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Off My Mind: Cool Stuff That Made SDCC Cool

It's not just about comic books and creators. There were some other cool things to see as well.

When we do our Comic-Con coverage, we always strive to get as many great interviews as we can. It's one of the things I love, being able to talk to the creators. This year I started thinking about how there was more than just interviews to share. Comic-Con simply has so much going on. I do love talking to the creators involved in bringing us our favorite stories but Comic-Con has loads of cool things just lying around. Hopefully in some of our videos and pictures, we can give everyone a sense of what there was. 

The Walking Dead booth was really fun to go through. We did a mini-walkthrough video to show what it was like. This is what makes a memorable booth. Rather than just have a standard booth with pictures or banners, you actually got to walk through and get a tiny feel of what the show will be like. My only problem was when I tried to do interviews on the set, I didn't get much of a response. 
== TEASER == 

DC had a cool booth with loads of giant banners that any fan would love to have (even if they don't have the actual space to display them). You probably saw the giant Odin throne that Marvel had in their booth. They also had glass display cases with some cool stuff like Captain America's Shield (thanks Norm for taking a pic!).  
It's things like this that can spice up the convention and make things more memorable. Other publishers had cool displays as well but how can you compete with life-size zombies or Cap's shield? I do have to say I'm sorry I wasn't able to make it to the Top Cow or Archaia booth. I have no idea how the days flew by so quickly.
Cap's shield wasn't the only thing Marvel had in their mysterious glass case. Maybe I missed it, but why was the Infinity Gauntlet there? (Picture courtesy of Mike D'Alessio). 
And then there's the actual fans. It's great seeing so many people dressed up in elaborate costumes they made themselves. We got to spend lots of time with Eddie (aka mrrpm01) to get a real taste of what it's like to make and wear costumes at Comic-Con. We met some of his friends that also go all out in creating a costume. People may make fun of comic book readers for their enthusiasm and dedication in showing their love of comics but who cares what they say. Comic-Con is a place for us. It may be getting crowded with people that might be more interested in the movies or video games but we will not back down. It's still our territory. 
The final thing that makes Comic-Con cool is getting to meet Comic Vine users and friends. I think our meet and greet went well. There were also people on the floor that came up to us. It's hard to believe that Comic-Con has come and gone already. For those that couldn't make it, I hope our coverage with videos and pictures helped to give you a sense of what it was like. I hope it made you almost feel like you were there. Perhaps next year we'll get to meet up again in San Diego.
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Wish i went :(

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@G-Man: I can honestly say this year you guys outdid yourselves on the coverage! I loved every aspect of what we were shown from the interviews right down to the fun and joy of the dancing with capt America, I waited every day for news and updates it was all so much fun! Thank you so much for all the effort you guys put into it for us!!   

I think my favourite moment with you at the Con was when you were talking to Reizner about "Bird Man" it was fun to see you guys playing around and teasing each other! the booth tours were a favourite of mine as well as seeing how comfortable you and Sara were getting with creators. ComicVine is really getting a good name out there!

Thanks for sharing with us what you loved :) 
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They said Infinity Gauntlet was from the Thor movie..... I sense the Avengers villain.

Posted by Namor1987
@Mr.Hulk_Smashin'! said:
" They said Infinity Gauntlet was from the Thor movie..... I sense the Avengers villain. "
Ik one thing I'd hate to get b****slapped by it though lol but he most like will be in Avengers though
Posted by G-Man

Since it was in that case, yeah, you have to assume it's for one of the movies. Pretty cool.

Posted by ComicMan24

It was the first Comic-Con that I ever saw, so thank you guys for all the great stuff you showed us.
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Grant Morrison. Him alone makes any con cool for me :)

Posted by Nick-SV(ril)

Coverage videos and pictures were ace. Interviews were great. Too bad you didn't get to interview James Robinson -even though there was a recent one from WonderCon- but since he gave you thumbs up, its all good.

