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Off My Mind: DC Universe Reboot: Should Superman Hook Up with Wonder Woman?

Would this be a good move or an insult to decades of history?

Yesterday the news broke that Geoff Johns and Jim Lee were revamping the DC Universe. Characters are getting redesigned and should be more accessible for newer readers. Because Johns & Lee's Justice League #1 goes on sale the same day Flashpoint ends, there's the possibility that more than just costumes will be changing.

This won't be the first time DC has given its books a fresh start. It's understandable that when you have decades and decades of continuity, newer readers can easily get lost or intimidated. Over the years, events tend to get pushed aside. Things that occurred in the past still happened but aren't an immediate concern in comics. When was the last time there was mention of Lex Luthor dying from Kryptonite radiation poisoning, cloning his body and claiming he was his long lost illegitimate son?

When we've seen the changes, it was usually minor tweaks. We didn't have major changes. A rumor that has surfaced could spark quite a major change. Out of the ashes of Flashpoint, Superman and Lois Lane will no longer be married. That opens up the possibility that Superman and Wonder Woman could become an item. Is this a good idea or a subplot that will outrage fans of Superman?

== TEASER ==

With Flashpoint erasing the marriage, we don't have to worry about a divorce or bitterness from fans (as with Spider-Man and Mary Jane's marriage). Superman is one of the world's most powerful heroes. It would make total sense for him to find a partner that could stand on even grounds with. As a human news reporter, Lois is not fully part of Superman's world. They may confide completely with each other but she'll never really know what his world is like.

The fact that they've managed to remain married for so many years is, in itself, surprising. Superman's world is constantly full of danger. There is always the possibility that someone could discover his true identity and Lois automatically becomes a target. As fast as Superman is, he can't be everywhere at once. Unless he decided to remain by Lois' side at all times, there's no way he could save others and protect her at the same time.

What about the fact that he is super-strong? He's the Man of Steel. How much does his Kryptonian body weigh? Could he crush her if he accidentally rolled over in his sleep? What if he had a muscle spasm during the night? Could he kill her if his leg kicked out? In terms of his body, is it actually as hard as steel? How do Lois and Clark kiss or hold hands? Does Superman have to be consciously aware and delicate when being near Lois? I've always assumed he was super-strong all the time and had to be extremely careful around others.

Over the years, readers have always thrown around the idea of Superman and Wonder Woman being a couple. They would be perfect for each other. Also, even though Wonder Woman is part of DC's Trinity along with Superman and Batman, you have to admit that being Superman's girlfriend or wife would have a nice impact on her status and acceptance among readers.

But we all know Wonder Woman has so much more potential than just being someone's girlfriend (just as Lois should be more than just Superman's girl). Superman has been smitten with Lois from the very beginning. Being with her helps him maintain the human quality he strives for.

Does anyone want to truly be Superman all the time? Lois may not be capable of physically giving Superman a child like Wonder Woman could, but since we're talking about comic books, there's absolutely no reason a way couldn't be devised to allow Lois to safely carry Clark's child.

DC may be revamping (rebooting?) the entire universe, but as I stated last week when I discussed DC rebooting everything, I don't think it would last forever. Superman may be single and might be able to hook up with Wonder Woman but there's just no denying that he and Lois are meant for each other.

If we do see Superman and Wonder Woman hook up, my advice to Lois Lane fans is to be patient. Let Superman sow his wild oats and let's see where the story possibilities take them. I strongly believe that whether it's a few months, a year or longer, we will see everything go back. We will have an Action Comics #1000 in just over eight years. The idea may be to try to make comics accessible for new readers in the hopes of increasing sales (to keep the industry alive) but you simply can't turn your back on 75 years of history. Then again, we have had major changes after the Golden Age, Silver Age, Crisis on Infinite Earths, etc.

If this truly is the end of the marriage, it was a glorious fifteen years. We can only hope that one day these two will find their way back together...if things don't work between Superman and Wonder Woman.

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Bad idea DC, just ask Spiderfans 
Also it won't happen DC are too traditional to do something so massive.
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I prefer Superman to be with Lois, but he would her break in bed.

Posted by TypingKira

My fangirl instincts are tearing me a few ways here.  
One, I consider Supes and Lois the ultimate comic book couple. I love them together, I love the idea of them together, I love the things they represent as a couple and I love just these two awesome characters. They're like DC's version of Pete and MJ. They belong together. No one will ever convince me otherwise. (because gwen stacy is dead). 
Two, I don't like the idea of WW being tied down to one gent, even if that gent is Supes. It's like her being with Batman, y'know? It's just. . . odd. She's a strong, independent Amazonian.  
However, still on the WW thing, I do think that she needs a love interest. Because lets face it, I wouldn't ever think of her as having a normal human side if she didn't ever get lonely or long for some kind of companionship. Someone who is just there, in the background, doing their own thing while she's doing hers, but still there.  
Three, I kind of love this idea. It's not exactly original, but hey, it could be interesting. Their dates would be totally killer. Their explanation to the JL would be hilarious. Their cute illegitimate son, or better yet, daughter (It would never last) would be epic, and so would the race to save them once Lex Luthor captures the little scamp.  
 So I dunno. If it's got to happen, make it happen in such a way that Lois and Supes get back together right after it doesn't work out. 

