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New Image from 'The Avengers' Shows a Frozen Captain America

Guess there's going to be some 'chilling' scenes in 'The Avengers.'

It's hard to believe that The Avengers is coming to theaters really soon. May 4 will soon be here and we'll all be able to see Earth's Mightiest Heroes on the big screen. While we've seen a couple cool trailers already, this image did send some chills down my spine (no pun intended...okay, maybe a little pun was intended).

It's interesting that this scene will be in the movie since we saw Cap in the modern age meeting up with Nick Fury in the after credits portion of Captain America: The First Avenger.

Will this be a flashback or are they going to start the movie from this point?

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Posted by haydenclaireheroes

My guess this will be a Flashback

Posted by feargalr


Posted by TheGreyOutcastX

Considering they found him in a block of ice in Avengers back in the 60s and again in Ultimates, doing it in the movie is fitting. Flashback or not, either way is fine for me.

Posted by SexualLobster

did this say 'new image'? Saw this weeks ago :/

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Awesome stuff, Can't wait!

Posted by Deranged Midget

Now that would be a wicked way to start the movie.

Posted by Deadcool


Posted by InnerVenom123

@haydenclaireheroes said:

My guess this will be a Flashback

Well considering Cap was already found off-screen in his own movie near the end, it would seem so.

Posted by The Poet


Posted by Kal'smahboi
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Posted by GothamRed

I guess that the beginning of this movie overlaps with the end of captain america

Posted by Video_Martian

Awesome! Can't Wait!

Posted by BlackArmor

meh picture

Posted by Duncan

Maybe it's in the opening credits. Just like in the incredible Hulk.

Posted by Bestostero

my body is ready

Posted by Gambit1024

Damn I wish I didn't click the link... But I'm happy I did....

DAH I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!11!1!1!

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

I put my money on flashback. Otherwise this scene just doesn't make any sense. Gosh, 7 weeks away still. So much can happen in 7 weeks! :(

Posted by Diamondblade

Maybe there will be a mixed flashback with some of the origins of the characters.Some porn of tony, some smash of bruce and so much sleep of steve-o-freeze. :P

Posted by The Impersonator

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Posted by ARMIV2

What day is it? March 22nd?



Posted by SpidermanWins


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Posted by Danial79

We're getting this on the 25th of April, and even THAT isn't soon enough.

Posted by Suprman

Let's hope these guys know what their doing, it's not like defrosting a turkey on thanksgiving.

Posted by KidSupreme

this movie better NOT suck!

Edited by royale_with_cheese

Imagine if Cap pooped his pants before he was frozen. The look on the face of the scientists', as they defrost him, not knowing which one of them cut the cheese, when in reality it's the 60 year old turd lying in Steve's trousers. That would be priceless. I might have even considered watching this movie.

Posted by Poncho

When un-thawed from the arctic wasteland, Steve Rogers asked Commander Nick Fury to 'please re-freeze me', and that is how Ice-Man was born.



Or if the were moving him around and such while he was frozen and * crack * oops, there goes Steve's hand. Doctor casually put's a ski glove on the wrist and announces he has an undisclosed emergency elsewhere.

Posted by funkyfiction

This is going to be so cool, I thought that maybe they would skip this entire bit and just continue where the Captain Americe movie left off.

Posted by deadpool25mm

Now i understand why Kang wanted to control time , SO HE CAN SEE MARVEL MOVIES!!!!

Posted by Peanut007

The Avengers is going to be one of the Best Ever.

Posted by Hoboshotgun100

Well they said avengers will be told by caps point of view so I don't know but your idea would be great

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Captain America: On Ice!

Posted by Namor1987

They never showed him getting thawed out of the ice so this is great

Posted by redhood21

itll be just like ultimates. sounds like a lot of....HOOPLAH!!!!!

Posted by fourawesome


Edited by Omertalvendetta

So for a while I thought that the new ridiculous look of Cap may be attributed to the fact that when they found him his costume was torn to shreds and hence unusable. Meaning, he would HAVE to use something new as a costume. But now I'm actually upset (slightly) because there is no logical explanation (in the story) that would explain that atrocious costume and why they didn't just stick with the older one. While it's not that great, design wise it's much better on the eyes than this new look. Now he just looks like a blue condom.

Posted by War Killer

: I refuse to read the article or look at the image, but I must express my annoyance, Tony. Now I know that it's yours, as well as the rest of the Staff's job to report comic related news, but as someone who hates being spoiled and who's been trying his best these past few months to not spoil The Avengers through trailers or images, I'm really annoyed at how you guys just posted this image right there even before you click the article. I know it shouldn't be that big of a deal, but I feel like today you actually see the movie through all of the images and trailers before the movie is even actually out in theaters. And because of that I find this really frustrating because I had NO IDEA this would be in the movie and would have been a big surprise to me upon entering the theater. But next thing I know, I get on ComicVine and BAM! You guys post it for the whole world to see.

I just would like to ask, for the fans who actually try to keep themselves spoiled-free, that when posting an article like this if you guys could please take a bit more consideration and give those who are waiting to see the movie a chance to not be instantly spoiled by simply looking through the site's news articles.

Posted by TheCannon

Interesting pic.

@feargalr said:


Yes it will.