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New York Comic Con 2011 Cosplay Gallery

Who wants some NYCC cosplay photos?

Another New York Comic Con has come and gone. While we didn't have an official presence there, we still got word of some breaking news. Alex Navarro also took some cosplay pics and wanted to share them with all of you guys and gals.

As you can see, Alex went to great lengths to capture all these images. Hopefully he'll have a chance to fully recover from the convention. Next time you talk to him on the forums at Screened or GiantBomb or even on Twitter, be sure to thank him for sharing.

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Posted by sinful

hmmm some great and some...SCARRY!

Posted by NightFang

Catwoman scars me.

Posted by TheCrowbar
@NightFang said:

Catwoman scars me.

Posted by pixelized
@NightFang said:

Catwoman scares me.

Posted by Daveyo520

I saw Alex, but he was talking to John Drake and I didn't want to bother him.

Posted by shockwave632


Posted by LiquidSwords

RIP ALex :(, but at least he got taken out by Wolverine. The Cat Woman looks awesome!

Posted by sora_thekey

LOL! @ Goofy from Kingdom Hearts!

Posted by InnerVenom123

The Catwoman one wins.

Posted by cooljammer00

Considering his girlfriend is a professional photographer, combined with the fact that Alex is in a photo or two, ALSO combined with the fact that I didn't see Alex with a camera when I saw him at the show, it's fair to say that his girlfriend probably took a good few of these.

Good stuff though.

Posted by Bestostero

Mortal Kombat cosplayers!!! And Catherine too!?

You guys don't seem to have any of Avery Danielle as Sailor Moon... :(

Posted by MrMazz

Some good some scare me on the inside

Posted by pixelized

PSA for all Cosplayers - Don't neglect your wig!
It's as much a part of the outfit as the suit, so why buy the cheapest one you can find and slap it on your head? Did you think I wouldn't notice? That Rogue, great from the neck down. The Hair frustrates me to no end.

Posted by Neverpraying

That Catwoman is freaking creepy

Posted by cmaprice

Zombie Catwoman is amazingly hot.

Posted by cassus

I actually found that Catwoman hella sexy. Probably says a lot about me that would better be left untold...

Posted by MysterioMaximus

Doth my eyes deceive me? that a Mysterio?

Posted by Deadcool

WOW those costplayers are good...

Posted by FoxxFireArt

I'm rather surprised that the Mystique went with the full blue skin but not the red hair. She looks awesome though.

Posted by MrUnknown

Zombie that is genius!

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus


Posted by MisterParker

Interesting take on Catwoman to that cosplayer... and gasp, do I see a Lady Deadpool in there?

Posted by pikahyper

I loathe the color green but that female Riddler is freakin hot O.O

Yay Shipwreck and Carmen San Diego, don't see them very often any more.

Posted by satanmode

There are a lot of sideways pics in there

Posted by NightwalkerRevan

I never thought I would ever think of 'zombies' and 'hot' in the same category unless one of them was on fire, but that Catwoman just blew that out the water, she's pretty amazing :)

Posted by Eyz

Awesome!! :D

Edited by kfhrfdu_89_76k

No, don`t kill him Wolverine! Just because he looked you funnily-Oh gee, too late...

Hey, even if Han Solo shot me, I`m okay!

Pretty great!

Posted by Decept-O

Never in a million years would I expect anyone to do Cosplay as Toyman. Not that it is a bad thing just totally unexpected.

I agree, Catwoman as a Zombie is both creepy and sexy and just totally great. Plenty of great pictures and costumes, awesome work.

Thanks, Alex Navarro.

Edited by lykopis

Wow - some of those are awesome - Catwoman is freaky! She looks amazing.

Posted by pijuyo

Obese female Mysterio is gonna haunt me for eternity.

Posted by Jolt92

Catwoman is the fucking best.

Posted by EnSabac

Carmen Sandiego was a little surprise to see. Some of these costumes are awesome others seem to need a little work. If your shaped like the Penguin you shouldn't dress as the Joker.

Posted by 1fearless1

ha mystique has a blue mustache!! Eeeww.

Hey uploader staff, you couldn't put the pix right side up? Some are sideways??? Come on.

Posted by Gamer_152

All very good. The zombie Catwoman certainly stands out though.

Posted by jcbart

@FoxxFireArt: I know right? She seems to have put a lot of effort into the outfit and even has yellow contacts, yet she couldn't buy a red wig?

Posted by SneakyBawls

I'm still trying to figure out if that was G.I. Joe's Shipwreck or Shore Leave from S.P.H.I.N.X.

Posted by Jordanstine

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Anne Hathaway's / Chris Nolan's Catwoman

Posted by No_Name_

@pixelized said:

PSA for all Cosplayers - Don't neglect your wig! It's as much a part of the outfit as the suit, so why buy the cheapest one you can find and slap it on your head? Did you think I wouldn't notice? That Rogue, great from the neck down. The Hair frustrates me to no end.

Hahaha....oh man.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

awesome cosplay this year

Posted by CODYSF


You got that right.

Posted by CODYSF

I hate that character PW he is a waste of space for UMVC3.

Posted by StriderNo9

I saw some of these people there. Ah, now I wish I had saw Alex, I wanted to say hi.

Posted by NyxEquitis

Awesome stuff.

Posted by Zomboid

That Catwoman is amazingly awesome.

Posted by rawr

@EnSabac: I was in a cab leaving when I saw Carmen Sandiego walking towards the con and my urge to yell "I FOUND YOU!" was only slightly less than my urge not to be kicked out of the cab.

Posted by Crimson Eagle

How could lady Mysterio see? O_O

Posted by Scrawnto

I am immediately turned off by zombie-anything, so the catwoman is a no-go. The costume was well made though.

I am, however, way into Lady-Riddler. I should go to some sort of a con someday so I can see some of this stuff in person.

Posted by sparty-dbq

Zombie Catwoman: I'm scare-oused.

Posted by Larkin1388

Great costumes!

Posted by Primmaster64

Zombie catwoman...nice rack...

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