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Off My Mind: AMC's The Walking Dead Whisper Theories

It's been three months since we saw the "whisper scene." A new tiny update could rule out some of the theories.

Like many, I was glued to my television on Sunday nights watching AMC's The Walking Dead. Yes it's unfortunate that the season was only six episodes but there's no point in complaining about that (or the wait until season 2 begins). As much as I've been waiting for any new information on the show, I've also been waiting to have a proper discussion on what happened in the final episode. With the release of the season today on Blu-ray and DVD and with the millions of viewers in the ratings, I thought now would be a good time to talk about it and not be too concerned with spoilers. 

In the final episode, Dr. Jenner, who had been studying the outbreak after it started, whispered something into Rick Grimes' ear. I understand that moments after this episode originally aired on December 5, people were discussing all over the internet. With the recent news of Robert Kirkman's teasing that whisper a tiny bit, we can bring this up again and probably rule out the obvious (and most common) theory that people came up with. 
 == TEASER == 
There will be spoilers below if you STILL haven't watched the series or read the comic. 
According to TV Line, Robert Kirkman addressed the mysterious whisper last Friday. He didn't reveal what was said but did say this was something that would be addressed in the second season and wouldn't be teased for too long. He added, "I think people are going to be kind of shocked at what was said there.
What was up with the blood tests? 
That pretty much rules out the possibility that he told Rick about Lori being pregnant or that Shane could be the father. What other theories are there about what Jenner could have told Rick? 
  • Shane and Lori argued in the rec room and that he attacked her. 
  • Everyone in Washington D.C. is gone. 
  • The location of a cure. 
  • The location of other survivors, perhaps leading them to the prison, the Governor's city or Hershel's farm. 
  • The location of the French scientist that was close to the cure (hopefully not in France). 
  • Their blood samples showed some or all infected with virus. 
  • He wasn't a real scientist but just the janitor there. 
 Did Jenner watch this scene via a hidden camera?
One thing to recall is right before the whisper and the door opened, Jenner told Rick that this was his chance and Rick said he was grateful. Jenner's response to this was, "The day will come when you won't be." Another thing to think about is this episode clearly demonstrates that the series is willing to go in a different direction than the comic. There wasn't a CDC facility visited. That means this revelation could be something not seen in the comics.
Besides the pregnancy revelation, the next most popular theory is that someone or all of them are infected. This doesn't seem likely as there would be signs by this point. Although when Jenner was asked about the results of everyone's blood test he responded, "No surprises." Did he have other survivors visit him since the outbreak. Who else's blood could he have examined since the lockdown? 
Jenner not being a real scientist doesn't seem likely either. Even though he was there alone for a month and could have taught himself everything he needed to know to sound like he was a doctor, this possibility seems unlikely. His ID badge was keyed to work on the main computer but when shown in a brief close up, there weren't any indications of his position (and sure, it's possible he took someone else's ID and reprogramed his). 
"I'm gonna miss you, duder." 
I don't think Jenner would have said anything that would lead them to the prison or other comic location. We  have to remember that Rick had a pretty shocked look on his face. I don't think Jenner told Rick any of those theories I listed above. None of them seem to fit. Jenner knew the generator in the basement was low on fuel and the place was about to be decontaminated. He didn't have any hope left. He wouldn't have known about any cure nearby. On the same note, why would he be completely honest with them? And most importantly, the whisper lasted six seconds. That limits really limits what he said (unless he's a fast-talker).
In other words, I can't imagine what was whispered. I just don't think it was any of the theories that have been stated before. It's going to be something that will shock us. I can't think of anything related to the show that would be shocking. None of the ideas others have expressed seem plausible (or shocking enough) either. With the season 1 now available on Blu-ray and DVD, let's all start watching over and over until we can figure out what was said. Seriously. I want someone to tell me what was whispered and don't want to wait until season 2 begins in October. What do you think was really whispered into Rick's ear?
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Posted by Billy Batson
haven't seen them. Should I?
Posted by ironshadow

He told Rick that everyone is infected and that when they die they come back to life.

Posted by CyrixSG

The most assumed idea I've heard is he told him about the pregnancy, though it seems the most likely so it could quite possibly be something else.

Posted by halfpastwhenever

"I just farted - I'm sorry..."

Posted by KasadyCarnage
Edited by cattlebattle

He told him he switched aftershaves recently
Posted by Rasta_Zergling

He told him that Lori is pregnant 
It would have been shown in her blood test

Posted by G-Man

Remember, Kirkman said what was said would shock everyone. None of the theories that have been mentioned before are really shocking.

Posted by InnerVenom123

"I saved money on my car insurance by switching to Geico!"

Posted by NightFang
@InnerVenom123 said:
" "I saved money on my car insurance by switching to Geico!" "
             Lol, thats so I think the Joker or Deadpool would say at that moment.  
@rasta_zergling said:
" He told him that Lori is pregnant, It would have been shown in her blood test "
             That would be shocking, but didn't Kirkman say secret word scare everyone? 
Posted by perry_411
@InnerVenom123: Damn! I was going to say that. Guess that joke died.
Posted by InnerVenom123
@NightFang: Joker would just stab him. Also Spider-man would say that. :P
Posted by Catman9

He told him "your wife got knocked up by your best friend" congratulations

Posted by perry_411
@Billy Batson: At this point, I'd say wait a while, as the show won't be back on till Halloween. IT really only works if you like silent horror and anticipation. The people are the story, and much of it is heart-wrenching.
Posted by Wyldsong
@ironshadow said:
"He told Rick that everyone is infected and that when they die they come back to life. "

Yeah, if you read the comic, then this is old news, and is the most likely thing said.
Posted by SupremoMaximo

"save the cheerleader, save the world!"

