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New X-Men First Class Posters

They show the spirits within!

 I'm getting flashbacks of the PHANTOM MENACE ad campaign.

Call me crazy, but I think there might be a reoccurring design motif - - a unifying them, if you will - - that’s tying all these X-MEN: FIRST CLASS posters together. Two new one-sheets have popped showing headshots of young Chuck Xavier and Ricky Lensher lurking inside the silhouettes of their older incarnations. That’s, of course, riffing on the same design theme from last batch of posters, but swapping watery reflections for stark shadows.

Speaking of which, the international versions of those posters have surfaced recently, too. Prof X’s one is basically the same, except with a less-saturated color palette for the background of his stately upstate New York mansion. Magneto’s one has noticeably shifted locations from a concentration camp to a grimy back alley (that I suppose could still be somewhere inside a camp.) As these are the international versions (compare them to the originals), I suspect that location shift may been made due to the historical and political appropriateness of such an image in certain European countries.  Germany, in particular, has laws forbidding the usage of Nazi imagery in advertising - - though the delineation between art and marketing is a fine line there. Hence, I believe INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS and various WOLFENSTEIN have had to alter their ads in creative ways, even if they haven't had to alter their actual content .

Anyway, here are the posters themselves. Discuss and debate! 

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Posted by Coldbrand

Why does everyone have faces in their crotch?

Posted by G-Man
@coldbrand: It's their secondary mutant power.
Posted by Rheged

Hmmmm.  Not really liking the International posters as much as the original Domestic posters previously released -- which I LOVED.  And not really feeling these new ones either. :(

Posted by NeNePooTat

I'll pass on getting one of these. :x

Posted by leokearon

Posted by Caligula

the new posters seem lazy.

Posted by HomoSuperior

Prefer the originals than the internationals and i don't really like the  silhouette ones at all, they're just too plain, which can be good but i just don't think this is a film to use that style.

Posted by Mumbles


Posted by Spideycap

as a graphic designer i can barely look a one of these for 5 seconds without vomiting. sorry to the creator of these, but this is just horrible design.

Posted by xerox_kitty

Oh dear.  These actually make the leaked cast shot look good!  And that's saying something... :(

Posted by Thunderscream

why!? ugh, how much is this designer making? there are so many awesome things you can do in posters, the sky's the limit.....but they decided to make it look like antacid ads with personified tummies.

Posted by guardiandevil801

their cool and show who they will become 
Edited by cattlebattle

     'Before there was a movie, There was crappy Posters"                     
Really though I kind of have faith in this movie, being that Singer and Matt Vaughn are behind it. They've actually proved they can make good comic films respectively.

Posted by NXH

Before there was X-Men Fist Class There was Bryan Singer

Posted by Icemizer

Couldnt they have done something in a period style like when the film is set? That would have been a lot more interesting than this high school art class work.
Posted by thecheckeredman

These new posters are awful...blurg!  The "reflections" posters were much, much better...

Posted by tonis
@coldbrand said:
" Why does everyone have faces in their crotch? "   
@G-Man said:
" @coldbrand: It's their secondary mutant power. "
Then one needs a cool super hero name for this power.
I nominate 'CrotchShot' 
The next great X-Man :)
Posted by kittenpride

They look like an 8 year old was trying to photoshop these...
The ones before are WAYYYYY better, even beautiful!

Posted by Caligula
@tonis said:
" @coldbrand said:
" Why does everyone have faces in their crotch? "   
@G-Man said:
" @coldbrand: It's their secondary mutant power. "
Then one needs a cool super hero name for this power.I nominate 'CrotchShot' The next great X-Man :) "
but there are two of them so how about Crotch Shot and Crotch Rocket.
Posted by Doctor!!!!!

