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Can't Wait!!!!!!!!

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I just went from 6 to midnight

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Now I want a "Yoooou'll neverrrrr seee me coming" T-shirt with a picture of Mandarin on it....

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I see London I see France I see Pepper in her underpants!

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OK well I'm sold

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That was cool, very cool.

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A very cool ending to the trailer. Hulkbuster armor is very cool.

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I want a breakdown of this trailer purely to understand the Goop shot of her in a sports bra

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Who is that tossing ironman around at 1:47

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That poor gorgeous house. The armors look f**king awesome though, I didn't think I could be looking forward to this any more, but I was wrong.

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1:28 cool, 1:43 was Micky Rourk, 2:25 I would be so scared if I was there. I hope Tony switches between armors through out the final battle.

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OMG, that was bad***! Now i really can't wait.

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Did I just see an Iron Bunny?

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Nice to see all the rumors are true.

Bring it on :D

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Was that Mandarin with a Captain America tattoo? Now I'm intrigued

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This was better than the first trailer, and the first trailer was awesome! This is my most anticipated movie of the year even including Man of steel

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Can anyone explains who "Hulkbuster" is that everyone speaking of? Was there any comic book story about that? Just wondering...

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@Mr. Messy Face said:

Did I just see an Iron Bunny?

lol yeah that last one

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That was awesome, but does the Mandarin have magical rings? I still want to see that or at least know for certain one or the other.

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Holy Shit!

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I want to see some Mandarin action tho. quit teasing us.

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@dondave said:

Awesome Trailer

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This new trailer wasn't really doing much for me...and then an army of Iron Men showed up. Awesome!

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Can't wait to see this movie. The ending looks awesome when all the armors are there but the Hulkbuster looks weird.

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Anyone see the seen flicker by of Pepper Pots in her braw? She's stilllll got it.

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Who's the guy with the crutches? Who's the guy hip tossing Iron Man? Pepper in a black bra!!!

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@Onemoreposter: Giggidty!

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Just cause its a big suit everyone is calling it the hulkbuster armor?? It looks nothing like the Hb suit.

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@TheGodofThunder: AWESOME!

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Looks awesome!

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YES YES YES!!!! Iron Man totally rocks!!! Me and some friends of mine are going to go to the midnight opening, and I just 100 times more excited!

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@Smurfboy said:

Can anyone explains who "Hulkbuster" is that everyone speaking of? Was there any comic book story about that? Just wondering...

Basically, in the comics, Tony recognized that his normal armor wasn't anywhere near powerful enough to go up against a real heavy hitter, like the Hulk: His armor just wasn't durable or strong enough to combat someone who excels so completely in those two qualities. So he designed the Hulkbuster armor: A set of armor with reinforced, far denser and thicker armor than any of his other models. It can't fly as well as the rest, and some models of the Hulkbuster don't even have repulsor capability. This line of armor is designed for one thing: Brawl with the best, and put down the rest.

In other words: The reason it's called 'Hulkbuster' is because it's designed to take him down. Granted, it's only effective at that so long (Whole 'stronger = angrier' schtick is not something Tony can design into his armor) but it gives him an edge he usually doesn't have at the start of the battle.

Personally though, given Tony and Bruce's friendship/bromance after the Avengers film, I'd be willing to bet Bruce himself helped design this armor, in the event the Hulk stopped being so helpful.

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Pretty tremendous, glad they went with the Mandarin as the villain, Kingsley looks great.

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well special effects should be cool....as for the story will see I don't really have high expectations in that department

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First off: Who chose the music? Barring the final bit, the music from the first part was just a complete mood-killer. Also, Ben Kinglsey's Mandarin voice ranges from 'AWESOME COMMANDING GENERAL' to 'LET'S. ENUNCIATE. EVERYTHING."

Still, I remain excited about this movie, if only for all of the armors appearing at the end. I remain skeptical about the vast amount of characters and subplots in the story, but I'm trying to go in open-minded.

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Before this trailer I was merely extremely excited, and now I may just have to reassemble oceans eleven to steal an early copy.

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@lostlantern13 said:

Nice, looks much more focused than IM2.

I'm also probably in the minority, but Kingsley's Mandarin voice is growing on me.

OMG I though I was alone !

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This didn't blow me away like I hoped. Still looking forward to it though..

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I saw an armor that looked like the exploration suit, one that reminded me of the ultimate iron man original armor and one that kinda looked like Thorbuster

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The first 25 seconds felt a lot like a spiderman monologue to me

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Looks good to me. I'm excited.

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@Lykida said:

Wow! Lots of action, that for sure. And I like what you can see and hear of the Mandarin... BUT: I still hope they don't kill Pepper! (Please, don't let them kill Pepper...)

they won't, but Happy Hogan is gonna die in the movie....I think Shane is try to kill this character for a long time.

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@k4tzm4n said:

And... was that a Hulkbuster armor at the end?!

Same thing I was thinking.

Beast Mode

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Really looking forward to see an awesome villain like Mandarin in an Iron Man movie. I've always liked him, but Whirlwind too, would be awesome...

Also, 100th.