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Off My Mind: How Do Heroes Prepare for Bad Weather During Patrols?

Not all heroes have super-immune systems so they have to be prepared.

It's always a major bummer when you find out the weather is taking a turn for the worse and you have plans. It could plans to go to work or hang out with a friend but a change in the weather could make all that more difficult.

When it comes to crime and the evil ways of supervillains, they don't stop when it gets cold or rains. That means the heroes have no choice but to continue doing their job. They have to go out on patrol in order to protect the innocent against the vile criminal scum that never takes a rest. A change in the weather might not affect some heroes but most of the heroes aren't invulnerable to the harsh conditions of the weather.

What can the average hero do? Are they prepared for the different changes in weather or they simply tough it out and keep doing their job?

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"Alfred, prepare a hot bath in the Bat-tub."

Someone like Superman or Wonder Woman wouldn't have to worry about the cold rain or snow. You know Tony Stark has built a heater and air conditioning unit into his Iron Man Armor.

Even someone like Batman most likely has taking the weather under consideration. His suit probably has built-in bun warmers like some automobiles do. He probably has a different suit that keeps him cool during the summer temperatures.

But not all heroes have the luxury of having invulnerability or a fancy high-tech suit to protect them from the elements. The true hardcore heroes go out in nothing but spandex, regardless of what the weather is.

Imagine trying to fight crime in the snow or rain in nothing but spandex. This is the true test of being a hero. I've had my share of cold days growing up in the midwest. Playing in the snow can be fun but having to work in foul weather is nothing issue.

These days most heroes seem to have increased stamina and immune systems but they are not completely invulnerable. They still get bruised, bleed and can catch colds. Heroes can't just sit at home because the weather is crummy. They have too many innocents depending on their help. At the same time, if a hero goes out, saves a couple lives and ends up getting sick, many more lives could be at risk while they stay home eating chicken soup.

Spandex-wearing heroes could wear thermals underneath but if you think about that, it wouldn't really work. The spandex costumes are extremely tight-fitting and leave little to the imagination. You don't see any undergarment lines on superheroes (unless they wear their underpants on the outside, like Superman, Batman and others used to). If a hero like Spider-Man wore thermal long johns under his costume, he'd look a little bumpy.

It all goes down to clean living. Some heroes might embrace the change in the weather. They may even be prepared with an umbrella or special type of costume. It has seemed that the healing factors and immune systems of today's heroes has increased over the last couple decades. Spider-Man is one character that has had a cold on more than one occasion. I can't recall the last time I saw him sneeze so perhaps he's built up a tolerance. It might be that heroes just need to go out there and expose themselves to the harsh climates (and by expose, I mean still keeping their clothes on).

If a hero really doesn't want to deal with the bad weather, they could always relocate to a warmer area. Most of the heroes stick New York City. It does get cold there. Crime doesn't only exist in the Big Apple. There has to be a need for superheroes in warmer climates. Look at Kaine in SCARLET SPIDER. Houston had a bit of a problem on their hands and he was the only one around to deal with it.

When the bad weather comes, we all just need to deal with it. Still, I'm hoping it does clear up this coming weekend.

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Posted by Spydey

In one issue back when Torch and Spidey took on Vulture, Spidey said he made a costume out of wool once....never again. 

Posted by KidSupreme

@jubilee042 said:

simple they call in storm or thor ...or suffer mother natures wrath


Posted by Enosisik

I guess you'd have to ask this guy since he makes the costumes ....

Posted by Lvenger

@JairamGanpat: Indeed. One of my favourite episodes as that made Mr Freeze an awesome villain after the terrible renditions in the 1966 Batman series and Batman and Robin. If it wasn't for this episode, Mr Freeze wouldn't be the awesome villain he is today.

Posted by Calico5

they probably all have something to keep them warm or cool. Under Armour at the very least. Batman's suits probably are more efficient cop body armor with kevlar and if the cops can make it through he can. Spider-man just needs to check the weather before he goes out to know what suit to put on, he has money to get different kinds and he's been sporting an FF suit, iron spider suit, black suit, just to name a few. Peter Parker is also too smart (something people forget if they only read avengers titles for spider-man), to not know how to keep warm or cool. Rookie heros probably put on the layers or possibly (with a connection or two) some S.H.I.E.L.D gear. Shield agents never seem hot or cold even on the helicarrier, so Cap probably loans some stuff out.

Posted by TheGremlin

Polly Pros. Ask anyone in he military about their ninja silks. Its amazing how much that little bit does to help.

Posted by JonesDeini

Batman's got this covered.

Posted by Hakudoushinumbernine


<_<... is that so?... >_> then we must come to terms that some heroes are just Cheap bastards, and all of his Colds were do to him getting three ten year-olds to make his clothes from materials from Walmart.

Posted by mewmdude77

I think the only hero that gets hit really hard by weather is Spidey. Spidey rarely ever prepares, and gets colds and flus all the time. FF and X-men, and a lot of other Marvel heroes probably have costumes made by Reed Richards, and his unstable molecules. heroes like DD and other street heroes probably have much better sense than Spidey. Then the part robotic/ or all robotic heroes don't have to worry. then the invunerable heroes like Supes, Wonder Woman, Luke Cage, Wonder Man, etc. don't hve to worry. Batman always prepares, Flash is probably too fast, GL can use his ring to make a coat, Aquaman is from the ocean, and so on. Spidey on the other hand... he doesn't do any of that

Posted by Miss_Garrick

Shatterstar is so cute.

Posted by Mrfuzzynutz

thats why the have smart phones now, you can get the weather channel on your phones,

a little rain tonight? Sorry, no patrol for me

As you can tell I would be a warm climate superhero lol

Posted by Smokin_Ninja

@Crackdown said:

Fabrics like UnderArrmour are probably very popular with vigilantes. Some are waterproof, provide warmth in the cold, but can breathe in the summer. They're light, and allow free movement for acrobatics. They don't tear easily either.

I have to agree. Any good survivalist can tell you the key to staying warm is to layer and starting with a thin tight man-made layer first creats a thin pocket of air that acts as a buffer and insulation to keep you warm. Throw in an extra layer over the chest (in the form of decoration and embrodery) and make sure you head stays covered and your good to go. Spidey has it covered. He just needs to pop a little more vitamine C.