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Off My Mind: Deadpool - Friend or Foe to Vampires?

What will happen when Deadpool gets mixed up with them?

Quick, think of two things that have become so overused that they are almost unbearable to think about. Here's a hint, they're both in the title of this article. Deadpool and Vampires. Both used to be cool to read about. You could argue that perhaps they still are, depending on what the setting is. There's no denying that we've become overexposed to both of them. In a few months, we'll get to see both in the same comic. 
Last month I gave my thoughts on Wolverine being turned into a vampire. This is something that we're currently seeing in the pages of X-Men with the Curse of the Mutants storyline. Deadpool has a stronger healing factor so it definitely shouldn't be possible for him to get infected. Since vampires have targeted the mutants and Deadpool's been so chummy with them, it makes sense that he'll be going up against vampires, right? 
 == TEASER == 
Wrong. According to the solicit info. for issue #30, Deadpool is going to be working with them. Actually, he's going to be protecting vampires.  
Deadpool may have a wacky sense of right and wrong, but would he actually work for vampires? I suppose if the price was right, he'd do just about anything.  
What does this mean for the overall storyline of Curse of the Mutants? Most likely, very little. 
Despite the overabundance of Deadpool appearances, I still like him. Probably because I choose not to read all the different comics he's in, as hard as that may be to believe. Most of the Deadpool stories are still fun but they don't seem to really have any lasting impact or relevance to his history.  
That's the main thing that bothers me about the state of Deadpool these days. It used to be, Deadpool would appear in a book, interact or fight with someone and it meant something. I can't help but believe that Deadpool protecting vampires will make any difference to his mythos. It will go unnoticed just like his latest "team-ups" do in his other book. Where is the Deadpool I used to know?  
I have to admit that Deadpool protecting cowering vampires could provide some entertainment but I guess we'll have to see if I'll be able to sink my teeth into the story once it comes out.
Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

I know this one, he pretends to be on board with them but he's really working with Nick Fury and he retrieves some data to stop them but Norman Osborn.....wait, no . Wrong story

Posted by EdwardWindsor

 @Gman: Sadly the good old days of Deadpool being a kickass fighter who was just out doing jobs and the occasional good deed for cash have gone. Now he just seems to be thrown into things for the hell of it, to add alittle comedy or just to cause alittle confrontation with the more morally centered heroes.

Posted by Namor1987

They will be everywhere & need to go away

Posted by cbeavers2
@G-Man: Well i don't think he would work for them without good reason. Maybe there will be some good story to emerge out of it. Perhaps Deadpool is trying to change something he learned about his future.
Posted by N7_Normandy

I'm hoping they leave Deadpool out of Curse of the Mutants.  The tone has been so dire and serious that Deadpool's presence would seem out of place.

Posted by InnerVenom123

Deadpool will doublecross them. If Way is writing, anyway. His Deadpool has a habit of tricking his employers... and, well, everyone. It'd be out of character for him to go against the X-men, after all the sucking up he's done to them.  
Unless he's finally gotten bitter and decided "^&* the X-men"?
Posted by Mr. Dead Pool

While I'm just as annoyed by Wade's over exposure I'm glad he's in it. I know at some point he'll turn on them and kick their emo asses

Posted by crusader8463

 My guess is he got bit and is not infected, but the vampires trick him into thinking he is one of them.
Any who, as a fan of Deadpool, who does read every new comic with him in it, I really wish they would lay off on all these dam comics and just give him one or two on going tittles. Every story is some stupid one off that does nothing for the character and is impossible to keep track of. I have read over a dozen different origin stories of him a lone and I have no clue what to believe anymore.

Posted by BuddyBulson

I think if people stopped buying vampire stuff, it would go away. same for Deadpool. I do like both, vampire and Deadpool, and the main reason they are both on fire is.... EVERYONE WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER. Even if you say you don't, deep down inside, you don't want to die. Reading these stories makes people think they won't die anytime soon. 
 I think they need to kill Deadpool off for at least 12 months or more. The bring back the old Deadpool we know and love. As for the vampires, make a comic called " 30 Days of Light" and start haling them out into the sun in truck loads. That should take care of them.