X-Men First Class posters are a must get for me! 
I love everything X-Men, so i'm never jaded about htis stuff.
Posted by tonis
@Caligula said:
" @tonis said:
" @coldbrand said:
" Why does everyone have faces in their crotch? "   
@G-Man said:
" @coldbrand: It's their secondary mutant power. "
Then one needs a cool super hero name for this power.I nominate 'CrotchShot' The next great X-Man :) "
but there are two of them so how about Crotch Shot and Crotch Rocket. "
Crotch-Shot & Rocket, The 'pie-manic' duo 
I already see a mini series in the works :()
Posted by Billy Batson
@coldbrand said:
" Why does everyone have faces in their crotch? "
Posted by Fantasgasmic

Terrible. It's like they didn't bother attempting to try.

Posted by zombietag

whos making these? did they use MS paint?

Posted by FortressoftheMoon

I think the crotch posters are subtle signs saying this movie will suck. I hope it doesnt cause the only reason why I am going to see this is cause of Kevin Beacon being Sebastian Shaw. I could care less about everyone else. Soon as i saw that pixie is thrown in and Cyclops and havoks are not brothers, I said pass. But that Sebastion Shaw bit really just raises my tickles my curiouslty. 
I kind of do like those wolverine origins water image poster though. Why is Magneto in an alley? Shouldn't he be posing on top of the blackbird with split image from the cockpit windows?  Why an alley?

Posted by sj_esposito

Man... This moving is going to be terrible. I can just feel it.

Posted by Donovan Montgomery

I prefer the originals.
Posted by Golden Cod
@Caligula said:
" the new posters seem lazy. "
Posted by The Psyentist
@G-Man said:
" @coldbrand: It's their secondary mutant power. "
Other than that... I have to agree with the other sentiments I read. Not a fan of these posters. There's just doesn't seem to be much talent or creativity involved in a face in a silhouette. In fact, I think I may actually try this.
Posted by Mbecks14

The face crotch posters look so terrible!

Posted by Mbecks14
@guardiandevil801 said:
" their cool and show who they will become  "
they're* not* the silloette shot posters are lazy and ugly
Posted by Dirty__1

Between these and the first image that was "leaked" out it's really proving how lame the studio is being with this movie. It's just causing me to have more & more doubts about it..

Posted by CasimirAngel

Photoshop much?

Posted by Croi

These might just be the only good thing about the movie, so atleast enjoy some of it.

Posted by Bestostero

These aren't as good as the reflection ones

Posted by Thunderscream

i'm so going home and making my own versions

Posted by BoOMbOoMpOw

I liked the first more than this one

Posted by The Wind-Stalker

wen does this come out

Edited by The Psyentist

Don't sue me, Marvel.  

You know you want to see me on the silver screen... NO NATALIE PORTMAN COMMENTS FROM THE FIVE OF YOU! You know who you are... (I am not Natalie Portman, therefore you have NOT seen me in the movies. So, there.)
Posted by mickoreo_LZ

One week you get a cool trailer. The next week you get some ugly posters. What the hell is the movie gonna be like?!?

Posted by shockwave632

It's garbage like this that is REALLY making me HATE any movies not independently produced by Marvel. It's frustrating beyond any description I can provide.

Posted by spystreak

I can't think of something funny to say so:  
Posted by ImperiousRix

The reflections ones are great, but these silhouette ones... 
not so much.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes


Posted by coolbeans


Posted by The Psyentist
@ImperiousRix: Heh. Seriously, I made my own silhouette poster in under an hour. [see photo gallery for details]  
Posted by irvine1345

yeeeaaaa...those are pretty bad. I get where the posters where trying to go, but it didnt get there exactly. Maybe a picture of the entire cast infront of the mansion would have done a bit better than what is shown here..
Posted by craigbo180

The posters suck but I couldn't care less, saving all judgment until I see the movie.

Posted by weaponmaster
@coldbrand said:
"Why does everyone have faces in their crotch? "

Because unstable sexual deviants have infiltrated and took over television, movies and comics and use the mediums to attempt to manipulate and poison the world with their sickness.
Posted by mavfan626
@Caligula said:
" the new posters seem lazy. "
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