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Off My Mind: Schools for Evil Youngsters

If there are schools & academies for heroes, where do evil children get their education?

In comic books, it's pretty easy for kids to grow up and become heroes. Since the 60s, there's been Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, which later evolved into the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. Here, young mutants learn to use their powers and (most likely) will graduate to becoming part of the X-Men.

The Avengers got into the act as well with the Avengers Academy. It might've started out under questionable means but young inexperienced heroes are getting proper training from the best superheroes ensuring the next generation will be ready to fight the evil forces in the world.

What about the villains? You can't have superheroes without supervillains. The future villains of the world are getting an unfair disadvantage. Those with evil in their hearts are not getting the training they will need to face the world's greatest heroes. They are often left alone which adds to their antisocial behavior. In Gladstone's School for World Conquerors, we do get a glimpse of what a school for young villains could be like.

== TEASER ==

Villains most likely know at a young age where their destiny will take them. It's usually the path they go down when not brought up in a cheerful environment. There might the rare occasion where a villain will suddenly turn based on one traumatic experience but that's not usually the case. In some cases, children follow in their evil parents' footsteps. Because their parents are evil, the children are probably not getting the guidance they need in order to be successful villains.

That raises another point. Why do villains often fail with their evil schemes? It's because they are forced to work alone. They simply do not know how to work with others. Their solution is to surround themselves with underlings or henchmen rather than attempt to work with someone whose evilness and intelligence rivals theirs. If they were able to attend a school for evil geniuses, they might be taught the benefit of teamwork.

Who would attend a school for villains? In order for a child to be sent to the school, the parents would have to be evil themselves. Would criminal parents be willing to pay to send their kids off to learn how to be evil if they are already evil themselves? Could these evil parents be trusted to keep the location and curriculum of the evil school a secret?

How would the evil children be graded? If they failed at being evil, there could be the threat of the child attempting revenge against the teacher. That could be considered extra credit but threatening teachers isn't a joking matter. If a student fails or drops out, what's to stop them from leaking the school's location to the authorities? Just because a kid's parents are evil, doesn't mean the child will be successfully evil. Sometimes kids turn out the opposite of what their parents are.

If an evil child has good parents (or at least what we'd consider normal parents), there's no way they would send the child to a school for evil kids. No parent would want their kids to grow up to become a villain unless they were one themselves.

Maybe there would be an evil Professor X type that would be able to detect the potential for true evil and seek them out. This person could put on an act to the parents that their child has been awarded a scholarship to some prestigious school. Then the recruiter could try to mold these future villains into whatever image or form he wished. He could then have an army of evil geniuses at his disposal.

In the world of Gladstone's School for World Conquerors, you get the impression there is more to the hero/villain dynamic than there appears to be. In the second issue, a battle that took place was pre-arranged with the outcome already worked out. The third issue (on sale July 13) will further explore this.

Logistically, a school for future villains wouldn't work. You can't look at a kid and know exactly how they will turn out. It's rare for villains to even have kids and if they do, chances are they won't want to pay the tuition for a private school. The location of the school would have to be kept a secret. A lot of kids are driven or influence by their hormones. All it would take is a pretty face to get a student to betray the secrecy of the school. Besides, evil villains can't be trusted so how could anyone expect them to keep a secret?

Villains can never have a school. Villains will rarely learn the value of teamwork. Villains will always lose to the more organized heroes. Perhaps someday there will be a successful school for villains and world conquerors.

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Villains... home-schooling. Or, as I'm sure G-Man knows PUBLIC SCHOOLS ( I went to public school, I'm surprised some kids didn't start building giant robots yet.) 
I'm sure we've all seen the pic.

Posted by GraveSp

I can see the school in Finals pumping out future supervillains.   And HIVE Academy in the Teen Titans cartoon was basically a villain training school

Posted by lorex

Well whether they get an education or not the idea of young heroes (or villains in this case) is a staple of comic books (too bad most of them are never given a chance to surpass their elders). I have always had a soft spot for books about young heroes and Gladstone's School for World Conquerors falls into that category for me. 
I agree a school for villains most likely would not work. As Gladstones is partially a humorous take on the traditional super hero universe, particularly the twist of a school for young hero's so far it has delivered on creating a new world where the traditional hero vs villain conflict has been reduced to a ratings/public relations stunt and from the looks of it the public is none the wiser.

Posted by Iron_Turtle

I have found that heroes train great villains.

Posted by GraveSp
@Fantasgasmic: I think most public schools lack the funding and talent for schools to start building giant robots.  Heck I'm not sure our student body could have built regular sized robots.  
Posted by jubilee042
@Fantasgasmic: LMOA
Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

Most of the villains these days think that they`re not evil (well, expect Joker and Mr. Sinister). Therefore, they might not attend a school like that, or let their kids attend it. 
Besides, no matter what villains do, they`ll always lose. 
Also, it seems like that you have thought about this...too much... 
I suspect that in the future there shall be an article in a newspaper called: "Tony "evil G-man" Guerrero is connected to a army of teenage super-villains."

Posted by etragedy

What? Nobody remembers Emma Frost's Massachusetts Academy? You couldn't exactly call the Hellions heroes.

