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Off My Mind: Could Doctor Doom Take Over The World?

Shouldn't he be able to?

Doctor Doom should be one of the biggest problems the heroes in the Marvel Universe have to face. With his scientific and mystical knowledge, plus his own country, you would think he has the means to take over the world.  
There's also the fact that he has a time platform and could travel to other points in time if he wanted. He could travel to a future era and take any bit of advanced technology to help defeat any enemies that might gather to try to stop him. 
With all the different super powered villains, it seems a little surprising that no one has tried to take over the world. It wouldn't be easy, of course, but if anyone would try, it would be Doctor Doom. 
Back in 1987, Emperor Doom gave a look at his attempt to rule the world. With the help of Namor and the Purple Man, Doom was on his way to ruling it all. What is the reason that Doom isn't in control of the entire world? 
 == TEASER == 
It has to come down to Doom simply doesn't want the whole world. In Emperor Doom, it felt like he simply gave up when the Avengers manage to resist his commands that he should be the ruler (again, with the help of the Purple Man's persuasive powers). He started thinking about all the demands and questions those working under him requested from him. Doom's heart just wasn't in it. He didn't seem to want the position of Emperor by the end of the story. Doom didn't want to deal with all the bureaucracy.  
Did Doom just give up? Could he ever rule the world if he wanted? Eventually he could deal with any opposition from the superheroes. He has the arrogance to believe he should be in control of everything. Yet he always manages to be defeated. Perhaps Doom is all talk. Maybe all Doom really wants is his mommy.
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Posted by Emerald Dragonfly

Of course he could. As any of great villains could.

Posted by dvorak

He could absolutely run the world. 
First rule is that everyone also has to wear stylish metal face masks in the name of equality.

Edited by ComicMan24

If he really wanted it, I believe, he could do it. He certainly has the means to accomplish it. As for why he is always defeated, good must always triumph over evil, even if it doesn't make any sense at the time.Plus I don't understand why everybody wants to rule the world. A little imagination would be nice.

Posted by G-Man
Posted by FadeToBlackBolt

Doctor Doom once slammed a revolving door. He can do anything.

Edited by ComicMan24
@G-Man: Not a bad song. But still, they should have more approachable goals. If they accomplish them, they can rule the world later. If I ever became a supervillain, I wouldn't rule the world. It must be hard trying to control all this.
Posted by Duncan

If Norman Osborn could take control. Doctor Doom can conquer the galaxy.

Posted by goatman2112

Doom can rule. doom is all.

Posted by Chris2KLee

He's got too much mental baggage holding him back, not to mention his completely ruinous obsession with Reed Richards. Like Norman Osborn, he could probably take over the world, but the few screws loose in their brains will always hold them back.

Posted by MannyMAR

To me, Doom IS Master of the World.  

Posted by CosmicSpiral

You have to remember that in a comic book universe, no one (good or evil) will ever wield complete control of Earth for a long period of time. Too many plots would be halted or made completely irrelevant (would we need an Avengers team in a dictatorship?).   
Doom just gave up during the Emperor Doom storyline and I don't blame him. Not only did things get boring, everyone looked to him to make all the decisions. That's not fun at all. 

Posted by OrionStarlancer

I think the answer to this problem has a couple parts to it, some already mentioned: 
 1.) Comics are really a parabolic way to discuss the internal and external struggles of good and evil and show that with enough effort, good will prevail in the end.  This overall message keeps writers from putting Doom or any other villain in the driver's seat as the evil world ruler. 
2.) Readers don't want to see this happen.  Much of comic reading is a vicarious experience; we readers like to feel as though our own problems are solved as Spider-Man bashes Doc Oc through a wall or Superman launches Darkseid into the void.  Imagine how we'd feel walking away if the bad guys always won.  Pretty icky, I think. 
3.) (Last one, I promise).  I think Doom is a bit more of  a complex character than you're giving him credit for.  He was Reed's friend and one of the original members of the Knight's of the Atomic round table.  He helped save the Fantastic Four and the world in Heroes Reunited story arc, and made numerous other efforts to preserve instead of to overcome and destroy.  He doesn't possess the unbridled evil of other characters; he simply serves his own agenda and does what he sees as best for himself and his country.  Getting global attention by global domination just doesn't meet his needs.

Posted by KRYPTON

You know. After the Big Live Live, "LIVE" show. I thought everyone would take the day off. 

