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Off My Mind: Death In The Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four will become the Fantastic Three?

Marvel is saying one of the Fantastic Four will fall and perish in the upcoming arc, Fantastic Four: Three starting in issue #583. We've seen death in comics many times but perhaps this will be different.  
Besides the promise of a death in this story arc, there are so many things coming in this title that has me excited. Fantastic Four was one of the first titles I got hooked on with issue #273 being the first that I bought. I know a lot of readers have a hard time getting into the title the same way they struggle with Superman comics. I believe the perception is these comics aren't as hip as some of the newer titles. The Fantastic Four has always been about a family going on adventures. It's simply so much more than that. Since Jonathan Hickman has started writing, that perception should change.  
Besides a possible death, why am I excited over this?
 == TEASER == 
With Hickman's writing since issue #570, the title has gotten better each month. With issue #583, Steve Epting comes on board as the artist. That alone is a reason for me to get excited. You'll notice that the cover is drawn by another of my favorites, Alan Davis. In the preview (below) you'll see mention of Kristoff.  
Kristoff Vernard, aka Kristoff Von Doom is the adopted son of Dr. Doom. When Doom seemingly died, a Doombot implanted Doom's memories into Kristoff and he believed he was the true Victor Von Doom. You can imagine the problems it caused when the real Doom eventually returned. There's also the possibility that floated around with Nathaniel Richards being Kristoff's actual father. It's going to be interesting to see why Doom will be summoning Kristoff and what he'll be like after all this time. 
Going back to the issue of a death, will a member actually die?  Death is so overused. Whenever there's a death in comics, it's just not a big deal, especially when it's a major character. You know they won't remain dead for long. Despite the tease for issue #583, there have been four different images telling us that one of the Fantastic Four will be gone. Which member will be the unlucky one?

We've recently seen the deaths of Cable, Nightcrawler and Sentry. Is Hickman and Marvel really serious about killing a member of the Fantastic Four? Part of me feels that with all these deaths, they have to start taking them seriously if we're supposed to start caring in the slightest bit.  
Just like I feel the death of Nightcrawler, Cable and Sentry won't last, I don't think whoever dies in the FF will remain dead for long. I am super excited for this story arc despite the possible death stunt factor. The combination of Hickman and Epting is going to make this great title even better. Check out the preview pages with Doom and a curious visit by Valeria Richards. Issue #583 is on sale September 22, 2010.

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Edited by CaptainUseless

Didn't expect this at all.
I think Reed will die...

Edited by Joeybagad0nutz

Not sure who will die, but it looks like Spider-man is going to be joinging the Fantastic Four. 
Posted by CaptainGenisVell

Reed or Sue in my mind, doubt they would kill Johnny off after what happened to him in Civil War and the same goes for Ben as he has had alot of stories based around him changed back to his normal form.

Posted by neillius

Lame, The killing off of characters in comics is starting to get boring.
Posted by CaptainGenisVell
Exactly, and it's not like this death is going to keep either. Wish the Big 2 would kill someone off but not bring them back...ever!
Posted by Joeybagad0nutz
@CaptainGenisVell said:
"Reed or Sue in my mind, doubt they would kill Johnny off after what happened to him in Civil War and the same goes for Ben as he has had alot of stories based around him changed back to his normal form. "

What happened to Johnny in Civil War?
Posted by G-Man
@neillius: That's why I feel they have to do something different with this one. I hate deaths in comics but I really dig what Hickman's been doing.
Posted by nicknicholby

just don't kill sue.

Edited by ComicMan24

Death in comics is starting to annoy me. Can't we have a decent story without a death that won't probably last? But the storyline sounds interesting.

Edited by CaptainGenisVell
  The severe beating and hospital stay he took from civilians
Also what about the other outfit Spidey has been seen in as promo art?
Posted by Joeybagad0nutz
Oh yea, I remember that. It wasn't that bad he came back. But, I have no idea who they are going to kill off. Each character has a role that has been so burned into my mind, I can't even imagine anyone else taking that spot.
Posted by Secret Identity

I think Sue probably. Either that or Reed.

