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Off My Mind: Doctor Doom Takes Over Leadership of the Future Foundation

Will this benefit mankind or bring about our destruction?

The word is out that the Fantastic Four will be re-forming in November's issue #600, despite the team's decision to disband after the death of Johnny Storm, the Human Torch. As the Future Foundation, the remaining members, along with Spider-Man, decided to try to better mankind. The threats against the world were bigger than what the Fantastic Four faced before.

In trying to carry on Reed Richards' "solve everything" idea, Doctor Doom, the Fantastic Four's greatest enemy, was brought in as part of the team. After Doom suffered some brain damage to his intellect, Valeria, behind her parents' backs, made a deal to help repair his mind in return for Doom to help out her father. Reluctantly, and perhaps in part out of his arrogance, he agreed and became a member of the Future Foundation.

Doom is many things and always has his own agenda. He was at the mercy of the young, but extremely intelligent, Valeria when it came to restoring his mind. Whether or not Doom can be trusted remains to be seen but, in some ways, he is a man of honor. Is that honor enough to allow him to have control over the Future Foundation? Not only are the lives of children being placed in Doom's care but also the lives of Reed and Sue's children, Franklin and Valeria. How long until Doom reveals his true intentions for working with the Future Foundation?

== TEASER ==

The one unknown is why is there a need to bring back the Fantastic Four? They do represent something but after disbanding, the impression was given that the Future Foundation could be the natural evolution of the Fantastic Four. Why limit a team to just four members when you can add in a team of geniuses. If Reed, Sue, Ben and Spider-Man will have missions from time to time, does that mean they will leave Doom in charge of the FF?

Doom is a brilliant man who's arrogance and obsession have gotten the better of him time and time again. Admitting he needed Valeria and Reed's help was a big step. He has been playing nicely with others since agreeing to join the FF. Perhaps after all these years, Doom has found a new role for himself. Magneto used to be the X-Men's greatest enemy and he has been fighting at their side now for years. Villains often change their ways and become heroes. Whether it's to seek redemption or just common sense in what is right, the idea of Doom embracing doing good in the world could be a possibility.

But this is Doctor Doom we're talking about. The chances of Doom finally becoming a good guy is about the same as Superman and Lex Luthor renting an apartment together as roommates. Doom always has something up his sleeves. He might be willing to continue his work with the FF. He did make a deal with Valeria and he does keep his word. What happens when the terms of the deal are met? Doom's mind has been repaired and now Doom just needs to do his part.

It is possible Doom might want to try doing good for a change. His arrogance and sense of competition with Reed could be the motivating factor. If Doom is able to accomplish more good than Reed could, it would be a way to finally prove his superior intellect or that he could be a better leader. Reed lost a team member so Doom might ensure that never happened under his watch. Reed wanted to solve everything but Doom is sly enough to find ways to work in his favor.

Other villains may have redeemed themselves in the past but Doom is his own man. He doesn't follow the normal protocols that other villains do. Doom doesn't see himself as a villain. He ruled his country in a way he sees fit. He will do the same if he becomes the leader of the FF. something more here...

Would Reed and Sue entrust Doom with their children and the other ones under their care? There's no doubt Sue would make it perfectly clear to Doom that she would deal with him herself if anything were to happen. Then again, Sue hasn't done a single thing in retaliation of her brother's death. Her sibling and children could be separate issues but it's hard to say.

Because of Valeria's intellect, there is the tiny chance that Reed and Sue would trust in her to be able to take care of herself and do the right thing. Having Alex Power and Dragon Man around could also make them feel more at ease. Obviously they wouldn't stand a chance against Doom. Could this be the area Doom will be lying and waiting to attack and get his revenge on Reed? If he could persuade and corrupt Valeria into thinking along his ways, that could be the greatest slap in the face to Reed.

Reed Richards of course is a smart guy as well. If he is willing to allow Doom to have more control with the Future Foundation, he will have to keep a super close on eye on him. There's a chance that Doom might want to try to make changes in the world for the better to prove to Reed that he can do more. Doom turning over a new leaf is just impossible to accept. He is clearly planning something. With Doom in charge of the Future Foundation, he is likely to doom the team and the future of the world as well.

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Posted by doublezeroduck


Posted by ssejllenrad


Posted by RainEffect
*Points to Sue threatening Doompicture*
Johnny Bravo - "She's in denial."
Posted by Eyz

This had to happen eventually :D

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

Those kids are f$%*ed.....

Posted by Dernman

Reed needs to take Valeria over his knee for a long deserved punishment.

Posted by fivestarga

Finally, an article that doesn't feature Wolverine. Maybe Doom can figure out how to stop marvel from mass producing Wolvie.
Edited by hitechlolife

I hope it's Doom perverting the FF to the point where the Fantastic Four has no choice but to reform. He could turn it into a veritable legion of Doom (unavoidable,sorry). He's already had a cadre of villains handed to him that will make for great toadies.

