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Off My Mind: Could A Character Like Taskmaster Get A Movie?

Will movie-goers watch movies about lesser known characters?

Let me start by saying I'm a big fan of Taskmaster. I remember the first time I saw him fight and was impressed (it was in 1984's Marvel Team-Up #146). Whenever he appeared in a comic, I always got excited. Part of it was his look but the main thing was him having photographic reflexes that made him cool. This was a guy that could fight like Captain America and Hawkeye (yet it didn't make sense when he would "lose").
The other day, The A-Team director Joe Carnahan spoke about a rumor from years ago about directing a Taskmaster movie. There hasn't been any progress on it and I wouldn't hold my breathe waiting for this to happen. The question is, does a character like Taskmaster have what it takes to get Hollywood to make a movie about him?
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Again, I would absolutely love to see a Taskmaster movie. As cool as Taskmaster and his powers are, the one thing he has going against him is he's not a household name. I'm talking in terms of the general public or the average movie goer. Unfortunately since not everyone has the common sense that we do and don't read comics like us, they would have no idea who Taskmaster is. Even though those people didn't know all the details about Iron Man, he had been in several cartoons and video games and non-comic readers probably at least recognized him. Taskmaster is another story.
Taskmaster's obscurity with the general public could work in his favor. Not having a full blown comic book angle could be enticing to those that deem comics beneath them. A bad guy with photographic reflexes and kicking butt could be appealing to the action-craving movie goers. Also a movie with Taskmaster won't have or need the special FX budget that Iron Man would need. What scares me is his look would have to be changed. Even if he was appearing in The Avengers movie, I'm not sure if a skull mask and cape (plus those boots) would translate well. Would it be better if Hollywood doesn't get their hands on him?
What do you think? Do lesser known characters have a chance at starring in their own movies?
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Posted by ninjadude853

well, i would probably go see a taskmaster movie, but i don't think it would stand a chance in mainstream. the name alone would probably turn a lot of people away
he may be awesome but taskmaster is a pretty lame name

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Isnt Dazzler maybe getting a movie?
I dont think its a very good idea to give lesser known characters movies.
I think what needs to be done right now is to make comic movies the RIGHT way.
So many big names have been tarnished by comic movies. Those need to be fixed and possibly part of a universe.

Posted by dondasch

I wouldn't mind seeing a Taskmaster movie at all.  The concept of the character itself is great.  You have someone who can see someone like Captain America, Daredevil, etc fight and immediately and completely mimic their moves.  If I recall correctly, Deadpool came up against him at one point and beat him by dancing! LOL

Posted by bingbangboom

Taskmaster would actually make a pretty good TV show, similar to Human Target. Can reimagine him for that sort of thing especially with his abilities.

Posted by DarkSyde79

I’m sure Taskmaster could get a movie but there are too many other characters/teams that should get movies before him. Although I think a character like him would be prime for some sort of web   or cable series. 

Posted by PatriceHarvey

I would'n see this movie in theatre. But directly relase in dvd with a lot of low Marvel caracters. That could be fun.

Posted by G thang

Even though I like him, I don't think he could hold a movie as the main star. Maybe a supporting villain in a movie like Avengers?

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

One of the things i enjoyed most about Siege was the Taskmaster, always wanted to read more of him and I wasn't disappointed and as unlikely as it is I would go see a Taskmaster movie

Posted by Roehm21

Though I'm not familiar with Taskmaster I would not be opposed to him getting a movie. However the obscurity factor can act as a double-edged sword. While it could bring new folks to comic movies as you mentioned. The film could also get over looked by the general public regardless if its a good movie or not. Something a major motion picture company might not wanna gamble on.  
Your best bet for characters like Taskmaster or some of my favorites like Booster Gold, Blue Beelte and Green Arrow are cameos or supporting roles in films. But then again you never know what the future will hold for comic book film adaptations.

Posted by Dek7264

I've only just learned about Taskmaster during Siege and I must say, I really enjoyed the books he was in. I found him to be a really interesting character and made me want to read up on some of the other stuff he's been in.  
I do agree that a film starring Taskmaster would be a tough sell to the general public. Maybe if he was introduced in one of the other major Marvel movies before having a movie of his own would be a better route to take to get him into the minds of the mainstream audience. The issue there is that enough of his character has to shine through to compel the general public to want to know more, but not enough give away all the aspects of the character. That's a fine line to have to walk. I'd be all for it though.
Posted by chalkshark

Obscurity isn't necessarily that big of a hurdle in achieving box office success. Blade was completely unknown to the film going masses & was able to spawn a successful film franchise. All a character like Taskmaster needs to appeal to the public is a great script, a great director, & an "A" list actor in the role.  Run the movie trailer in front of virtually every new release in the months leading up to it's own release date. That will go a long way towards familiarizing the character with the viewing audience & also alert them to the fact that a cool film featuring Taskmaster is getting ready to come out in a theater near you.  It worked for The Matrix. It worked for Wanted. It worked for Kick- Ass. The costume might be a tough sell, but Hollywood has proven time & time again that they're more than happy to change little details like that. I think you could keep the skull mask for intimidation. The weapons. The body suit might have to be all one color. Probably the blue-black. The Buccaneer boots & flared gloves will likely not make the transition to the silver screen. George Perez clearly loved adding all the flourishes to his costume designs. Taskmaster's isn't all that different from Deathstroke The Terminator's.