Posted by War Killer

With how they played it off with Sue dying in (I think it was Millar and Hitch's run on the series) but really turning out to be a Sue from 500 years in the future, I think it would be cheap to kill her off now. I in truth don't think anyone will die, but my best guess it would be Reed since this is all on his head, but seeing as how they've been doing some changes with Ben, I have a feeling that's all going to backfire one way or another and possibly not in a good way either. Still, I am as well super-excited for this storyline, I've been enjoying the the series (even though the Four Cities bored me a little) but the storyline where Reed tires to solve everything was fantastic! (it works okay :P) Plus I loved Epting's art when he was on Captain America and I'm liking what I'm seeing of it here too!!! ^__^

Posted by CaptainGenisVell
They've tried something like this before though and not so long ago, when Sue and Reed left them for abit and Storm and Black Panther took there place. Just seems like this sort of storyline keeps coming round for them; re-arranging the team somehow, trying to change the dynamics to make it more fun for the readers only for it to get back to the status-quo.
Posted by SpidermanWins

I would want it to be Reed but I think it will be Sue or Johnny being stupid. I can't see the Ben dying.

Posted by FadeToBlackBolt

Kill Johnny. It'll be Reed. But man I want Johnny to die.

Posted by bingbangboom

Havn't they tried this before? I remember a few years ago they made a big deal about the death of Sue but it didn't really happen. I think it was just a story they wanted to get out there. Now another possibility is taking away someone's power that would "kill" that member. If you take away Johnny's power he is no longer the Human Torch. I do hate when they tease a death because i'd rather it be shocking.

Posted by jloneblackheart

I don't think anyone will die. But if Spider-Man is replacing someone, it will be the Human Torch.  
Johnny, Ben, Spidey and the Invisible Woman? Not working. 

Edited by Hamz

My general, and obviously hypothetical, opinions on it all...
Johnny Storm would be the one that gets killed off. Arguably he's the least important or key member to the FF or the Marvel universe as a whole. Being the daredevil he is I could imagine Johnny going out in a meaningful blaze of glory, a superhero game of chicken perhaps?
Reed is too important to the FF and the Marvel universe as a whole. His scientific genius is arguably a big cause for many of the adventures the FF go on. He's just a key figure in Marvel's universe and I can't see them killing him off.
Ben is also a key figure to the FF, he's the bruiser. The guy they call on when big guns are needed to clobber something or someone. If he was killed off then he'd only have to be replaced by another 'strong man' type of character which in turn would make Ben's death seem odd. Why kill the strong man if you're just going to replace him with another? 
Sue is arguably the glue that keeps the FF together and she's also one of the few characters that fits the 'working mum' stereotype. She's a superhero, wife, explorer of sorts and mother to Val & Franklin, killing her off means her kids are left without a mum. Not to mention she's one of the few female characters that doesn't have her cleavage on show 24/7 and still manages to get male readers a little hot under the collar. Marvel wouldn't take that away from us, surely?!

Posted by cmaprice

Every title has to undergo its exploitation of death at least once every few arcs.
Y'know, it's collective wisdom that Uncle Ben, George Stacy, and Gwen Stacy are still dead. Each death helps shape Peter and how he views responsibility. They served dramatic purpose more than simple shock value, followed by hype for when they'd be resurrected.

Posted by Black Lantern Mar-vell

They should just kill off Johnny and then replace him on the team with the original android Human Torch.  You kill off a member and keep the same team power set.
Posted by the_nightwalker

ugh, who cares? this is probably the worst title marvel has to offer.
just a pile of self-righteous pseudo-scientific nonsense, boring exposition. 
kill 'em all!

Posted by Bossjugg

Since Ben is might be turn back to human I think he might be the one to go

Posted by EdwardWindsor

hopefully they kill Ben " the thing"  hes the one i would care least about them killing off

Posted by DeadlyWolverine

If we were to take someone out, it would have to rubber boy. 
Besides, I don't even like these dudes.