Posted by grimlock

Hmmm...i am still digesting this. I think in this position, Doom will be able to give us the thrills he is so good at creating but all in all i agree with Avenging-X-Bolt; these kids are in some deeeep "something"

Posted by goldenkey

realy like this idea

Posted by FoxxFireArt

Okay, whoever didn't see this coming raise your hands............... Really, no one's going to raise their hand? I thought so.

Trusting Doom with your kids? I wouldn't trust him with my bonzai tree. Maybe my stock portfolio. You need to be unconscionably evil to make that grow effectively.


I think if we took a poll on most predictable event in comics this year. This would be the winner.

Posted by christopherwalken

Am I the only one who tends to find the forces of good ever so slightly wimpish? Would a victory for evil be such a big deal? Really?

Edited by Red_Robin212

I'd like to see Doom as a "hero" (for a short time)

Mainly as a curiosity

Posted by InnerVenom123

Doom is pure villain, nothing can change that, and hopefully, nothing will ever try.

Posted by Mbecks14

What is with Marvel and making all their best villains heroes? Norman Osborn. Magneto. Venom. Now Dr. Doom? Magneto and Dr. Doom are their two quintessential villains, they're mass murderers who have killed heroes' friends, WHO'S TRUSTING THESE PEOPLE?!?!?!

Next we're going to see Red Skull in a Bucky Uniform.

Posted by nickthedevil

it was only a mater of time i guess.

Can someone say, BONED?

Posted by geminisama

@christopherwalken said:

Am I the only one who tends to find the forces of good ever so slightly wimpish? Would a victory for evil be such a big deal? Really?

You're not the only one. Being good comes with so many trivial limitations, and sets you up for an unending volley of betrayals, back stabbing, and manipulation. I've always thought that Heroes should generally be neutral, as hardly anything is ever purely black and white.

Posted by Decept-O

Doom needs no one! I find it a hard concept to have Doom anywhere near the FF whether its the Future Foundation or Fantastic Four in any capacity whatsoever. No matter how noble Richards' intentions might be, it is just an asinine idea on all fronts, but that's just my opinion

Posted by Saren


Posted by FadeToBlackBolt

Doom should kill them all. 

Posted by fodigg

Dr. Doom was a great protagonist in Doom 2099.

Posted by n25philly

@fivestarga said:

Finally, an article that doesn't feature Wolverine. Maybe Doom can figure out how to stop marvel from mass producing Wolvie.

A few issues in Doom will remove his mask and reveal he is really Wolverine. What, you expected a book without him?

Posted by RainEffect
@FadeToBlackBolt said:
Doom should kill them all. 
Doom approves of this comment.
Posted by difficlus

@n25philly said:

@fivestarga said:

Finally, an article that doesn't feature Wolverine. Maybe Doom can figure out how to stop marvel from mass producing Wolvie.

A few issues in Doom will remove his mask and reveal he is really Wolverine. What, you expected a book without him?


Posted by ltbrd

There are people still reading this book? Wow. Thought this thing had died because of how ridiculously stupid the entire premise of this book is. Honestly if there is one thing Marvel consistently does far worse than any other comic book company its create these organizations that have the means, intelligence, and technology to solve all of the world's problems (famine, disease, etc....) in one night and yet THEY DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING PRODUCTIVE. They face down cosmic level beings and yet can't come up with new an unlimited power source like Stark's arc reactor technology or some other technological marvel. A ridiculous premise on a title that is literally going nowhere. 
Also I hate Valeria.....though I must admit its not her character in general (being a genius) but the way in which genius kids are written. Maybe its also the fact that X-Men:Schism is leaving a bad taste in my mouth but its something about the way these authors write extremely intelligent children that just pisses me the hell off. Valeria is no exception and I can't help but read about these characters and hope for the day when all of their plans fail and they get a dose of reality that they are just kids playing against adults that have been doing this for years. Also the amount of old people jokes and grandpa/grandma names that gets thrown around by these characters is just as bad as a racial character being sterotyped but nobody seems to really care.
Posted by unipysc0

I don't know why thy're asking if Doom has become a hero? Doom has always been the greatest hero,he just believes that the end justifies the means. when the Panther God judged his worthiness of the vibranium, he saw a world under Doom was a good world. look at Latveria. Doom for the 2012 election

Posted by themanwoaname

am i the only person to notice that gman writes in circles? in every article? it's very distracting.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Okay does anyone else agree with me that Doom in these pictures looks very, VERY much like his 2099 self? Not that the 2099 identity was different or alternate or anything, but look at that suit. It looks practically uncanny to the one we saw in that 90s series. Blue cowl and all that instead of green and everything. Only difference is no red eyes on the visor. On the other hand though, I do agree that it just seems too convenient an idea that Doom is becoming good and wants to do right for a change. Doom becoming to the FF what Magneto has become to the X-Men. Frankly it is becoming too cliche for me to really take it seriously anymore...the current paradigm of lifelong super-villains turning to the side of good. Not that it can't be a good plot device but when you start to include heavy evil hitters like Doom apparently trying to go to the good side of things, you can't help but wonder if it is genuine or if it is just a good ploy to compel us to buy more books. He is just biding his time until they are at their most vulnerable, and then Doom is going to attack. And with him in such close proximity to Franklin and Valeria things could definitely become quite problematic. No villain stays good forever even if they supposedly turn "good." They invariably go back into their old habits because that's their MO. Watch and see how this plays out. Doom is a snake, trying to be all good now but that will be to his advantage. As Sun Tzu once said "know your enemy, and upon a hundred battlefields you shall never fail." And that's what Doom is trying all the more to do by being close to them. Doom shall strike again, mark my words.