Posted by ironshadow

In not much of Superman fan or a Lois and not a WW fan but I would like to see Superman and Wonder Woman hook up.

Posted by Grim

Batman and Aquaman have both been after her for years, its so stupid for DC to go all "one more day" on the last true couple in comics. fail.

Posted by iloverobots

I heard it had something to do with legal issues? The Siegel/Schuster families are holding the rights to Lois and are trying to get more money out of a deal or something so DC decided to forget about it and pair Supes with WW... but that might only be internet rumours since I've seen no official source from that (but I think nobody at DC would actually come out and announce this...)

Posted by TheThe

I want Superman to date Volcana

Posted by JonesDeini

Sigh, there are only two pairings more bass ackwards than this in comics and that's Rogue and magneto/Jean and Logan...

Posted by Eyz

WW did well for years since her reboot with George Pérez, through EXTREME!! Artemis replaced her, under John Byrnes and with Grek Rucka or Gail Simone later on... She doesn't need a reboot (besides ignoring JMS "big arc")!! Nor an unjustified relation with Superman, because he happens to be the strongest man around... 

Posted by darkrider

its superman one more day

Posted by dorsk188

Every instinct in my body is screaming no.  Lois and Clark are iconic in a way that rebooting it would be destructive to the myth.  The reason Superman is Clark at all is because he wants a normal life, and Lois represents that.  If not for Lois, there's practically no reason for him to be "normal" at all.  And for Wonder Woman, it seems... wrong for her to date someone more powerful than herself.  She's Wonder Freaking Woman, Amazon Princess.  Xena before there was a Xena. 
If there must be a romance in the Trinity, I'd rather it be between Wonder Woman and Batman, as was hinted at in the DCAU.  (Hell, even a Batman / Superman man-crush rivalry makes more sense to me.)

Posted by Amegashita
@darkrider:  Nah, Superboy Prime will just kill Lois to death.
Posted by tonis

I'm so torn between this. 
The wheat side of me says Lois is the best girl a hero could have. 
but the frosted side has been wanting to see Supes and Wondy since my first super-friends episode :) 
If they are gonna change things up rebooting, this isn't necessarily a bad move, but I would expect it to be temporary.

Posted by Jabor

I believe that is a good idea (i don´t think is going to be Superman one more day). Read ''Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex'' lol

Posted by Duo_forbidden

You know, on one hand, it's not that far-fetched. It happened in The Dark Knight Strikes Again, and Kingdom Come.
Still...for continuity sake, it should stay Superman and Lois. I could see them dating in the past before Superman met Lois, but married? Nahh.

Posted by daikari

I think I prefer Wonder Woman to be with Batman, but that is mainly based on how they where they have been. It depends on how exactly their characters change during the Reboot.

Posted by Redfield

I was literally having this talk with a friend a few days ago when referring to One More Day where we concluded that the only couple more culturally synonymous with each other thaan Spider-Man and MJ is Superman and Lois. If anything I think they should make a love triangle between Lois and Lana rather than try and bring Wonder Woman into the mess. Diana should be added as a love interest to Batman, because that's a character who really needs something that humanizes him at this point.

Posted by Henrypm

yeah they should hook up and stay together they look great together it's to move it on i was thinking all that long when i going to see them together i don't like to see them good friends and lois i don't see them forever it's time to see other people
Posted by Silkcuts
@Duo_forbidden said:
You know, on one hand, it's not that far-fetched. It happened in The Dark Knight Strikes Again, and Kingdom Come. Still...for continuity sake, it should stay Superman and Lois. I could see them dating in the past before Superman met Lois, but married? Nahh.
That is how Alan Moore would of ended the universe, with his Twilight of the Superheroes.
Posted by jubilee042

i like the idea

Posted by Soakle

Eww... Just because Supes won't be married to Lois doesn't mean they necessarily can't be together. Anyway everyone knows it's going to be BatWondy! They sizzled in the Blackest Night Wonder Woman arc.

Posted by Planewalker

From the logic point of view it makes more sense for Superman to be with Wonder Woman... so I would like to see it played out

Posted by Sir Duke

We may see something of Superman and Wonder Woman together, but given that the Superman series is gonna be written by Grant Morrison, trying to predict anything will only make my brain hurt.

Posted by niamahai

but.. who would be on top? 
i always taught WW should end up with Bats for the lulz and drama.

Posted by ComicMan24

Although I don't mind the idea of those two being together, why break up such an iconic couple?

Posted by Soldier zero

Personally I think that John Byrne and George Perez had the right idea back after the first Crisis.

