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New X-Men Movie Announced

X-Men director Bryan Singer just made a huge announcement on Twitter. What are you waiting for? Come see what it is.

Fox clearly has big plans for the massive roster of X-Men. Not only are they diving into Days of Future past next year, but we also know they're working on an X-Force movie, too. Even though they're still building the hype for X-Men: Days of Future Past, director Bryan Singer took to twitter and said something that makes the future very exciting. Apparently Iceman actor Shawn Ashmore heard the news like the rest of us, too.

According to Collider, the movie is scheduled to open May 27, 2016. Could it be inspired by Age of Apocalypse or will it have stronger connections to another story revolving around the first mutant? Have some fun speculating below, Viners!

X-Men: Days of Future Past opens May 23, 2014.

Posted by Emequious_Swerve

@emequious_swerve: Havok is older than Cyclops and doesn't state how they may be related. Jean killed Cyclops and The Professor, showed no signs of being pyrokinetic or a connection to The Phoenix Force. That's just a few things.. Since I'm crunched for time I'll leave this from his Wikipedia page:

"Singer was initially approached by 20th Century Fox to direct X-Men after directing The Usual Suspects, but not being a fan of comics and being unaware of the characters, Singer turned them down. However his friend, Tom DeSanto, a big fan of the comics and partner in his production company Bad Hat Harry Productions, eventually persuaded Singer to reconsider and, after reading the comics and becoming familiar with the characters, Singer signed on to direct. Rejecting all the scripts and storylines that were developed over a decade of failed production attempts, Singer developed the story for the film with DeSanto in a week and then worked on the script with writers Ed Solomon, Christopher McQuarrie, Joss Whedon, and finally David Hayter."

There is plenty of changes in every comic book movie ever.

Wait, what?? Jean was never Pyrokinetic and originally there was no Phoenix Force, that was invented for retcons. Originally, Jean was just the Phoenix. It seems like someone else has never read X-Men comics :D

Bryan Singer isn't the only one who works on the film, and Christopher Nolan never read comics either. It didn't hinder his ability to make good films.

Posted by papad1992

Well this is exciting... but predictable. They wanted an even stronger story that showcased Wolverine so this movie will definitely show another side to his already multiple personality character. But maybe we'll get some really good cameos of awesome characters. Wonder if the woman playing Blink in X-Men: DoFP will reprise her role?

Posted by darklord_apoc
Posted by Vaeternus

@darklord_apoc: :P lol hehe I do, same thing when they announced MK Legacy hehe for me lol


Wait... what... since when is an X-Force movie common knowledge? Where is this written?

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So I guess the new cast isn't going to be there?I am very disappointed if so..

Michael Fassbender,James Mcavoy,Jennifer Lawerence I prefer the new cast over the old cast