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Off My Mind: Choosing What to Read in DC's 'The New 52'

With so many 'new' titles, how many issues will you read before deciding which to drop or keep?

We are on the verge of discovering the brand new DC Universe. A lot will be the same but at the same time, we'll be seeing many changes. From the moment the announcement was made about the relaunch, readers formed an immediate opinion. Many are on board and excited while others have voiced disdain over what appears to be a reboot.

DC has been adamant that this isn't a reboot. Despite this, it's clear that some characters are getting fresh starts while other appear to be picking up where this months titles leave off.

Once the #1 issues start rolling out, a decision has to be made. 52 first issues is a lot for most readers. They'll want to continue reading the stories with their favorite characters but some of the changes might be enough to turn them off. This is also the perfect time to start reading the characters that they never read before. Once a new series is picked up, how long will it take to determine the commitment to the series? These are just some of the factors that need to be considered over the next few months.

== TEASER ==

Regardless of how much complaining people do about changes being made, if they are already invested in a character, they will want to continue reading about them. One big change we know of is the end of Superman and Lois Lane's marriage. I've mentioned before how ending their marriage won't really matter. They can still get back together. This might seem like a step backwards but the relationship between Superman, Lois and Clark was always more interesting before the marriage happened. After they said "I do," most writers took their relationship for granted. There was very little interaction and most stories could have been written the same if they were just dating.

Lois has been seen with a new boyfriend. Does that mean Clark is going to be moping around because she's not available? We don't know yet. I've always enjoyed Superman comics but the fact that Grant Morrison is writing one and George Perez the other, I am completely sold on both titles.

Other characters getting apparent changes are Roy Harper and his missing arm, Starfire with her origin and costume, Superboy's origin, Green Arrow and Nightwing becoming a few years younger than they currently are, Barbara Gordon apparently walking as Batgirl and the history of the Teen Titans. Are these changes necessary? Probably not. Will they completely change the characters? It's possible.

There are changes that have me concerned but I can't make my buying decision based on a couple images and few sentences in the solicitations. I'd like to be optimistic that any changes have been thoroughly thought out. I can't see the editors or DC willing to take an unnecessary risk in changing a character for the wrong reasons.

In other words, you can't rule out or even fully commit to these new titles until you read them. Sinestro as Green Lantern seems so wrong. He's not worthy of being one and has been great as a villain to the Corps and as a leader of the Sinestro Corps. But there is that curiosity of how will he and other characters deal with it.

Not all of the relaunch titles will be successes. We've seen several comics from different publishers get canceled after low sales. Money talks. If the new direction a title takes isn't successful or accepted, it won't stand a chance of continuing. There are also the characters that are missing from all the issue information. Books will get canceled and other ones featuring these missing characters will likely take their place.

There are some series I'm unsure of. Without reading, it's hard to make a firm decision. It's always a drag in skipping out on a new series only to find out after several issues have gone by that it's a great read. We all love to start a series at issue #1. Some new issues might not have the strongest start. The creative team might need a couple issues to really find their groove. How many issues is enough to give a new series a chance? Three issues? Six issues? One story arc? There really isn't an easy answer. But with 52 new series, most of us can't commit to that many titles especially when we know we'll be seeing more new series in the coming months and there are also books from other publishers to consider.

The best way to decide is to first stick with the characters you love. Don't let the possibility of changes scare you away. Characters have gone through major changes numerous times over the years. They will still be true to their roots even if some tweaks have been made.

Consider characters that might be new to you but you've always had an interest in. Don't know a lot about Deathstroke? Pick up his book. Never read a Swamp Thing comic in your life? Why not start now? It's hard to take risks if your comic buying budget has restrictions. It would just be wise to take advantage of these jumping on points rather than continue to miss out on stories with great characters.

Pick up books by your favorite writers. If you've never cared for Wonder Woman but dig what Brian Azzarello does, you'd better pick up Wonder Woman #1. If you've loved Scott Snyder's Detective Comics or American Vampire, how could you not consider Batman or Swamp Thing? Even if some changes like Barbara Gordon going back to being Batgirl and being able to walk sounds crazy, think about who's writing. Gail Simone knows Barbara Gordon. You know she will write the hell out of that book and make the new change work.

