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Nightcrawler's Dad Will Be In X-Men: First Class

There's going to be more mutants you can throw a stick at.

  You can always count on X-Men: First Class to keep popping up in the news. There's been yet another character cast for the movie. Although, I'm not sure if you can call this one an actual mutant.  

Superherohype has reported that Jason Flemyng will be playing a small role as Azazel. Azazel has been described as a "teleporter" and of course we all know he is also Nightcrawler's father. Apparently Flemyng was considered for Beast in X-Men 3 when Matthew Vaughn was attached to that. Looks like Vaughn has chosen another role for Flemyng.  
With the appearance of Azazel, what does this mean for the movie? We know Mystique is supposed to be in it. Will we be hearing Nightcrawler casting news soon?
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Posted by iLLituracy

Please no. Azazel was just...horrible and should be forever forgotten.

Posted by JuniorMints
Posted by Chaos Burn

for gods sake, this movie is dying even before it's been finished...

Posted by riri4life

*cricket cricket*................BOMB.

Edited by Zoom
@Chaos Burn said:

"for gods sake, this movie is dying even before it's been finished... "

Seriously.  You know you're doomed to fail when turning Chuck Austen comics into movies is the best you can do. 

Mystique is Nightcrawler's father.
Posted by cincyducksfan35

Sony SUCKS. I wish they would give up their marvel license because they are just making crap now while Marvel is actually making good movies like Iron Man. 
X men Origins... SpiderMan 3.... Enough is enough Sony. Go make a Crash Bandicoot movie

Posted by Shadowdoggy

what the hell are they doing with this movie????? 
next they'll cast Blade, Bova, Hepzibah, Lifeguard and Lockjaw 
I already hate this movie
Posted by Amegashita

  Lol, I bet when Fox's license expires Marvel will probably do an epic reboot of the X- Men movie franchise.

Posted by cesson

not really interested....

Posted by Darkchild

WTF is this guy stupid?!! 
how dumb to u need to be to think having all these mutants in one movie to be intelligent. specially if this is suppose to be a FIRST CLASS movie which means its their teen years or early adult years wtf? 
Posted by Shadow_Thief

Hell, throw in Jar Jar Binks while you're at it, why don't you?!
X-Men: First Class - now featuring characters that only diehard fans will recognize and even they don't care about.

Posted by Zoom
@Shadow_Thief said:
"Hell, throw in Jar Jar Binks while you're at it, why don't you?!  X-Men: First Class - now featuring characters that only diehard fans will recognize and even they HATE. "

Posted by Darkchild
LMAO!! so true
Edited by Shadowdoggy

this movie enrages me 
thanks Fox, thank you for over saturating the comic book movie genre with SO MUCH crap that soon no one will care enough to finance one for another decade 
you know, before they ever got a chance to make movies about characters people might actually care about 
Fox, you just replaced Glenn Beck as #3 on my Sh!t list
Posted by Luke Danes

I always wanted a movie with more "deepness" from the comicbooks, but this is a little to deep for me - i don´t even know this guy.....

Posted by primepower53, just no.   
Posted by Mr. Kamikaze

I've run out of ways to say how much if a disappointment all of this news is.... -.-

Posted by Mediant
@Shadowdoggy: QFT in every word. 
This film seems like it's going to die, as far as the fans are concerned, before it even finishes being made.
Posted by ninjadude853

this will suck, a lot
mark my words

Posted by ComicMan24

I'm curious to see how this movie will turn out.

Edited by ArtisticNeedham

Open on a suburban house with a white picket fence.
Inside we see a red demon with pointy ears and animal horns on his armor.  He calls down his son from upstairs.
 Azazel:  "Well time for school son."
Nightcrawler:  "I don't want to go dad!"
Azazel:  "Now son, school may seem scary but it is important.  And you will make friends."
Nightcrawler:  "Ok, if you say so.  Thanks dad"

Posted by Shadowdoggy
it's dead to me already 
Posted by Agent9149

what is this nonsense, lemme guess, they was like, oo lets have night crawler in it, yeah, hey we should include his origin story in the movie, yeah, but wouldn't that go against the X2, yeah but they won't notice

Posted by Shadowdoggy

and.....what year does this take place in? 
how will Darwin AND a young Professor be in it at the same time? 
Posted by Mutant God

So... is there gonna be a plot or are they gonna put in every origin story
Posted by ComicMan24
@Shadowdoggy said:
" and.....what year does this take place in? how will Darwin AND a young Professor be in it at the same time?  "
I'm afraid it's gonna be a mess.
Posted by Amegashita
@Shadowdoggy:  NO!  I want my Shazam movie!!!  If I don't get my Captain Marvel movie, I'm blaming Fox. 
  Also, if Glen Beck is #3 on your list, then who is number one?
Posted by Shadowdoggy
that crazy chick from the Westboro Baptist Church

I'm afraid you're right
Posted by Mumbles


Posted by Shadowdoggy
YES, we need a Capt Marvel movie 
WAAAAAAY before an Antman movie
Posted by ComicMan24
@Shadowdoggy: There was a Captain Marvel way back then. It was one of the first superhero movies.
Posted by Shadowdoggy
I know 
but a NEW one would be prefferable
Edited by BuddyBulson

WAIT JUST A MIN! !!! if he has the same size role he did in Kick-Ass then maybe he is just in a few seconds of the film and they are showing flashes of a BABY boom. you dont know the context HALF these characters are going to be filmed in. this movie isnt a reboot and is just another story with interesting characters. lets see what this director and team can pull together. stardust was awesome and this will be awesome cuz the x-men are awesome. their  story has only be written since 1963 and has been changed 100s of times. let this creative team be creative.

