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Off My Mind: Should Mary Jane Gain Superpowers?

Having powers could help them stay together.

It's been 3 years since the marriage between Peter Parker and Mary Jane was erased. The marriage happened but it didn't happen. Spider-Man being married was a way to bring a change to the character. He started out as a high schooler, went through college, lost his first true love and finally settled into being an adult by marrying Mary Jane.  
For different reasons, it was felt Spider-Man shouldn't be married. It was thought by some that younger readers wouldn't be able to relate to a married superhero. Peter Parker always had his bad Parker Luck. He constantly had girl problems trying to juggle his normal life with his superhero career. Many thought marrying a supermodel just didn't fit with who Spider-Man was supposed to be. 
I've always felt there was more to the problem than that. Being a married superhero didn't make me like Spider-Man more or less but I was happy to see the progression. I always thought that the problem was what to do with Mary Jane once they were married. If she wasn't being harassed or threatened by enemies like Eddie Brock or her own personal stalkers, she was pretty much just sitting around waiting for Peter to return home. With so many titles and adventures, it never seemed likely that Peter and Mary Jane actually spent any quality time together.  
What if Mary Jane gained superpowers? Would this allow her to fully become part of Spider-Man's world? 
 == TEASER == 
I know right away people are probably screaming that Mary Jane should never gain superpowers. That's not who her character is. She was always meant to be a major civilian supporting character for Spider-Man. Having her get powers might be seen as a cop out in trying to keep the two together. But if it meant they could be together, would it really be that bad? 
I actually first thought this would happen back in 1985 with Amazing Spider-Man Annual #19. I thought it would be cheesy but I would have been totally okay with it. So much was put into their relationship. I vividly remember the scene Spider-Man and MJ shared when they were reunited after she was kidnapped and he introduced her to Captain America. This was way before Cap had any idea who Spider-Man was behind his mask. Mary Jane was such an important part of his life that he simply wanted a hero he completely respected to meet her. But stories like that are null and void since the marriage was erased from existence.  
Since Peter now has access to a high tech lab after the events of BIG TIME, why doesn't he simply replicate his powers for Mary Jane? It was a simply lab experiment back when he was in high school. How much has technology changed since then? Unless there was something extraordinary about that poor spider that was subjected to radiation and died transferring powers to Peter, he should be able to duplicate the process and give spider-powers to Mary Jane. Is this something that will actually happen? There has been an image teasing the possibility. 
Another option, that I'm not quite sold on, would be that all their years of being...intimate could cause her to gain his abilities. We saw in Spider-Man: Reign that she actually got cancer from years of being by his side. But what if instead, and I'm not trying to be graphic or gross, but what if there was something in the exchange of...saliva or something during kisses that could transfer his powers. Years and years of swapping spit could be just what it takes to give her character a new direction. Again, I don't like this idea as much as Peter creating a way in his lab but it is another option. 
Peter may be with Carlie Cooper right now but she's no Mary Jane. MJ still cares deeply for Peter but after O.M.I.T., she's decided she can't be with Peter and Spider-Man. Gaining similar abilities would put them on a level playing field. She wouldn't be reduced to the damsel in distress, especially since her character is so much stronger than that. We were teased with Jackpot being Mary Jane and I can't recall if readers made an uproar over that. I think Spider-Man and Mary Jane should be back together. It has been stated since Brand New Day that the two could get back together, there just weren't any plans for them to be married. Why not give Mary Jane powers and let the two lovebirds fight crime and kick butt side by side? It might go against Mary Jane's character but wouldn't that be better than just seeing her making catty faces when watching Peter and Carlie together?
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Posted by Mutant God

she had spider powers in Exiles but she was also a lesbian
Posted by shadow626

Are we talking about the normal universe or  Mary Jane period.Cause if so she has powers in the ultimate universe granted she hasn't used them since the clone saga but still she has powers in that universe.Now if only if the could find a way for her to use them.

Posted by Sweep

The Black Cat / Spiderman dynamic was always way more interesting than the Peter Parker / Mary Jane thing - which seemed pretty tame. And repetitive. It might provide some nice perspective for Mary Jane actually having to experience the shit that Spidey has to deal with on a daily basis, but their constant "I need to help people" and "I don't want to see you get hurt" banter was getting pretty monotonous.

Posted by kore

No, she's fine the way she is. Every supporting character doesn't a cape.

Posted by G-Man
@EnSabahNurX: I thought it was so weird when she showed up in the Web of Shadows video game with a shotgun! 
@SuperXAsh said:
"Also... what comic is that picture at the top from??? "
Amazing Spider-Man #654.1. A tease of things to come. That's why I say Peter could easily replicate how he got his powers. 
@kore said:
" . Every supporting character doesn't a cape. "
What if she just wore spandex and no cape?
Posted by Shadowdoggy
@G-Man said:
"What if she just wore spandex and no cape? "
Like Jackpot?
people thought she might be Mary Jane for a time 
and it did nothing to help either character in the popularity department
Posted by PolarisJunkie

I would be fine with that as long as she didn't actually become a superhero. It fits in with her character I think to just go about her normal life even with her powers especially after what she experienced with Peter and knowing the stakes. Maybe she'd help Spidey every so often but I don't think she'd actually go out and fight crime.

