Even Jim Lee, who I think is great, would give that world a look that would not seem right.

Better just forget the whole thing. Personally, this seems like a play at trying to push movie prequels or sequels as opposed to comics. The original story had all the background on the characters and events that they needed. Maybe people should read Hollis Mason's inserts and just be done with it.

Posted by krilling

I don't believe that Moore would write a sequel. And that's good. Watchmen is a masterpiece which should stay how it is. It has a good ending and a sequel would just soil it up.

Posted by 00 Raiser

Ummm let me think about this. GIANT BLUE PENIS ON BIG SCREEN! Hmmmmm ..................................................................NO!

Posted by SuperXAsh

wouldn't mind seeing a prequel about the original group of heroes, the Minute Men. See what kinda evildoers they faced and whatnot.

Posted by ballisticbread

You do bring up a good point and i respect your opinion, but if they do screw up people will die, I'm a man of my word.

Posted by spidershamrock

No the characters dont need to be explored anymore. Thats one of the reasons people love Watchmen, its utterly complete.

Minutemen book written by Alan Moore though, might be good

Posted by Warden1992

Maybe there must be prequel but only from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon, otherwise the book/movie will be not so good.

Posted by ninjasquirrel0

That article on IGN had a pretty good outline of how this could work as multiple character-focused miniseries. I'm still of the opinion that they should make a sequel of it set in the modern-day times.

Y'know what? Screw that. They should just make it about the guy who owned the newspaper stand. His story needs to be told!

Posted by lapis2

if you read the book carefully youll see that the sequel is already in there, and therefore there is no reason to make a sequel because it is a self contained story.

Posted by Kurupted13


Posted by Nathorod

I'll go with YES, I'm a writer and I believe that if a concept isn't used anymore, it slowly dies... look at religion;)

I read comics since 1986, never read Watchmen until before the movie was screened, I'm not ashamed to admit that after i've read the trade, I was wishing for more... and a crossover with the Justice Society of Earth-2.

Posted by redscare

Not at all interested in a prequel. I love the Watchmen and I feel that it was written to such a point that anything added to the tale would actually take away from Moore's story. Also, I don't want to see every comic site in the land have numerous articles about how Alan Moore is completely disowning the new books and blahblahblah. And if this (for some reason) gets worked into the history of the New 52 DC, I will publicly pee on these books.

Posted by Boiglenoight

No. Watchmen's story has a beginning and end with no major loose ends. Tell another story with original writing, characters.

Posted by Donovan Montgomery

I would like to see earlier stories of the Watchmen. Things that led up to the events in the series and expansions on the flashbacks seen. That type thing. There's a lot of history that can be explored, and it would be nice for Alan Moore to have a hand in it somehow.

Posted by Inverno

Wow, almost everyone doesn't want a sequel to Watchmen.

Posted by Donovan Montgomery

@Herx said:

Not possible i say., Not possible at all. A sequel is/could never happen as Watchment is a book set in a certain time period and writen on a "what if" situation based around that period. It was contemporary and trying to make a sequel would be impossible as 26 years have already gone past and if your trying to write a sequel to it you'd either be writing a sequel set 26 years later with new younger characters e.g. the third niteowl, set in another "what if" situation set in 2011 which would be "watchmen only in name and not characters, or you'd end up going back and wrting a story in the 80's again but with alagories of 2011 politics replacing thoes ones of the 1980's. A prequil would be a better idea, but i just would seem right. Realy the only things you could do is to make a "spiritual sequel" to watchmen, set in another universe, with other characters but with the same tone and the same depth and interesting characters. The time for a direct sequel and prequel have long since past, and the original creative team are against the idea.

And now if you dont mind i must watch my cartoons:

This makes me glad I never saw this when it was on.

I agree with your statements about the sequel, that was the end of there story, but I think tales about the first team and early exploits of the "current" team would be nice to see.

Posted by PatVB

I'm kind of conflicted on this. I love Watchmen and I would love to see more of that universe, but only if it's doneto the same quality level as the original. Which, given the track record of most things, is never a guarantee.

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