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NYCC 2012 'Scavenger Hunt' Suggestions

Help us compile a list of things you want to see at the show!

We've only been here half a day and already we are exhausted -- but excited. We've seen a ton of cool things at the show already; from a life-sized LEGO Hulk, to some really unbelievable costumes. If you've been following our convention coverage then you know the sorts of things we see on a show floor, but there is always so much that we don't get to see. That's why we need your help. We're giving you guys a chance to compile a list of things you would like us to search for while we are here at New York Comic Con. We will do our best to look for the things on your list, and get them on film as proof.

If this sounds like fun? There are some rules to this game, however. Keep your suggestions within the realm of possibility. Basically, don't ask us to look for President Obama at New York Comic Con because basically, that's not going to happen. If you want to make a suggestion but you have absolutely no clue as what to expect at a comic book convention, check out the official New York Comic Con site, here. We will be closing the scavenger hunt list in the morning, so be sure to put your request in!

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Posted by judasnixon

Fat Batman! 

Posted by judasnixon

Bonus points if fat Batman is eating something!

Edited by ArtisticNeedham

A few spring to mind that should be easy. Cosplayers as Spider-Man, Bane, Joker, Batman, and the Avengers. Maybe a Carol Danvers Captain Marvel cosplayer might be easy too.

Hard to find: a bootleg DVD of the 90s Fantastic Four movie that was never released with the cheesy Dr. Doom and Thing.

Edited by neiliusprime

Find Green Lantern Baz! I doubt that there will be a cosplayer as Simon Baz because he just came into the comics a month ago :P but it would be cool to see it

Posted by JairamGanpat
Find this cool cat before he finds YOU!!!
Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Red Hulk with a mustache, please!

Posted by JairamGanpat

Find the 7-8 ft Gundam, its BEAUTIFUL!!!

Find Miles Morales . There haven't been too many cosplays for him yet

Edited by FoxxFireArt

Three varieties of Catwoman cosplayers, post New 52 Wonder Woman cosplayer, a Monkey D. Luffy or Nico Robin (cosplayer or figures), any product that's made by Fred Perry (not sure if he's at the convention but Antarctic Press should be), an Ezio cosplayer - becasue I bet you'll be looking for one anyway -, a voice actor from any anime or cartoon series, and one, wild Tom Pinchuk.

Posted by Mercy_

Phoenix Five cosplays.

Edited by SolthesunGod

How about you both pick a comic book family like the Summers or Magneto and his brood and see who can get in a photo with the most cosplayers dressed up as a member from that family?

The loser has to do a challenge picked by the winner.

Posted by Watcherg6

Shouldn't he be 7 feet 7 inchs tall? he looks more 6 foot at the Most

Posted by sora_thekey

@Mercy_ said:

Phoenix Five cosplays.

Yes please!

@FoxxFireArt said:

[...] and one, wild Tom Pinchuk.

He'll probably be at the Arcahia booth. Also, Peter Nguyen writting "Hi Geo!" on a piece of paper! :P (If you do see him say hi for me, and tell him I owe him some tacos.)

Edited by crazyflashfan11

Booster Gold, Deadman, and skimpily dressed catwoman cosplayers

Posted by Sageclawz

A group of 3 (or more) people cosplaying as the original xmen

Posted by MatKrenz

People cosplaying as one of the characters from Saga.

Posted by notarandomguy

a John Constantine cosplay

Posted by RazzaTazz

A drawing of a futuristic landscape.  

Posted by SolthesunGod

What about one of the Avengers fragrances? I just find the idea that marvel thinks anyone might want to smell like the Hulk hilarious. Crazy marvel!

Posted by RoTheKid

Not sure if NetherRelms is going to be there, but if you can find a playable demo of Injustice and any game play footage of Green Lantern and Joker would be cool. Also, any DC Nation news would be cool (particularly Young Justice news!)

Posted by Man of Lengend

Deadpool game news

Posted by EdwardWindsor

Find a captain Britain cos player

Posted by Bestostero

Probably too late by now...but.....

  • Zombie Cosplayer
  • Anime Cosplayer
  • Gender Bending Cosplayer Male
  • Gender Bending Cosplayer Female
  • Avengers Movie Group Cosplayers
  • Bronies!
  • NYCC exclusive Batman 13 and Justice League 12

weeee! ill just imagine those were all found \o/

Posted by edtie97

Future Geoff johns projects!

Posted by jstarzyk
@MatKrenz: Saw both main characters walking in front of me today, but couldn't get a pic! I could tell by his horns.