Posted by TDK_1997

I like the idea.MJ with superpowers.

Posted by TheDVillain

Sounds interesting. I remember watching Static Shock as a kid and loved it when his blonde friend turned into Gear.

Posted by Bestostero

I think she's amazing without powers... but i wouldnt mind if she did get powers.

Posted by G-Man
@Shadowdoggy: I mentioned Jackpot in the article. Can't remember if people were in an uproar when it looked like it was gonna be MJ
Posted by Shadowdoggy
I can't remember either 
but if she DOES get powers 
I hope she finds a nice regular boyfriend who has to be saved from supervillains every five seconds and then she has to make a deal with the devil that she never met him 
you know, just so she can see what it's really like to wear tights in NYC
Posted by dondasch

Cause the family that webs together, stays together ? yeah, no

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

Mj and Peter's marriage being erased is kind of a soar spot for me. But I think a hope for them to get back together is for MJ to have powers. Because in OMIT she said she could not be with him because of him being Spider-man. But if she got powers she might understand what he is going through and they can get back together again. I am just crossing my fingers.  

Posted by queenfrost_

3 years!? Come on, let them go back together! It's like Supes without Lois :'(
And yes for powers! Just not too similar to SPideys

Posted by celticpain

I think people need to remember who MJ is to Peter Parker. Peter is nerdy and shy. MJ is outgoing and trendy. When life sucks for Peter he whines a bit.. when things don't go right for MJ she finds another way. Peter looks like average Joe.. MJ is a super model and soap star actress. Mary Jane is everything that Peter Parker is not and that's why they fit so well together. She supports him with his choice to be Spider-Man. When he feels down and wants to quit she reminds him of all the good he has done. She lets him know when he went to far or hasn't gone far enough with the "Go Gett'em Tiger".
I personally as a teenage reader way back when enjoyed seeing Peter Parker married and it taught me a valuable lesson as a young teenager. If a dork nerd like Peter Parker can get "The Girl" then why cant I? It taught me to try in real life not to just back and imagine the rejection in my head. Now in life if I see a woman that I want to spend time with I go for it.
As for MJ gaining powers I would be against it because of who MJ is suppose to be. She is everything that Peter Parker is not... in my mind anyway.    
Posted by greenlucario

As long as they got back together i'd be open to the possibility of her getting super powers.  although i'm sure that it'd need to grow on me.  plus marvel is so adamantly against them being together.  but great idea, one can only hope they get back together.

Posted by The Sadhu

Lois Lane doesn't need powers to be with Superman 
MJ doesn't need powers to be with Spider Man
Posted by dewboy01

lovers are also like dynamic duos together just like....
Hawkeye & Mockingbird #1
Posted by pirrobo

No, definetly no. It would be ridiculous and boring
Posted by Novemberx2

I think its a good idea if done right . Example Matt Fractions Invincible Iron Man. Pepper potts, Get her own Suit like ironman.

Posted by JonesDeini
Yeah, folk. That would make me hate the Spider-Man world even more so than I do now...
Posted by G-Man
@The Sadhu said:
" Lois Lane doesn't need powers to be with Superman  so...  MJ doesn't need powers to be with Spider Man "
Yeah but Lois doesn't seem to mind if Superman spends a year off Earth (on New Krypton) and then immediately goes on a walk across America. Nice relationship there. 
Posted by InnerVenom123
@G-Man said:
" @The Sadhu said:
" Lois Lane doesn't need powers to be with Superman  so...  MJ doesn't need powers to be with Spider Man "
Yeah but Lois doesn't seem to mind if Superman spends a year off Earth (on New Krypton) and then immediately goes on a walk across America. Nice relationship there.  "
Posted by spiderboy68

I think it'd be cool to see how she handles her powers. Part time model part time hero. But she shouldn't do it full time though. She should get powers like Jessica Jones. Flight, invulnerability, super strength, and definetily a healing factor. The real question is if she does get spider-powers, what will she call herself? Spidergirl? Taken. Spiderwoman? Taken. Madame Web? Taken. Maybe Arachne since Julia is the new Madame Web.

Posted by Chris2KLee

Why not have Tony Star give her the Steel Spider suit Peter dumped awhile back? I'm sure there are a million ways to power up MJ, but honestly I don't think it needs to be done to get them back together. The little I still read of Spider-Man, his free wheeling bachelor life style is the least intriguing part of his character now.

Posted by darkcloakx

mj & peter need to be back together they are the romeo & juliet of the marvel universe. powers i dunno 
for some it works out  like luke & jess  
but for other it doesn't 
like daredevil & elektra 
 where should  start to get back ASM i took a break after  OMD. is big time worth ?  

