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New Mad TV Show Trailer

Watch the Avatars put the hurt on Blue's Clue.

 What, me worry?

Oh, MAD Magazine… how naughty I felt, reading you in fourth grade. Those fold-ins at the back could get so saucy. Anyway, you Comic Vine maniacs might be aware that Alfred E. Neuman and his cohorts are getting a new show on Cartoon Network in about a week. Or maybe I should say it’s their first show. MADTV gave us Ms. Swan, Oprah’s Jack-Ass and Steven Segal’s America, sure, but it never had too many connections to the mag outside of the sporadic SPY VS. SPY short. Courtesy of Comics Continuum, we’ve got a trailer for the new show and feels pretty much exactly like the magazine did - - that is, a rapid-fire pop culture blender. You can check it out below…

MAD just keeps evolving, doesn't it? A year or two ago, I read the excellent comics history book THE 10-CENT PLAGUE, which details how MAD transitioned from comic to magazine so as to get out of the Comics Code’s restrictions - - basically giving EC and the Gaines family the last laugh (pun intended.) Freed from that kind of censorship, MAD became a hallmark of American satire and true reflection of the times. Of course, times change and, with them, formats evolve. Look at how MAD’s long-time rival CRACKED has been reaching new audiences after it metamorphosed into a humor site. I wonder if this new toon will follow suit.  == TEASER ==

Anyway, as you’ll see below, Ol’ Alfred E’s showing up quite a bit here. Also, I have to say that I like the BLUE’S CLUES/AVATAR mash-up. It’s delightfully morbid to see “Jaik Sooly” putting the hurt on a big Blue.  


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I saw this on YouTube and it's still funny.

Edited by ComicMan24

I can't see the trailer, for some reason. Nevermind, I can now.

Posted by Mutant God

It looks like Adult Swim type of comedy
Posted by Senor Salsa

Never thought Mad TV was funny.  The only funny skits in this were the ones not relating to pop culture.  Maybe they should stick to that.

Posted by Kid_Zombie

I hated MAD TV. What a brutal show. But a cartoon could be sweet. Agree with Mutant God, looks like an adult swim type thing which isn't a bad thing.

Posted by ARMIV

Now why the fark is it on Cartoon Network?!  
This should be on Adult Swim,where it won't have to share time slots with all of those really crappy CN shows.
Posted by jordama

that was trippy
Posted by emcgui20

Cartoon Network definitely seems on the pop culture band wagon. I hope it's an Adult Swim level show.

Posted by Decept-O

Love it.
Posted by Dro

It looks at least as awful as the old show. I mean, I get the jokes. An 8-year-old could get the jokes. I just don't see how any of them are funny.

Posted by fACEmelter88

The preview has made me lose all hope I had for humanity.......

Posted by Agent9149

-.- i hate shows and movies like this

Posted by Colt
@ARMIV: your avatar is chowder.
Posted by I'maDC/ImageGuy!

CSICarly got me the rest is just eww....

Posted by Jotham

Some of that was pretty funny.

Posted by ARMIV

I never said every single thing on Cartoon Network was crap,I just said "all those".

...Well,Chowder and Scooby-Doo are the only ones I really like,and Chowder's been cancelled.

Posted by Pacperson

Looks like robot chickens retarded step brother =/

Posted by undead646


Posted by EGoD

I'm confused, and aroused....
Posted by DeathinFire

In my possession is a copy of the issue of MAD that had the Watchmen movie spoof in it.  It's signed to me by Tom Richmond, artist for the spoof.  Plus he did a quick Alfred for me in pencil.  Only thing I have really that's been signed or anything. 
Posted by Grendel

Mad has never recovered since Gaines died in the 90's. Kind of like the Muppets without Jim Henson.

Posted by Marshal Victory
Posted by arrowfan237

This just looks awful.
Posted by Grendel

I love Keyboard Cat.