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Off My Mind: Should Jon Favreau Direct Iron Man 3?

Yes it's early but can you imagine someone else handling Iron Man?

Next week we get the sequel to Iron Man. The trailers and clips look great. People are excited. It might be early to think about, but should Jon Favreau direct Iron Man 3 when the time comes to make it? I have a feeling a lot of people would say "Yes, he should direct it." Even though this could be a question for after everyone watches the sequel, I'm curious what people think.
Favreau mentioned that he's been asked to be the executive producer for The Avengers but he isn't clear whether or not he wants to direct Iron Man 3. For one thing, it's not going to happen for a few years. He points out that when it's time for the third Iron Man movie, the events from The Incredible Hulk, Thor, The First Avenger: Captain America and The Avengers will have taken place.

I haven't had to inherit anybody else's backstory yet--it's just simply what we chose to use or not use from the comic books--so I'm feeling like I'm passing the baton and after all those movies are done, it's time to sit down and discuss if there's something I can bring to it, if it's something we want to do together, but that's way down the road.

I think Favreau did a great job on the first movie. Reviews have started surfacing for the second but they don't sound too great. Then again, perhaps it's because it's a comic book movie or because there's been so much hype. I will save my judgment until I actually see the movie. 
As much as I love Favreau, I think it could be interesting to have someone else direct the third Iron Man movie. I know sometimes viewers get comfortable and become resistant to change but sometimes change is a good thing. After all the movies that are supposed to take place in between the second and third movie, maybe it would be good to get a different take on the character. In the past when I've heard it was possible someone else might have directed a certain movie, I have wondered what it would have been like. Jon did do a great job with the first movie but someone else could do just as good (or maybe even better) with the third.
What do you think? Is it too early to think about? Do you need to see the second before making a decision?
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Posted by doordoor123

I think its fine either way. As long as we dont get a horrible director like quentin tarantino.
Im glad that after this movie we wonr see ironman for a while. After the second film, id like some time to see other marvel movies, and eventually ill miss ironman, and at that point there will be a third ironman. Tony Stark is going to be in Avengers so its like a sequel anyhow.

Posted by ccrosby

I think making a decision before actually seeing the second film would be extremely premature (unless you hated the first one, and if thats the case what is wrong with you?).  Are there other directors that I would love to see take on the Iron Man franchise?  Sure, but I'm not done seeing what favreau has for me yet.

Posted by Bathory1313

I don't know.. there is always the dreaded Third sequel downfall that so many movies have seen in the past. So to stay with the same director would be a positive but at the same time it may be good to get fresh blood in I do need agree with ccrosby that until we actually see the movie it's premature to make a decision on that.

Posted by jlat89

If he wants to direct it, he should.  With that being said, a fresh director could be a good thing for the franchise but we won't know until after Iron Man II and maybe even after the Avengers.

Posted by Cpt. Quor

I'll reserve my judgement until I've seen the second movie but I thought the first one was damn near perfect, I struggle to think of anything I'd like to change so I certainly wouldn't be against him directing the 3rd movie just based on my opinion on the first film. 
Having said that I totally see where he's coming from in terms of him having to deal with all the events that will take place in subsequent Marvel universe movies, it's a similar situation to JMS leaving Thor due to Siege, he had a specific story he wanted to tell and he didn't want to get involved in any Universe wide event so he left.

Posted by Decept-O

Is it even necessary to have an Iron Man 3 movie?  If Iron Man will be present in The Avengers and any possible subsequent Avengers movies, I don't know if Marvel/Disney would want a third installment.  Not that I'd complain if they did film a third Iron Man movie, that'd be sweet, but I'd honestly prefer to have Favreau remain as director.  Why muck up  a good thing?  Oh, wait, this is Hollywood we're talking about.......
Posted by Theodore

Yes, one word: consistency.

Posted by AxlReznor
@Theodore said:
"Yes, one word: consistency. "

I agree with that completely. As soon as you get multiple directors into one franchise, they all bring their own ideas into it that are incompatible with what has gone before. So yes, Jon should direct if only to not make the movie seem completely disconnected from the previous movie. 
Spider-Man 3 wasn't a good movie, but consistency is one thing it did have going for it. Unlike X-Men: The Last Stand, or Batman Forever.
Posted by the_fallen11
@Theodore: agreed
Posted by skaarason

yes he should !

Posted by Moomin123

I think he should. Iron Man has become one of the world's most popular superheroes since the first film came out...and all because of his directing.
Posted by AxlReznor
Jon's direction has definitely played a big part, but I think Robert Downey Jr.'s performance has more to do with the fact that he's become so popular in the last couple of years.
Posted by leokearon

Of course he should otherwise there will be no Happy Hogan in Iron Man 3
Posted by 00 Raiser

No need to change Perfection.

Posted by comicbookguy

hmm  not sure looked at some reviews for IM 2 and they aint too good , but if it turns out to be as good as the first he definately should direct the third
Posted by Bruce Vain

I can't think of who else could do what Jon did for Iron Man.

Posted by mrduckluck

of course he should direct it he changed all the marvel universe for good he is my hero

Posted by doubleG07

Jon understands the characters and has experience working with the actors.  He should definitely be part of the third installment.

Posted by LFCMANIA

how the hell can you even start thinking about iron man 3 now for gods sake..
Posted by AirDave817

I think Iron Man 2 has a high expectation. Almost unrealisticly high. The hype and anticipation started almost immediately after the first one came out. If we're talking a good long while from now to Iron Man 3, I could see a new director, and maybe the adaptation of Demon in a Bottle. Or, just wait and see where everything falls in the next string of films to see where Favreau, Downey, Jr. and everybody can take it. I know I'm going to like Iron Man 2. I'm just not sure how much... 

Posted by Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!

Maybe Louis Letterier could direct? He wanted the first Iron Man but pitched in too late, so maybe he can do his own spin on Iron Man.

Posted by Violet-Eyed Dragon

how about we hire like anyone other than favreau.  iron man 1 was terrible. 

Posted by Bats
@Theodore said:
" Yes, one word: consistency. "
Totally agree.