Posted by ComicMan24
@Shadowdoggy: Definitely.
Posted by Lokheit

UGhhhhhhhajkkagiaqw23rkanwñlpIO!!!!! WHY!?!?!?! 
Seriously guys, anybody know WHEN fox rights expire?? I want my real x-men movie before it loses all the credit on the big screen... 
I hate when my friends that don't read comics watch this films and when they ask me I have to explain them EVERYTHING that is wrong with EVERY character they use... and it usually takes me a lot of time... one thing is make some licenses wich is good to make the plot fluid, and another thing is use the names of the characters to make a history that hasn't any remote sense or nothing to do with any of them.
I was thinking on watch this film only to make sure my friends don't get all this wrong again (Wolverine Origins and X3 were specially hard to fix on their minds), but I'm afraid it could upset me more than any other film I've ever seen so I'm starting to think that I'm not going to see this film never.

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt
thank you buddy 
its nice to see SOMEONE on this site who doesnt rush to conclusions and has a little faith in marvel
Edited by Shadowdoggy
the x-men ARE awesome 
but I don't think Darwin, young Xavier, Nightcrawler's Dad and some other ancillary mutants aren on that "cool x-men" list, IMO
Posted by BuddyBulson
in fact i love darwin and most of the others cast in the movie, i do hate Azazel but i hate most villians in the marvel u. but we have to have them. hell he might work with the hellfires club in the 1600's for all we know and they will change it in the comics 4 months later. you just never know. they made it so gambit was around during the days  of weapon x so that it made comics sell during the movie origins. and what about when they redid god love man kills for X2 or lets not forget Joss Wedon's cure for mutants in x3... all the movies have been whats going on in the comics now or what they want to sell...
Posted by Lokheit

The worst of all: according to the wolverine origins videogame, on "this universe" the father of nightcrawler was John Wraith instead of Azazel. I'm suspecting  they are going to use azazel as a generic teleporter villain with only the power of teleportation and nothing about his origins (when for example, vanisher, could be a better fit for this role). 
And please, repeating my question of 2 minutes ago: please, tell me if you know when they loose the rights and Marvel Studios can make a real movie.

Posted by Shadowdoggy
those are good points 
I just dont' know why they can't at least use the source material for reference instead of just using the characters and creating something that they think will have broad appeal and make more money 
they shoot themselves in the foot almost every time 
because the fairweather fans they make that will pay for the movie and buy the DVD and the videogame don't have the same staying power or overall impact as making a good movie that appeals to audiences, fans and novice and is also a good movie 
it's the "making GOOD movies" part I wish they'd get back to 
I don't want to like movie on general principal 
no more, "well, I like marvel, so I guess it's cool"
Posted by BuddyBulson

i played the game id i didnt notice they said that John Wraith was his father, im sure the director will say he didnt know, and roll with what ever, who knows he might father someone else in the film. he did come to earth and screw like 100's and 100's of chicks with the x-gene. as for when does fox not have the rights? i donno. but i think in 2032 people will forget that these movies didnt live up to the comics or tv shows, cuz there will be that many more x-men movies and shows out for them to live up to.

Posted by Braxxis7

well vote with your wallets and dont spend money on this trash
Posted by Shadowdoggy
Posted by BuddyBulson
listen shadow, i am going to say i agree with you to a point as well, i hated some things they chose to do with x3. but the way i look at these films are they have nothing to do with the comics, and they are stand alone. not many people are going to watch this and start reading the comics, sad but true. so they take these characters and role with it. but i know for a fact that stardust and kick ass rocked!  which Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughn both worked on together . lets live the secret and give the movie a chance first!
Posted by BuddyBulson
ill vote once i have seen it, i happen to be very excited about this film, i have every single x-title and issue since 96' so i know pretty much EVERYTHING x-men, so if they are going to make a movie id like to see what stories they compiled together to tell it. most people who trash talk movies they know nothing about will at least know something about it... which no one does so please go post about how bad the next batman movie will be
Posted by CaptainGenisVell
@Amegashita said:
"   Lol, I bet when Fox's license expires Marvel will probably do an epic reboot of the X- Men movie franchise. "
I so hope they do and hope they don't pay for the license again
Posted by Shadowdoggy
I will give it a chance to be a good, enjoyable movie, of course 
but I just think they're making movies to fit a mold or formula that's already broken 
just in my girzzled, disgruntled opinion though
Posted by deadpoolmerc3

this movie was f****d from the start......
Posted by TheMess1428

A love scene between Jason Flemyng and Jennifer Lawrence perhaps?

Posted by Amegashita
@Avenging-X-Bolt:  We have faith in Marvel, we just don't have faith in Fox.  Especially with all the crap they've been spewing recently.