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New Creative Team Announced For Justice League!


The Justice League Of America's comic should be a big deal.  I could look up the sales but I get the feeling that it's often taken for granted.  You don't usually hear a lot of buzz about the title.  That just doesn't seem right.  The JLA is THE superhero team of the DC universe.  It should be a kick ass book with a kick ass team.  It's the team we all crave and wish for.  The chance to see the best of the DC universe fighting side-by-side. 

There has been a little controversy lately with the way the book was being handled.  Some blamed Dwayne McDuffie while others felt he was doing a fine job.  DC has announced the new creative team.  All I can say is I think this is really really cool.

James Robinson writing and Mark Bagley drawing.

Is there any need to say more?  Their first book will be out in October.  You can read a little of Robinson's thoughts over at DC's blog.

UPDATE:  Here's the colored version.  You may commence your drooling.

Posted by NightFang

I like it!

Posted by geraldthesloth

I like the art :)

Posted by inferiorego

I'll start reading it again!

Edited by Emperor Gonzo Noir

James Robinson! YES on board. no exception. done. art looks great too

Posted by LastSon1027

MEH! I would  buy this book if they could get someone like Mark Waid on it.

Posted by DEGRAAF

looks great ill read it but what just happened in that picture. looks like supes and the other three just took out the rest of the Justice League. Plus out of all people why would vixen be standing with them? Why not GL? I love the art. Who big is Wonder Woman compared to Vixen WW looks like a giant and Vixen looks like a little cheer leader

Posted by AirDave817

The only obstacle now is a $3.99 price tag - barring that I would camp out at my LCS Tuesday night to be there to get a copy every month. I've not read his Superman stuff, but everything else I've read, I've liked.

Posted by Reaper 13

Can't wait

Posted by johnny_spam
It's a picture of the big three not actually them I hope that there is more action and adventures then melo drama romance that stuff doesn't work in a JLA book and since James Robinson is doing JLA Cry for Justice hopefully the books will sync up and then the members of Robinson's team join the main JLA after the end of the series.
Posted by DEGRAAF

Yea i cant wait for the JLA Cry for justice!

so you dont think it is actually Dick, Kal-el and Diana? That still doesnt explain Vixen unless she goes rogue

Posted by Pheeke

Can't wait, the art looks great, but why does zatanna look so dead? and will the batman  be dick? i've always remember dick being more athletic looking and less muscheled, (still very muscheld of course but less than bruce.)

Posted by Media_Master

I'll wait and see...

Posted by Chaos Agent

And just like that, I'm reading back the Justice League of america!

Posted by Calvin

They aren't even going to finish the last plot they were into, with Dr Light and the other old villian, are they?

Posted by pixelized

Zatanna is back to looking ridiculous.

Posted by burr787

I hope they make the new team consists of the heroes from: Cry for Justice

JL: Cry For Justice

Posted by ARMIV

Artwork looks great,but I don't have any money....

Posted by Decept-O

Now it's time to make this book the stalwart it should be, and this is great news.
Mark Bagley artwork.  Awesome.  James Robinson writing.  Awesome.  I know AirDave817 is liking that last bit of news!

Posted by Incredible Hulk-Prime

By looking at the artwork I'm going to gust that The Justice League was defeated by somebody and it is up to Superman,Batman(Bruce or Dick),Wonder Woman, and Vixen to save the day.

Posted by MysteriousBlack

Though I'm a Marvel, I enjoy the JLA comic... I find it very discomforting that the team (with heroes so powerful they don't even need to be a team) always end up being beating and are scattered around the ground, as many of the issue covers illustrate.... >.>

Posted by Chaos Agent
@Incredible Hulk-Prime said:

By looking at the artwork I'm going to gust that The Justice League was defeated by somebody and it is up to Superman,Batman(Bruce or Dick),Wonder Woman, and Vixen to save the day.

hmm that's a trinity photo

I'm just guessing but to me it looks like Vixen went rogue for some reason and beat the JL, considering how she is the weakest member after Black Canary I don't see how though
Posted by TazTheStampede

Justice League of America has been really shitty as of late.  Not a fan..but still buying it of couse.

Posted by Dane

sounds absolutely fantastic.

Edited by The Englander

This is so cool!! Bagley is my favorite artist!

Posted by Jamiracles

Its like the JLA just hijacked an Ultimate Spidey issue.

Hail Bagley.

Posted by G-Man

BTW, have you seen the colored version?  It's on the original post now.

Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

Art art art. Makes or breaks a comic for me. Bagley's art is looking good.

Posted by Vance Astro

The art sucks.

Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

Your Micheal Jackson avatar sucks :P

Posted by The Hottness
@Gambler said:
"Your Micheal Jackson avatar sucks :P"


Finally a new team on the League, the last couple of Arcs have been weak
Posted by DEGRAAF

ok the colored pic maes much more sense to me. I thought that vixen was trying to make the big 3 a big 4.

I hope Vixen goes rogue. ive never been a fan of her. I hope she gets thrown out. and it will be all bc she found out that John Stewart is cheating on her with Hawk girl. jk.

I do hope she goes rogue tho and tries to go off on her own and is never seen again

Posted by johnny_spam
@DEGRAAF:John Stewart and Hawkgirl were never together in the Comics and it's a good thing to the Hawks should be together.
Posted by Vance Astro
@Gambler said:
" Your Micheal Jackson avatar sucks :P "
you didn't have to go there lol.
Posted by DEGRAAF
@johnny spam said:
"@DEGRAAF:John Stewart and Hawkgirl were never together in the Comics and it's a good thing to the Hawks should be together. "

sorry i was kidding. I know it was only in the cartoon
Posted by Chaos Agent

In an interview with comic book resources, Robinson revealed that half of the team of "Cry for Justice" will be on it. He of course didn't say who nor what characters from elsewhere would be joining, he also said that e"What I’m doing is basically picking up where Len Wein left off, getting the team through the traumatic, incredibly exciting but obviously traumatic events of ‘Blackest Night’ and then from that I’m going to build a new team comprising of some big names from the DC Universe and... well, pretty much, a lot of big names from the DC Universe,"

I'm betting he brings Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Atom and Captain Marvel from there, maybe also Mikaal Thomas considering how he is his character.

Here's hope for the trinity to make their comeback along with Flash (Aquaman and Martian manhunter if ressurected are a must too)