Posted by MagusMaleficus

I wouldn't rule out the news of her pregnancy as his whisper. Kirkman didn't explicitly say who would be surprised. Just because fans of the comic already know doesn't mean everyone else watching does.

Posted by G-Man
@MagusMaleficus: That's the only glitch in my theory of ruling the previous ones out. I suppose a pregnancy during zombie apocalypse would be shocking. Maybe I'm just hoping for something more epic.
Posted by buttersdaman000
@SupremoMaximo said:
" "save the cheerleader, save the world!" "
Hahahaha priceless!
Edited by Golden Cod
Edited by NightFang
@buttersdaman000 said:

" @SupremoMaximo said:

" "save the cheerleader, save the world!" "
Hahahaha priceless! "
             It never gets old.
Posted by Ackbarius

Maybe he told him he needs to save the world from M.A.D. (Mutual Assured Destruction). MAD could still be at play and presents an even greater danger than the zombies. I'm not sure if the comics have brought it up before since I'm only up to issue 65.  An automated response system from Russia or another nuclear-capable country should already have responded to the zombie apocalypse. This could mean there are people in the other nuclear armed countries, including our own, keeping the nukes at bay.

Posted by InnerVenom123

"I'll always love you, Rick."

Edited by johnnyliar

I think him telling Rick that everyone is infected is probable, especially because it sets up Rick to announce "WE ARE THE WALKING DEAD" Just like the comic. And since Rick can't go dig up shane to figure this out, this seems like a good way to get that revelation out in the air.

Posted by Yummylee

I'm willing to bet he just said ''psspspspsptstspsps'' like in the cartoons, and Rick's facial expression was responding to this man's insanity. 
Either that or ''I know who you really are, Andrew Lincoln!''

Posted by davelecave
@ironshadow said:
" He told Rick that everyone is infected and that when they die they come back to life. "
Posted by jws

Who says that Lori has to get pregnant on the TV show.  They have already gone off script from the comics and I wouldn't be surprised if they just dropped that angle from the show.
If it is the pregnancy then I don't think they handled it very well.  I would really expect Rick to be shooting some knowing glances at Lori after finding out this news especially when they are all sitting in their vehicles in the parking lot after the CDC fireworks.

Posted by cyberninja

"never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down."

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

I have never read the comic, but they may change it.

Posted by G-Man
@InnerVenom123: Funny I was thinking that but in the Whitney Houston style. 
@takeoffyourpantsandjacket: The pregnancy on TV could be tricky with the length of the seasons unless time will be passing in between. Like if Season 2 takes place months after they left the CDC place. That could be one way to deal with the fact that the kid playing Carl has got to be looking different sine they last filmed. But we know how crazy the pregnancy stuff gets in the comics. 
Posted by IBurningStar

"We probably would be watching Breaking Bad season 4 right now if AMC didn't push it back for some reason."

Posted by JonesDeini
Everyone being zombies would shock those who weren't reading the comics though, G-man.
Posted by ZacCooper

he said 'i read the comics, your wife dies in issue 48....'

Posted by TheCrowbar

"I killed...Mufasa!"
No but seriously I think it's going to be that they're all infected and slowly dying without the cure.

Posted by Mumbles

"Rick, I just save a bunch of money on my car insurance...,"

Posted by jmic75

We created and released the bad dude.

Posted by TheBuck

As soon as the ep was over I hit up a comic forum (here too I think) to post my idea of what the Dr said and I still stand by it: That  Andrea 's  pregnant. I say that since she was the only one to have been given the blood test on screen.

Posted by doordoor123
So thats what caused the explosion! All the pieces now fit together.
Posted by carnivalofsins00

"it's over duder..."

Posted by The Impersonator

It's a secret. You will only find out in Season 2.

Posted by chris_2894
the secret he said was "Rick, I am your father" thus explaining once and for all the confused look and shocked expression on rick's face.
Posted by perry_411
@iburningstar: I wish Breaking Bad was up. They pushed it back to keep Cranston from getting 4 emmys in a row.
Posted by perry_411
@G-Man: Are you going to put a theory in your article or not brave enough to be wrong?
Posted by shadowpdf1

I'm not up on the comic series ... only watched the TV show.  What if Jenner told Rick that Rick's blood is the cure.  That would be the final irony for Jenner as the reveal would come to late for him to do anything about it.
Posted by ddaann1985

Can't wait for season 2 !!! :)

Posted by Mumbles

"I see dead people."

Posted by LackingSaint

"Any child born is a zombie"

Posted by MadComics

Um...season 2 is coming in July not october...they announced it.

Posted by MadComics
I believe the second season will be back on July.
Posted by sgt_match
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