Posted by labarith

No doubt the entire F4 will be playing Wolverine (IE, on multiple teams), so Doom WILL NOT be the leader.

I can see Doom sticking around if he proves himself - remember, since his return with "the Master of Doom", he has been playing "nice" with the F4 - although, sometimes "playing nice" amounted to kidnapping susan and putting her in VR while Reed-Doom dicked around...

Now, Doom is "as smart" as he used to be - but this is prior-to-MOD "smart" - he's surely lost a substantial amount of mystical mojo in the whole intelligencia thing, but I'm not sure this hinders his new "I'm above all that" stance.

Now - if Reed, the F4, or the FF stand in his way - he's not gonna take that lying down. But, if his emotional maturity is the same, he's not going to randomly stab Richards in the back. I suppose we might ask if he'll plant precautioins/computer viruses/backdoors/demons/etc. in the Baxter Building... but I strongly suspect that any of that will be future-writer retcons. For now, he's playing nice. But when he gets his ducks in a row, his ducks are gonna be in a row - come F4 or FF.

Posted by red_rover

I'm still thinking about Superman and Luthor as roommates. It would make a great sitcom. I'm thinking a Laverne and Shirley style opening title sequence.

Posted by Sapphire Warlock

@fivestarga said:

Finally, an article that doesn't feature Wolverine. Maybe Doom can figure out how to stop marvel from mass producing Wolvie.


Posted by JonesDeini

@FadeToBlackBolt said:

Doom should kill them all.

There was an interesting what if story a where Doom took over the world, made it into a utopia, advanced man kind to one of the premier species in the Marvel he got bored and free a specific group of characters he felt had the power to defeat him, you know, just for the hell of it. Said all that to say this, Doom is awesome!!!

Posted by fenixREVOLUTION

I'm excited for this more than Fantastic Four returning.

Posted by TheHT

This is awesome!

Posted by CombatSpoon86

now I'm excited for the now the two F4 books by Hickman. Doom is leading FF. How awesome is that.

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Doom shall save the world....DOOOMMMM!!!!!

Posted by sora_thekey

Awesome idea! Can't wait to see how this unfolds!

Posted by iLLituracy
@FadeToBlackBolt said:
Doom should kill them all. 
You just want Valeria dead.
Posted by FadeToBlackBolt
@iLLituracy said:
@FadeToBlackBolt said:
Doom should kill them all. 
You just want Valeria dead.
Maybe a little =P

Want In Doom We Trust shirt
@fodigg said:

Dr. Doom was a great protagonist in Doom 2099.

Doom was great in the 2099-verse period, couldn't be understated.
Hickman established that during his tenure with the quartet Dr.Doom outgrew his dated relationship with Richards, and now considers 
Richards beneath his equal. Valeria's relation is obvious, since Dr.Doom originally saved her life, this was owed to him. Doom doesn't
show interest in destroying the world, and especially the timeline be that the future, past or present shown by the many times he protected
it and his knowledge of all timelines, so I would have to guess he's playing at something different all together.
Posted by frogjitsu

I want Doom to corrupt Valeria, and make her his Protege. What a slap in the face the would be to Richards. Then doom should just take over the world. Come on Marvel, you know you want a big blockbuster summer event where Doom rules the world, and turns it into the premier super power in the universe. Like Doom could be content with the world.

Posted by kennybaese

Sue Richards is a badass.

That is all.

Posted by Malonius

Doom is a hero. Latveria was a freaking Utopia. There's a lot of out of control people and countries in the world that must be brought under control before they can be taught the kind of self-control that Reed aspires to. The question is whether or not Doom believes that everyone can learn self-control.

Posted by The Stegman

To be honest, this doesn't make me any more interested, i never liked Doom, he just seems like yet another arrogant dictator of a foreign land

Posted by VanTesla

For the kids being so smart they are quite dumb when it comes to Dooms history record. Maybe the parents should act like parents and teach them right from wrong. Well Sue and Reed are kinda dumb in common sense as well...

Posted by JMLG

@Mbecks14 said:

Next we're going to see Red Skull in a Bucky Uniform.


Posted by Blizaga101

i love the last pic of sue shouting at doom, the dialouge is hilarious

Posted by The Impersonator

According to CNN News, a whole bunch of space satellites are going to fall upon us. We are....Doomed!

Posted by frostious

Wow, Sue, you're a first-class hero, aren't you just? You're above killing people, but not above turning someone into a drooling vegetable (which, at least in my opinion, is far worse than killing). A+ superheroing right there.

Yes, I mad.

Posted by EugeneSaxe

Doom's just using the FF to find a way to defeat Squirrel Girl.

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