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New Avengers vs The Hood-The Final Round

I have to say, I'm not so sure about this Hood guy.  I missed his mini-series when it came out but have wanted to read it since it was written by Brian K. Vaghan.  He doesn't seem too likable.  Then again, he is basically a "bad guy" so I guess that's the point.  I also don't like that he and his army of "bad guys" are going to discover the New Avengers' (not really) secret hideout.  So somehow the demon thing inside him is able to see past Dr. Strange's mystical barrier?  Is this supposed to be a slam against poor Brother Voodoo since he wasn't able to detect them there?  I do think this issue needs to come out fast.  Spidey is still in his black outfit.  I love the Bendis Avengers stories but they seem to kind of drag on.  I mean look at Mighty Avengers.  That's supposed to be their "first" mission.  How many missions have we seen that team on since.  They formed right after Cap died.  Close to a year now.  But I'm not complaining that much.  I enjoy the stories.  So bottom line, I guess that's what matters.

It’s the fight you’ve been waiting for, as the Hood takes his army to the New Avengers’ door for the battle royale in New Avengers Annual #2! Superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis (New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Ultimate Spider-Man), rising star artist Carlo Paulayan (She-Hulk) and acclaimed cover artist Jim Cheung (New Avengers: Illuminati) continue the action from the pages of New Avengers #37 in this double-sized action extravaganza! Wrapping up—and tying into—threads from Civil War, World War Hulk, both the Avengers titles and leading into this year’s most anticipated comic book event, Secret Invasion, how can you afford to miss this issue? As the final chapter of “The Trust,” a storyline kicked off with the shocking revelation of a Skrull posing as Elektra in New Avengers #31, this is essential reading for any Avengers Fan!

If that wasn’t enough, witness the end of an era for a major Avenger and the jaw-dropping defection of another! That’s right True Believer—the Avengers won’t be the same after this one!

The Hood’s out for revenge and he’s got nothing to lose anymore, but are the New Avengers prepared for such an assault? And if they couldn’t defeat the Hood before, what chance do the New Avengers have now? There’s only one place to find the answers and it’s New Avengers Annual #2!

Rated A …$3.99
FOC—1/03/08, On-Sale—1/23/08