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New Members Announced for JUSTICE LEAGUE

The team is getting really big suddenly.

We've seen the issue where it was shown that the Justice League refused to allow other members to join the team. Something really big went down with Martian Manhunter. Green Arrow was determined to join but they would't have anything to do with him. All that's about to change.

Today at Fan Expo, it was announced that the roster is changing, big time.

You should notice one difference. This is going to be JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA. Geoff Johns will be joined by David Finch and the team will be under the guidance of Steve Trevor. On the team we see Vibe, Catwoman, Martian Manhunter, the new Green Lantern, Stargirl, Katana, Hawkman and Green Arrow.

You can check out an interview with Johns and Finch over at MTV Geek.

What do you think about this roster? Does this team make sense? We'll see more of this in 2013. Are you ready for another Justice League comic?


To clarify, this is a NEW title. It's mentioned above but to be clear, we'll have JUSTICE LEAGUE and JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA.

From DC's blog:

Launching in 2013, DC Comics will publish a new ongoing comic book series, JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, written by Geoff Johns and drawn by David Finch.
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Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Looks good, I'm sure the Manhunter's fans will be happy to see him back on a JL team. Catwoman though, that's interesting.

Posted by Skies327

I for one will be looking forward to Catwoman/Green Arrow interaction. That dialogue alone should be fun enough to warrant buying this for a bit.

Posted by ObsideonDarman

Are they changing the name of the current JUSTICE LEAGUE book or this going to be a completely new title?

Excuse my confusion.

Edited by BushidoBlack

Finally something new from DC that I'm looking forward to. The line up is leagues more interesting than the current Justice League team. I'm excited about this.

And the Martian Manhunter fans can stop bitching and complaining now.

Posted by moywar700

This is interesting.I noticed they were trying to be more diverse within the team.



Posted by ntb1124

Looks really cool, and though I am a fan of Catwoman, not sure she should be on this team???

Posted by The Poet

hmm...looks cool.

Posted by RedK

F*** yea, Star-girl really hope theirs something between her and Billy like in JSA

Edited by zachkastner

Looks to be a new title, guys.

I'm VERY interested in Justice League 12 now that so much is spinning out of it's wake.

(And with GL Baz fighting the main Justice League, J'onn fighting them, and Green Arrow not welcome in, does that instantly put these two groups at odds?)

Posted by Billy Batson

That's a pretty weak roster :-/

Posted by EscoBlades

Catwoman? *scratches head*



Posted by Imagine_Man15

I can already tell this will be better than the current Justice League.

Posted by bingbangboom

Sounds like a new title. Also surprised they didn't tease this the same way Marvel does some Avengers teams. Don't know if this will be a sort of Black Ops team? Meh.

Posted by yupfrank

this looks like a really fun roster, i am excited to see how this team can work together

Posted by jordanderson

So, this is going to be the government sanctioned Justice League?

Posted by ragdollpurps


Posted by RalfvdH

Must say I kinda like this line-up...

Posted by Solomonwreath

who's the new green lantern

Posted by VyseCarma

@TheAcidSkull said:


I was thinking the same thing man.

Posted by The Poet

I love that in the interview they compare the members of this JLA to Archie Andrews and company :P

Posted by mrp0p0

So Steve isn't actually dead...

Posted by G-Man

@zachkastner: That link is in the article...

Edited by mikeclark1982

FINCH DOING THE JUSTICE LEAGUE! OH YES!!!!!!! P.S. look at the title. Justice League of AMERICA. The one we are reading now is Justice League. WHOO! THIS IS GOING TO BE DOPE!!!!!!!! And they are finally making Finch THE artist at DC!

do not delay this book!

Posted by UltimateSMfan

Courtney's back!! steve isn't dead and ofcourse The Martian Manhunter!!!! one word- YES!!!!!!!

Posted by BushidoBlack

@jordanderson said:

So, this is going to be the government sanctioned Justice League?

Seems like it. This is the group Steve Trevor was asking Green Arrow to join in one of the previous Justice League issues. It's also would explain JLI's out of the blue cancellation.

Posted by leosol

But spoilers.....

steve trevor is dead in the last issue of justice league, how can he lead here?

Roster looks cool, hope this is a new series and doesn't straight up replace current JL. As run of the mill as it is, I still enjoy the classic roster too.

Posted by _Cain_

@ObsideonDarman said:

Are they changing the name of the current JUSTICE LEAGUE book or this going to be a completely new title?

Excuse my confusion.


Also, Are they scraping all the other members?

Posted by Selinaky

Surprised Catwoman is there, but I'm looking forward to seeing her, as well as Hawkman, Green Arrow and Martian Manhunter!

Posted by Aiden Cross

...... Catwoman..? *raises eyebrow*

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Like the line up just hope it doesn't actually replace JL

Posted by LifePool


Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I actually really like this rooster. I am defenitely going to get this series!!

Posted by sj_esposito

Steve Trevor FTW.

Posted by broo1232


Posted by lightsout

As long as it's a new title, or not replacing the main cast, I'm good (I didn't care much for JLoA v4 when the trinity left & it was a bunch of scab-leaguers). I'm definitely glad MM will be getting to be featured in an environment I'm much more familiar with though (I was sad he wasn't in the new JL, and I tried to read Stormwatch (just for him), but I just didn't care for it).

Posted by FadeToBlackBolt

Oh for f*ck's sake.

Posted by Robrat93

I'm definately excited but wish teams had a core roster of 6 members, books start to feel overcrowded with more than that

Posted by jpblair88

looks fun! glad to see J'onn back in the spotlight and GA hopefully handled better than in his book. cant say i really care for the idea of another Lantern. why not use John or Kyle? and why is Katana leaving BoP? and im really interested in seeing how Catwoman fits in to this.

Posted by Outside_85

In a way it's interesting, in another way it's pretty sad that with the massive failure of the UN's JLI that the US will now have a sole go at the idea.

Also, I don't know if I want to get my hopes up, Johns' JL is already in a poor state...hows this going to turn out?

Posted by GR2Blackout

Catwoman on the JLA? Oh, GOD no! This is going to suck eggs!

Posted by G-Man

@leosol: The answer is simple. "Comic Books."

I'm excited for this. This roster will work better than the JLI one, sadly.

Posted by KnightRise

@Billy Batson said:

That's a pretty weak roster :-/

Weak as in power? It could definitely use Shazam. Or weak as uninteresting?

Posted by wowylied

'JLA', 'of america', 'giant flag'

Seriously ? We are in 2012, when dc and marvel should think on how they could sell their comic on the world they are still thinking "amurica"...

Posted by RudeCherub

Steve Trevor Lives! New GL John Stewart?

Posted by Webjaker

Oooh, exciting :D

Posted by BushidoBlack

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Johns steps up in the writing department with this book. As much as I'm digging the line up, I'm not going to be buying this if the writing is the way it is in Justice League.

Posted by noj

This is AWESOME! As long as this is a secondary title and not actually replacing Justice League. I know it isnt the most popular book on Comicvine but Im personally LOVING Johns and Lee's JL. But this definatly looks like its going to be a government sanctioned Justice League which would explain JLIs cancellation as well as the team that Steve Trevor was putting together.

Posted by KRYPTON

Really was caught off guard, I'm excited!