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Off My Mind: How AGE OF ULTRON Changes the Marvel Universe

They said things wouldn't be the same. Looks like they weren't joking.

There's been a lot of discussion over AGE OF ULTRON as the series progressed. There's no denying that the series has indeed "changed everything." Or at least it has made some major changes in the Marvel Universe. By now, you should have had enough time to read the issue since there will be some SPOILERS below.

When Ultron's "attack" devastated most of the Marvel Universe, it seemed time travel was the only key to saving the world and those that had already perished. The problem was, it didn't quite work out the way they planned. As some of the heroes went into the future in order to fight Ultron, who caused the destruction from there, Wolverine traveled back into the past (with Sue Richards trying to keep an eye on him) in order to kill Hank Pym before he could actually create Ultron. The result was time and the universe broke.

We saw some fissures in the Marvel Universe as a result. This means there will be some interesting crossover possibilities.

In AGE OF ULTRON #10, we even saw an image of Ben Grimm as Blackbeard the pirate. This sort of touches on something we've brought up since Beast brought the original X-Men from the past into the present in the pages of ALL-NEW X-MEN. The idea of time travel in the Marvel Universe didn't allow you to actually travel into your past. So when the Fantastic Four traveled back (in issue #5) and Ben was mistaken for Blackbeard, that didn't really happen. This was also fully explained to Ben by Reed in MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #50, when Ben tried traveling into the past to give a slightly younger version of himself a serum that could have cured him because his current body had become too comfortable with his rock-like state. When he arrived in the present, he was still the Thing and that's when Reed told him traveling back simply creates an alternate reality.

If this is the case, why did we catch a glimpse of Ben as Blackbeard? How can the original X-Men make a difference in the present? How could Wolverine have changed the past to fix the present?

These are some of the things that can be explored now. With time broken and the fissures existing, we can see more happen because of it (like Spider-Man 2099 somehow arriving in the present perhaps). We will also see the X-Men of the future travel into the present to discuss the problem with the X-Men from the past being in the present...

The other big outcome was the fuzzy line between "universes."

Somehow Galactus ends up in the Ultimate Universe. You may recall there was an Ultimate version of Galactus (even if many of us are trying to forget about it). The possibility of these universes crossing over also paves the way for the sequel to SPIDER-MEN with our Spider-Man and Miles Morales. If you read the first miniseries, you know there was a bit of a cliffhanger and we've all been wondering when we'll find out more.

Then of course there's Angela.

She did not seem too happy to find herself in the Marvel Universe. She pretty much vowed to get to the bottom of things. Having a character from the Spawn/McFarlane universe could mean possible crossovers with other publishers. It might not be too likely but at least it will be interesting to see how Angela and the Guardians of the Galaxy interact.

What does all this mean? That's the big question and the fact that we may not fully know all the answers makes this a bit exciting. Comic universes should definitely have firm rules and guidelines but you have to admit allowing those rules to bend a little gives the opportunities for different types of stories. As long as crazy events or crossovers don't happen all the time, this could be just the right kick in the pants to make what is currently an exciting time in the Marvel Universe even more exciting.

The final big question I have is once characters start to realize things have suddenly started changing, will Wolverine get the blame for being the one to break time?

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Posted by theTimeStreamer

angela's part in age of ultron was a big 0. she just appears in the last 2 pages pissed she's here, you know like good 90s characters.

Posted by KnightRise

Announcing Marvel's New 52!

Posted by RedX9

Seriously, Age of Ultron was a complete fail of a marvel event. I think on ign's podcast they said they had a hard time wondering why it was 10 issues because so much could have been cut out just to fit it down to 5 issues alone. but not just that but I really walked away from this with a "who cares" mentality. I'm not worried about consequences for this crap because it doesn't fit in the context of anything in regular 616 anyways even with Angela coming to the Guardians.

Posted by Trevel8182

One of the only thing's I liked about Age of Ultron.

Posted by OmgOmgWtfWtf

Is this time alteration thing meant to be permanent? Is Marvel trying to do a mini-flashpoint nonsense in order to legitimize revamping/ introducing new characters? I'm not entirely sure what was the point of this event. I mean if the changes are not permanent, then it's impact is zero and is practically a waste of time. Hopefully something good can come of this, because quite frankly Marvel is boring me to tears.

Edited by Darkmount1

I for one think we ought to convince Marvel to go on a break from events. Who's with me?

Posted by ULTRAstarkiller
Edited by MadeinBangladesh

I feel bad for the people who wasted $ on AoU and other past crap Marvel events.

