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Off My Mind: Brightest Day #1 - Who Gets The White Lantern?

Will we see someone dressed as a White Lantern?

Brightest Day #1 lands in stores today. We've seen that Sinestro is aware of the White Lantern power battery yet rather than take it for himself, in Green Lantern #53 (which you/ll probably want to read before reading Brightest Day #1), Sinestro tells Hal and Carol about it. Looking at the cover, you can see that it appears that Hal will try taking hold of it. Also if you saw the preview or have read issue #1, you know why Sinestro hasn't already claimed it for himself.
I have to admit that I'm a little reminded of when Thor made his return in the pages of Fantastic Four. His hammer, Mjolnir, appeared in a crater in the desert. Doctor Doom couldn't lift it because he wasn't worthy and people were lining up to see if they could. Here we have the power batter and it's looking like not just anyone will be able to lift it.
One question that will hopefully get answered in this issue is where did the battery come from? It looks like the " Entity" was transformed into a power battery after resurrecting the 'twelve.' Let's assume that whoever can lift the battery will gain and control the power of the White Lantern. Who will that be? 
Even though Sinestro wielded the power briefly, it's not looking like he will again. I'm happy for this. While Sinestro does deserve some respect these days, he's just better suited as a Yellow Lantern
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I'm a big Hal Jordan fan but like with Sinestro, I'm happy where he is. Hal should be a Green Lantern. We've seen him temporarily become some of the other Lanterns but to me, he's Mr. Green Lantern.
Perhaps we can all agree on who should and most likely will be able to lift the power battery. You would think it'd be one of the twelve. After issue #0, is there really a choice other than Deadman? Even though it wasn't a major focus, it could be seen that he was wearing a White Lantern power ring and we saw the White Lantern "logo" appear around him.
What will the White Lantern power battery do? Deadman was already using his new powers without the battery. Although he didn't seem to have control of his new powers, perhaps gaining possession of the battery will make things smoother. I'm curious to see what his relationship with the Entity/power will be. Will he remain a puppet and have to do and go where ever the power wishes to send him? Will he actually find out how he's supposed to help the others? More importantly, will he be able to use his powers on anyone he'd like? We say him bring that poor dead bird back to life. Could he just touch any dead person and bring them back? And if Deadman does get possession of the battery, is his red outfit going to change?
I like the idea of there just being one "White Lantern." I don't think we need a White Lantern Corps. I do like the others that are running around now but I think we have enough. The power involved here seems to be on a different level from the others. Let's keep this contained to one person. And that person should be Deadman.
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I think DEADMAN should be the ONLY White Lantern
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I'm not sure

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Posted by doordoor123

I think that the white lantern is going to be destroyed by the end of brightest day. Just like the black lantern, it has too much power in the DCU.

Posted by Lamenoire

Dead... or is it Aliveman now??? 
I would love a new outfit. And i want Booster Gold to bring this White Lantern (aliveman, not this lantern) to the grave of Ted kord (at vanishing point after black Lantern BB tried to take his heart and eat it....)

Posted by DarkSyde79

Boston Brand's got a ring...

Posted by sora_thekey

I have a question... I'm not an avid Green Lantern reader so I don't know, but are the Lanterns alive?
What I mean is: Is the While Lantern controlling Deadman?
Obviously now the guys who's running the White Lantern show is him, but there might be more who will take over the White Lantern mantle...

Posted by goldenkey
@doordoor123 said:
"I think that the white lantern is going to be destroyed by the end of brightest day. Just like the black lantern, it has too much power in the DCU. "

I could work correctly if written well.  Green Lanterns with the power they have are down written.  Possessing a ring that can conjure pretty much anything they imagine is one hell of a weapon.  It's been quoted that they can split atoms, and don't forget the power the Spectre possesses. 
Posted by Blindside002

I agree it should be only deadman, like a one omnipotent lantern. I do hope though that this gives a chance for most of the people who died in Blackest Night to come back.
Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

mark my words, Boston Brand is wearing white

Posted by Chane
@Lamenoire said:
"And i want Booster Gold to bring this White Lantern (aliveman, not this lantern) to the grave of Ted kord (at vanishing point after black Lantern BB tried to take his heart and eat it....) "
Posted by inferiorego

awesome issue. i loved it

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I'm so excited with who they set up in this issue as the most likely White Lantern...

Posted by goatman2112

Things would go wrong very quickly if John Stewart become the White Lantern.

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I think Deadman should be the White Lantern.
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I'll vote for Alan Scott!

Posted by AmazingSpiderMike
@doordoor123 said:
" I think that the white lantern is going to be destroyed by the end of brightest day. Just like the black lantern, it has too much power in the DCU. "
I think you might have something here. I think having Dead man as the white lantern is too predictable.
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I'm not all that concerned about the White Lanterns, I'm more concerned about what's going on with Martian Manhunter and the others who returned and their still present connection to the Black Lanterns

Posted by E.I.S.A.M.

It seems like they're setting up for Boston to be the White Lantern, But I think I'd prefer it if it were a new character, or an old character that's been forgotten over the years and no one cares about until He/She becomes a White Lantern. Only because there is no real change in comics, and sooner or later Boston would be Deadman again. I'm still waiting for someone to get full of themselves enough to bring back Captain Mar-vell, and make Barbara walk again.  
Not that I want those things to happen, I just think that after bringing Bucky, Jason Todd, and Barry Allen back from the dead, you can't count out anything as impossible.

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@Backslash: i was thinkin the same thing !
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I'm going to completely ignore the real topic, and be totally immature: In the picture at the top, it looks like the lantern is making Hal feel a little... Too good.
Posted by squiresmadnessmachine

i think it will either be all the ones who came back to life if there is only one..................i think it will be dove
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I'd go with the general concensus with Willsurelydieagainman. It go well with the white lantern won't last longer than Brightest Day idea.
Dove seems unlikely being that she's in the new bird of prey book and for some reason BoP focussing on withe lantern doesn't seem to fit, imho.

Posted by doordoor123
@AmazingSpiderMike:  lol. I think Dead man  is going to die by the end of brightest day (along with the white lantern). If DC is going to try to make deaths meaningful again after this, i cant see a white lantern still in the picture.
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Hawkman or Deadman xD
Posted by Black Lantern Sil3nt Darkn3ss

My vote's on Deadman, BUT he'll probably pull a Blackest Night and deputize a few heroes for a bit.

Posted by MarkPar

Since Bruce Wayne's coming back i think Batman should have a ring