Posted by G-Man
@Nick-SV(ril): James will stop by our new office soon.
Posted by Nick-SV(ril)
@G-Man said:

" @Nick-SV(ril): James will stop by our new office soon. "

 Time/date/I'm there , haha. Thats awesome. Be sure to get some cool video
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The possibility of the Infinity Gauntlet makes me giddy.  The props look sweet.   
Posted by imaginaryman

they just know how to make a guy feel jealous :(

Posted by Bloodstonefreak

I really wish I was there...  :'(  Hopefully next year I'll be able to go!  *fingers crossed*

Posted by Bobby X

Your coverage this year was nothing short of excellent. Seriously, just want to thank everyone at comicvine and whiskey media in general for bringing SDCC to those of us who could not make it this year. You're my heroes :)

Posted by IrishX

Infinity Gauntlet... sweet.

Posted by Mumbles

shield looks cool

Posted by Ry Fryy

Thanks for the great coverage this year!  :)

Posted by inferiorego

My favorite was the late night Comic Vine party.... or drinking out of the wine glass.
Inside "jokes!"

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@G-Man:  It was great to meet you at the meet-up and find Sora and the "B" team wandering the floor. I wish I had more time to hang out with everyone at the meet-up. I was the guy that just happened to stop by for like 2 minutes real quick near the end (after Avengers panel ended). You should definitely plan on another meet-up next year.   
I haven't even had time to watch through the CV SDCC videos yet. I'd love to see a "C" team dedicated to smaller press and publishers next year. Maybe the "C" team could do the interviews of creators from Avatar, IDW, Top Cow, etc.
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I was thinking about this last night too, all the cool stuff they revealed this Comic Con:
I just wanted to post them all together for myself

Odin's Throne 


Loki's, Thor's, and Odin's(?) helmets 

the Infinity Gauntlet 
Infinity Gauntlet at SDCC 2010

the Destroyer 

Cap's Sheild 


Abin Sur 

trailer for Walking Dead
 am I missing anything else?
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Lots of cool stuff at comic con, Big Year.
I also heard some big things revealed too, Cosmic Cube, Joss Whedon directing Avengers, and Booster Gold on Smallville.

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Oh what I would give to get that shield...

Posted by The_Jokes_On_You

I loved the coverage. I loved all the interviews. Being a student journalist, I know what it is like to be extremly nervous about interviewing people. I also have to say that you guys actually interviewed, not babble and consistently interupt. I watched some other coverage and everytime the interviewer asked a question the interviewee would got like a sentence in and then the interviewer would make a joker or start babbling. It was ridicoulous. So in other words you guys did really well.
Posted by cbishop

Don't feel bad about the WD interviews, G-Man.  Anything they said would have likely been brainless anyway. ;)

Posted by shawn87

the shield and Infinity Gauntlet look real cool

Posted by ceniza

i'ts been a great coverage. you where my eyes and hands there.

Posted by KillerZ

Got to love the picture here .
Posted by pikahyper

It looks like Walking Dead is gonna be epic yay !!!

Posted by anarkiaybirra

the shield looks amazing

Posted by Seraphim84

Better than a cosmic egg I guess?

Posted by Erik

I need to start going. 

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This look like great fun! Wish I could get there but I live in Greece so...

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I know this is old... but I really would like to have that gauntlet..

Posted by Bluetorch

The Infinite Gauntlet and Cap's shield are better than I could have imagined.  Can't wait for Marvel's next big movies!

Posted by Risky

Somehow I get the impression the "props" being shown here were more than just props when you look at the new Thor film...

Posted by MP101

awesome, wish i went

Posted by Mooseslayer

The Walking Dead things was cool

Posted by nacarrell

I need me an infinity gauntlet.

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Maybe this post will work to finish that one quest...???

Posted by PotanicalPardon

Those props do look really nice.

Posted by lyons_74

Have you ever experienced ComiCons in other cities? I'm sure that no other would ever come close, but just curios