Edited by StMichalofWilson

Announcing Marvel's New 52!

No crap! WTF Marvel?!

Posted by lifeboy

Why Angela?? She is a minor player to be fussing over. Its like getting free samples of toothpaste and floss at the dentist office. Its good, but nothing I'm going to go ape $h!t over..

Posted by JamDamage


not even close. Marvel will still be good.

Posted by darknightspideyfanboy
Posted by JamDamage


Posted by JamDamage

is there a reason the top of my page says Giant Bomb and not Comicvine too??

Posted by JTKirk101

I Guess this explains the Deadpool vs Deadpool Series too, in previews he in in 616.As you can see in the pictures of AU #10, That is the Evil one from the kills series. Screw the Haters Hope this turns out well!! Most interested to see how this will effect the X men in the near future.

Edited by Smart_Dork_Dude

@knightrise said:

Announcing Marvel's New 52!

DON'T EVEN JOKE ABOUT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marvel already has a New 52!!!!! It's called the Ultimate Universe!!!!!!

If anything, Marvel is learning from DC's mistake and is going to use the opportunity to remove the BAD story arcs and crossover events that have cluttered their universe and make things more simplified to new readers while keeping things roughly the same as possible for old readers..

Posted by kid Apollo

so i tried to come at this series with an open mind and a willing heart... i got to issue 3, realized i didnt care because it wasnt strictly 616 and stopped pickin up the books. of all the possible set-in-stone changes that could be brought to the 616, i dont see any of them staying permanent. the only consequences that matter are ones that last more then 5 years. ie No More Mutants. ill read the trade in 5 yrs, see if any of this stuff matters... but i wont hold my breath

Posted by vandinejd_1991

Marvel vs. DC II !!!!

Posted by SavageDragon

Man so many negative comments on here. The event itself was ok, but at least we can look forward to the future for Marvel. "Hunger" seems pretty interesting.

Posted by SandMan_

Did Marvel reboot its Universe?

Posted by NovaRichRider

One of the only thing's I liked about Age of Ultron.

I haven't been reading AoU. Is Richard Rider back?

Edited by Zeeguy91

@sandman_ said:

Did Marvel reboot its Universe?


Posted by DJ1107

Here's an off my mind: Why do you even bother making a article about marvel when the outcome of negative comments will always be the same?

Posted by dondave

The only good thing about this event was that Galactus is now in the Ultimate Universe

Posted by modunhanul
@redx9 said:

Seriously, Age of Ultron was a complete fail of a marvel event.

At least it sold well...
Edited by tigerkaya

@smart_dork_dude: You can spin it however you want but its still a Marvel New 52.

As to the event it painfully reminds me too much of Flashpoint now that I have to be reminded that every retcon is because of Wolverine give me Space Phantoms retcon any day. After this event I'll be dropping out of Marvel for good look more for the old issues. I hope everyone enjoys Marvel NOW though.

Posted by Holuntron

See, even though I prefer Marvel characters this is why I usually only pick up DC:

I have no idea what the hell is going on here...

Posted by IDontLikeBirds

@smart_dork_dude: Their Ultimate Universe would be more comparable to DC's Earth 2. New take on classic characters while retaining the previous ones and having them exist in another world. Earth 2, just like The Ultimate Universe, has killed off major characters and kept them dead.

Posted by DJ1107

@novarichrider: If that's the case I hope so because I want people to shut the hell up about the character so guys like me can finally enjoy the current ongoing

Edited by IDontLikeBirds

This won't be a reboot, just a catalyst and plot device to create other titles and stories much like AvX was. AvX wasn't a big deal, but the aftermath is what really was good (not the actual event, just the series and teams that came out of it). AoU will probably just create some one off's, story arcs, and maybe some cross overs.

Edited by DJ1107

@idontlikebirds: you're pretty much right AU is pretty much giving us Avengers A.I., Hunger, & the Angela storyline for GotG,

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

So wait, is the results of Age of Ultron being Marvel's version of the DC Crisis on Infinite Earth's? Meaning that it cleaned up and limited the amount of alternate timelines? Or maybe made it like Blackest Night in that it gave more concrete rules to the timeline alternate reality stuff?


Did this reboot everything like I have heard some say?

Posted by nappystr8

Marvel's events have been getting consistently worse and worse as they have occurred more and more frequently and as they have included more and more issues. Fear Itself was a wake up call for me, and I haven't picked up a Marvel event book since. I can only hope that for others who persevered, that AVX was a last straw for many. To those who kept reading all the way through this AOU nonsense, I hope you take this opportunity to finally jump ship.

