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New Avengers Set Photos: Captain America, Black Widow & Hawkeye in Action

New photos reveal more details and a closer look at costumes.

The Avengers are busy tearing up wherever they're shooting. This past weekend, some images turned up of filming taking place in New York City. We've seen from past 'set' photos that there appears to be a big battle happening in the streets against some CG opponents.

I'm usually on the fence with the unofficial images that are released but sometimes they are too good to ignore. Just Jared has posted a few nice shots of the team in action.

There's some running going on. It's kind of funny how Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye appears ultra calm in these shots. Guess that's just how cool he is. It's great to see Black Widow in her traditional costume versus a generic SHIELD suit but I have to say Captain America's costume looks a little weird.

Here's some more shots.

But that's not all. Celebuzz also captured some shots of the team with Thor and Loki having a talk. These appear to be more candid and the nice thing about them is the crew really seems to be enjoying themselves.

What are your thoughts on spy photos? Do you like seeing the production process or would you rather wait for the official images? These days it's hard not seeing new images each day.

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Posted by Chaos Burn

Cpt Americas outfit is a bit too bright n' blue for me... needs to be closer to his grittier First Avenger film

Edited by Daveyo520
@Chaos Burn: I was thinking that too. My 1st thought was "Did they change the color blue to a brighter one?".  
I am most assuredly not the 1st one to say this but I wish they stuck Antman/Giantman and the Wasp in there some how. I guess having people turn tiny isn't that exciting. I am hoping they have Hank Pym in there as a side character even if he isn't a super hero. 
As for photos like these, I do like to see this stuff but I don't like spoiling stuff lol. It is a double edge sword that I cross sometimes and get hurt for it. Like there are things of Batman that I kinda which I just found out in the movie but still liked seeing how cool it was.
Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Hawkeye's like "pfft Skrulls? yea what ever."

Posted by EdwardWindsor

Hopefuylly the new cap costume will get dusty or somthing seems very bright as said above alittle to shinny.

Posted by ninjacommando

Captain America's costume looks like it has a bad fit on Chris, it makes it look weird on him.

Posted by Outside_85

Think those costumes will get toned down when they make it to the big screen...looks a little too 'fake' here.

Posted by Lvenger

Cap's outfit is a but bright. I preferred his costume in the First Avenger. Aside from that, these photos all look promising. Can't wait for this film!

Edited by ambigu0us

Cap's head piece is definitely different, seems to be more form fitted, but the suit almost makes him look...smaller? But as for the color, it'll be color corrected in post, so we'll probably get a different hue at that point. Otherwise, the 9 year old me is quite ecstatic.

EDIT: The 26 year old me is excited too. Just in case anyone was concerned.

Posted by Golden Cod

Captain America doesn't feel particularly imposing in these.   He still looks like a bright-eyed and eager boyscout :P

Posted by Bestostero

They all look good!

Posted by ArkhamInmate

I'm not sure yet what to think of this whole project but this photos look quite good actually... 
Besides Cap's bright outfit it's awesome to see those guys (and Black Widow of course) havin fun together... 
 Damn I'm excited....

Posted by LordRequiem
Hawkeye looks dumb in my opinion. Thor and Loki look just as cool as they did in their movie. It will be interesting to see what suit Iron Man wears, thus far I haven't seen any triangular shape on his chest (his latest model in Iron Man 2) so does that mean they're discounting that stupid new element stuff I wonder? hmm.
@ninjacommando: Yeah by the looks of it, Chris Evans isn't big enough to fit it, and his head/helmet thing looks silly.
Edited by Billy Batson

Cap's costume is bright. 


Posted by ReVamp

I though this was for the comic. Don't really care much for this =(

Posted by Namor1987

Captain America's costume reminds me of the Bucky version.

Posted by Kairan1979

Cap's outfit is too bright.

Posted by Chaos Burn

Caps shield looks like plastic, and his outfit looks like a hallowen costume

Posted by GothamRed

Well if nothing else,  Jeremy Renner looks like he's having fun.  Also is it just me, or do the asgardian bros need to cut their hair?

Posted by TheMess1428

There is a SHIELD logo on Hawkeye's costume. I don't like that.

Posted by Croi

Seems like they're having a great laugh.

Posted by ARMIV2

It's so awesome to see the shots. This movie is gonna RAWK HARD.

Posted by MastaKilla

why do i get the sinking feeling that this will be kind of like Spiderman 3?  Too many characters thus making it a jumbled mess...

