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Off My Mind: Let's Pick A Spider-Man Reboot Villain

Who could and should be the main villain in the next movie?

There could be a lot riding on the next Spider-Man movie. This will reset the franchise. Sony will want it to be successful for the obvious reason. Given that it's a Spider-Man movie, chances are it will be successful just on the name recognition alone. Us comic readers want a great movie to make up for Spider-Man 3 and the fact that the franchise got a reboot.
I am hoping they look back at what worked and what didn't work. I'm sure we can all agree that too many villains is a bad thing. One villain should be enough. It may be hard to focus an entire movie around a single villain but that just means that the writer will have to work a tiny bit harder. 
The other thing to think about is the merchandise angle. The flashier the villain and the more there are, the more toys, clothing and bedsheets can be sold. With the rumor of Michael Fassbender being considered and looking at Spider-Man's true classic villains, let's see who could work as the single villain.
 == TEASER ==
  • Green Goblin - Spidey's true nemesis. He found out his identity and killed Gwen Stacy. But he's been done already. I feel if they're going to reboot, show us something we haven't already seen.
  • Lizard - he's a character we've been waiting to see ever since Dylan Baker was cast in the original movies as Dr. Curt Connors. I'm not sure if a giant green lizard would work or be enough to be the single villain.
  • Kraven the Hunter - I think he could work but would a big game hunter be too cheesy in a movie?
  • Chameleon - Spidey's first villain (besides the Burglar). He'd be easy to do in a movie but he's more of a supporting villain, not the one and only villain in a movie. Maybe if Kraven was involved they could play the half brother angle.
  • Electro - I'd love to see Electro. I'd love to see the yellow and green costume. I don't think that'd happen.
  • Mysterio - Again, another villain I've been dying to see on the big screen. He could be believable. 
  • Rhino - A big dude dressed as a rhino...I don't know if that'd go over well.
  • Doc Ock - We've already seen him. I want someone new.
  • Sandman - Again, he's already been used. Sorry.
  • Vulture - We know that John Malkovich was being considered. And old guy with wings could be risky. I don't see him as enough to be the single villain.
  • Scorpion - Mac Gargan before he became Venom? That could be interesting. I'm sure they could make the suit work on the big screen.
  • Hydro-Man - He could be interesting special FX-wise but I don't know if he's compelling enough as the lead villain.
  • Morbius - Vampires on the big screen. I think that might have been done elsewhere. Let's not think about it right now.
 Kraven the Hunter?
Those are the big Spidey villains. Yes there are other villains but going with the main classic ones and the fact that Michael Fassbender was maybe being considered, I might be leaning towards Kraven the Hunter. It's never been said there'd be only one villain. That was just my hope. Perhaps a Kraven/Chameleon team-up could work (like when Kraven was first introduced). There's been some rumblings about the Lizard but I don't think I'd want to see him. At least not yet. My vote goes to Kraven with Mysterio, Electro and Scorpion following close behind. Just not all at once.
Who do you think the villain will be? Who do you think is a strong enough character to be the villain?
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Posted by NexusOfLight

I'd be cool with seein' Electro.

Posted by KRYPTON

Doc Oc. I did not like how they killed him off. And Green Goblin. Both Goblins are dead, and Gwen Stacey is still alive. They need to bring Norman back so Stacey can die like in the comic books

Posted by Namor1987

Kraven or Electro would be ill but Mac Gargan or Rhino as a runner-up choice

Posted by growup


Posted by copymanrules

Id like to see Electro and hobgoblin something different this time more action with a story.

Posted by ComicMan24

Posted by Emerald Dragonfly

I don't want to see any villain because I don't want to see the new movie.

Posted by doordoor123

I think the only character able to stand on their own in this list is Norman Osborn. :/
so i dunno

Posted by Krakoa

Kingpin, but i must agree @Emerald Dragonfly said:

" I don't want to see any villain because I don't want to see the new movie. "
Posted by Gylan Thomas

Never, ever Morbius though.
It'sa superhero flick not a horror.

