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Nathan Fillion to Play Giant-Man?

And just who is that 90210 guy playing?

 Is that you, Giant-Man?

Now, THIS is an interesting couple of casting puzzles. Over the weekend, Marvelous News ran a report that actor Kevin Pennington had got some mysterious role in the AVENGERS movies. While that’s certainly a scoop, the same report nonchalantly adds that Nathan Fillion will be Hank Pym and that an official announcement regarding that will come out of SDCC.

Wait… what?

No slight to Pennington, but his only major role so far has been in the latest BEVERLY HILLS 90210 series, while Fillion is, of course, a fan favorite thanks to FIREFLY and DR. HORRIBLE’S SING-ALONG BLOG. So any news of him acting in a Marvel movie is, of course, going to be a big scoop as far as fans are concerned. The question Bleeding Cool brings up regards how his casting might jibe with Edgar Wright’s long-in-development ANT-MAN movie, which you’d assume would star Simon Pegg. Well, keeping in mind that this is still just a rumor, I’d say that there are a lot of easy ways to reconcile the two. For one, there have been, what, three Ant-Men in the comics? Fillion could just be Pym as Giant-Man in THE AVENGERS, while Pegg could be Scott Lang or Eric O’Grady as Ant-Man in his own movies. There’s also that persisting rumor that ANT-MAN would be a co-production with Pixar, meaning it could be either outside Marvel’s main movie-verse or audiences would necessarily be as discriminating about the difference in actors.

Or Fillion could just be acting in Wright’s movie, too, and that’s that.

Anyway, Pennington’s had to retract a couple of tweets regarding the details of his role.   The facts, according to Marvelous News’s insider, are that he’s playing a mask-less, fan-favorite who’s been retooled as a SHIELD agent. And he isn’t playing Hawkeye. This identity puzzle seemed a little challenging but, after looking at the Wikipedia page on this actor, it seems kind of obvious.

The page’s filmography section credits him as the Avenger’s sidekick, Rick Jones.

Chew on that one!

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Posted by jloneblackheart

Ant-Man and Giant Man?

Posted by Scoobypuff

i think fillion could make a good pym.

Posted by hdorman1

i hope he is an arrogant pym 
he looks like he could do it well

Posted by gui22

AH,AH,AH!Wikipedia screwed up the mistery!Ah,ah,ah,ah,ah,ah...

Posted by Sir Duke

Nathan Fillion as Hank Pym?  Wow, I never thought I'd use the words awesome and Pym in the same sentence.

Posted by PatriceHarvey

Ant-Man movie plot : Hank Pym beat is wife and create Ultron because everybody hate im. 
A oscar winner movie.

Posted by Tainted-Cell

I don't know who I'm picturing: Captain Hammer or Captain Malcolm Reynolds as Hank Pym?

Edited by BaronVonDredd

Vedi, vedi interesting. Now who could play Janet Van Dyne, hmmm????

Posted by Joe Venom

 "Take my love, take my land
Take me where I cannot stand
I don't care, I'm still free
You can't take the sky from me
 I could see the Captain as Hank Pym, he could make Vision and Ultron to have them ready for the Avengers movie, that would be cool....

Posted by Lady Tlieso

OMG I hope there is some bit of truth to this rumor. Fillion would make a great Hank Pym.

Posted by Omega Ray Jay
@Scoobypuff said:
" i think fillion could make a good pym. "
Posted by Illuminarch

Good pick. I like Fillion as an action genre actor a lot more than I like Whedon as director.

Posted by Decept-O

All casting speculation and rumors aside, the biggest mistake in the first Hulk movie was the omission of Rick Jones.  We know Jones' character has had a lot of different changes and incarnations but I fail to see him in any Avengers movie.
Posted by Chaos Burn

I don't know the character well enough... but it makes sense, though maybe he could just be like a sidekick scientist guy with no powers

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

But who will play the wasp?

