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Off My Mind: Batgirl vs. Batwoman is Inevitable, But Who Will Win?

With two red-headed female Bat-characters, how soon until they clash?

DC's 'The New 52" is here and we are witnessing our favorite characters once again for the first time. This week marks the return of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl. We are all on the edge of our seats wondering how she will regain the use of her legs after getting shot through the spine by the Joker. This month also marks the return of Kate Kane as Batwoman.

Scott Snyder has said several times that the Batman Universe will remain pretty much unchanged although there will (obviously) be some minor changes. With some tweaks to the timeline and ages of the characters, the roles of some may be changing slightly.

There have been several Batgirls and Batwomen in the past comics. Now we are going to have one of each and ironically, they are both red-heads. It's inevitable that the two will eventually meet up and the big question will be on what terms? Will there be enough room in Gotham for two red-headed Bat-women?

== TEASER ==

From the preview of Batgirl #1, Barbara Gordon is in college. There's mention that she was shot three years before what we assume to be the present time. That means she was probably shot when she was around 18 or so. That also would have been two years after the events in last week's Justice League #1.

Out of all this, another question is, how long did she operate as Batgirl? At what age did she first put on the costume and fight along side Batman and Robin? Basically the question here is how much experience as a superhero does she have? If she spent three years in a wheelchair, it's possible she spent those years as Oracle so those stories could technically still hold. It just doesn't seem she is going to be the experienced former Batgirl we knew before.

Batwoman now is older than Barbara. In the preview for Batwoman #1, her story is pretty much untouched. We will have to wait and see whether or not it's addressed how long she's been dressing up in a bat-themed costume. In Detective Comics # 860, we saw that Kate got started around four years ago. Barbara may have spent the last three years in a wheelchair and Kate could have spent the last three in action as Batwoman.

This changes the dynamic of their potential first encounter. It is possible they have interacted several times already, especially if Barbara was acting as Oracle. There may not be any reason for the two to clash in their first meeting but this is comic books we're talking about. Heroes practically always fight over a misunderstanding when they first encounter each other.

If Batwoman has more experience in a costume and cape, that could change the outcome. I think we would all place our bets on Barbara but if she is younger and less experienced, she'll really need to use her wits if this ever happened. Batwoman is a great character. There is a lot of potential in her and it's so good to see that she is being given the spotlight in her own title. But Barbara/Batgirl is the girl we've known for years. She's already won our hearts time and time again. Batwoman is still working on that.

Then again, because Gail Simone and J.H. Williams III don't have to rely on clichés to tell a story, there might not be a clash between the two. I am just really curious to see how they would interact with each other. Who would be taking who under their wing? Who is the better caped crusader?

There is indeed room in Gotham for two female Bat-characters. This just shows that the Batman Universe is so rich in characters. Each character's book is likely to focus mainly on the individual character in the beginning. It has to be established where they stand in the "New 52." Hopefully we will see the two fighting side by side.

Whether we see a catfight between the two (or should I say batfight?) remains to be seen.

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Posted by papad1992

Batwoman for the win!!
Posted by mikethekiller

Can babs walk again?

Posted by Eyz

Sorry, Barb... as much I love ya, been a big fan all these past years.. I still would go with Batwoman on this one :/

Posted by thephantomstranger

I see no reason as to why these two characters have to meet at all. 

Posted by CombatSpoon86

Batwoman is easier on the eyes and she kicks better a**!!!!!!!!

Posted by niamahai

Batwoman because she has ACTUAL MILITARY TRAINING. 

Even if Batwoman loses, Batwoman's Dad > Batgirl's Dad.

Posted by tiger26

i gotta go with barb on this one
Posted by NightFang
@papad1992 said:
Batwoman for the win!!
Posted by The_Tree

Batwoman, she's got military training, and great gear. 
Plus, Batgirl's been off the job for awhile, she's probably rusty.

Posted by ssejllenrad

If only the Batgirl was Cass (though we don't know how good she is on the revamp), I would give it to her. But I'm picking Batwoman over Babs here.

Posted by Planewalker

Batwoman due to training 

Posted by thephantomstranger

oh this is really just a character vs other character article...didn't notice till now....