The hard part, at least for me, will be deciding when a book or direction isn't working. I have a tremendous sense of loyalty to my favorite characters. But with so many titles, I will be drawing a hard line when I decide I'm not thrilled with a comic. Unless I am absolutely appalled, I will stick through the first arc and probably the first issue of the second arc. If by that point I'm not convinced, the title will be removed from my pull list. If a book isn't worth it, not buying the issue will speak volumes to DC. A drop of sales will catch their attention rather than just complain.

The New 52 is happening. It's time to fasten your seat belts. Get the popcorn ready. This a big moment for DC. Everything is going to change yet be extremely familiar. I have some fears and doubts but I honestly can't remember the last time I've been this excited. Now it's up to the creators to make sure they do a top notch job otherwise it will be time to say goodbye.

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Posted by Nerx

Which one was Grifter in?

Posted by twisted17

Based on Scott Snyder's AWESOME run on Detective Comics, the new Batman series is a MUST READ for me. And I'm fairly interested in Grant Morrison's take on Superman, but I know for a fact that the Bat-Books & Lantern Books are on my agenda.

Posted by tonis

Although part of me understands DC's strategy here, which is to boost sales and encourage new readers to titles, I hope they are prepared for the long haul with this endeavor.

Good foundations are not made in one month, nor should they be evaluated on that alone ;)

They are actually going to know less about their market in October than they did in August if you think about it.

Posted by hitechlolife

I'm mostly going the creator route which for me means: Action Comics, Supes, JLA, Stormwatch, Demon Knights, Animal Man, Batgirl and Resurrection Man. I'm tempted to grab Teen Titans as well, it looks like a 90s/Gen X throwback and l could use a nostalgia hit.

Posted by lorex

I really HATE this retconing of well known history and relaunch of long running titles to attract new readers because we all know its a load of crap. As soon as a writer references something from the past then this notion of starting over to ease in new readers being overwhelmed by longstanding history goes out the window because in order to know what is going on a reader will have no choice bit to look up information either on the internet or in back issues. Some have said breaking up Lois and Clark will make Lois more interesting again, personally I think that is just an excuse for poor writing in the past. Whats next will Kandor go back into the glass bottle, will Luthor get his red hair back. I know DC dosent care what I think cause as you have probable guessed I am a fan and will probable give several of these titles a try. A am also sure DC will herald this as great success and tout their great sales numbers in the first month dispite all the built in safety measures. Ther true test will be 8-12 months later when we see if all this  was worth it or if sales level off or even go back to what they were before before this "Great Innovation" was announced. Personally I think they might enjoy some long term sales increases with the same day digital downloads but I do not think it will be the huge numbers DC is hoping for.

Edited by cosmo111687

I only wish I didn't have such a tight budget. And, frankly, DC has such a solid line of books coming out this September that I have no clue which ones might make it and which ones will be dropped first. It's really up to the fans.
But I really suggest to those who can afford them to buy the comics that seem obscure or not particularly in-line with the mainstream, like Animal Man, Frankenstein Agent of Shade, Demon Knights, Captain Atom, or I, Vampire. I'm sure that they've earned their place in the new 52 because DC is aware of how excellent the talent is behind those creative teams and they have full confidence that, even if they won't have the best sales, they will be solid books. Action Comics, Batman, and The Justice League are in for the long-run, and you'll have many chances to catch-up on them later. But those books come only once in a blue moon and I doubt that you guys will regret picking them up. 

Edited by FoxxFireArt

I saw that preview of DC's New 52. Their very first preview of Superman wasn't of him being "super" or doing something cool. It was of him interrupting Lois as she was going to have sex with her new guy. Clark walks off with his head hanging down, and he's listening in on their conversation. That action right there reminds me of that 'stalker' Superman from that last movie. The only thing missing from this is a scene of him kicking a can, and the cliche would be complete.

 Superman being mopey
He's walking out of the scene all 'emo'. Lois in her not-so-private conversation has her telling mister douche that Clark is "such a loner.". She then ends it all with telling the guy to get back in bed. We may not know how the relationship will go, but in this scene. He's being mopey as HELL!!