Posted by TheShame

Cap needs his outfit from the last film.

Posted by MrCipher

Cap's head look weird like it is trying to squeeze out of his mask. Hawkeye looks hands down stupid and horrible - how about an actual costume there bub?
Scarlett looks a little chunky in that Widow costume. And Helmsworth looks like he's wearing a plastic get-up.

Posted by PrinceIMC

I know I'm not the first one to say this but I don't like Cap's helmet. Widow and Hawkeye run around without head gear why should he?

Posted by difficlus
@Chaos Burn said:
Caps shield looks like plastic, and his outfit looks like a hallowen costume
my thought exactly, this is a shame because his suit in the film looked pretty neat. here it looks really cheap and corny. 
Posted by entee

Everything looks great, except for Cap. He just looks ridiculously disproportionate. His helmet makes his head look huge, and his body just doesn't look as big and bulky like the one in his own movie. 

Posted by Fluke-buddha

Seriously people quite complaining about Cap's costume & shield.  These pics are not the finished product.  Movies go through months and months of post production for a reason.

Posted by TDK_1997

Hawkeye and Black Widow are great but Cap...Too bright 

Posted by UnosInfinitos

Cap's position in the team seems to be "Shoot me while the "normal" humans do secret agent stuff"; I can't wait until they start showing how they're going to interact with the Hulk.

Edited by Enzeru--defunct

Wow, amazing ... they all look terrible, especially Hawkeye.
And it's incredible how small Scarlett Johansson is.

Posted by keith71_98

I didn't look at any of these pics. I'm amazed out how many images are being thrown out on the internet. To me it just takes away from the movie.
Posted by xkoenig
@entee said:
Everything looks great, except for Cap. He just looks ridiculously disproportionate. His helmet makes his head look huge, and his body just doesn't look as big and bulky like the one in his own movie. 
Yeah, totally agree. It just looks odd.
Posted by Fetts

Hawkeye looks awesome. He looks like Ultimate Hawkeye.

Posted by Fluffy6079

My first thoughts on the Cap uniform was that it was too bright, but I've seen other pics of this session that didn't look that bad.  I think once all the editing is finished it'll look fine.  I do wish they'd have made the pouches a different color.

Posted by Larkin1388

Love Thors armor.

Posted by Decept-O

I don't mind a few "spy photos" but not too many, I don't want everything revealed too soon. I am excited about The Avengers movie even if some will start griping. Just shaddup and enjoy what will be offered!

Posted by ThomasElliot

Bright, sure, but these are daylight non-production photos.  Post-production can make all the difference.  I remember the leaked pics of Captain A before the Captain A movies... and the pics from Dark Knight Rises... all look hella cheesy... but again, not post production film.

Posted by jcbart

People complained that Cap's costume looked nothing like the comic book counterpart. Now that it does, they complain that it looks cheesy. Just make up your minds.

Posted by Grim

They need to let Hawkeye grow a bit more facial hair. He's too clean shaven...
  im going to assume that much like Captain America, these costumes will look better in movie action (with movie lighting and camera angles) than they do is these stills. Stokes.

Posted by Sammo21

Costume will look different in final cut of movie.

'nuff said

Posted by <the skull>

im excited to see hawkeye his costume looks nice,

Posted by Comicfan47

Haha I already posted this like 2 days ago, looks like I beat you to the punch Comic Vine lol

Posted by Edgeworth_11

Oh wow Cap's suit looks worse than some cosplayers I saw. Hope the CGI can make it better lol 
I agree, I love Scarlett but if she wants to be Black Widow, she needs to trim down. I love my girls with some junk but doesn;t make sense that Black Widow has junk. 
hawkeye needs his cowl. what the hell is this?  
Thor looks BAD ASS! :D
Posted by SpidermanWins

Awesome....Cap sure stands out.... not sure where I stand on that front.... I write too many periods in my comments....

Posted by elayem98

caps a lil campy and bright, and scarlett johanson is tiny

Posted by LoganRogue24

scarlett looks hot i had no idea they are allready filming avengers allready thats cool.
Posted by BadassAquaman
Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Hawkeye looks great! Wish Widow had long hair like Iron Man 2.  Cap doesn't look bad!  Soooo ready for this it May yet?

Posted by Aqua11500

LOL at Caps bright ass suits. 
Cute in comics,a joke in real life....lmao! 
Still going to see it though, hopefully with camera lighting they tone it down 
@BadassAquaman:  LOL We CANT!!!

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