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New "Heroes" Poster And Trailer!

NBC gets us ready for a new season!



Are you ready for season five of Heroes? Are you ready for "Redemption?" A couple of weeks ago we posted one of the upcoming trailers for the new season of the television series. NBC seems to be under the impression that this season will be it's biggest yet, and they are bringing some heavy hitting movie stars to their show. This season, you can expect to catch actors Ray Park ( Snake Eyes, G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra), Prison Break’s Robert Knepper and Ernie Hudson. Take a look at this new promotional poster as well as a trailer for the upcoming hit show. Will you be catching the premier of Heroes: Redemption on September 21st? 
Posted by LastSon1027

More Hayden? YES PLEASE!!!!!

Posted by Green ankh

i'll be there !!!
Posted by Phorqe

Ray Park is on it!!! Suhweeet! I didn't really like how that scene looked. It looked ok, I just don't think its a great use of Ray's capabilities.

Posted by Drafta

Bah!  Ray Park!

Posted by Decept-O

I'm there for it, to heck with all the haters.

Posted by Moomin123

Sylar looks awesome in this new season. I hope he gets some new powers.

Posted by HaloKing343

I haven't seen the videos but l read what you wrote. I'll watch them now and then post my comments.

Posted by HaloKing343

They will accept us or they will fear us... great quote.

Posted by Moomin123

I'm lad to see Peter gets his original powers back. I wish Sylar regained his old powers too like painting the future, controlling ice (like Tracy Strauss) and melting stuff with his mind.
Posted by Crimson Thunder

Heroes is an amazing series. I think this one, by the videos, will be great.

Edited by goldenkey

Last season SUCKED donkey d&%k.  Im gonna give this a few episodes and if it sucks again Im done.  And kill annoying ass Petrelli mom already.  God I hate that b!tch.
Posted by rightprice

Oh S--t that was cool. 

Posted by Ectoplasmic

I want to like this show... But it's heartbreaking. I'm just always let down.

Edited by Mr. Erreebus

Ya, I OFFICIALLY gave up on this show mid way through the last craptastic season... and these clips have done nothing to change my mind about this one. I'll pass.....   
But thanks for posting them. Just found this site about two weeks ago, and I'm pretty much addicted.... (^_^)
Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Even though I like Ray Park, Syler and Hayden (all for diffrent reasons i hasten to add) i gave up at the end of Series 3, meh.

Posted by Blushadow

thnx for the post babs but i couldn't see the new trailer because nbc blocks england if anyone has a link to a site that will allow me to watch it it would be most appreciated thank u :)
Posted by Comiclove5

This seasons looks better than the Last.
Posted by Odyssey_Dawn

Hellz yeah Ray Park. He better whoooop Peter's azz.

Posted by NightFang

Can't wait for next season!

Posted by FoxxFireArt

Wow, I wasn't even slightly interested in this season until you mentioned Ray Park. He always brings something special to a series.
Isn't it kind of funny how companies always say something along the lines of "This is the biggest season ever!!" no matter the show. Is anyone surprised by that? It's not like some station would ever say, "This season is alright. Take it or leave it. You wont miss much.". lol
I was just never interested in this series. I do love the jokes about the "invincible cheerleader" they would always do on The Soup.

Posted by AngelFrost

Hayden's breasts look completely airbrushed ..... 
 Oh well.
and I wanna see more Tracy!

Posted by Tyler Starke

I bet that "bloody hell" line is Ray's only speaking part, and whats his power, is it blurry kicking and kukuri tossing? Heroes was good in season 1, but after that it got really really lame, and What the hell is this new group of Heroes all of the sudden, and why should we care. There was nothing leading up to them,They just kinda showed up in the trailer, But I'm guessing  the petrelli mom has some dark and twisted past that involves them in some way or another DUMB

Posted by buttersdaman000

i really want to like heroes, i always defended the show from people who would bash it. but now that ive gotten into lost i can see the flaws of heroes. they really couldve done some good with this sho but they lost out to crap writing and plot changes....................ill still watch it though

Posted by Spider-Pantrelli

Ray Park will be awesome!

Posted by Michael6ft7

Will always watch heroes..even when its bad its pretty good..I still say they could have  revived Senator petrelli with some of the cheerleaders blood instead of turning syler into petrelli...but hey...whats done is done.  
Also the big finale fight should have been against all of the heroes again. 2 guys with flight against Syler??..come on...and then it was just light under a door...didnt even get to see the fight......lame.
Will watch the show until there isnt a smidgen of goodness left (by goodness i mean good writingand action) 
Posted by Media_Master

still not interested in heroes