They are doing all this soap-opera level relationship drama, but everyone knows that they will eventually get back together. What's the point of going through all of this if they are just going to end up right back where it started? It's a case of two steps forward, Two steps back. It's just going to be a decade of awkwardness for an outcome everyone can predict.
The more they describe Superman's new life. The more it sounds as if they are trying to make Superman into Batman. He's an orphan twice over, DC describes him as "brasher and more brooding", and a lot of people are scared/hate him.
@tonis said:

Although part of me understands DC's strategy here, which is to boost sales and encourage new readers to titles, I hope they are prepared for the long haul with this endeavor.

The problem with that idea. What about in a year or two, and you are up to issue #12 or #24? You are right back to the idea of people feeling as if they can't jump in part of the way. Every year and passing month, the issue of numbers just keeps coming up. 
Though, we have seen that they can't even stick to that. Look at when they did the Wonder Woman #600. They went from #44 to #600 in a month. That's even more confusing to these "new readers".
Posted by Iron_Turtle

For me it'll be a jumping on point for Captain Atom and Deathstroke. Don't know much about them, would like to learn more.

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

i really have no idea what to read......

Posted by Evpraksiya

I will wait for the new 52 edition with all the new issues. Except for WW, even if i'm not convinced by the art here it'll be way better than the odyssey arc...and Huntress in the following month, i'll keep my readings as before, this is not the first reboot just the first massive one. DC is a business i prefer them to change things in order to be able to keep some series alive. Marvel should do some changement and never close series like Guardians or Nova. But that's another story...

Posted by steelhorseclub

Count me in! God forbid they try to make comics interesting again. I have been collecting for decades but I havn't been this excited about comics since the 90s! And I was

Posted by cosmo111687
@FoxxFireArt said: 
@tonis said:

Although part of me understands DC's strategy here, which is to boost sales and encourage new readers to titles, I hope they are prepared for the long haul with this endeavor.

The problem with that idea. What about in a year or two, and you are up to issue #12 or #24? You are right back to the idea of people feeling as if they can't jump in part of the way. Every year and passing month, the issue of numbers just keeps coming up. 
Though, we have seen that they can't even stick to that. Look at when they did the Wonder Woman #600. They went from #44 to #600 in a month. That's even more confusing to these "new readers".
All I can say is that at that point you purchase one, maybe two, Trades to help you understand what came before. 
If it were me running DC, however, I would: 
  1. Come January, provide a complete free downloadable preview of each #1 Issues of the New 52 series available on Comixology and the DC website.
  2. When a Trade is released, on the same day sell downloadable "Digital Trades" from Comixology and The DC website that will contain entire story-arcs and all the bonus features found in a print Trade at a reduced price (something like $11.99+Tax instead of $20.00+Tax).
  3. Come September 2012, release free previews (with advertisements) of the the first 6 issues of Justice League, Action Comics, Detective Comics, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Teen Titans, and Justice League Dark on Comixology and the DC website, adding a new issue every month up until the 12th issue, to get new readers initiated into the DC Universe and into reading comics.
Edited by slick23

I myself will read about 10 comics per month, then that will dwindle down once I know whats worth picking up, and what's not. Then read reviews in the site to see whats good besides the one that i've picked up already. Can't wait! And more people ought to be optimistic regarding the reboot....C'mon guys! :)

Posted by RainEffect

Just got back from my local comic store. I placed my order down for Green Arrow #1. First Green Arrow comic I will have ever read and I am incredibly optimistic.
Posted by tonis

@cosmo111687: that's actually a well thought out long term strategy man, they should be listening to you to insure their future ;)

It sucks that they can't just figure out that things have changed and this pricing structure they've lived off is no longer viable, not because the characters need redevelopment but because the content distribution costs need serious rethinking of how they charge for it.

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

The only thing that has interested me so far is the JLA.

Posted by Knight Train

Slow news day? not a very good article when its point is too ask a question that can't yet be answered. Better question that would've provoked more discussion and skepticism is which series' are likely to last? Sales of current issues? Popularity of characters? potential for success vs. past success of the writers? Popularity of the writers? Would've made for a much stronger discussion and thus a much stronger article.