Posted by Gennadius

Rhino with his ultime suit he had in that game XD 
It would be awesome to see a robot-rhino running through new york and destorying some buildings and it would make a cool chase-scene too I think. 
Posted by War Killer

I'm going with Electro and Scorpion, my only question is, will there be enough screen time to do both of these villains origins, not like who they were blah blah, I mean just giving them the powers? I'm think they're going to do Spider-Man's origin like they did Hulks and just have him already Spider-Man, I mean most people know his origin (thanks to the first movie and because he's hugely popular) right? And since that works, maybe only have one of the villain origins, like have Electro already a villain and have Spidey just narrate who Max is, and then do Scorpion's origins.

Posted by yescas

I think Lizard is great for a reboot story. The Dr. and Parker have one side of it and their alteregos see another one.

Posted by DarkSyde79

Mysterio or Kraven works for me...

Posted by MercWithaMouth2385

I truly believe they will either go the more "natural" route with a "concrete jungle" theme being; Spiderman gets powers, get's publicized worldwide, then Lizard appears, get's publicized worldwide, Kraven the Hunter gets word that NY has a "Spider Man" and a "7ft Lizard Man", can't resist, plot ensues, the end. On the other hand they could go the "tech" route like Mysterio's illusions with some Shocker or Electro action for some fire power and big movie explosions. Honestly I hope they just do the Sinister Six and get it over with.... and no green gob.... I love em but it's hobgob's time to shine! Either way prob won't be a singular villain. 
Posted by Catastrophic

If Kraven and Chameleon gets chosen, I can imagine it being a good chase/man on the hunt movie. The Chameleon could work as the person getting information for Kraven. Maybe the Chameleon could also disguise as something else as bait as Kraven awaits in a sniper ghillie suit (well if you want to make Kraven becoming "realistic", a crack shot sniper/poacher could be great way to go)? The Chameleon can be revamped to be a former spy/investigator that is good in disguise. CIA? Haha. Just part of my wild imagination.

Posted by Catastrophic

Sorry, i mean KGB. (He's Russian right?)

Posted by dondasch

I'm hoping for Mysterio, frankly.  Barring that, I'd like to see an entirely new villain, one created as a hybrid between Tom Pinchuk, G Man, Babs and Inferiorego

Posted by brewski420

mysterio would be cool. kraven would be too cheesy on the big screen def. i wouldn't mind electro or the lizard. no goblins. been there done that.

Posted by IronSpidy-Rooney

Electro would be a good idea. 
They could base him on the MTV Spider-man version. A Troubled teen bullied all the time not so many friends a freak accident turns him into Electro, He sets out for revenge on the bullies  
I'v just came up with the plot for after the origin story  

Posted by King Quisling

My vote is for The Looter.

Posted by Nerd Of A Hero
My thoughts who can't work for the reboot: 
Green Goblin, Doc Ock, and Sandman
were already done so no (still I think Green Gobin could work for the second film). Too me, Hydro-Man is a Sandman rip-off and works as a supportive villian. I don't think we need Morbius on this one, too many vampire movies lately (like Twlight). The Rhino and Scorpian would look weird in costumes on screen, unless done right. Kraven the Hunter would do well, but I feel it's just to soon for him to come around. I think Kraven wouldn't be interested in a kid unless he was popular and poses as a challege.      
My thought's that can work for the reboot:  
could work, he's one of the firt villians and  would set things up for him and Kraven to work together against Spidy for the next film. Mysterio can work because with if he use his powers for evil it could throw in that "with great power, comes great responsiblity" angle, and the two can  struggle of what is right and wrong. Lizard can be does if executed well (none of the Jurassic Park bull). Electro will do, but gotta have the right story for Spider-Man's origin. And lastly, The Vulture...we could make the guy a bit younger and might work as a minor character. The Burgler is also a must to set off the Spider-Man story.  
That's it
Posted by SuperXAsh

