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Off My Mind: How Powerful Are Darkseid's Omega Beams?

Should they, in turn, make him unstoppable?

Darkseid is one of the most ruthless and powerful villains in the DC Universe. His prime weapon would be his Omega Beams. They have been said to be impossible to avoid and capable of vaporizing, erasing, or transmuting any form of matter, living or nonliving. That sounds impressive to me. 
The question on my mind is, how powerful are those beams? What exactly are they capable of? Over the years, we've seen different effects from getting hit by the beams. It has been said that Darkseid can even resurrect someone hit by the beams. In some ways, this truly gives him godly powers. Basically this is Darkseid's absolute way of giving someone a time-out for however long a period he chooses.
 == TEASER ==
In Martian Manhunter #34, we saw that the beams can also transport himself or others through time and space. If this is the case, couldn't Darkseid travel to the future to see whether or not he will be able to defeat Superman or Orion? Depending on how messing with the time stream works (that's a completely different topic), Darkseid could also go back in time and change things so he isn't so easily defeated by his enemies. 
There's also the question of how come some individuals seem to be immune to his the Omega Effect? If he can vaporize any form of matter, how come he hasn't been able to vaporize Superman? Is Darkseid himself immune from his own blasts? In an animated episode, Darkseid is about to blast Superman, who quickly clamps his hands over his eyes. The blast knocks Darkseid back and injures him. 
Where do his blasts stand in terms of strength? Is Superman's invulnerability stronger? What about Wonder Woman's bracelets? Could a Green Lantern block the beams?
 Even without his beams, Darkseid has demonstrated acts of super strength, stamina and speed. As evil and dark as Darkseid is, he simply deserves more respect. With his beams and an entire planet under his control, he shouldn't be so easily defeated. Darkseid may be "dead" at the moment, but it's only a matter of time until he returns yet again.
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Posted by Fireheart10

There is no doubt that he will be back eventually. As for the Omega Beams, they have been portayed somewhat inconsistent. But definitely they are very powerful.
Posted by Eyz

Can't the beams effect Superman? I remember it harming him once..
I guess it all depends on what Darkseid exactly want to do to his adversary :P

Edited by FadeToBlackBolt

In a just world, Darkseid could solo the JLA. Alas, we have what we have. Only Orion should be able to take him in combat. As much as I love Superman; the god of evil and the god of war deserve to be tougher than just some alien. 
Also, there's a difference between Omega Beams, and the Omega Effect. Omega Beams are just super powerful laser beams, the Omega Effect is the autokill/teleporter/tracker beams he rarely uses nowadays. Then there's the Omega Sanction, which is the death that is life.

Posted by Arkham J

In theory yes he should be ruling the galaxy by now but i swear people like superman and wonder woman have blocked the beams.....its odd. 
It's obviously deppends on who is writing for Darksied at the time and what Darkseid himself wants to to use them for.

Posted by johnny_spam

He has hit Superman with them somewhere and he just survived I don't think it affects him as much.  Time does not seem to be an issue for Darkseid either Final Crisis proved that he was willing to mess with reality itself.

Posted by DMC


Posted by ForbushBug

Darkseid just doesn't want to rule the universe, he wants to dominate the will of every sentient being. So just conquering by brute force has little appeal to him. Instead he plays the long game and if that means not zapping someone because he thinks they can be useful later, that's what he does. As for travelling through time, I'm not sure if he's been shown consistently doing that himself. Besides, the New Gods have this fatalistic streak to them with a final Darkseid-Orion battle already destined.

Posted by dondasch

The most recent animated version with Darkseid was wildly inconsistent.  Batman can dodge Darkseid's Omega Beams?  Superman can block them with his hand over Darkseid's eyes ??  What the what ?  I came across an old crossover with the Fantastic Four/Superman where Darkseid let his Omega Beams loose point blank on Galactus and he wasn't hurt at all.  Of course, that's Galactus and not an alien, Amazon, or former test pilot.

Posted by Dark Walker

I think his Omega Beams are greatly under used, and usually not depicted as powerful as they can be, ignoring the whole Final Crisis revival...*rollseyes*  Superman's invulnerability affords him some resistance against Darkseid's Omega Beams, its been depicted as not such a mere feet though.  It's not like bullets bouncing off his chest.  I think Wonder Woman has deflected his Omega Beams at one point, either in the comic or cartoon.  Robin once avoided them in Total Justice, it's been awhile since I read that so I can't quite remember how.  My experience with Darkseid he usually comes off as over confident or overly obsessed (like in the superpowers cartoon with wonder woman).  Someone needs to write a really good JLA story with Darkseid when he comes back, the true Darkseid.  Show how powerful and evil he is, one that will redefine him and make a lasting impression in comic books for years.