Posted by Lvenger

Personally, I'm going to pick up Action Comics, Superman, Batman, Batman and Robin, Justice League and Green Lantern. I'll keep an eye on the other stories but my Dad's wallet only streches so far in terms of ordering comics. Plus postage costs a lot and I want to prioritise my interest in my favourite characters following the reboot. Besides, my reading list hasn't changed that much except Batman Inc is substituted for Batman and Robin and since each new 52 books only appears once a month, I can now get The Amazing Spider-Man lol. So this reboot has pushed a Marvel book into my pull list which isn't what DC want but it's all good for me :P.

Posted by cosmo111687
@tonis said:

@cosmo111687: that's actually a well thought out long term strategy man, they should be listening to you to insure their future ;)

It sucks that they can't just figure out that things have changed and this pricing structure they've lived off is no longer viable, not because the characters need redevelopment but because the content distribution costs need serious rethinking of how they charge for it.

Haha. :) Thanks. :) 
It's just that for new readers, who are accustomed now to getting their favourite movies and television shows for free (or cheap) via Netflix and Hulu, it's too much of an inconvenience and investment to purchase 18-20 dollars on six issues of a comic that they can burn through in a single night only to lose interest when they learn they have to wait a month for their next book. It's much cheaper and more convenient for them to download them illegally on-line. And, sadly, most comic book consumers aren't conscientious enough to be bothered by the moral and financial ramifications of doing that. So, rather than wasting this business opportunity, it would be better to adapt to the new comic book consumers and provide ways for them to read comics for free or a reduced price in a convenient manner, on-line, and getting them hooked on comics that way. 
(P. S. It's late so I'm not sure if my reasoning is all that sound.)
Edited by IamKryptonite

Well I work hard for my money so I will be picking up quite a few. Since I'm primarily a DC fan I don't have to worry about other books. I would like to try something new but it's hard to trust my instinct since I'm fairly new, although I have always liked Wolverine. I'm really pumped about Red Lanterns and Hawkman stands out aswell!  All the Green Lantern titles, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Flash, JL, JLI, JLD, Capt. Atom, Mr. T,  most the Batman titles, Grifter, Deathstroke, Suicide Squad, Teen Titans and Blue Beetle, but most importantly all the Superman titles. Superman is the one I'm most nervous about. I think he has the most to lose and I hope they do him justice and new readers pick it up. A world without Superman is a sad world indeed.

Posted by Xenozoic Shaman

So far, I'm getting Batman, Batgirl, and Nightwing, with a possible later addition of Justice League to the mix as well.  If a book isn't getting good in five issues, I'll stop my subscription, put the money into older back issues, and take another look at the new stuff in half a year or so. 

I'm trying to remain hopeful, but the "revamp" removes many of the things I like to see in comics, and adds societal trends that I hate.  I like continuity, and story build-up, and truly loathe it when they take classic movie or literary characters and make them all young to appeal to a certain audience.  I want characters of all ages, because that's how life is.  Making everyone young is as bad as changing pre-established characters to include a member of every race, rather than add them in because the story dictates it.  It seems so artificial, and shallow when they do things that way.
Having not read the new stuff, I'll keep an open mind, but changing marriages, the age of the heroes and making it the first time they've met*, sounds like a "reboot" more than a "revamp" to me.  I'll give this a go, however, and try to remain positive.  New beginnings can be exciting too.

*Based on the preview comic that had Justice League #1, and Batman meeting Green Lantern for what seemed to be the first time.

Posted by The Myth

All Bat family related titles are on my list. 

Posted by Iron Fist Angel

In an ideal world I'd read them all but the two I've added to my sub are JLA and Aquaman. I have a feeling the latter, (despite having some awesome talent on board), won't be around long.

Edited by Jonny_Anonymous

I am planning on getting every 1#, of course I wont be picking them all up month after month but I will keep a good few of them on untill I decide what ones I like the most.  
The ones I am really looking forward to are Action Comics, Superman, Superboy, Batman, Detective Comics, The Dark Knight, The Red Hood and The Outlaws, Green Lanterns: New Guardians, JLA, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Captain Atom, Stormwatch, Grifter, Men of War, All-Star Western, Teen Titans and Blue Beetle.