Posted by KainScion

babs was trained by the best. bruce, catman etc. ur telling me a special force guy wih his training can beat bruce with his? and batwoman is easier on the eyes? not really, she's just sluttier. babs got brains and looks. and she's been keeping up her training so she aint rusty.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I like Batwoman far more than Babs 

Posted by jubilee042

batgirl i love her

Posted by Enzeru

I dislike them both.

Posted by Darthmat

Batwoman kicks way too much ass to lose!

Posted by TDK_1997

I love Babs but I'm going with Batwoman

Posted by Neverpraying

Why do they have to fight? Can't they make out instead? :P

@Enzeru said:

I dislike them both.

I will now glare at you for the next week

Edited by chalkshark

There shouldn't be any conflict at all. If DC really wants this to be a "new" universe then they should abandon as many of the old genre tropes, as possible. Besides characters beating the Hell out of each other on first sight has, really, always been a Marvel staple. These are two smart women that likely keep up with current events in Gotham City. They're going to know about the existence of the other, & they're going to know that they're on the same side. No one would ask if Batgirl & Batman were going to fight it out on their first meeting. Why assume there's a cat fight on the horizon for the two bat women. I think it would be great if they never met. I prefer Batwoman occupying her own little niche in Gotham City. Let's her be her own woman. Batgirl deserves the same opportunity.

Posted by darkrider

 batgirl will kick batwomen ass

Posted by Duo_forbidden

If they would ever fight, I would put my money on Batwoman. Sorry Babs. However, both characters are awesome, and would make a great team-up.

Posted by kevin88wk
@mikethekiller: do you think she would be batgirl if she still couldn't walk
Posted by Aeroman

batwoman wins

Posted by longbowhunter
@Planewalker said:
Batwoman due to training 

Someone with military training vs. someone who just learned to walk again. Come on should we even have to ask who would win?
Posted by azza04

Batwoman looks far more kick ass and intimidating.

Posted by Mbecks14

Batgirl/Barbara is the DCU's kick-assest heroine under any name! 

Posted by doordoor123

In a fight Batgirl would win. She's smarter and more experienced. But I LOVE Batwoman. SHE wins in my heart :D

Posted by Joe Venom
Posted by Outside_85

Batwoman, she has more physical training, Barbara however is smarter. In a way its actually like comparing Damian (fighter) to Drake (detective).

Edited by damswedon

There was a question a while back on DC Women Kick Ass which was who would win in a fight Batgirl or Catwoman. I think the answer given there applies to this case as well.

  • Cassandra Cain would mop the floor with her.
  • Barbara Gordon would lead to a stalemate.
  • Steph would get her ass handed to her but will get back up and go again.
Posted by djotaku

Freakin' DC and keeping things the same while at the same time having this -3 years.  I think it's so weird.  
@Neverpraying said:

Why do they have to fight? Can't they make out instead? :P

Potential reason for a fight?  We know BW is a lesbian.  Maybe there's a misunderstanding?  Or is that just too sexist?
Posted by Sammo21

I've never liked Batwoman...I hate her costume design, I hate how pale she is, I hate how red they make her hair...I also don't care for any of her biographical story beats. Barbara Gordon all the way.

Posted by keith71_98

Barbara Gordon - all the way! Never cared for Batwoman.

Posted by the_fallen11

if anyone was going to start a fight between the two it would be babs..shes far more hot headed than kate.