Posted by kiss_lamia

it was cool when her clone had hydromans power in the series so  maybe but it would have to be done well otherwise theres not a point to it.

Edited by Decept-O

While I am not that big of a fan of Mary Jane, I don't think giving her super powers would be a good idea.  Much as I hate to admit, Peter Parker needs MJ the way she is.  Yes it is challenging for her to accept that Spidey has the super hero lifestyle he does, but SHE needs to ground herself.  
She whines waaayyy too much and should appreciate all Peter does for everybody!  This is why MJ is annoying  to me.  She has so many things going her way, yet she still manages to be demanding of Peter.  She needs to come down to Earth and support Peter Parker, not be another thorn in his side.   
I understand the mind set, giving MJ powers would enable her to be more relatable to Spider-Man, but I think it is too much.   
Just write MJ a bit better, have her finally experience some revelation that "Hey, Peter Parker is awesome and I am lucky to be with a great guy like him".  My opinion.   
Nice topic, G-Man.
Posted by Carolina574


Posted by Video_Martian
@The Sadhu said:
"Lois Lane doesn't need powers to be with Superman  so...  MJ doesn't need powers to be with Spider Man "

Posted by JeffTheBadger

I feel like giving her powers will be putting them one step closer to "doing a Star Wars". In the expanded universe of Star Wars pretty much every main character is a god damned Jedi to the point where it actually starts to devalue what it means to be one. There are all ready way too many people in Peter Parkers life with super powers, just leave Mary Jane alone. Who's next, Aunt May?

Posted by Ms. Omega
That was my favorite episode of Static :)
Edited by G-Man
@JeffTheBadger said:

" Who's next, Aunt May? "

Too late!! 

Posted by HaHaManHV

I'd like to point out that the moment from ASM Annual 19 is still in continuity, the only change is that now she was his girlfriend and not his wife

Posted by DKing_CiCADA

I dont know about you guys, but I can't imagine peter recreating the process and giving anyone let alone MJ the responsibilities he has to deal with every day, especially what happened during grim hunt, his enemies would more likely come after her as a super hero than staying as a citizen.  

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir
I think they tried that in Ultimate Spider-man 
It didn't work out well 
Posted by DMC

I think Marvel really missed an opportunity with Jackpot. She should have been MJ.........or another MJ. Clone, parallel universe, possible universe whatever, it would be interesting.

Posted by The Impersonator

Hmmm. I'm not really sure about Mary Jane becoming a superhero. It's ok But if she does become a superhero. I guess it would be temporary though.

Posted by oldgum

She's the heir of Red Sonja! Actually, she don't even need super-powers to be powerful, she just need the spirit. Also, you can see how Gwen Stacy was in Age of Apocalypse, though no power she had.

Posted by EganTheVile1


Posted by ACLARK22

i think it would be awesome

Posted by muhabba

There is no reason MJ should have powers.  It would just be silly.  Peter and MJ were together for years without her having super-powers until it was retconed.  MJ was more supportive in Peter's life as a super-hero and was even encouraging him to man up more to join and participate in the Avengers.  MJ already had a burgeoning role in the super-hero community before the retcon and it would make no sense to give her a new one.  MJ was Peter's grounding in the super-hero life and to give her powers would negate the whole reason she was in Peter's life in the first place.

Edited by JimmyKudo09
@darkcloakx said:

"mj & peter need to be back together they are the romeo & juliet of the marvel universe." 

They most certainly are not the romeo and juliet of the marvel universe. Romeo and Juliet were not permitted to be together. Not only that but they both died because they wanted to be together so bad (actually I could never understand that ending of Romeo and Juliet). Which brings me to my final point it seems like you said this because you like MJ and Perter together so why compare them to such a terrible, depressing couple?  edit: sorry I do not know how to quote without leaving my thoughts in the quote:(

Posted by The Stegman
@G-Man:   i'm still trying to figure out certain "physics" of supes and Lois' relationship...i mean he is A LOT stronger than her...maybe he gets a bit too frisky and bye bye Ms. Lane...maybe she should have kept her superpowers in All Star Superman 
Posted by Caligula

I would say no.

Posted by kelbear

Marriage is a journey not a destination. There were/are plenty of challenges left for their relationship.

Posted by SilverZeo

....  I am leaning toward no... I know it would be awesome to see MJ have Spider-Powers herself, or water-powers from her 'return' in the 90s Animated series... but then again, MJ is a suppose to be the everyday character, the norm of the superhero world. And even though he long history will prevent her from officially dying,  I fell like giving her powers would take away from what she really is in the hero community, the shoulder to lean on when you give at and can't give it anymore...

Posted by Ko0k13

If they did it would just be some temporary gimmick that no one would like and then their going to write it off like it never happened.

Posted by LightBright

I'm just kind of sick of Mary Jane all together...