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Nicieza Writes Red Robin

Starting with issue #13...

There’s some dispute about whether the number thirteen is lucky or unlucky. Since Fabian Nicieza didn’t get the chance to say what he wanted to say about Tim Drake when the adjective-less Robin series ended, it’s proving to be lucky for him because he’s getting another crack at the character with issue #13 of RED ROBIN. Straight from the Source comes news that he’ll be taking over the reigns from current writer Chris Yost and joining current artist Marcus To to tell more stories of the man who was once Batman’s third sidekick.

So speaks Mr. Nicieza…

“It feels great to be back on Red Robin for the first time! Having the opportunity to close out Tim Drake’s Robin series was bittersweet. He’s a character I’ve always wanted to write, but it was a tumultuous, dark time for him and I was writing the book knowing the series would end and evolve into Red Robin. I was reading Chris Yost’s first year on the series with jealous admiration in that he was doing a great job, getting to work with an excellent young artist in Marcus To and getting to move Tim through the darkness into a better place as a way of natural story evolution! To unexpectedly get the chance to come back at this time, with Tim Drake in a more positive place mentally, stepping into his own as a young adult and better prepared to develop his own distinctive approach to crimefighting — both in Gotham City and across the world — only means the hundreds of stories I’ve always wanted to tell with the character now number in the thousands! What lies ahead? Adventure, mystery, complex moral issues, an evolving rogue’s gallery specific to the character, romantic triangles (maybe quadrangles!), fun and humor all ripe for the picking! I can’t wait for readers to see this excellent character’s continuing development into something unique and special in the DC Universe!”

 Nicezia rules his fate again.

A love quadrangle, huh? Dare I say, that has a recipe for some acute emotional tension? Ha!

I’ve always been a fan of Nicezia. He did that Adventures of Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty mini I keep telling you all about and he also did one of my favorite all-time Marvel runs when he was working with Mark Bagley and Patrick Zircher on Thunderbolts back in the day. I’d be curious to see if his approach to the character will differ from his approach on ROBIN itself. It’s a question of how much Drake has changed since he’s assumed this new mantle and how much he’s still the same character at the core.

But what do you think, oh mantle-assuming Comic Vine community? Are you excited to see Mr. Nicezia writing Tim Drake again? Or would you have hoped that Mr. Yost would remain on the title?

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Posted by mrduckluck

1rst wuuw
Posted by Tyler Starke

I've read how Nicezia writes tim drake and while it was decent writing, frankly I never got any chills the first time around and certainly don't want one of my favorite characters in DC moving a step backwards now that he's finally becoming his own man, and while I know Nicezia will do Tim justice I just want some new blood on the series.

Posted by jlat89

I guess that means Ra's doesn't kill Tim in Red Robin #12

Posted by Emerald Warrior

Hmph!!! I wanted two things: Yost as writer beyond issue 12 and a new costume for Tim. 
Guess I ain't getting either. Grrr! 
Like i wrote elsewhere... I'm giving him 4 months to do a good job on Red Robin. If not, I'm dropping the book. --- again: GRRR!!!

Posted by lostlantern13

I'm glad to see To stay on the book. His art has been quite good and continues to improve. The switch to him really helped. 
As for Yost, I was really beginning to think that he was hitting his stride with this book so I hope that it doesn't go backwards with Nicieza starting a new run. I don't really wanna sit around and wait for it to hit its stride.

Posted by thatlad
@jlat89 said:
" I guess that means Ra's doesn't kill Tim in Red Robin #12 "
I don't think he said he was going to kill Tim I think he was going to kill everyone important to him
Posted by jlat89
Well if you look at the cover of Red Robin #12 and read Red Robin #10 you'll understand why I thought that
I was hoping they wouldn't kill him so I'm just happy he's making it to #13
Posted by Decept-O

Nothing against Nicieza but why drop Yost?  I've enjoyed his run on the book thus far.  I don't get why some don't like the title, I've enjoyed it quite a bit.  To each their own.  I will still read the title and just hope Nicieza continues with Red Robin, making him a character I'm growing very fond of and I think he will do it given his proposed thoughts about the character.   
Just surprised Yost won't be on the book.  :(
Posted by thatlad
@jlat89 said:
" @thatlad:  Well if you look at the cover of Red Robin #12 and read Red Robin #10 you'll understand why I thought that I was hoping they wouldn't kill him so I'm just happy he's making it to #13 "
Hear Hear!! I'm glad he's alive & glad he's keeping his own series. Red Robin's a great book I love how it's bringing on Tim's character. I'm especially liking this flirtation with the league of assassin's as I'm sure Bruce had similar dealings with murderers in his training years.
Posted by Robin 47

IM suprised this accualty in going to contimue, because the writing was excellent and the art work was good, it just diddn't seem like Tim Drake, I mean from I think April from last year (the last issue of Robin) to August when Red Robin started it seemed like Tim grew up and changed way to fast. Damian is just an ass so I want Tim back when Bruce is back but I think we all know the answer to who will be robin.

Posted by Robin 47

Damian Wayne - the current Robin for a few years, but always an ass.
Posted by jlat89
@Robin 47: 
I felt the same way for a while but reading him in Batman and Robin, specifically this weeks' #10, you start to see some things about him that shine him in a different light.  You also have to remember Damian's 10 years old.  
I kind of wanted Tim to go back to Robin, but with later issues of Red Robin it felt more like Tim, but I'll agree early on in the series I thought they were making him go the Jason Todd way.
Posted by Xion


Posted by Green ankh
Posted by your_navigator

Yost did such a crazy-amazing job (possibly too good of job) transforming Tim.
I was re-reading all of my issues and I you could see the tiny mistakes that Tim normally would never make.  Nothing huge, obviously, but just small things that I know a bunch of reviewers (myself included) picked up on.  And you kept hearing Tim doubt himself and whine and sulk and make bad decisions, and so, the reader really got the understanding that Tim was off kilter because he was in grief and he had just been fired from Robin, the one thing he had left.  And no one, *no one* believed him when he said Bruce was alive.  That's gotta rock you a little bit, at least.  And so, in Yost's second arc in the book, we see him transform to a more precise, analytical Red Robin.  Tim's focus is on Bruce and Ra's and it gives him purpose, which is letting him progress as a character.  
And not only that.  Yost seemed to bend over backwards to try and make the book fit into a larger DC universe.  It's admirable to your product, your art, to fit in seamlessly with the universe as a whole, and I know I appreciate that in a comic.  
I'm really sad not to see him returning to the book, but he's such a good writer, that I know I'll pick up whatever book he starts in on next.  
And it seems that Fabian really loves Tim as much as the readers do.  I really loved, "A Search for a Hero" and I loved how Fabian wrote Tim with Jason, especially (pre BftC).  I think/hope/pray he does a good job with his arc.
Who knows?  Maybe Yost will return to RR after an arc or so.