screw those choices!!! I vote BIG WHEEL!!!! XD 
Posted by CellphoneGirl


Posted by Catastrophic

How about this for a "plot":
In the early years of Spiderman's career, he had a stint with the Russian Mafia. He took out significant key leaders who were smuggling cold war stock weapons. This even lead to the extend of him busting a Russian syndicate of supplying nuclear bombs for terrorist. Due to the fear of those Russian bosses, they decided 2 employ the Kravinoff brothers, Chameleon and Kraven The Hunter. In the movie version, the Kravinoff brother could become an ex-KGB spy, explaining his speciality is disguises. Kraven on the other hand is a former Spetsnaz crack-shot sniper who turned to a mercenary after the collapse of the Soviet Union. After his time under the Spetsnaz, he went to Africa to hunt big game and become a mercenary. His fear and obsession of spiders is what actually enticed him to work with the Russian Mafia to catch Spiderman. It can work as a good chase/man on the hunt/action movie.

Posted by sora_thekey
@KRYPTON said:

" Doc Oc. I did not like how they killed him off. And Green Goblin. Both Goblins are dead, and Gwen Stacey is still alive. They need to bring Norman back so Stacey can die like in the comic books "

This is for the Reboot, not considering past movies...
To be honest, I still am completely hooked on Spectacular Spider-Man, even though the series was canceled. So I think the first movie should be based on the first episode of the series.

Summer is over for Peter Parker and school's ready to start -- both literally (it's his junior year of high school), and in the real world of crime-fighting -- as Spider-Man faces his first real challenge The Enforcers and his first real super-villain Vulture .

The episode worked with a scene with Doctor Octavius as Oscorp's head scientist, Osborn's corporation problems with the Adrian Toomes. It included a moment where Spider-Man sends Flint Marko and Aleksei Sytsevich to jail. It has High School drama, with Gwen, Harry, Liz, Flash and even Kong
It has a lot of villains, but they are situated in a very subtle way.
Posted by ironshadow

Ultimate Electro is the only way to go. 

Posted by Nyogtha

I'd like to see Shocker and Rhino or Electro and Morbius. Rhino would be the hardest one to cell unless you get a guy the size of the actor who played Juggernaut to do it.

Posted by CylonDorado

I gotta say, I don't think I'd be crazy about Electro. 

Posted by Theodore

Electro, Green Goblin, Kraven, or the Lizard.

Posted by porto_ri_king

they should just do a kraven/lizardman take...big evil creature who spidey cant handle at first...big time hunter comes and attempts to catch the lizard but spidey helps and kraven feels his glory was taken from him so he dopes up on some family drugs and sets the lizard free to help him take out spiderman, and then he will "re-capture" the lizard and he looks like the main "hero"...of course spidey over comes this and takes out both evil doers...come on whos with me on that?    
Posted by Blackestnight
@MercWithaMouth2385: I  Iike your idea
Posted by waw003

Mr. Negative 
He was awesome in Dark Reign: Mr. Negative!!! Check it out if you don't know.

Posted by RomaTotti10
Posted by damswedon

i think that the Green Goblin is the peter is finally growing up villain. 
maybe electro.

Posted by Edamame
@waw003 said:
" Mr. Negative  He was awesome in Dark Reign: Mr. Negative!!! Check it out if you don't know. "
Sounds interesting.
Posted by InnerVenom123

Posted by Moomin123

Should be someone new. I say Mysterio, or Venom (because that way he could have more screen time). 
For the actors of these roles, I'd have Michael C. Hall as Mysterio and...I dunno for Venom.
Posted by stereonovapostfun

I think that a tribute to Kraven's last hunt would be perfect.. 
I also like Hydro Man, and I think he could be a really tough nut2crack!    
Posted by CaptainGenisVell

I wouldn't mind seeing Electro......and Shocker. MIght be a B/C class villain but would love to see all that destruction he could cause along with Electro.

Posted by Deadknight

Mysterio could definitely work as a major villian considering all the mind games  
he manages to play.