Edited by BattleHeiz

Superman is improtant for universe he is like solid time(no matter what you do you can't change it)
BTW i think booster gold could also survive it cause he is far more important XD

Posted by OmegaDynasty

I know he tried to use them on the Spectre. However, it didn't work just made the Spectre angry. Only those who protected by the Source will be protected, Wonder Woman was able to deflect them with her bracelets if I'm not mistaken.

Posted by Soldier zero

I agree that the Omega Beams (and their source the Omega Effect) were portrayed in very incoherent way, but keep in mind that the original New Gods serie which introduced the idea was at first thought as a sort of fully contained universe, not a part of the bigger picture.
Given that the "Omega whatever" are horribly powerful, with them there is little he can't do. Accoring to some source the lists of effects includes:

  • Disintegration
  • Teleportation
  • Time Travel
  • Matter transmutation
  • Control over multiple kinds of energy
  • Also Darkseid has interiorized the energy of the Omega effect increasing his size and strength over those of the other New Gods in the process
Still over the years there were some imposed limits:
  • apparently he can't use them to permanently terminated another being or thing empowered by the Source (which allows Wonder Woman to deflect them with her bracelets)
  • A prolonged use is taxing, something that his New God stamina usually counterbalance
  • All of Darkseid powers requires him to keep constant control over himself, if he ever lose control or allows his will to fade all his abilities became useless
In the end they are a major overkill.
Posted by tensor

Hope ,when an if he comes back, he comes back with a bang.

Posted by blaakmawf

Man, I gotta read some stuff with Darkseid in it.

Posted by carnivalofsins00

i thought that his Omega Beams were completely de- powered in Superman/Batman Apocalyps.

Posted by G'bandit

Yeah impossible to dodge yet Batman did it with no problem  
I wonder if Sups and Flash can avoid it? :P

Posted by Serpent

Deus-ex-omega beams.

Posted by ckal

Just do the Batman shuffle and you can avoid them too.

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Omega Beams are the most whacked out of version of Superman's heat vision...
since freeze vision.

Posted by Shanana

He hit Kara with those beams and  well I thought she was vaporized

 Apparently before this happened she get's "teleported"

 WonderWoman Also has bested them.

I think for having the amount of power that he has, Darksied is really disrespected when it comes to his Omega beams.
Edited by DEGRAAF
@Dark Walker:
yea he needs to come back truely, even only half way powered and demolish the JSA no problem then at about 80% do the same to the JLA and at 100% just give Superman an a$$ whoopin. I think the omega beams/sanction/whatever are over used. He should be able to rule with an apocolptic fist. He should be the most terrifying thing in the unvierse short of the anti-monitor. I like Bruce but he shouldnt be alive. He should have been vaporized. Also the beam is supposed to track its target turning on a dime so batman and robin shouldnt have been able to dodge it. They could how ever put something between them and the beam so basically the beam will destroy their shield. He should be able to take on Doomsday no problem, but on the other hand that kind of makes it look like Doomsday has been depowered. They should be equals except for when it comes to Darkseids omega beam, but i guess he could olny use that once but since its mmade up of the power of the source i guess that could be something Doomsday cant adjust too.
and when i say demolish i mean kill half the JSA or more and at least 2 or 3 members of the JLA. AND THOSE KILLED NEED TO STAY DEAD!!! 
It doesnt sound like anything will stay dead from now on. I thought Blackest Night was supposed to fix the returning of the dead problem but Johns stated over the weekend that there are plenty of white and black rings out there to kill and reserrect people.
Posted by Video_Martian
@Fireheart10 said:
"There is no doubt that he will be back eventually. As for the Omega Beams, they have been portayed somewhat inconsistent. But definitely they are very powerful. "

What he said.
Posted by Sydpart2
Just about Bruce real quick. If you read Return of Bruce Wayne or even Batman 701 and 702 why Bruce is alive will make sense. I don't want to spoil it though
Posted by SUPER-MAN 23

I always wondered. Why is Darkseid's name pronounced, "DARKSIDE" and not "DARKSEID". Would "Darkseid" mean "Darkside"? Anyway, I don't think Darkseid even controls his Omega beams. I think he doesn't really understand what power he wields. Because when he tried to kill Batman in Final Crisis #6, we found out later that he was transported to the caveman times in the end of final crisis #7. So maybe Darkseid controls the beams at times, however, other times the Omega beams choose who to kill and who not to kill

Posted by DEGRAAF
Batman 701 and 702 are the prequels to him being thrown thruough time right? if so i read those. The events leadin up to that moment in Final Crisis. I didnt see anything in there that explains why he survived. Also i dont see how he can jump through time to end up right back in our time
Posted by karrob
@Fireheart10 said:
" There is no doubt that he will be back eventually. As for the Omega Beams, they have been portayed somewhat inconsistent. But definitely they are very powerful. "
Posted by weapon154

I believe it actually depends on what form of matter is being shot.

Posted by MrDirector786

I consider it bad writing for Superman to be able to withstand them at all considering what he has shown to be able to to do with the beams.