Secret Wars was amazing, Civil War was amazing, I'm not anti-event. I'm anti garbage. These events are garbage, no matter what big writer or artist they get on board. Infinity is not going to be any different. The only way to stop these meaningless and unending events is to stop purchasing them.

Posted by DJ1107

@nappystr8: So what about Spider-Island? that was an event everyone seems to like

Posted by Degalon

I'm sorry, this whole Age of Ultron thing just sounds idiotic.

So all that's happening is we are getting a Marvelverse Primepunched Flashpoint to make a new 52.

This is not even getting into the idiocy that is doing regular crossovers with Ultimate Universe. I remember when Ultimate was FULLY seperate, and them saying "Actually crossing over with ultimate universe would be a sign of total desperation". Lo and it's just another alternate universe.

the Age of Ultron storyline sounded cute in a "AoA/2099/Deadpool kills marvel universe/marvel zombies" alternate story kinda thing. But trying to make it actually matter? No. We already have stupid crap like Avengers Arena for killing off beloved characters.

Makes me glad I haven't bought an actual comic since Onslaught: Marvel Universe.

Posted by bigboi100000

Didn't tony keep crapping on the series in his reviews?

Posted by bigboi100000

I honestly don't understand why so much is blamed on Superman. Much of the city was destroyed before the fight by Zod's machine. During the fight with Zod, he spent most of the time either getting thrown around or chasing Zod. At one point they did fight in space, but Zod hit Supes with the satellite and knocked him back down to Metropolis. Plus, this was only Superman's second battle with a person who had the same level of power as him. Zod was a trained Kryptonian soldier. It's amazing he even won.

Posted by V_Scarlotte_Rose

@degalon said:

the Age of Ultron storyline sounded cute in a "AoA/2099/Deadpool kills marvel universe/marvel zombies" alternate story kinda thing. But trying to make it actually matter? No. We already have stupid crap like Avengers Arena for killing off beloved characters.

No-one actually died in Age Of Ultron though. Except Ultron.

Posted by iaconpoint

I don't read Marvel "events", but anytime Galactus is involved I'm interested. It takes a completely braindead writer to mess up Galactus.

Edited by Jonny_Anonymous

@degalon: Don't you read comics at all?

Posted by FoxxFireArt

There should be a moratorium on how many times you can use time travel as a plot device within a given year. It just comes across as lazy writing. Why use time travel to fix your problems? It's not as if that plan has ever worked without dire consequences.

This completely undermines what always saved Marvel from having repeated paradoxes with time travel. It made for such a great built in excuse for it just making alternate universes. Opening the door to actually changing history makes for a dangerous precedent for the publisher.

Characters that are pulled into a universe that isn't their own may work for fighting games (ala INJUSTICE and Scorpion), but not so much with comics. If they're going to use Angela. Just put her in as if she's a newly discovered character that's always been there. It's not as if they're ever going to acknowledge her past with Spawn.

I don't agree with Quesada on a lot of things, but I agreed that merging 616 universe with the Ultimate is a sign of running out of ideas. The Ultimate universe was fun becasue they didn't cross. It's a separate place that allowed them to take risks and do wildly different things. The rules are different in that world. Combining the worlds mean combining the rules.

Posted by bigboi100000

Negative jackasses

Edited by silverJuggernaut

bunch of negatIve nancIes on here.

Posted by LordRequiem

Marvel;'s attempt at a New 52-esque universe by the sounds of it. They can't just leave the timelines alone.

Posted by CompaC

A Big fat failed Event

Posted by wundagoreborn

I for one think we ought to convince Marvel to go on a break from events. Who's with me?

My name is wundagoreborn and I approve this message.

(Unfortunately, only sales numbers will convince them)

Edited by Michael_Moran

@knightrise: I hate th e new 52 and I don't think this is a reboot like that just adds more flexibility

Posted by E1000

@nappystr8: I really hope you're wrong about Infinity...

BTW, 2 questions for those who read AoU, what the hell happened to the heroes who went to the future ? and

how the hell did Wolverine kill the other version of him ??

Posted by V_Scarlotte_Rose

@e1000 said:

@nappystr8: I really hope you're wrong about Infinity...

BTW, 2 questions for those who read AoU, what the hell happened to the heroes who went to the future ? and

how the hell did Wolverine kill the other version of him ??

1. Nothing happened. When Hank was killed, there was no Ultron, and therefore that future could not exist.

2. Not sure. Beheading?

Posted by Xwraith

@redx9 said:

Seriously, Age of Ultron was a complete fail of a marvel event.

At least it sold well...

People are stupid.