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Taskmaster ran a thug-school for a while.   Trained flunkies for a lot of villains.   He even trained USAgent and the Scarlet Spiders!
There's also been an American manga about a girl who mistakenly ends up in a Hogwarts for villains but I can't remember the title for my life.  

Posted by ddaann1985
@Fantasgasmic:  Hahah that is a brilliant photo... is that for real? or from some tv show haha .
Anyway, its really good :)
Posted by SpidermanWins

Lol love it. That's so awesome.

Posted by Thunderscream
@Fantasgasmic said:
win! this comic looks so cool!
Posted by Kairan1979

I'm surprised nobody mentioned Necessary Evil comic book - prime example of "school for young supervillains".

Posted by MrUnknown
@jubilee042: at least spell the acronym right ;p
Posted by ForeignLawns

Slytherin Hall, anyone?

Posted by Nova`Prime`

The streets

Posted by dbz1995

Brother Blood says' WELCOME TO THE HIVE!'

Posted by PhoenixoftheTides
@etragedy said:
What? Nobody remembers Emma Frost's Massachusetts Academy? You couldn't exactly call the Hellions heroes.
Yeah, I kept reading through expecting him to mention this school. Sure some of the Hellions defected and became heroes, but they were, for the most part, spoiled heirs & heiresses that seemed like the perfect counterpoint to the overall goody goody New Mutants. And they weren't necessarily villains - just had different priorities, much like Shaw, Frost and the Hellfire Club. I thought they were interesting and didn't like when they were massacred so quickly.
Posted by cattlebattle
@Fantasgasmic said:
Villains... home-schooling. Or, as I'm sure G-Man knows PUBLIC SCHOOLS ( I went to public school, I'm surprised some kids didn't start building giant robots yet.) 
I'm sure we've all seen the pic.
Posted by Wolverine0628

Imagine telling Dr. Doom or Magneto to do their homework.  Not gonna happen.

Posted by bingbangboom

I would like to see something like this, similar to how Marvel is pushing forward with it's "Youth in Revolt" but maybe similar to the Thunderbolts. Ideally I would like someone like Dr. Doom to handle this but there are possibilities. I do remember the Dark Reign: Young Avengers being sort of meh along with some of the villains from that other book. The one with Spider-Girl and female Bucky (Nomad?). 

Posted by RareCheshire

But wouldn't they all just cut classes and smoke in the bathroom, break into other kids cars, or something? 

Posted by sa5m

Even the bad need the education =)

Posted by Nexy21
nice pic lol
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Honestly... it seems to me that Hydra and AIM really should have these sorts of things going on in the Marvel U.  I mean, seriously, AIM can have like a reverse FF going on with super-brains they've harvested/kidnapped from third world nations, if nothing else. 
Hydra... or, well, any racist organization, seems like it could have secret schools to push their message that receptive racist parents would accept.  I don't know if the KKK have a university (probably the opposite of... let's face facts, racists usually aren't the smartest twigs), but it wouldn't surprise me if they had lots of "churches"... 
And yeah, this kind of school has been done before regarding mutants. 
I like the way Gladstone's is pretty tongue-in-cheek, but I would'm mind seeing an AIM school - ethics aside, they are super scientists working for a secret society... it'd be quite interesting to tell stories about this kind of school from kids who, for the most part, are innocent.  They're not out to rule the world... they're out to do super-science.  And rule the world maybe.

Posted by crusader8463

The streets teach em every thing they need to know. Also, a lot of villains become villains later in life. So they train at all the same places everyone does, and until that event that makes them snap happens they are the same as everyone.

Posted by Jake Fury
@etragedy said:
What? Nobody remembers Emma Frost's Massachusetts Academy? You couldn't exactly call the Hellions heroes.

Posted by TheMess1428

Or H.I.V.E. from the Teen Titans cartoon. lol

Posted by CptPanda29

I'm gonna have to pick this up, looks awesome.

Posted by DKing_CiCADA

I want to check out this comic and I like the idea of an evil charles xavier type that would be cool

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

This looks adorable...

Posted by nomadicxnightmare

This comic looks rad, but I can't help looking at it and not thinking Disgaea 3 on the PS3...

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@GraveSp said:
@Fantasgasmic: I think most public schools lack the funding and talent for schools to start building giant robots.  Heck I'm not sure our student body could have built regular sized robots.  
No need for most, when talking about giant robots, you only need one.
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@ForeignLawns said:
Slytherin Hall, anyone?
Ugh, I REALLY hated how lazy that was. Yes an ENTIRE 4th of your school which you can pretty much assume is sketchy at best. I suppose better than the half of your school that don't matter.
Why not build on the fact that despite continuous habitation sometimes by super geniuses a 20 ton snake was apparently hidden for hundreds of years.IE they are clever and sneaky which could be fine to introduce a bridge to that quarter of the school.
Posted by EmmaGrace

Massachusetts Academy, previously.
Posted by JonesDeini
Max Lord would care to disagree about that second point 
@Golden Cod:  
I was thinking that too
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Why is this comic so notable that you have to make news out of it?