Posted by jordama

Remember when they rewrote messiah complex to include him? Deadpool is like the air, he is everywhere at once and we all need him to carry on
Posted by the ace of knaves

this will be your typical daniel way storyline.
first he appears to be working with the vampires... but it is all an elaborate scheme with twists and turns where the end result is deadpool tries to be a hero and help the x-men. just like pretty much every other deadpool story arc from the last year...
please daniel way... go away. bring in fred van lente or jeff parker. or even better, bring joe kelly back.

Posted by GT-Man

This will be funny as hell wait hell is not funny :(
Posted by cloak
@Emperor Gonzo Noir:  lol. thats dope, i was just thinking that while reading this post
Posted by Pacperson

He's prolly gonna fall for some Hot vampire lady, Work for them, then they'll betray him.....most Deadpool story's seem to go that way. =p

Posted by roboticjesus

I am getting really really sick of Deadpool

Posted by Richard S! Preston

The thing that rustles my jimmies is that Deadpool now looks like a regular guy who's been attacked by a bunch of marker pens.

Posted by the ace of knaves
@roboticjesus:  don't read books with deadpool in them then.
Posted by <the skull>

where is it stated that deadpool has a stronger healing factor then wolverine?
Posted by ShirEPanjshir

Yeah. I think most Deadpool fans who've been reading him since the start are missing the good old days when he actually had character development. Now he's just .. fooling around. Like, all the time.
Honestly; I'd like to see a lot of his current ongoings cancelled. Especially Deadpool Corps.
Though I find his appearance in Uncanny X-Force to be very interesting. It isn't just another Deadpool appearance, it's a more old school Deadpool. I'm very curious and exited as to where that title may go with him.

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Deadpool is a Vampire now!!!? 
The Twight Syndrome is doing worse and worse to the mainstream...

Posted by nemesis77

Deadpool is a friend. Who isn't?
Posted by The Psyentist

Deadpool just wants tween fangirls. How to do that? Be a vampire! It's all the rage. Haha. Just kidding.

Posted by Pizawle

I love Deadpool. Can never get enough. Anyone who takes Deadpool seriously... well I do not know what to tell you.

Posted by Undeadpool

Ah shitfuck, I had an idea for Deadpool/Dracula comic...guess that's another script on the fire.

Posted by DeathpooltheT1000
@the ace of knaves said:
" this will be your typical daniel way storyline.  first he appears to be working with the vampires... but it is all an elaborate scheme with twists and turns where the end result is deadpool tries to be a hero and help the x-men. just like pretty much every other deadpool story arc from the last year...  please daniel way... go away. bring in fred van lente or jeff parker. or even better, bring joe kelly back.  PLEASE! "
Hos does everytime some one talks about Deadpool, end with a Daniel Way Sucks Rant?
Posted by The Lobster
@ said:
" where is it stated that deadpool has a stronger healing factor then wolverine? "
The fact that he can regrow his entire body from only a hand (Deadpool Funeral For A Freak) while Wolverine has to reattach his limbs. If someone ripped off Wolverines hand, he wouldn't grow it back but he can reattach it at any time. If someone ripped Deadpool's hand off he would regrow it in a couple of hours. 
Wolverine is only indestructible because of his metal skeleton, as long as he has that then he can heal anything. It's what prevents people from cutting his arms off. While Deadpool can grow new limbs, something wolverine can't do.
Posted by Primmaster64

That first pic is hilarious!

Posted by Journey Into Chaos
@Doctor!!!!!:  agreed.
Posted by PK Atomsk

Soon the world is going to slowly rot away from complete lack or originality.....

Posted by Shadow_Thief

Posted by Eyz

This looks like the perfect solution against the girtty/emo current vampire silly storyline! :P

Posted by DeathpooltheT1000

You're like a billion years old and she's 10 compared to just call me Deadpool The Vampire Pedophile Hunter!