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Off My Mind: Franken-Castle Vs Daken Round 2, Who Will Win?

They're going at it again, will we see a different winner this time?

Who doesn't dig a good comic book fight? How many times had we seen Wolverine and the Punisher at odds with each other? It wasn't until we had Dark Reign: The List - Punisher that things changed. It wasn't Wolverine fighting Punisher but instead his son Daken, the Dark Wolverine. Frank Castle is a talented and trained guy. He's been fighting the "bad guys" for a while now. I just always felt going up against a Wolverine-type character would be a different story. In that The List book, we saw Norman Osborn send Daken to deal with Frank. In a surprising move (on Marvel's part), Daken won and chopped Frank to pieces. Frank was able to do what Humpty Dumpty couldn't, he was put back together again and became Franken-Castle. 
Beginning in Dark Wolverine #88 and continuing in the newly retitled Franken-Castle #19, we will see a four part rematch between the two.

Frank's had some time to adjust to his new form. You would imagine that he's still a little angry at getting beat and chopped to pieces. Will that all be enough when facing the savage and ruthless Daken? Frank may have had time to get used to his new body and will most likely get some heavy ordinance and a heavy tactical plan to take on Daken, but will it be enough? Daken won't be in the most kind-hearted state of mind after recent events involving his father. Frank may try to set a trap as he hunts down Daken but will the table get turned on him? The solicit for Franken-Castle #19 promises us the following:

Everything you ever wanted all in one comic – in the most brutal, down-in-the-dirt, blood-soaked, slugfest the law will allow per page -- guaranteed to kick you right in your damned face, in mighty Marvel fashion, naturally. 

Punisher fans might disagree but I don't think he can take on Daken. I don't think he should be able to. Frank may be more of a monster and machine now but I still don't think that's enough. Daken sliced him up with minimal effort. He's smaller, faster and more deadly. It's going to be interesting to see what Frank does to plan for this fight. Will it be enough or will Daken just chop him up once again? I like that the fight is taking place in both their books. Often the winner is determined by whose book the fight occurs in. The story may be written that Frank will get his revenge and even though I'm digging the Franken-Castle stories, I just don't see him as the winner. Perhaps Daniel Way, Marjorie Liu and Rick Remender will prove me wrong.

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Posted by skaarason

daken wins round 2 

Posted by jloneblackheart

Why couldn't Daken win again?

Posted by The Devil Tiger

Seriously, I still hope Frank will kick daken's @$$  ! 
Yeah, of course, Daken is obviously more powered than the Punisher, but I think you can often outsmart an ennemy. Of course, Daken has became a smartass vicious killer over the course of Dark reign and siege, still, you may never know... 
Posted by FatBoiFreshh

i would love to see that lil slimmy bastard get what he deserves daken needs to be cut into a million pieces 

Posted by Nerd Of A Hero

The fight between Daken and Frank at their first encounter was awesome and intense for my taste. I'm sure this will be just as or even better than before, other's don't bother reading it if there's any doubts. Nuff said.
Posted by Lamenoire

please, just stop this frankencastle nonsense !  
The punisher his supposed to be a non-superpowered bad ass vigilante, not a bad Frankenstein caricature !

Posted by InspiringMuffin

Frank might have some help this time from all the other monsters he's helped recently. That could most certainly turn the battle in his favor, because as slow as he's gotten, it seems like Daken could take him to bits. Again.

Edited by SUPER-MAN 23

So I guess Frank is going to loose again then get revenge and beat Daken, or kill him.

Posted by The Sadhu

I think Frank is gonna pull it off and come out with a victory here! 
That will then lead to the third and final show down! 
Franken-Castle vs Daken-Stein
Posted by the_fallen11

Daken owns

Posted by FoxxFireArt

If Punisher was going to lose twice to Daken. I don't see why they would of botherer with such an elaborate defeat and revival.

Posted by Tony Rogers

Frankenscastle is a badass looking guy 
Posted by goldenkey

there is no way in hell Punisher is going to lose. 
Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

Who wins? Us

Posted by Hellos
@goldenkey said:
"there is no way in hell Punisher is going to lose.  "

In a one on one fight I don't see how he will fair any better than before. :P
Posted by Bossjugg


Posted by GT-Man

i hope frank wins
Posted by Yaujtapool

Punisher still wouldn't stand a chance against Daken.

