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Off My Mind: Should Mutants Get Involved In Siege?

Looks like there's no escaping the big event.

For the most part, SIEGE has dealt with mainly the Avengers characters. According to the Siege Checklist, the only mutant title that was part of Siege was Dark Wolverine. That makes perfect sense since Daken is part of the Dark Avengers. It appears that Dark Wolverine is not the only mutant title getting involved. Siege will be spilling into the New Mutants as well.

On March 31, New Mutants #11 will take part in the Siege. Here's the synopsis for the issue:

SIEGE BLOCKBUSTER TIE-IN!! Back in DARK AVENGERS/UNCANNY X-MEN:UTOPIA, Dani Moonstar made a deal with Hela. Now, the mistress of Hel is calling in her marker. With all the Asgardians falling in the Siege of Asgard, someone needs to deal with the dead. And who better to do so than a Valkyrie. But where is Dani supposed to be bringing these dead? Brought to you by a guest creative team of Kieron Gillen (THOR, S.W.O.R.D.) and Niko Henrichon (PRIDE OF BAGHDAD).

 It seems a little weird that of all the X-titles, it's the New Mutants that officially enter Siege. I suppose with Second Coming on its way, there's not a lot of room for the other X-books to take part. I wonder if this is for the best. I've enjoyed the X-events being contained to the X-books, sort of like they're in their own little universe. Then again, since Siege is such a huge part of the Marvel Universe, it almost feels like the X-Men are being short-changed. I'm sure if Second Coming wasn't looming, there would be more involvement. Is this best for the X-Men and the Marvel universe or are there just too many events going on at the same time?
And let's hope that this issue of New Mutants has some relevance. I'm a little concerned since this issue has a "guest creative team" and issue #12 is "Second Coming Chapter Three." It almost feels like a cheap ploy to just throw the New Mutants into Siege for one issue. But at least we'll get to (hopefully) see Dani kick some butt.
Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

actually i think its weird that the New Mutants need such a reason, let alone the core X-Men
team isnt going to bat for Asgard, aside the fact that defending them sort of fits the mutant mantra,
but i think the X-Men would come to Thors aid considering the events of The Asgardian Wars. 
but otherwise its an obvious ploy to try and get more readers from other books to bite on New Mutants
(sort of the entire premise used for just about every Blackest night tie-in if you'd asked me). whatever keeps the ship afloat i guess.

Edited by Tyler Starke

lol I love this solicit, in a nutshell it's basically What the hell am I supposed to do with all these dead bodies?? D:, Yeah siege is supposed to be the big crossover event that's been planned since the dawning of timely comics except really only the new avengers/Secret warriors(kinda) and the dark avengers/the initiate(kinda) are in it, oh yeah plus a handful of Asgardian people. Where are all the angry heroes that have been oppressed by osborn for a year. At least toss the X-men in there.

Posted by They Killed Cap!

I kinda feel like the mutants would wanna stay out of this like they did for the most part with Civil war. They have taken hit after hit why would they want to risk more.
Posted by Blue_Shield

I feel this tie-in makes sense, with Dani being a Valkyrie in the past, and she was brought in to help Trauma, in Avengers: The Initiative.
Posted by Fleonix

It would have been cool to have seen Dani in a couple siege issues, but not the whole New Mutants. Especialy when  Second coming is just around the Corner. LAME.
Posted by PrinceIMC

I love Valkyrie Dani. The machine gun is pretty impressive too.
I kinda agree with Catmanexe. The X-Men coulda used some help during the whole Utopia thing they should get involved with Siege to be like 'here we are helping out, thanks a lot guys'. Plus its their best chance to help bring down Osborn who they've got history with.

Posted by brc2000

I'm with Blue_Shield on this one.

Posted by xerox_kitty

It's a shame that Dani didn't keep her Valkyrie powers.  So far she kept Brightwind, who stayed in the stables ever since they moved to Utopia... 

Posted by camodude

my guess she just has to finish her deal with Hela. but that doesn't mean that any x-men wont be at siege just not in any siege tie ins.

Posted by danhimself

it makes perfect sense to me....Moonstar made a deal with Hela during the Utopia storyline and with Asgard under attack Hela comes to collect

Posted by Argentino_18

I dig it...

Posted by jordama
@danhimself said:
"it makes perfect sense to me....Moonstar made a deal with Hela during the Utopia storyline and with Asgard under attack Hela comes to collect "
Posted by bingbangboom

I would hope eventually the "Marvel Universe" will just get over the whole X-Men and mutant thing. I hope with the new X-Men event, they sort of build up a really good time like they had in the 90's to show how powerful they are collectively, even more so than the Avengers.

Posted by defaultdefaultdefault
for whatever reason this tie-in was reminiscent of that era or even a 
bit before for me, whereas it was almost obligatory that the New Mutants
(and Power Pack seemingly) had at least a one issue tie-in to every big Marvel
event. and with no surprise outside the Asgardian Wars, one of them was Acts 
Of Vengeance which Siege somewhat reminds me of as well.