Posted by CrimsonTempest

General displeasure of the reboot aside, there are a good amount of books that have gathered my interest. While JL by Johns/Lee will be a day one buy for me, I am also interested in getting Batman by Snyder/Capullo, All-Star Western by Palmiotti/Gray/Moritat, Batgirl by Simone/Syaf, Flash by Manapul/Buccelatto, Grifter by Edmonson/Cafu, Swamp Thing by Snyder/Paquette, Stormwatch by Cornell/Sepulveda, and Action Comics by Morrison/Morales, with the added caveat that Gail Simone touted AC as the shot in the gut that Superman needed.
I admit, I was initially against the reboot, going as far as calling it unnecessary. But I can be proven wrong here, because DC is showing their commitment to make comics mainstream again. When comics are mainstream again, then all comics will benefit from this.

Posted by chalkshark

Since these are not really the characters I love anymore, DC's hollow re-assurances aside, I'll be picking up books strictly on the merits of illustration. If I like the artist's work on the book, I'll collect that title. If said artist is then replaced down the road by a lesser talent, then I'll just as quickly drop the book. DC has broken my investment in their characters. From here on out, I'm just going to follow the art.

Posted by gangly

I've already put in my order for every single #1, and I'm crazy excited. For the past few years I've been a comics fan from the sidelines, constantly wanting to catch up, but never really being able to. I know a lot of you think this push for new readers is BS, but honestly, this clear jumping on point is a dream come true for me. 
Of course some (if not more than half) of these titles are going to be duds, but like G-Man said, I'll see them through through at least the first issue of the second arc. Like TV shows, for some stories to be told well, you have to set up a solid foundation which might not be the most thrilling thing. But when the tale's all set up, the writer's free to really shine. Think about "Walkabout", the fourth episode of LOST, or "33" the (technically) third episode of Battlestar Galactica. It took some patience to make already solid shows into must watch shows, and I have no doubt it'll be the same for many of the nDCU titles.

Posted by Geniusmonkey

As much as I can't stand the idea of retconning stuff that's so established in terms of its own continuity...I am pretty hyped.  The DCU needed the cobwebs blowing away ecspecially Supes.  If everything remained the same we'd all be bored stiff by golden age-esque heroes rescuing broads and spouting cheesy dialogue.  Smallville was far from a perfect representation of the Superman mythos, but it was an accessible, fresh way of looking at heroes, laden with decades of comic continuity, in a relevant and edgy way.  As much as I worry for the fate of the JSA and New Teen Titans I look foward to cool, original and inventive story telling, that isn't weighed down by decades and decades of complexity and back-story.  Looking foward to Snyder doing Batman, Morrison doing Superman and Johns doing Aquaman.  High quality writing and art will defs ease the woe attatched to yet another manipulation of years of history.  Will be picking up at least half of these titles if I can afford it.....I just hope it works.

Posted by Decept-O

I wonder if part of this is also DC's way of determining which books to continue and which ones to cancel, depending on the first few issue sales figures. I say this because 52 books are indeed a lot to choose from. It would make sense from their perspective, a way to find out which characters, writers, and artists will work. Just pure speculation. How will Starfire differ with her origin? Sounds a bit unnecessary perhaps but maybe it will be interesting.

Posted by Icemizer

I have all 52 on order quite confident in the fact that after one year I will be down to much less than that.
Posted by djotaku