Posted by Theansweris42

Not a huge fan of either personally.  Though willing to through my hat into the Castle ring, not really for this guys is stronger than that guy, but simply Daken doesn't have much of a place in the heroic age.  Very good chance he'll end up dead like a few other characters that were mascots of this Dark Age of comics.   
And I'm fine with that, if a character has outlived their time they need to die.  Otherwise we'll see Daken as a regular good guy, or a full out bad guy. 

Posted by King Quisling

Punisher win because Daken can't use his pheromones on someone who doesn't need to breathe.

Posted by LT1085

I'd be willing to be that  Daken gave frank a massive dose of his phermones in their first fight and frank has just been tripping this whole frankencastle thing and is actually in a mini coma right now under the watch of his tech guy 

Posted by Bullseye1930

Maybe Daken will chop up Frank again. And this time when they put him back together he will be back to the classic punisher......I hope :-(
Posted by elevatorparty
@The Sadhu: daken-stein - absolute genius!  
I prefer Daken then punisher, his character just seems more interesting and with more possibilities. And Wolverine needs an arch-enemy more than the world needs a pg13 punisher.  
Posted by Theodore

Daken FTW

Posted by Morpheus_
Daken should win, but he won't.
Posted by Walker696

god somebody please tell me this is just Frank having one hell of a bad dream. I'm all for curve balls but seriously Frankin-Castle, its as bad the Hulked up Heroes. Come on marvel please find some better things for your characters. I've always seen Punisher as Batman if he decided to use guns and kill people and I would have liked the two to team up. I use to like Daken until what he did to Frank because now we are stuck with this bulls**t. Don't get me wrong the fight should be great but the story is making me mad.

Posted by darkxman123

frank will win or they wouldent put it in ha that ryemed

Posted by spiderguylll

as much as I love Daken over Logan and Frank, I think Frank's gonna win cause he's in the shadowland story

Posted by fedykin87

They'll probably do the old 'switch victories' type thing where Daken beat him before so now its Frank's turn to beat him or something.

Posted by InnerVenom123

That bomb he used in "The List" should have taken Daken down for a longer amount of time.

Posted by ImperiousRix

Although I'm going to guess that the winner WILL be the Punisher, I definitely think Daken should win.  He's just too much for Frank, regardless of any preparations or precautions he may take.  If Daken gets anywhere near Frank, I think it's no contest.

Posted by TheManOfSteel456

Have you forgotten Dakens healing powers? Daken would OWN Frank all over again. A FINAL WORD didn't take him down.

Posted by UltimateHero

Bone claws should be banished from the Marvel universe.

Posted by ka385385

Edited by MTHarman

I could careless, I'll be interested when it's Punisher (alive) vs Daken: round two. This Franken-f*** is just one big "F*** You" from Marvel because he didn't make enough sales.

And how the hell is it that its Franken-f*** vs Daken round "2", last time I checked, Punisher was alive in the first round.

Posted by Jessica Baby

Daken because he is like wolverine's son. and there is no way Frankie can top the healing ability of Daken. plus Daken is pure coolness.

Posted by Dakens son

It will be bloody!

Posted by Dakens son
@skaarason said:
" daken wins round 2  "
Maybe but it would be one hell of a fight
Posted by ComicStooge

Punisher's gonna tear Daken limb from limb.

Posted by darkmew55
@FatBoiFreshh said:
"i would love to see that lil slimmy bastard get what he deserves daken needs to be cut into a million pieces  "

my thoughts EXACTLY. why would they bring him back if hes going to lose?
Posted by ComicStooge

This put a smile on my face:    

Posted by marvelunivers_deleteme

Daken if he is really pissed

Posted by DAKEN1

If or when Frank tries to get his revenge on Daken(and im sure he will defiantly try again in the future) Im not sure how things will play out I love both characters(pretty much all marvel characters) but im certain neither of them are gonna die/killed.Secondly on another note hopefully Rob Williams gets Daken out of the shit hole he so eagerly threw him into or Daken wont be much of a threat to anyone.

Posted by Bionder

@DAKEN1: I dont think that Frank will be after Daken not with Greg Rucka