Posted by chalkshark

I always had a preference for Aaron Eckhart as Hank Pym, but, honestly, could care less who plays him as long as he's in the film.

Posted by PrinceIMC

Fillion as Pym? Yes please.

Posted by goldenkey

Could work,  and a good CHEAP actor too.
Posted by The_Warlord

He is perfect for the job

Posted by Duncan

Damnit I wanted to see him as Hawkeye.

Posted by Precise

Good choice.

Posted by Hellos

I like this choice.
Posted by King Quisling

YES! This is who I always wanted as Hank! 

Posted by Real213

i think simon pegg would make a great   eric o'Grady antman.

Posted by Jordanstine

Nathan Fillon!!? 
That's BRILLIANT casting!!!
Posted by Comiclove5

Perfect casting decision! I want to know more characters.
Edited by ArtisticNeedham

I like him as Giant Man, I thought Hank Pym should be a bigger guy.  I always imagined 
Aaron Eckhart, or an actor with his body type.  Pym/Ant Man/ Giant Man/ Yellow Jacket was never a small, skinny, guy either.
Posted by Jordanstine

"Hank Pym's official costume for the Avengers still hasn't officially been casted." 
I always liked the "Yellow Jacket" look (the no Superman underwear version):  
Posted by HarryF25

captain mal = hank pym 
awesome idea

Posted by DarkSyde79

I see no problems with it. But if he's playing Hank Pym... how's his backhand?!! :oP

Posted by HaloKing343

This guy did a great job playing Buck in Halo ODST. That's where I learned about him. He's a good actor. I like him a lot. Haven't seen any of his other work though.
Posted by .Mistress Redhead.

*SIGH swoon* 
sorry what were you saying Tom?

Posted by Cherry Bomb


Posted by Shivandra

 Fillion as Giant Man? 
I guess that would make him... a big damn hero.

Posted by Gylan Thomas
@Cherry Bomb said:
Could happen Cherry.
Joss Wheddon's directing Avengers and he's worked with Fillion on Firefly.
Posted by Gylan Thomas

Oh, and it'll be this costume....

Posted by Cherry Bomb
@Gylan Thomas said:
" @Cherry Bomb said:
Could happen Cherry. Joss Wheddon's directing Avengers and he's worked with Fillion on Firefly. "
But I've imagined Hank as like .. a tall, hunky blonde!  -_- he'll look like a grandpa stood next too Chris Evans ...
Posted by ImperiousRix

Great casting.  Love Hank Pym's character, and really enjoy Fillion in most roles he does. 
Now, if only it could be confirmed... 
And I also would like to know what the eff is going on with that Edgar Wright Ant Man.  I was really excited to see what he would come up with.

Posted by sora_thekey

I always thought Hank Pym should be younger (Ultimates-wise) but I am happy with the fact that the character will have a spotlight somehow!
Posted by Ikkybooger

Nathan Fillion has 150% of my support for him playing Hank Pym. He'll probably have to bleach his hair though.  As far as Simon Pegg goes though, I couldn't think of a worse cast call for Hank. Well...maybe I could, but still, not Pegg. 

Posted by Rob.H

As a fan, I'm all for it.  This sounds great! 

Posted by Evyllogos

Yay!  I called this one a while back.  Glad to hear it came true.

Posted by ComicCrazy

I would like to see this.
Posted by Meteorite

I quite like Fillion as an actor, he'd make a great Avenger.

Posted by Jediknightjace

Simon Pegg would be a really good Eric O'Grady, and Nathan Fillion would be an even more awesome Hank Pym. Keep your fingers crossed.

Posted by growup

Well he can't be playing Pym because that guy IS NOT A FAN FAVORITE

Posted by bob agent of agency x

As long as Pym is in the movie, im happy. I'm not aware of his work so I hope he can act.

Posted by Violet-Eyed Dragon

i hope he is superpowered, mentally unstable but good at heart, hank pym, but hell probably have a small role.  maybe a bigger one in a sequel or a spin-off

Posted by DH69

dude looks to old

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