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New York Comic Con Poster Revealed - Superman and Wonder Woman

Check out the image you'll be seeing a lot of as NYCC approaches.

It's official. We can now start getting excited for New York Comic Con. Last year we covered quite a bit and have already been talking about what we're going to do this year.

Just now, ReedPOP, along with DC Comics has revealed the exclusive poster for New York Comic Con 2013.

Not only does it feature Superman and Wonder Woman, but the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building and a completed One World Trade Center.

New York Comic Con will take place at the Javits Center October 10-13. Comic Vine will be there. Will you?

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I got my press ticket for NYCC! YAY I am excited

Posted by Barkley

Awesome artwork!!!!

Posted by fables87

Needs more kissing!

Posted by longbowhunter

The New 52 Superman costume looks great here. Often it does not.

Posted by Poozer

Is it just me or does Superman in that poster look a lot like Charlie Sheen?

Posted by Psycho_Soldier

nice art, but both look a bit over 30

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I'll be there cosplaying as k4tzm4n.

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Posted by Jonny_Anonymous


Posted by dmessmer

This is awesome, but is it just me or does Superman's head look like it's been photoshopped onto his body?

Edited by slade_wilson

@longbowhunter: It's because you can't see that godforsaken collar with the red trim as much.

Posted by longbowhunter
Posted by kriminal

what is the creative team for superman /wonder woman?

Posted by mettlekm

@poozer said:

Is it just me or does Superman in that poster look a lot like Charlie Sheen?

ha. Pic is now ruined for me! ... winning!

Posted by Squalleon
Posted by Johnni_Kun

A clear sign of desperation on DC's part..........

Posted by darknightspideyfanboy
Posted by Mbecks14

Love Stephane Roux! I wish Batman was in this picture though.

Posted by Avilon

Nice artwork but I am not really a fan of Superman with Wonder Woman IMO. Were is Batman when you need him...

Posted by NathanXplosion

Is Wonder Woman anorexic or just sucking in her stomach?

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse


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Yet again another awesome con I can't go to because I live in the UK :( Coll poster thow even though Supes looks 40

Posted by Bigwalt

Yup i'll be there

Posted by daredevil21134

Yeah!!!Superman looks like an adult

Posted by jstarzyk

I will be there.

Posted by bigboi100000

can you tell me the difference between old country buffet & golden coral as far as strengths & weaknesses?

Posted by Phantim555

That's my birthday week. Wish I could go.

Posted by ThorBoy

I'll be there! Friday thru Sunday. Discovered comicvine last year during nyccc

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

@poozer said:

Is it just me or does Superman in that poster look a lot like Charlie Sheen?


Posted by Mellow_Hype
Posted by Sundipped_Superman

@poozer said:

Is it just me or does Superman in that poster look a lot like Charlie Sheen?

lol I had to scroll back up and see it :L
But yeah, it does indeed look like Charlie.

Posted by Pokeysteve

Lol looks like the artist forgot how to draw Wonder Woman's costume and was just like "Meh fu** it. I'll just put a big star in the middle."

Other than that it looks ok though.

Posted by scouts1998

who is the artist

Posted by johnqestion

Nice poster but what is up with Superman's face? He look like he aged overnight. Dude, is not pushing 45. Whoever the artist is, tell him or her please remember to stop drawing Superman so old and square looking, you know like before the reboot?. Diana looks great!

Posted by DeathandGrim

Her ribs look like they're about to jut outta her chest dear me

Posted by Black_Claw

Looks cool.

Posted by sagejonathan

Superman's head looks like it got copied and pasted onto the pic -_-

Edited by RedheadedAtrocitus

Who was the artist team on this? I'm honestly curious...