I really love the Bat-family and have an extra special place for them as Gotham City Sirens and Detective Comics got me back into reading comics after a ~12 year hiatus.  So I've decided that the new 52s will be a great jumping on point for the other Bat-family books that I'm not reading right now.  I'm going to give all of them one story arc, no matter what.  Thanks to putting Grant Morrison on action comics (smartest thing they did in the writer shuffle for the new 52) I'm going to be checking that and Superman out.  And watching Batman/Superman Apocalypse on Netflix made me interested in Supergirl.  And, since I don't have money to check out all the new characters, I'm checking out JLA, JLI, and Teen Titans to get a handle on non-Bat-fam characters.  For these not-Bat-family books, I'm giving them one issue if they suck.  If they're good I'll give them an arc.  But I don't really have the money to sustain that, so if they're good after one arc, I may end up putting them on my trade list.   
Really, it's the worst thing about DC having 4 or 5 Batman books and then another 5 or so Bat-family books along with Marvel having 7 or so X-Men books.  You're saying that if I want to know everything about my favorite characters, I can't read the books of other characters to develop new favorites.  You may think it doesn't matter as they're selling the same amount of books, but the books I follow dictate which Events I follow.  (More of an issue with Marvel than DC)  In other words, if I wasn' t reading Spidey, I woudln't be getting a half-dozen books over the next few months as part of Spider-Island.  Because I don't read Green Lantern, I am not reading the Green Lantern Wars or w/e's going on there now that they keep talking about on the CV podcast. They really need to streamline the number of books per character if they want to build up the B and C-list heroes.  (As Marvel is trying to do w/ Cloak and Dagger)

Posted by kitsuneconundrum

no reason for lois to exist then

Posted by Jake Fury

Action Comics (in Morrison I trust) 
Green Arrow 
Batman (Scott Snyder title) 
Posted by TheMadMonkey

Thanks, but no thanks, DC. 
If you were truly interested in improving single issue sales, then you'd realize that comic books were doing just fine before the introduction of the "trade paperback".  Perhaps the implosion of book stores (e.g. Borders) will set in motion a domino effect (of sorts) that will eventually eliminate that particular poison to the comic book industry.
This pandering to a generation that couldn't care any less about what came before isn't going to solve anything in the long run. 
I may be an "old fogey" to many of the people who visit this site (and I'll proudly wear that badge in this instance), but there's no arguing that the old way of producing comics is what worked.  So, I'll stick to re-reading and re-reading my pre-Crisis comics and remember a time when it meant something good to buy a new comic book.

Edited by Rick475069

 Here is what I'm subscribing to:
1. Action Comics
2. Blue Beetle
3. Detective Comics
4. Flash
5. Green Lantern
6. Green Lantern Corps
7. Justice League
8. Red Lanterns
9. Superboy
10. Superman
11. Green Lantern:New Guardians

Posted by CrimsonAvenger

I'm getting all of them. My comic book store had some sort of pre-order sale where you could pre-order all 52 for only $52. Anyways the book I'm most looking forward to is Aquaman.

Posted by Herx

1) Batgirl
3) Detective Comics
4) Justice League International
5) Static Shock
6)Batman and Robin
7) Deathstroke
8) Legion Lost
9) Mister Terrific
10) Red Lanterns
11) Superboy 
12) Blue Beetle
13) DC Univrse Presents
14) Legion of Super-Heroes
15) Nightwing
16) Red Hood and the Outlaws
17) Supergirl
18) Green Lantern: New Guardians
19) Teen Titans
and maby, maby, Hawkman.

Posted by VanAce

I have at the moment... 
Action Comics 
The Flash 
Swamp Thing 
Resurrection Man 
But I will probably check out other titles and will be reading any titles friends get.

Posted by Joe Venom

I'm diving in head first checking out all 52 first issues like a comic sampler, and from there I'll chose which ones i'll be staying on. I can't wait! ^_^

Posted by ele3000

Here's my pull list:
Green Lantern 
Green Lantern Corps
Green Lantern New Guardians
Red Lanterns   
Justice League

Posted by longbowhunter

I wont bore anyone with my list. I'll just say, I plan to get the first issue of everything that peaks my interest. After that I can weed 'em out. There are more than a few I'm excited about.
Edited by WildStyle

I'm buying at least ten books for the new reboot. Before, it was five titles with the rest going to Marvel and Image.  I might buy more depending on the word of mouth.
One thing I'm excited about is the fact that DC seems to be bringing in more team books. Marvel has been whooping that ass in that department for a while.  But I'm finially seeing some interesting things coming from DC in that regard. 
With that said, I'm buying:
1. Justice League
2. Justice League Dark
3. Static Shock
4. Blue Beetle
5. Batman
6. Justice League International
7. Frankenstein: Agents Of Shade
8. Teen Titans
9.  Action Comics
10. Hawkman 

Posted by GundamHeavyarms

Im down for Static, Blue Beetle, and the two Legion books.  The superman books do look interesting and so do the green lantern ones.  I don't really want to read the Batman stuff anymore.  I might give teen titans and the flash a try too.