Another thing that could work is to have one major villian and one minor one. For instance, the movie starts with Mysterio robbing a bank and ends up getting easily defeated by Spider-man, then he manages to come back at the end of the movie once the main villain has been dealt with so that it can simply leave off with Spider-man finishing the movie with a sigh and a  
"Here we go again" statement.

Posted by gambit987

I would like the green goblin with a purple influeced suit and that he kills gwen like in the comics. and for a 2nd movie the lizard in this movie curt connors could be in but not yet as the lizard.

Posted by ImperiousRix

Funny this should come up, because I was just thinking the other day about how I really thought Kraven would be the perfect villain for Spiderman 4.  

That movie is dead, but I'd love to see him in the reboot series.  Only problem is that I think you kinda need Spiderman to already be established as a well-known hero for Kraven to work, so I don't know if he's the best choice for the first movie. 
Oh... and only this man should play Kraven the Hunter. 

Posted by Chaos Burn

I think electro would work best, but maybe a big boss bad guy as the leader...
did anyone see Tombstone as the criminal leader in the cartoon series of Spectacular Spider-man? I thought it was very very good..... 

Posted by ImperiousRix
@Chaos Burn:  
Was he voiced by Keith David in that?  I wanna say it was either him or someone who sounded like him, but yeah, the cartoon managed to really convey him as a compelling character and a major threat. 
...even if I didn't necessarily like the series as a whole.
Posted by Thunderscream

I think Tombstone, Mysterio, Kraven (or his daughter) or Chameleon would make the most sense since this'll be setting up from the beginning. The first one should be heavier on the character development with more "real world" villains who rely on gadgets and martial skill....then maybe the sequel can dabble in a higher concentration of science/magic special effects

Posted by Chaos Burn
@ImperiousRix: Keith Davids the one who was the Joker in the Batman cartoon? coz he is an amazing voice actor
Edited by ArtisticNeedham

I say the reboot should start with Peter already Spider-Man (but still in High School) like Spectacular Spider-Man.  I would introduce Norman Osborn as a creepy business man like in Spectacular Spider-Man who doesn't do anything evil but is just creepy.   (No Green Goblins, no Hobgoblins, no goblin anythings.)  Things can be hinted at, and the audience will think, "I know he is evil because he becomes the Goblin eventually, so what is his evil plans?"
I would make the main villain in that Electro, maybe Mysterio, or Scorpion.  Since he would already be Spider-Man and maybe has been for at least a year, you can establish that he is already big enough that villains like Mysterio would target him to frame him or that Jameson would hate him enough to create Scorpion.  (But maybe Scorpion would make a better villain for the sequels to this reboot, to establish who Jameson is in this version better.)

Similar to Iron Man 1, or the Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man could have an evil twin type enemy (Mysterio masquerading as Spider-Man to rob banks and frame Spider-Man).
Then when Mysterio creates his own costumed hero, Mysterio, he bases much of the design off of Spider-Man.
If Pter is already Spider-Man at the beginning you don't have to show the origin, which I think the Raimi movies already have done a perfect job with.  And that would leave more room for the rest of the movie and to establish whoever the bad guy is better.
I would also show Spider-Man, in the opening of the movie,  take down some low level bad guys.

Like the Enforcers, robbing a bank. Or maybe the 
Crime Circus.
It could be a scene like the beginning of Batman Beyond return of the Joker, or the James Bond movies, where Spider-Man is introduced.  We see he is already Spider-Man, still in High School, and that he fights bad guys like these all the time.
So I vote for Electro or Mysterio, and show him take down some characters like the Enforcers or the Crime Circus in the first 5 minutes of the movie.
Posted by Shadowdoggy

Green Goblin woudl be the most likely choice, but it's still too soon for that beign that Spiderman1 was pretty recent 
Doc Ock is the other obvious choice, but again, Alfred Molina as Doc is still pretty fresh in everyone's memory 
Black Cat is an interesting choice, but I don't think she could hold the movie alone 
Mysterio, Electro, Kraven and Lizard are other popular choices  
Carnage would be a fan favorite too.....even though I don't really like him
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