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New 'Thor: The Dark World' Poster

It almost looks like a party. One with a bunch of deadly craziness.

The Wolverine may be in theaters right now but Marvel wants to make sure you remember there's a new Thor movie coming this November.

Thor: The Dark World lands in theaters on November 8. Check out the latest poster.

It might be your typical movie poster filled with a bunch of the actors and different scenes but you have to admit it has an epic feel. This will definitely be a different movie compared to the first.

Who else is excited for this?

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Edited by EnigmaLantern

I'm looking a lot more forward to this than I did for The Wolverine, I'm expecting this to be a good film. Trailer looks really promising.

Posted by Z3RO180

@veshark: He kind of reminds of those little orange dudes in the clouds in Mario :P

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Hopefully this movie has more character development than Avengers did.

Posted by DH69

ugh, go away portman! Sif step up and kick that dirty mortal out of asgard

Edited by Skyfire

If it ain't broke don't fix it I guess.

Posted by blkson

@veshark said:

Ugh I'm sorry but most of the MCU posters just have me cringing. Heimdall looks hilarious just floating in a cloud.

lmao, I didn't even notice him until you pointed that out. Now I can't stop looking at it.

Posted by Fallschirmjager

@skyfire: LOL. Nice.

Hemmsworth and Portman are going to have to set up their game if they want to compete with RDJ and Paltrow though. The Thor/Jane romance was pretty bleh for me. Didn't really get why Thor was suppose to love Jane and Jane's romantic feelings toward Thor felt shallow and school-girlish. Like "Oh my what a big strong man you are!" type deal.

Also. Can we please not have Thor lose his abilities for most of the film? I want to see some major ass-kicking on his part in this movie.

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The Jane Foster romance dragged the first film down (although I still enjoyed it). Portman is a very good actress, but I don't think her character has enough gusto for this film. I'd rather Thor pursue Sif's affections personally. It's a nice poster regardless.

Posted by M3th

Agreed, tipical yes but Epic as well.

Posted by Tyrannotaur

I'm still hoping they introduce Amora in this one, but I guess I shouldn't hold my breath.

Poster looks neat. Reminds me of the old star wars ones.

Posted by Smurfboy

I think the poster looks great! I've enjoyed the original Thor movie and am looking forward to the next one. I'd love to see more of the actions from The Warriors Three and Sif.

Posted by MarvellousFan

this poster's similarities to iron man 3 is striking. the main cast name are even the same fonts

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@z3ro180 said:

@veshark: He kind of reminds of those little orange dudes in the clouds in Mario :P


Posted by Bobsjonjon

Can't wait!

Posted by MaccyD

@sentryman555: Thank god I wasn't the only one to notice that. Ironic that Hiddleston is mentioned though.

Posted by Rafa Lee

@rafa_lee: There's been talk that Sif and Jane are going to have a bit of a love triangle with Thor in this one, so I would definitely expect to see more of here.

oh good to know that, hope it really happen.

Posted by BOdinson

@w0nd said:

@bodinson said:

Ugh this Jane Forster angle...As if it isn't bad enough to suggest that some silly human caught in an explosion turning into a plot device "angrier I get the stronger I get" monster that can defeat a God of Thunder isn't bad enough, they have to go and suggest that some silly small town girl is superior to an Asgardian Godess to catch the favor of the Thunderer.

I so wished they didn't put Jane Forster in these Thor films... At least the scenes where she is in can be considered bathroom break in the cinema.

didn't he have a crush on her in the comics as well though? I mean it isn't wrong of them to put her in....if they left her out that just gives people more of a reason to get mad they aren't following even more of the source material. He was humbled by her, impressed by her, even though she was mortal her personality impressed him....seems like a pretty standard thing in stories...aladdin, the street rat get the princess. hercules, the human girl gets the demi god, cinderella, blah blah blah.

Yeah and they're all pretty terrible stories. I can't see the "humbling" part though, especially in things like Superman. How can any girl from this planet be humble enough to teach them anything about being humble? I mean hell, the resounding theme behind Louis and Clark's relationship is her demanding personality to be treated like an equal...equal to what is in comparison to mere humans, a god? Come on... It's a silly twist to these types of stories, I'm sure there are far more humble women in other galaxies, you won't find them on this planet.

They should have kept Jane out of the story, the most boring parts of the first Thor film was anything to do with Jane. I felt it the moment the I saw the film for the first time and it hasn't changed after all this time(I have the blu ray as well). I'll watch everything up to the part where Thor takes Eric into the trailer.... skip all that garbage and jump straight into the exciting bits again. She's a bore and it's a silly relationship to pursue in these story lines.

Posted by ARMIV2

Epic poster has me all hyped and everything and it is only August.

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@jonsmith: yeah it does, maybe they just enlarged it on the poster for effect ? This looks like it will be great , can't wait.

Posted by QuantomMan

Well Natalie looks as great as ever.

this movie is going to be so great

Posted by theLOSTpassenger

@rafa_lee: I totally agree; I love her as Sif!

Edited by FlashKnight

Heimdall open the bifrost! I want to see the movie now!!!

Posted by Rafa Lee

@rafa_lee: I totally agree; I love her as Sif!

yeah, i'm following her since Kyle XY i think she is great.

Posted by Herokiller12344

Well crap, there doesn't seem to be any Beta Ray Bill

Posted by novi_homines

AWESOME SAUCE! Definitely has a cosmic/fantasy feel to it. I love it!

And possibly Beta Ray Bill for part 3? YES PLEASE!

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I wonder what those ravens mean. Death? Dismemberment?

Posted by ripcurl

Too much Loki...

Edited by SC

Ugh the poster actually makes me less interested in the movie. Just that tired old cliche pose with the romantic lead characters are embracing but looking in opposition directions. Too contrived, plus I am sincerely worried that one of the movie execs is obsessed with size and kept telling some poor guy in graphic design department to keep increasing the size of Thor's hammer - "No bigger, bigger, little bit bigger, no more, keep scaling it up, doesn't look big enough yet... yep bigger. Twice the size... bit more bigger... and scale it up just a bit more" - I like how Sif, Warriors Three and Malekith look here though, wish they were bigger and had more focus on them, hopefully the movie will deliver that where the poster doesn't. ^_^

Posted by V_Scarlotte_Rose

I wonder what those ravens mean. Death? Dismemberment?

I think in Norse mythology, Odin has ravens that bring him messages. Maybe it's something like that.

Posted by THORSON



Posted by Bad_People

If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times. F&*$#ing elves!

Posted by TheGodofThunder

@novi_homines: In norse mythology, Odin has two ravens, Hunin and Munin who act as his eyes and ears on Midgard. They actually make an appearance in Avengers when Thor and Loki are talking on the monutain top.

Posted by novi_homines

@novi_homines: In norse mythology, Odin has two ravens, Hunin and Munin who act as his eyes and ears on Midgard. They actually make an appearance in Avengers when Thor and Loki are talking on the monutain top.

Really? that's pretty darn cool! I thought I knew everything to know about the avengers. After watching it over 10 times. Lol

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Epic looking! ^_^

Posted by boogiesteven007

why is thor girl friend human aka jane ? in comics she was sif immortal and norse mythology she was immortal sif and sister of Heimdall