  • Are Superman and Wonder Woman attracted to each other?
  • Definitlly yes, power level considerations aside, they're two of the most pure representative of superheroes around and tehy seem to be a natural power couple. Plus there's the whole "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex" angle, there are probably no more than three main characters aside from Diana that can really take Superman: two are relatives (Supergirl and Power Girl) and one is underaged (Mary Marvel).
  • Are they in love?
  • Probably not, there's a cultural gap between them which is horribly vast. Diana is from a society of immortal warrior women, she was born in it and raised in it. For years after Crisis she didn't even had a secret identity. Clark on the other hand, despite all is powers is really just a guy from Smallville who went to the big city looking for a job. Granted none of this is an insurmountable problem, but they're very distant.
Posted by Bestostero

Batman and Wonder Woman!!!

Posted by grbear

A Superman & Wonderwoman relationship is the sort of thing thats fun to see when DC do an Elseworlds/alternate timeline story  (Red Son and DKSA for instance) but its not something I'd like seeing in the main continuity if it means splitting up Lois & Clark.  
Either way it just makes me kinda glad Frank Miller isn't involved in this reboot as its possible he'd pair off Superman & Oracle in some creepy shes already broken from the waist down angle which no one would want to see.

Posted by Noctis

No! it should be Wonder Woman and Batman.

Posted by Emerald Dragonfly


Posted by Meteorite

Just pointing out, Hyperion and Power Princess made a pretty darn good couple.

Posted by RazzaTazz

This is ridiculous - its like saying Barack Obama should marry Angela Merkel because they are the most powerful man and woman in the world, despite the fact there are marriages already and that they have completely different belief systems.  If Superman and Wonder Woman get married or whatever, I will stop reading Wonder Woman comics.  

Posted by DMC

And to think, i believed this would be something DC would never do. 
And honestly is continuity THAT confusing? it's nothing some time spent on the internet can't fix right? New readers aren't that stupid. And wouldn't this whole reboot make things more confusing, especially for those non-comic readers who were introduced to these characters in other media which (most likely) will be faithful to the original material.

Posted by DoctorTrips

Maybe they can modernize him a bit more and make Superman polygamous. He can have his cake and eat it too. Leave a trail of half-breeds all across Metropolis.

Posted by RedK

maybe have him be with wonder woman but they break it off and then he meets Lois but, he and Diana remain at first akward but over time they become friends and are the better for it, and it will also give a real reason for why Lois is jealous of her and yet make her feel better since he chose her over WW

Posted by Billy Batson

I hope not. 



Posted by Evpraksiya


Posted by Out_of_Space

In some way that's good.
Posted by azza04

Been waiting for this. Excited to see where it goes. I had lost interest in Superman and Lois for a while now.

Posted by Soldier zero
@Meteorite said:
Just pointing out, Hyperion and Power Princess made a pretty darn good couple.
True, but there was one major difference. They started dating after they both renounced any chance for a "normal life" at the beginning of the original Squadron Supreme serie.
By the way there was an old "Imaginary Story" from pre-crisis that toyed with this idea. Does anyone know where I can find it?
Posted by MrErbac

No. It would seem like just something to satisfy some fanboy fantasies. Keep it how it is. Lois makes Clark more human and relatable. Superman needs to be kept on his toes.
Posted by Primmaster64

Yes...I never saw the problem anyway. I think its cool.

Posted by TDK_1997

I don't think so
Posted by WhoDunnit101

If Superman and Lois are no longer an item, it is Batman who is going to slip into Superman's bed. After all, Batman is the other member of the "Trinity" and between the two other love candidates, Batman is the only one in DC universe capable of giving labour to an alien love child. After all, it is often said, Batman simply needs to prepare for it. 

Posted by nick7913

So essentially DC is pretty much going to run with the Superman 2000 pitch by Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, Mark Millar and Tom Peyer? Redesigned costume with no underwear on the outside? Check. Splitting up the couple? Check. (Although that was done in a much better way with a soft reboot) They've already reverted to Silver Age Krypton and Waid has had his way with a few of the villains (most notably Brainiac). Personally I would have preferred to see the old Superman 2000 thing, so you could get both the heart of Waid and the high concept of Morrison and Millar. Still, if Morrison is writing Superman, I'm buying it! (Batman... meh... I didn't love it that much) 
I don't have a problem with Superman briefly dating Wonder Woman although anyone who has read the Astro City issue where Samaritan and Winged Victory go on a date will immediately see the issues arising with an extended relationship. (If you haven't read Astro City you're missing out on a great modern take on Silver Age comics). I just feel that they are too different to really manage a long term relationship. Although I have to admit that it would be so funny to see them have a fight over some silly thing and Wonder Woman slapping him only to break all the windows in a 5-mile radius!

Posted by azza04
By Meejay7 on DeviantArt
They look pretty good together =D
Posted by RazzaTazz

As usual the Superman-Wonder Woman romance angle is looked at from the Superman point of view, as though he can sleep with anyone he likes because he is a guy.  Wonder Woman's publication history is not consistent with a romance with Clark. 
If this happens I am giving up comics. 
Posted by Primmaster64
@RazzaTazz: Its temporarily Razz. Don't get angry because of it.
Posted by WrenchNinja

No, it's a terrible idea.

Posted by Gambit1024