Posted by Xbbjf9s

@chalkshark you are right about blade,  they costume thing can be fixed...they can use they grey one he had in his miniseries, that one was awsome.

Posted by Green ankh

I think its all about the script.  Moon Knight almost got a TV series.  Man-Thing got a movie, sure it was low buget and not all that great but he got it.
Posted by Cherry Bomb

It depends whose in the movie,
people see movies alot of the time, depending on the actor/actress.
I know I do sometimes.
Most of my friends only went too see Transformers 2 because of Megan Fox, so they probably won't see the next movie since she won't be in it.

Posted by MisterDK

I think Taskmaster could easily work as a movie/TV show. As for the costume his modern one from the Taskmaster mini would work quite well.

Posted by PrinceIMC

I'd love to see a Taskmaster movie, the thing that would really sell it would be guest stars. He's kinda gotta be seen fighting people like Daredevil, Captain America and Spider-Man to show how good he is. Without recognizable heroes and villains for him to fight I think it would flop.

Posted by sora_thekey

Direct-to-DVD movie could work...
Taskmaster is not a character that gets a lot of praise and favoritism... Maybe an animated movie!

Posted by Bloodstonefreak

If it's done right anything is possible.  Blade was almost completely unknown to the general public and the film franchise did extremely well in theaters.  Another thing to think about is possibly taking the 90's route and make it a television movie, like Nick Fury or even Generation X.  Granted the films pretty much sucked, but it all goes back to having the right people on the film.  Another film that comes to mind is Man-Thing that was straight to DVD.  Again, it was bad, but get the correct people working on these lower class characters and I think things will turn out well.

Posted by Nyogtha

If they make a Moon Knight or in the Deadpool movie they could put him against those guys if they want to put him in a film. Or if Marvel does a Civil War slant with everything include him in with a Thunderbolts part in it or make a Thunderbolts movie. I love the character and I'd love to see a Taskmaster movie but I don't think they movie could hold its own.

Posted by Clutch

Mostly no one knew who Blade was,until his movies came out. The same can come from Taskmaster with the right people attached to the project. Good CGI,Action,and Fast pace will sell well to the public and thats exactly what Taskmaster is imo.
Posted by Yaujtapool

Hell yeah they should make a taskmaster movie.

Posted by goldenkey

Im not to crazy about his somewhat skelator look, but Ive always loved his ability.  Echo has a samilar ability.  I always wondered how he can lose so much also.  Deadpool beat him, but did it very uncharacterisiticly dancing around and throwing him off.  I think someone like him can be done easily on film. 
Posted by dondasch

Further thought and mention of the upcoming Deadpool movie makes me think that Taskmaster would be a great character to have a cameo or similar appearance

Posted by MercWithaMouth2385

In my honest opinion he will probably have 2 appearances. His first will come in the Avenger's movie when Red Skull returns and they have to track down Steve Roger's body to revive him and make him Cap again.... Taskmaster will be the 2nd Villian who will be helping Red Skull adapt to more modern times. As for the second appearance, I'd almost certainly expect a cameo at least in the Deadpool movie. Depending on what story line they go with or what time in Wade's life. Regardless I think he'll sneak his way in along with Sandy and possibly Crazy Inez (Outlaw). As for the gear, I think his Udon Suit is the best looking/ functioning (especially with his weapon replicator he stole from Stark Enterprises) and should be used in the films!
Posted by Comiclove5

First he would have to get an ongoing. 

Posted by Man of Lengend

loved the taskmaster mini.... great costume in that too... maybe he could have a part in the deadpool movie and then spin off>>?
Edited by ArtisticNeedham

Hearing him talk about Taskmaster got me excited about the idea of him in a film too.  My immediate thought was the Avengers movie.

    I think Taskmaster would be a perfect bad guy for one of the Avengers movies.  He is someone who can fight each member of the team, or all, single handedly.  He would be a perfect foe for Cap in the movie, seeing as how Cap is such an excellent combatant and strategist and Taskmaster can copy every move he does.
 I think they could alter his costume to work for the film, similar to this idea for Captain America.  Just keep a similar tone as the comic, and add in the hood, and swords and guns and shield.  He could be working for AIM or Hydra or something.


They have to keep his swashbuckling sort of feel to him though, somehow.  I know they would probably take away the cap and boots and such, unless Cap had them.  Maybe he could be the Anti Captain America, sort of, in the Avengers and Cap films.