Posted by War Killer
@the_nightwalker said:
" ugh, who cares? this is probably the worst title marvel has to offer. just a pile of self-righteous pseudo-scientific nonsense, boring exposition.  kill 'em all! "
Have you read any of the recent issues?
Posted by xxSadisticSmilexx

Hey, do you guys remember growing up, and hardly never seeing a super hero in your favorite comic die?  Man, and when they did, god it turned your world upside down!  Oh man, those were some good times.  Now it seems that a super hero is dying off every week.  Not too mention constantly coming back to life.  This is starting to become similar to the whole 3D movie gimmick.  "Let's kill some one!  That will raise sales!"

Posted by MrFantastic

They killed Ben before (the rest of the FF had to go to heaven to get back his soul). 
I am guessing Reed will be pseudo dead for less than an issue.  Probably more likely he will be mistaken for dead.

Posted by SupremoMaximo

Maybe Sue is just invisible in the last picture... Any why does Mr Fantastic have to be stretching in every pose he does?  Okay, we get it, you can stretch..

Posted by ironshadow

I wonder how long that death will last

Posted by Night Thrasher

Fantastic Four has been... well Fantastic. But, this has been done to death in this book. I just hope it isn't Ben. I don't think it'll be Reed because he's been the focus of Hickman's run.

Posted by Dark Noldor

I´m not a big fan of Fantastic Four, only bought sparse issues (like Paul Pelletier's run and Bryan Hitch's too), but I´m buying # 583 and following, because I´m a huge fan of Epting's work.

Posted by Treason

Reed cant die he still has the Sentry's journal and i dont know what it says =(

Posted by ANGEL1993

I think that this comic would entertain people who are fans of the Fantastic Four and Marvel. I for one would read this comic as I am a great fan of Marvel.

Posted by Dreamspinner

I wish they'd kill Reed... but that seems unlikely. Just hope it's not Sue! :(

Posted by darkwolverineUSMC

Please, no more death. I already had to say goodbye to some of my most favorite characters, no more! Sentry, Ares, Nightcrawler, Bullseye, Cable, and when steve rogers first kicked the bucket I almost wept. I can't think of a FF without a member. It just ain't right!

Posted by AmazingJoe
@CaptainGenisVell:   You mean like Captain Mar-Vell?
Posted by Baddamdog

Thing won't die he's in New Avengers, my moneys on Johnny

Posted by Joe Venom

IDK maybe I've been reading the wrong FF book, but it has seemed more random then interesting to me. Sure there is a lot going on but they can't seem to stay on track, as soon as something cool happens they move on to a new subject. They have to be at least 5 plots working in this book, including the current one of Reed's dad going back in time to recruit young Reed, Ben, and Victor for a mission, now will they continue this story or move on to another one in next issue?

Posted by The Stegman
@JoeRiccadonna: johnny was attacked by a mob of angry citizens and hit over the head with a bottle putting him in the hospital for a while
Posted by The Stegman

oh and my money's on sue to be the one to go

Posted by RedRobin92

As long as it's not the thing, I'm good 

Posted by MSBoyd23

I don't think it's Ben. He just joined the New Avengers. From a publishing standpoint, I don't think they'd want  to deal with the death of a character in two books. Especially not so early in New Avenger's run. 

Posted by 1DVGamer7

im guessing Ben is going to go Human for a while and take a sex vacation. 
Also that preview story is so awesome "whats up?" line. Ha Victor Jr eat your heart out. 
too bad the facial art is so hideous. cannot do Valeria at all.
Posted by Blue_Shield

I'm excited for this, due to Steve Epting's art. And if it's Reed, 200 issues before he "died" as well.    
I guess it was 202 issues ago.
Posted by zedmanovic

kill Johnny Storm by drowning!

Posted by Biondello

Aside from the fact they they will probably come back in a year or two, I hope it's Reed.

Posted by ~Marauder~

Please let it be The Thing or Mr. Fantastic! Or maybe both :D

Posted by The_Martian

I think it will be Reed or Johnny.

Posted by Gambit1024

Wow, another death? 
Well it can't be the Thing. My money's on Invisible Woman.