Posted by LordCmdrStryker

You mean some guy in DC has a power that is written totally inconsistently from one place to another?  NO WAY!

Posted by The Impersonator
This comic scene reminds me of the Superman/Batman: Apocalypse movie.
Posted by The Impersonator

Darkseid's omega beams are so powerful that they can destroy an entire planet. I just hope the creators use Darkseid's omega beams in Smallville series. So far, I don't like the interpretation of Darkseid in Smallville.
Posted by mickoreo_LZ

He is super, mega, ultra powerful and his beams might be the most powerful attack there is. But even in the JLU animated series Batman escaped his Omega Beams, but then again we all know how super-human Batman is when it comes to escaping death
Posted by Wildish

wasn't Galactus uneffected by the Omega beams?
Posted by BattleMage
@lordcmdrstryker said:
" You mean some guy in DC has a power that is written totally inconsistently from one place to another?  NO WAY! "
Posted by BattleMage

 I guess it all depends on what Darkseid exactly want to do to his adversary    

Posted by DarkSyde79

There is no consistency when it comes to Darksied’s Omega Beams. So when it’s used, like many beam like powers, I just see how the writer and/or artist intends to use it. Between incineration, penetration, and vaporizing… let along life and death. We’ve seen how it works. Same goes for Superman’s Heat Vision and Cyclops’ Optic Blast. 

Posted by FinalStar86

Good article

Posted by 00 Raiser

To kill Superman Darkseid  would probably have to blast him repeatedly for a long period of time to kill him or any other kryptonian. Wonder Woman well we all have see how those Omega beams stand up to her bracelets. Only individuals probably able of dodging the beams would probably be the Flash, A serious acting Superman, Batman (Justice League Unlimited) and maybe a few others.

Posted by Shanana
@The Impersonator said:
" @Sha: This comic scene reminds me of the Superman/Batman: Apocalypse movie. "
That's cause it's the comic version of that movie
Posted by NexusOfLight
@Sha: Take a look at who's writing in that Wonder Woman scan.
Posted by Midnight Monk

It's depends whose writing him, Darkseid is written like Superman. He can be extremely overpowered more than half the time but then he get whoop like a pansy out of the blue for holding back

Posted by Undeadpool

In DC comics, if you're name's on the cover, you're unbeatable. That's how Hal Jordan was able to sucker punch Batman, after all.

Posted by G-Man
@FinalStar86: Thanks! 
@SUPER-MAN 23 said:
" I always wondered. Why is Darkseid's name pronounced, "DARKSIDE" and not "DARKSEID". Would "Darkseid" mean "Darkside"? "
I used to say Dark-SEED. When I hear Dark-SIDE, I think of this: 
Posted by junkmasterzero
@SUPER-MAN 23: If it's German the "ei" is like an "i", maybe that had something to do with it, it certainly does look cooler.
Posted by DreadPirateRemy

Booster Gold would stop him if he were to try and mess with the time stream. He is the greatest time master of all...and all.

Posted by The Stegman

i was JUST having a convo about this yesterday! i was watching the new superman/batman Apocalypse movie and in the movie supergirl is hit MANY times with the beams and although it hurt her, she survived and was able to keep fighting, however in the comics it turned her to dust with one blast (even though it wasn't really her, she was teleported away at the last second) but it hinted that if it WAS to hit her, she'd die, so my question is why didnt she die in the movie? and since it COULD kill a kryptonian when it hits them, how is superman still alive?? this is truly confusing, and it seems that that the beams constantly change in both power and speed from story to story. another example is how Batman could dodge them in the JLU Series although they are supposed to be extremely fast, but couldn't dodge them at the end of final crisis...what the heck DC?? are they all powerful or not??

Posted by Cthulhudrew

In re: Time Travel-
In Simonson's Orion, in one of the final issues, Orion makes a comment about how the New Gods tend to avoid messing with the time stream. I don't recall the exact comment, but it was pretty convincing and profound, and made a veiled reference to Crisis.

Posted by DeadDorf

Can we get a proof-reader on these before they go up? Two sentences in and two major mistakes.

Posted by knife

The force of the Omega beams have NEVER been defined to the point of exactness. So there are many points which that brings up. All we know for sure is that they are a form of weapon which Darkseid uses to hopefully gain the upper hand.
Posted by MKF30

Was about to say in the Superman/Batman:Apocalypse movie, Kara dodges his beams and as they're seeking her, she flies behind Darkseid and they nail himself lol.  Nothing happens other then him getting hit. Her and Superman also just take it which tells me kryptonians are very, very durable to his OB's. So to me that makes sense, now if he hits a human or most other people it should fry them or disintegrate them IMO. 
Superman's heat vision at max power at least in the Silver Age was also said to destroy planets and ignite I'm curious as to what would happen if Superman charged his heat vision vs. Darkseid's OB's head on. 
Also, when Batman "died" didn't he actually get transported to another dimension after getting hit by Darkseid's OB's?

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