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New Thunderbolts Line Up - Code Red Part 2?

There's a new group of Thunderbolts in town, but the team looks quite familiar.

Marvel NOW! is right around the corner and the Thunderbolts have made the cut. But the likes of Luke Cage and Boomerang are no longer taking center stage. Instead, we're now met by a rather familiar looking team.

How can one team have so much awesome?

Readers of Jeph Loeb's 2008 run on HULK have certainly seen the majority of this team before. When Domino had to be taken out for knowing too much, Rulk formed a team to eliminate the mutant -- and this team was called Code Red. It consisted of all the above characters except for Venom (he was probably sick that day) and, instead of the symbiotic hero, the roster included the likes of Crimson Dynamo and Thundra.

Venom: not pictured because he's taking the photo.

What makes this team particularly interesting is most of the selected individuals are often regarded as loners and tend to work much better when flying solo. That said, Venom aside, they do all have experience together thanks to Code Red. And even without the brief formation of Code Red, many of these characters have bumped into each other in the past. However, the encounters were usually anything but peaceful.

Punisher and Deadpool have faced-off more than a few times (with Castle even blowing up Wade's head at one point), and Elektra has humiliated Frank by disarming him before the anti-hero could even react. Rulk and Flash Thompson also faced-off briefly before joining forces in 'Circle of Four.' Bloody past aside, this is a team of lone wolves and it's going to be incredibly interesting to see how the chemistry between them will develop -- especially with the oh-so obnoxious Deadpool thrown into the mix. 

Nothing says "happy holidays" quite like a team of anti-heroes!

Writer Daniel Way and artist Steve Dillon will tackle the team book's latest run, and thankfully, both have a fair amount of experience with some of the cast involved. Way did a great job making Frank Castle ooze a tough guy attitude in Punisher vs Bullseye, and while I wasn't the biggest fan of his Deadpool run (a little too goofy for my taste), a wacky Deadpool might compliment this team well and fill the comedic quota. Since he's not taking up all of the panel time, a smaller dose of this version of the Merc with a Mouth will probably be much easier to digest as well. It'll also be interesting to see how Way makes Wade's serious teammates respond to his obnoxious methods -- specifically with the absurdly powerful and tactically minded Rulk in charge.

Marvel NOW! has a lot of appealing titles coming our way, but I can honestly say Daniel Way and Steve Dillon have my full attention with this one. I'm a sucker for anti-heroes, and this one is filled to the brim with them. But enough about me, how do you feel about this title? 

Gregg Katzman is a freelance writer for Comic Vine and IGN Entertainment.  Follow him on Twitter to chat more about comics.
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Posted by evilvegeta74

interested in this!

Posted by jcj145

Interesting enough for me to give it a shot for a few issues at least.

Posted by Cafeterialoca

I really don't like this.

Completely erasing Thunderbolts for this band of characters? Yes, I know they will sell, but as a longtime T-bolts fan, this is depressing. Songbird, Mach V, Ghost, every other T-bolt that developed their own character is permanently gone for this band of "KILL KILL KILL". Nobody is going to remember the older stuff because they're going to get this gritty extreme stuff.

Between this and Avengers Arena, I'm actually kinda dreading Marvel NOW. It just seems to be made for people who like grittier stuff.

Posted by the_fallen11

I am sadly not getting this, I love this team, I love Daniel Way but I hate, hate, hate Steve Dillon.

Posted by sweetesttoaster

I just wish the interior art would look as good as the cover. I just can't stand Steve Dillion's art. But I'll still give it a shot.

Posted by Mutant God

two many guns I say, should have a magic person also

Posted by theTimeStreamer

now this is a team. not like uncanny x-force.

Posted by notarandomguy

this is gonna better than the last Venom issues I hope

Posted by cyberchop979

I will definitely give this book a shot.

Posted by ALittleTooRaph

I can't wait for this! I've been a Thunderbolts fan for a long time, but this team has the potential to easily be my favorite incarnation!

Posted by Cafeterialoca

@ALittleTooRaph: can you say that as a T-bolts fan if they got rid of Songbird and Moonstone?

Posted by TheAmazingImmortalMan

I'm def giving this a shot

Posted by Mucklefluga

Love the team, but what ive heard about Dillons art puts me off. Ill buy it if i like the art when i flick through in my LCS

Posted by ALittleTooRaph

@Cafeterialoca said:

@ALittleTooRaph: can you say that as a T-bolts fan if they got rid of Songbird and Moonstone?

I'm a fan of the T-Bolts concept and have enjoyed several versions of Thunderbolts teams. Just because I've liked past T-Bolts teams doesn't mean I'm going to hate new versions simply because all previous members aren't still included. I'm a Baron Zemo guy, he's not on this team, but I'm not going to hate on this version out of spite. Team rosters get switched all the time.. sometimes I like the changes, sometimes I don't.

Posted by redhood21

im psyched! im also interested to see how these dual X force series work out. I wish colossus was on uncanny

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
@the_fallen11 said:
I am sadly not getting this, I love this team, I love Daniel Way but I hate, hate, hate Steve Dillon.
Posted by Ferro Vida

Plus side: Badass line up.