Posted by ltbrd

I don't really understand the point or necessity of Batwoman. Do we really need another person of wealth in a costume? Why can't Barbara simply be called Batwoman like she mistakenly is in the first issue? She's obviously old enough by this point. I think a better move on DC's part would have been to put Barbara in the identity of Batwoman (given her age and experience within the hero community) and left either Cassandra Cain or Stephanie Brown as Batgirl as an understudy. That would make for an interesting story in my opinion. Start the DCnU with Cassandra Cain just assuming the mantle of Batgirl at the same time Barbara is just returning to the scene and becoming Batwoman. Bruce, having great respect for Barbara, puts Cassandra under her care and guidance and we get to see a bit of friction between the two as Cassandra feels she is superior based on her background and training and Barbara's time in a wheelchair, while at the same time Barbara has to deal with being the adult (though she can still have her fun side like Dick) and mentoring someone that used to be in her shoes. The same can go for Stephanie but instead of killer assassin background Barbara has to deal with Stephanie's extremely high enthusiasm and habit of jumping in head first to a situation and trying to get her to be more careful and planning. 
I'm not saying Kate Kane wasn't a good character and she was definitely introduced at the right time for the stories that were taking place during 52, and I do like the art design of her book thought I don't understand why she's drawn so pale as Batwoman though obviously tanned as Kate, but the fact she hasn't been able to be a consistent character over the last few years and the fact that the DCnU is supposed to simplify things for new readers, having an additional bat related character in addition to Bruce, Dick, Jason, Tim, Barbara and Damian (don't remember hearing anything about Cassandra or Stephanie yet) is still confusing for a new reader. Plus, Cassandra was Batgirl for as long if not slightly longer than Barbara so she makes a more natural choice to become Batgirl while Barbara becomes Batwoman than the other way around. 
Costume wise I don't think Barbara would have to drop what she's going to wear as Batgirl, and I think it would be more appropriate for Cassandra to wear the black and red of Batwoman without showing her hair (but not the weird full mask she had before) because those colors fit her personality more. 
But this is not me saying I'm not going to get both series. I definitely am at least the first few issues to see how things are going. This is just a bored out of my mind analysis of what I think could have been.
Posted by Dedpool

I don'twant a clash i just want a team up. There should be a team up with all female agents of the Bat, with Cassandra Cain as Black Bat, and Huntress joinging as well.
Posted by keithmoon316

Batwoman decided to kill herself and come back in a lazarus pit...I think she has the extra edge to take out Barbara. 

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

It would seem that Kate now is the more experienced female Caped Crusader.  It makes me wonder then if  she would have the edge over Barbara in a fight.  Frankly I'd only like to see an initial battle if their investigations cross paths, but other than that I'd rather they team up than fight.  Two sides of the same coin in the fight for justice.  What I'm just more interested in is how they are dealing with Barbara considering the Killing Joke is still part of the equation in New 52.  It seems conceivable that maybe then, from what I read here, maybe the bullet did some damage but not enough to permanently disable Babs.  Even though I'm not getting either book I'm actually curious to see how they handle that story now.  

Posted by -Vigil-

I'm not a huge fan of either of them, but omigosh I hope Batgirl wins. I can't stand Batwoman.

Posted by speedstermike

Bartgirl all the way

Posted by KEROGA

doesnt batwoman have military combat experience? if so batwoman would win,
Posted by harleyquinnhawkgirl

this is way too tough of a battle! personally i love both characters and to pick between the two sucks. but im gonna go with batwoman because she's had the military training, the lazarus pit thing, and she's a tough ass bitch!
Posted by GREGalicious

While i do love BATWOMAN, id give the battle to BARBARA.
Posted by TearsInRain

I love Barbara but I have to show more support for my new lesbian heroine Batwoman!

Posted by ArkhamInmate
@damswedon said:

There was a question a while back on DC Women Kick Ass which was who would win in a fight Batgirl or Catwoman. I think the answer given there applies to this case as well.

  • Cassandra Cain would mop the floor with her.
  • Barbara Gordon would lead to a stalemate.
  • Steph would get her ass handed to her but will get back up and go again.
But I like both of them when I first heard of Batwoman I thought "Oh my gosh please not!" but then Kate came along...hell she is AWESOME I LOVE her design... 
I think Babs and Kate could work together very well...
Posted by Bestostero

Batgirl gets my popularity contest vote lol

Posted by yo_yo_fun

I didn't even have to read this article. BATGIRL
Definitely BATGIRL.

Posted by Lvenger

This would be really interesting. I mean both female members of the Bat family are interesting characters so it would be nice to see their personalities clash as much as their fists. Also it would be cool to see who the better fighter is.

Posted by Teerack

Barbra seems a lot more impressive then bat woman.

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