Posted by sparty-dbq
@KRYPTON said:
" You know. After the Big Live Live, "LIVE" show. I thought everyone would take the day off.  "
Well, they were all off Monday for Labor Day, and as kick-ass as a three-day work week sounds, I'm sure they have a little more integrity than that.
Posted by KRYPTON
@sparty-dbq said:
" @KRYPTON said:
" You know. After the Big Live Live, "LIVE" show. I thought everyone would take the day off.  "
Well, they were all off Monday for Labor Day, and as kick-ass as a three-day work week sounds, I'm sure they have a little more integrity than that. "
Hey. They deserve it, after a 7 hour non stop show. Then they need a break. Besides they finished the week with the news already.
Posted by NexusOfLight

Taking over the world is one thing. Ruling it's a whole 'nother animal.

Posted by Druid

You talk about these characters as if they were real people and the events in comics happened because of who they are. The reason Doctor Doom hasn't taken over the world in any comic book is simply because no one has written it.

Posted by Gokujam
Shut up 
Posted by Benuben

What are you talking about? 70% of villains dont want rule the world. Most of them just want money and many of them are just psychos, which like killing.
Posted by SupremoMaximo

He could rule the world, but how will he fix healthcare?

Posted by KRYPTON
This is the truth 
Posted by cbishop

I think Emperor Doom merely scratched the surface of what Mark Waid's Empire finally delved into: once the supervillain conquers the world, he's still got to make the trains run on time.

Posted by Frootsnax

That whole story arc was written to sort of sum up "Doom could do it if he wanted to, but he's smart enough to not want to." Which has actually been said in different ways by a number of different villains and heroes. The smarter villains usually concede to the idea that even if you kill all of the super heroes, the children of the people that survive would give birth to a world full of super heroes based on the mutant population alone. Not to mention the fact that in the marvel universe, if a pin drops just the right way you can get turned into damn near any kind of meta human. Earth 616 is just too infinitely chaotic to ever be ruled.

Posted by IrishX

Why stop at the world? Why not go for the whole universe?
Posted by Lvenger

It's to do with his arrogance. Doom is so sure in his own abilities that he believes every one of his schemes that he comes up with is guaranteed to end in him ruling the world. That's the only thing holding him back. If he checked for the possibility of an error, he would stand a better chance of achieving his goals.

Posted by darkwolverineUSMC

I don't think Doom should worry about Controlling the world. I think it's to much a hassle. He already has Latveria. I'd be satisfied ruling one country enough. Besides even if he tried to rule all the world, the Avengers would smack him down a peg.

Posted by daikari

I think that he could take over the world but it would be hard since most villains who take over the world always seem to become insane.
Didn't he once got hold of the eye of agamotto but looked into it and didn't like what he saw? If he did what did he see that prevented him from throwing away such a powerful item, which would easily allow him to rule the world?

Posted by G-Man
@KRYPTON said:
" You know. After the Big Live Live, "LIVE" show. I thought everyone would take the day off.  "
The show must go on!
Posted by KRYPTON
@G-Man said:
" @KRYPTON said:
" You know. After the Big Live Live, "LIVE" show. I thought everyone would take the day off.  "
The show must go on! "
Another Big Live Live, "LIVE" show. Now that is really a show. Just kidding. 2011 Big Live Live, "LIVE" show is going to be better. I'm sure of that.
Posted by Joe Venom

Doom just seems like the type of person that would be happy if he did rule the world, he get bored and spend most his days in alternate realities fighting their heroes preferably "Richards"

Posted by Catastrophic

I would love to see an arc where Dr Doom travels through time in order to conquer the world and group of heroes try to follow through time. Maybe a short arc could be done on this, just to pit Fantastic 4 on the spotlight.

Posted by CaptainGenisVell

Well He already has....well sort of, funny thing is I only read this last week.
What If? Secret Wars

Posted by Acrylicbased

He did a fair amount of conquering and ruling in his 2099 version of himself

Posted by DarkSyde79

Doom and his organization vs. all the heroes and their organizations/associates plus throw in your random villain who'll oppose him because he's Doom or because they have a "change" of heart. In the end, I don't know if most villains can take over the world. As I do not think heroes can rid the world of evil...