Downside: Daniel Way.

Plus side: Gorgeous promo art.

Downside: Steve Dillon.

Posted by Cafeterialoca

I just think this is just the T-bolts selling out. Ugh. Please don't tell me that Songbird will now be gone forever because of this.

Posted by Scheiner

Code Red 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Posted by Dark_Vengeance_

I really am intrstred in this.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

CV finally posts this! I am really excited for this! Punisher!!! Daredevil!!!! Venom!!! Elecktra!!!!  I feel like Daredevil should be here.

Posted by neiliusprime

I am more excited about this new Thunderbolts series as well as Cable & X-Foce. Not so much the same on the new Uncanny X-Force

Posted by MadeinBangladesh
@DarkKnightDetective: Me too. most of the characters I love are in this.
Posted by k4tzm4n
@MadeinBangladesh said:
CV finally posts this!
Sorry for the delay, I was out of the country last week :(
Moderator Online
Posted by sora_thekey

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! WHOA!

Now THAT is an interesting team roster!!!!

Posted by TheMess1428

Was so upset about Uncanny X-Force but this made me happy again. Except for the fact that Punisher and Venom look weird, and the fact that I don't like Rulk at all, this could be really cool. Should've put Scarlet Spider in instead of Venom though.

Posted by Fudgie29

Oh my gosh, this looks so cool. Definitely going to check out the first issue.

Posted by kid Apollo

looks like it might be worth reading, no Ghost sucks though, i like the little guy

Posted by kagato

Holy crap, Venom and Deadpool in a team! Totally sold on this one, if they had put Ghost Rider on this team i think my puny brain would have exploded lol. Good to see Daniel Way on board, we should have a fairly consistant Deadpool as he moves over from his current arc. Does that mean Venom is leaving the Secret Avengers or is he on two teams now? Wish it was out already!

Posted by k4tzm4n
@TheMess1428: Punisher can sleep and shoot at the same time.  It's a gift. 
Oh. My. Goodness.  If Scarlet Spider was on this team I think I'd throw all of my money at Marvel.  
Moderator Online
Posted by YourNeighborhoodComicGeek

Love the new members!

Great analysis k4tz!

Posted by k4tzm4n
@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: Thank you, sir!
Moderator Online
Posted by TheMess1428

@k4tzm4n: I actually didn't notice the sleeping thing but you're right! lol I was actually referring to red in his costume. I'm just so used to Venom and Punisher being strictly black and white.

Posted by Mercy_

But Dillon :(

Edited by Dernman

The good thing about this is at my wallet will be happy. Another book from Marvel NOW that's going to keep the money in it.

Posted by Necrotic_Lycanthrope

Frikkin' can't wait for this book. Yes Dillon sucks worse or on par to JrJr, but maybe us readers will catch a break an he'll be rotated out after the first few issues like the how the artists in the current Incredible Hulk saga are.

Posted by DATNIGGA

@Cafeterialoca: she'll probably end up an avenger... thats all anyone is now anyway -___-

Posted by zackattack529

such an awesome lineup, this is sure to be one of the best selling titles of marvel...but the creative team is an Odd choice, i mean dillon and way havnt done anything in the past that was excellent, so why would marvel choose them for potentially theyre best selling book of Marvel now? o.0 hmm...well ill still be getting this and so will all of YOU lol

This will be the best selling book of Marvel now and Hickman and Opena's Avengers will be the best title overall in my opinion.

Posted by _Zombie_

Oh.. I might look into this book. Also, that is some wicked cover art.

Posted by Cavemold

Finally CV! I can't wait great article.

Posted by sweetesttoaster

If Punisher doesn't have a beard in this book I'm going to be pissed.

Posted by noj

looks like im the kind of person this team is made for. I couldnt have cared less for any of the Thunderbolts titles before but im going to have to give this a shot. Venom and Deadpool on the same team is too awesome for words. I also dig Rulk and their interaction in Circle of Four.

Posted by sparty-dbq

@Mercy_ said:

But Dillon :(

Seriously. Not looking forward to man-faced Elektra.

Posted by Chaos Burn

might get this book

Posted by x_29

Still not getting it.

Posted by SavageDragon

This team looks awesome. Im a big Punisher fan and Flash as Venom is sick (not as great as Eddy or Gargan). Rulk and Deadpool are meh for me, but Im interested in Elektra. I havnt read her in years. This title is interesting , not a huge Steve Dillon fan but Welcome back Frank is a great book. I will definitely pick up the first issue, and see if i warm up to the creative team.

Posted by DMC

@sparty-dbq said:

@Mercy_ said:

But Dillon :(

Seriously. Not looking forward to man-faced Elektra.

man-faced? you can barely see it. More like butt-faced since it's stealing the show. (why is she attacking in a different direction?)

Posted by CrimsonAlchemist

Can't wait to start picking this title up the roster is so awesome.

Posted by Cafeterialoca


@Cafeterialoca: she'll probably end up an avenger... thats all anyone is now anyway -___-

Hickman confirmed he's not using her in his books... Brevoort confirmed she's not important in Marvel Now.