Posted by JimmyOlsen1

I'm still not happy about the reboot and the "new 52" but I'll read a few of them and hope they'll be good. 
1. Action Comics
2. Superman
3. Superboy
4. Supergirl (maybe) 
5. Batman and Robin
6. Batgirl (maybe)
7. Nightwing
8. Birds of Prey (maybe)
9. Red Hoof and the Ourtlaws
10. Justice League
11. Justice League international
12. Aquaman
13. The Flash
14. Green Arrow
15. Hawkman
16. Mister Terrific
17. Stomwatch (maybe and I hope Midnighter and Appollo are still together)
18. Grifter
19. Deathstroke
20. Suicide Squad
21. Teen Titans
22. Hawk & Dove
23. Blue Beetle (maybe)

Posted by Grimoire

I will most likely check out each series for the Trinity plus the league issues that will have all three for the most part to see if the world is still interesting.

Posted by SladeRogers
I know I'll be reading Red Hood & the Outlaws, Nightwing, Teen Titans, and probably Batman & Robin. But, when I watched the trailer and found Grifter has made his way to the DCU. I have a feeling he'll end up interacting with Jason, Roy, and Kori.
Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge

I already know what I'm choosing:
-Justice League #1: With a super-start writer GEOFF JOHNS and super-star artist JIM LEE, it's too good to pass up......
-Action Comics #1: When you hear someone say, "I've got ACTION COMICS #1!", It's like holding a piece of history. To me, it's an emotional investment and experience that same kinda feeling of history in my hands
-Detective Comics #1: Same ideal reaction for ACTION COMICS #1.
-Static Shock #1: Since 2010, I was informed about anew STATIC comic series. I still enjoy both the comics and the's hoping that this series is good enough.
-Deathstroke #1: I love Deathstroke since his appearance in the 80's and his own book in the 90's and back into Titans related books....NOW after forming his second Titans team what does he do next?
-Red Hood and the Outlaws #1: I understand that both Jason and Roy were ex-partners to Batman and Green Arrow and have that bad-boy attitude going on....but STARFIRE? How could she pulled into those two? (Please do not have Starfire fall in love with Jason.....)
-Aquaman #1: Ever since his run on BRIGHTEST DAY, GEOFF JOHNS brought a sea-worthy tale that I'm ready to look into again (hope the new AQUALAD reappears...)
-Teen Titans #1: Despite the fact that MANY known Titans are not returning/missing, at least we have Tim, Cassie, Bart and Conner. I hope the new characters/teammates will be good enough. I'm sad about the fact no TITANS villain will come back as well....but they cannot avoid DEATHSTROKE........

Posted by crusader8463

Won't be reading any. Was never a fan of DC but I knew enough about the universe to understand how things worked. Going in to something like this where everything is retconed does not appeal to me at all. No matter what happens I just can't get into it, because it all just feels fake. Like it's just one big what if and/or alternate universe story.

Posted by The Stegman

Well my current pull list is 
    Justice League

Mr. Terrific


Wonder Woman

The Flash

Justice League Dark

Green Arrow


Action Comics


Detective Comics

Batman & Robin




Batman: The Dark Knight


Red Hood and the outlaws

Green Lantern

Green Lantern corps

Green Lanterns : New Guardians


Suicide Squad

Teen Titans

Legion Lost

 Legion of superheroes  

the last two legion titles i just added because i NEVER read any LOSH titles before and i wanna get into them, however i want to read ALL of the titles, so i figure it this way, i'll read the ones i listed, and if i don't like them, i'll drop em, and try another
Posted by _jackbauer

Excellent article.  After browsing the comments, I was a little surprised to see Static Shock on so many people's lists.  Anyhow, my list is as follows: 
Justice League 
Action Comics 
Detective Comics 
Green Lantern 
Red Lanterns 
Suicide Squad 
Green Lantern Corps 
Batman TDK 
The Flash 
Green Lantern TNG 

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