Posted by leokearon

Conquering the world isn't that easy, just ask the Shredder

Posted by MTHarman

Doom felt that dominating the world with the use of Purple Man was a cheap way to accomplishing his goals.
Edited by Eyz

Didn't Doom rule the world for a while, in 2099? :P
Maybe Doom would prefer the world to surrender and obey him... Taking it by force would cause civil wars, rebel factions, etc..
Though I would like a new Marvel Event to be centered around him someday.. (after Hulk events, a Skrull event, an Osborn one, a Doom would be great~)

Posted by CrimsonJester

He just needs a good moisturizer.

Posted by Krakoa

I'd say Doom doesn't want to conquer the world, because as a megalomaniac he wants to be a constant threat to his enemies. Once he's vanquished them all, there's no one left to fear him in a meaningful way, just a cowering world populace falling prey to another dictator. 

Posted by hdorman1

he could if he wanted easy 

Posted by Decept-O

I think there is another reason DR. DOOM has failed.   
Its that.....blasted....REED RICHARDS!!!!!! 
Posted by Gambit1024

I've always wondered just what would actually happen if he DID rule the world. Like what would happen to the mutants? Would the FF be executed? would the other villains stand up to him or work with him?

Posted by XFan616

Honestly I get that he's mega powerful and all, but if anyone's gonna take over it would be Magneto. I just always thought of Doom as a coward and cowards can't rule anything for long. Magneto, however, believes passionately in his ideals and would and has done anything to protect them.

Posted by pinchpaker29

I think Dr. Doom has too much pride in himself... Plus he is all high tech and stuff but his mind is stuck in the 70`s.... Ever tried talking to someone who has never moved on like that? They make very dumb debaters and predictable decision makers.

Posted by lastdrag0n89

Doom is the man. Cant think of many other great villians on his level

Posted by 614azrael
hounestly if anyone shud get a ruler arc it needs to be him, to do this thou 1st we gota get some muties there powers back. magneto gets them all back to full strength=they believe now in magneto=magneto turns to the xmen an is like sory old freinds but the time has come*insert epic mutant battle that also puts cyk in a compromised state same with wolvie these two being actuly in an operation room would make us all actualy believe o sh!t we may hav a real crysis here)=this leads to magnetos climb defeating many heroes along the way=things would get ugly for heroes all around as ther seperated bikering etc as usual=n then of course would be the epic uniteing heroes win senario
my bet the FF die publicly, a LIST like event goes down but this isnt hey Daken u go get so an so an hey Red Skull u go take out whoever. THis (likely to just b a what if arc) would have Doom doing the damage himself. Doom has a masive ego if he chose world domination he would proubley weed out threats methodicly. Alowing himself to let advisors do the governing so he can do the more fun "policeing". This would include things like proubley nukeing Xmansion an then slowly picking off other members going from students to the biger fish to there total eradication. He would go to Hells Kitchen an make it hell by useing magik proubley to cause chaos of actual dark forces spreading such as Satana an Domaru(i butchered his name sory) n mophisto. Doom would have spiderman hung by his own web an so on. Untill of course someone stops him cuz in the end thats gona have to hapen.
Posted by LT1085

If Doom wanted the world, the world would be Doom's. He isn't a villain, his methods just don't work for some people...Those people being nosy american superheroes. Marvel=Shades of grey, DC=Black. White.

Posted by geraldthesloth


Posted by TwoLines

Yes. Yes he could.

Posted by Piranesi

"Evil" nevers wins because writers know that eventually all readers want is a happy ending and for "good" to prevail. It is a shame because it means that most comic runs lack any sense of tone or feeling that the last page will be anything but a defeated bad guy. 
It is a strange notion to presume that any system of rule is good or bad. A dictatorship has no moral difference to a democracy. A successful country needs a strong leader, large bureaucratic process and passive workforce keeping the gears oiled. A consumer society is as reliant as a socialist one - no job means no pay check means no food whoever the government may be. 
There is no reason why Doctor Doom wouldn't rule the world - as recent events have shown, create economic uncertainty in one key location and it spreads very quickly. The populace will take this to be a failure of their current government, creating a need for a more hard-line leader.  
There has also been a trend for people to be willing to exchange their human rights (such as privacy and dignity) for more security (airports / CCTV / harsher immigration legislation / restrictions on free speech, free religion and free congregation).  
Finally add a healthy dose of xenophobia or other fear (to divert attention or create an alternate "enemy") plus some nationalism (starting with sports and then via a controlled media). Increased global tension leads to more armed conflict, more of the populace joins public and national service, defense budgets overtake social care, health provision and education, cut budgets of arts and entertainment not in line with the national cultural sensibility - end result ...
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