The Skull mask situation could be easily solved with this helmet.  Maybe modify it somewhat to have a skeleton like smile.  It again, could look like an evil version of Captain America's helmet, and maybe even be a reference to the Red Skull.

 I would LOVE to see Taskmaster in a movie too, but he strikes me as a villain in a movie and not the star.  Perhaps he can be one of Cap's foes in the Cap movies, for when Steve is revived in modern times.

I definitely want to see a scene like this, where Taskmaster fakes the Avengers out by pretending to be Captain America.
Posted by logan48227
@MisterDK said:
"I think Taskmaster could easily work as a movie/TV show. As for the costume his modern one from the Taskmaster mini would work quite well.



I agree. The UDON designed suit would be much better for a movie or TV version of Taskmaster.
Posted by Red L.A.M.P.

I always liked Taskmaster.  And maybe because he's not a well known character, he could get a movie.  Just build an awesome script around him.  

Posted by SuperXAsh

I dunno... he'd work in a movie really well... just don't know if he'd be able to just be spontaneously given a movie to headline. He'd have to show up in another movie(s) first, ala Elektra, Wolverine and Deadpool. 
Otherwise, I really don' t see it happening. And if so, he'd probably be the last guy to get such a movie, taking into consideration how long it's taking Luke Cage, Dr. Strange, Power Pack, Shang-Chi, Black Panther etc. to getting their own movies. It'd certainly be a while, I'd like to think

Edited by Kid_Zombie

A movie about lesser known characters would work, but not Taskmaster. He would make a great villen in a movies though!
PLEASE NOT IN DEADPOOL! Taskmaster should be in a marvel movie not a FOX one.

Posted by Gennadius

Definatly give him the suit in the Mr.X mini-serie (wich was Awesome XD) remove the huge white kneepads and stuff, make the mask look more like skull of punisher or Mr.Fear and make his clothes black add some crazy kung-fu and crazy bullet-times and BAM you have an awesome movie of my favorite mercanary XD. 
(now we are talking about subject I gotta think of the adult hero movies article a while ago XD Imaging him with his ability's to learn everything and them make those movies XD)
Posted by _Incarnate_

Actually, I think I would like a deathsroke movie better.

remember Blade wasn't household name either  and he did pretty well at box-office , so yes Taskmaster could also do well at box-office too
Posted by TheAntiVillain

small cameo in deadpool movie with udon style costume

Posted by silver_sentry89
Posted by SoA

no real opinion pointed towards the topic, im just glad there's so much love for taskmaster !
eaisly up in my fave characters of all time. XD

Posted by jamdown

X-23 movie now
Posted by Tiger Lily

I say it depends on the build up

Posted by carnivalofsins00

NO!! Hollywood doesnt know how to handle a villain starting in a role, since they need to have that "happy ending" all the time. Plus, i dont want the character to be ruined.

Posted by TheGhostofGarethGraves

I think that second-tier characters would and should get their own flicks. Many of them, like Taskmaster, have strong enough stories to maintain a live action plot. I just think that the waters should be tested with animated features for the fans and those who are curious. Pave the way with something visually stunning and completely accessible before giving the characters to hollywood to butcher.
Posted by MrCipher

I would watch a Taskmaster movie.

Posted by Primmaster64


Posted by spystreak

unfortunately no or atleast not one released in theatres unless he would be a villain to another character like Captain america plus if he appears in film he would probably look ridiculous though he could possibly get an animated film about him and to be honest I would prefer an animated film

Posted by grimm

Well nobody knew anything about Hellboy and a lot of people I know didn't even know about the X-Men. I don't think that the average movie watcher cares where the story comes from. They would have still seen Wolverine even if they weren't aware he was a comic character just because it looked badass. One of my friends didn't even know that Marvel made comics. So really I don't think they care about the source material, just as long as the movie looks good.

Posted by ~Marauder~

Not a movie about himself but I see him as a supporting character or a villain 
If they make a movie about him it wont be much different than Punisher..

Posted by ComicMan24
I agree with you.
Posted by Praetor_fenix

They Should make a movie about him, definitley. This guy is the poster for bad ass normal, in order to beat this guy, you literally need to be insane (if you're not a powerhouse), i mean in his mini he even beat the vastly more powerful Ironman.

Posted by dp

Posted by superfly180

okay everyone! first off i am an aspiring screenwriter and right now i'm working on a script for a movie about the falcon, you know, from captain america and the avengers. so anyways i'm not as knowlegable about comics as most are on here but i need some help. it is to my knowledge that before the falcon joined the avengers he took on the taskmaster by himself. i need all the information possible about this guy cuz i am clueless. all i know is what the taskmaster can do. i dont know what his motives are for being a super villain. all the help you can give me will be greatly appreciated! oh yeah and i plan on staying true to the comics too.

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